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Category: Boxcar
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#3464 At & Sf Operating Boxcar200920096-27718Boxcar0
#3494-275 Operating Boxcar-Pw200720076-29872Boxcar0
#3494-625 SOO Line Operating Boxcar200820086-29988Boxcar0
#6464-125 Pacemaker Boxcar201220146-27923Boxcar0
#6464-425 New Haven Boxcar201020106-27742Boxcar1
#6464-510 New York Central Boxcar201020106-27762Boxcar0
#6464-735 New Haven Single Door Boxcar201120126-27780Boxcar0
#6468 New Haven Double Door Boxcar201020106-27743Boxcar0
100Th Anniversary Moon Pie Boxcar201720176-83796Boxcar4
10Th Anniversary Milwaukee Road Box Car199919996-52156Boxcar0
115th Anniversary Boxcar201620166-82992Boxcar5
115th Boxcar Design Winning Boxcar201520156-83636Boxcar1
15Th Anniversary Long Island Railroad Boxcar (RMLI 2006)200620066-52416Boxcar4
1943 Spirit Of Union Pacific Led Flag Boxcar201820186-85408Boxcar3
1947 Lionel Art Boxcar200620066-29945Boxcar14
1948 Lionel Art Boxcar200820086-29950Boxcar6
1952 Lionel Art Boxcar200920096-29959Boxcar0
1954 Lionel Art Boxcar200820086-29951Boxcar6
1957 Lionel Art Boxcar200620066-29944Boxcar7
1960 Lionel Art Boxcar Dad & Lad Set201020106-39322Boxcar2
1989 Christmas Car198919898-87006Boxcar4
1989 Christmas Car (Std)198919896-13601Boxcar5
1990 Christmas Car199019906-13602Boxcar6
1990 Season's Greetings Car199019908-87007Boxcar3
1991 Xmas Car Standard Gauge199119916-13604Boxcar1
1997 Christmas Box Car199219926-16772Boxcar0
200 Series Box Car199219926-13605Boxcar0
2003 Wellspring Boxcar200320036-39261Boxcar3
2005 Holiday Boxcar200520056-36296Boxcar9
2005 Large Scale Holiday Boxcar200520056-87026Boxcar0
2007 Large Scale Holiday Boxcar200720078-87029Boxcar1
2011 Holiday Boxcar Large Scale201120118-87035Boxcar0
2012 Christmas Boxcar (LRRC 2012)201220126-39357Boxcar0
2013 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201320136-81093Boxcar12
2014 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201420146-81496Boxcar5
2014 MLB World Series Champion Boxcar201420146-81942Boxcar2
2015 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201520156-81497Boxcar6
2016 Lionel Train Day Boxcar201620176-83498Boxcar5
2017 National Lionel Train Day Boxcar201720176-84621Boxcar3
2018 Halloween Personalized Boxcar201820186-85322Boxcar0
2018 Merry Christmas Personalized Boxcar201820186-85319Boxcar0
2019 Christmas Box Car201920191928490Boxcar8
2019 Merry Christmas Personalized Boxcar202020201938300Boxcar0
2019 Warehouse Boxcar202020201938470Boxcar0
2020 Happy Birthday202020202038120Boxcar0
2020 Merry Christmas202020202038140Boxcar0
25Th Anniversary Boxcar (LRRC 2001)200120016-19995Boxcar20
3-M Boxcar199319936-52018Boxcar0
30Th Anniversary Boxcar (LRRC 2006)200620066-29939Boxcar15
4Th Of July Parade Boxcar201420166-81568Boxcar3
50Th Anniversary Santa Fe Boxcar (LRRC 2011)201120116-39353Boxcar0
6464 Boxcar (LRRC 1997)199719976-19953Boxcar28
6464-000 Louisville & Nashville Boxcar200420046-39256Boxcar2
6464-375 Central Of Georgia201020116-27778Boxcar0
6464-725 D&M Boxcar200420046-39254Boxcar1
6464-Style Overstamped Boxcars 2-Pack199819986-21756Boxcar18
9700 Canadian Pacific Boxcar200720086-25044Boxcar1
A Christmas Story 30Th Anniversary Boxcar201320146-25963Boxcar0
A Christmas Story Boxcar201920191938420Boxcar0
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Boxcar202020202028440Boxcar0
A&W Boxcar197619776-7801Boxcar6
Abraham Lincoln Boxcar201120126-39338Boxcar1
Ace Hardware Boxcar198919896-16220Boxcar1
Ace Hardware Boxcar199819986-26219Boxcar0
Acme Explosives Boxcar199919996-26253Boxcar0
ADM Standard O RBL #7014202120212143051Boxcar0
ADM Standard O RBL #7019202120212143052Boxcar0
Air Reduction Products PS-1 Boxcar 100201520156-82625Boxcar3
Airco Boxcar With Tank Car Body (LCCA 1979)197919796-9733Boxcar12
Aircraft Boxcar199919996-26236Boxcar5
Akron, Canton & Youngstown Boxcar199219926-16234Boxcar0
Alaska 6464-825 Yellow Roof/Ends (METCA 2021)202120212101381Boxcar1
Alaska Boxcar199819996-10806Boxcar3
Alaska Boxcar197519776-9758Boxcar4
Alaska Boxcar 10806199819996-26204Boxcar0
Alaska Boxcar 6464-825200120016-39205Boxcar2
Alaska Boxcar, Diesel Trainsounds200520056-26817Boxcar0
Alaska Scale Round-Roof Boxcar 27781201120116-17740Boxcar0
Alaska State Quarter Boxcar Bank200920096-22457Boxcar0
Algoma Central Boxcar198219826-8204Boxcar5
Alice In Wonderland Hi-Cube Boxcar197819786-9670Boxcar5
Aliensmoke Boxcar200720076-36824Boxcar0
Ambassador "Thank You" Boxcar200020006-16820Boxcar2
America Boxcar #1776202020201954070Boxcar0
American League Baseball Boxcar198019806-9625Boxcar12
Amtrak 50th Anniversary Boxcar202120212138040Boxcar3
Amtrak Baggage Boxcar (LCCA 1998)199819986-52151Boxcar2
Amtrak Hi-Cube Boxcar201120126-15052Boxcar1
Amtrak Veterans Led 60' Flag Boxcar202020202026320Boxcar0
Andrew Jackson Presidential Boxcar201420166-81488Boxcar6
Andrew Johnson Boxcar201320166-25931Boxcar9
Angela Trotta Thomas "Well Stocked Shelves" Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938030Boxcar6
Angela Trotta Thomas 120Th Boxcar202020202028480Boxcar2
Angela Trotta Thomas Boxcar (TCA 2000)200120016-52226Boxcar2
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Box Car201920191938310Boxcar2
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Boxcar202020202028350Boxcar1
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Boxcar201620166-82678Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Eve Boxcar200520056-36297Boxcar8
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Memories Boxcar200820086-25054Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Morning Boxcar201220136-29979Boxcar1
Angela Trotta Thomas General Delivery Boxcar200920096-25067Boxcar9
Angela Trotta Thomas GG1 Boxcar202220222228020Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas High Hopes Hi-Cube Boxcar201220126-15091Boxcar3
Angela Trotta Thomas Home For The Holidays Boxcar200220036-36270Boxcar14
Angela Trotta Thomas Hudson Boxcar202120212128310Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Lionelville Christmas Boxcar201520156-82699Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas My Turn Yet, Dad? Boxcar201020106-39336Boxcar1
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa Fe Boxcar202120212128300Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Break Boxcar200620066-25011Boxcar6
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Cookies Boxcar201720176-83923Boxcar1
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Letter Boxcar201420146-81987Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Workshop Boxcar200720076-25034Boxcar4
Angela Trotta Thomas Tis The Season Boxcar200420046-36276Boxcar8
Angela Trotta Thomas Toyland Express Boxcar201320136-29792Boxcar0
Angela Trotta Thomas Toyland Express Boxcar201320136-35293Boxcar4
Angela Trotta Thomas Window Wishing Boxcar200220026-36265Boxcar21
Angela Trotta Well Stocked Shelves Musa Boxcar - Middle Shelf202020202038110Boxcar3
Angela Trotta Well Stocked Shelves Musa Boxcar - Middle Shelf202120212138020Boxcar1
Angels Baseball Boxcar201420146-81931Boxcar1
Animated Glow-In-The-Dark Alien Boxcar199919996-16793Boxcar3
Animated Ostrich Boxcar199919996-19864Boxcar6
Ann Arbor 86' 4-door Hi-cube Boxcar202220222226330Boxcar0
Ann Arbor PS-1 Boxcar 1314201020116-27273Boxcar0
Anniversary Boxcar201620176-83765Boxcar0
Anniversary Personalized Boxcar201720176-84665Boxcar0
Aquaman/Martian Manhunter Boxcar 2-Pack201620166-82950Boxcar3
Archive 6464-50 Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar201220126-27791Boxcar0
Area 51 Waffle-Sided Boxcar201320146-39373Boxcar1
Arizona Diamondbacks Boxcar201420146-81940Boxcar0
Army M.A.S.H Boxcar (METCA 2019)201920191901210Boxcar0
Art Deco Box Car200720077-11059Boxcar0
Artistry In Space Boxcar (Artrain 2000)200020006-52227Boxcar4
Ashley Drew & Northern Boxcar198119816-9439Boxcar20
Ashley Drew & Northern Standard O Modern Boxcar #8134202220222243101Boxcar0
Ashley Drew & Northern Standard O Modern Boxcar #8145202220222243102Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Chief" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #139759201420146-81607Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Flat Spot" Freightsounds Boxcar #17819202020202026120Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Scout" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #148519201420146-81609Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Super Chief" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #142803201420146-81608Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar199619996-16263Boxcar20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar200620106-25016Boxcar9
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar200720076-21364Boxcar1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 137460200820086-22313Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 274769201620166-83268Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 6464200020006-29291Boxcar4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Boxcar 9464-3199719976-17241Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Express 50' Double-Door Boxcar 1342201620176-83561Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Boxcar 9464-4199719976-17242Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Route 6464 Boxcar 6464199819986-29213Boxcar21
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Boxcar 621593200820086-21593Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Boxcar201020106-22670Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Boxcar 22658200820096-21621Boxcar1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ps 60' Boxcar 37287200820086-27208Boxcar1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe PS-1 Boxcar 142501, Sound201620166-83527Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Special Orange PS-1 Boxcar (CLRC 2020)202020202001310Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Boxcar 143093201620176-83063Boxcar2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Boxcar 9464-2199719976-17240Boxcar1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Texas Chief Boxcar 9464-1199719976-17239Boxcar0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Usra Double-Sheathed Boxcar 39012201320136-29385Boxcar1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Waffle-Sided Boxcar201620176-82085Boxcar0
Atlanta Braves Boxcar201420146-81921Boxcar0
Atlantic & East Carolina Boxcar 649306199519956-21243Boxcar0
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar199419946-16247Boxcar9
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar198419846-9471Boxcar6
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar 16247199419946-52046Boxcar0
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar 28809199919996-17257Boxcar7
Atlantic Coast Line Dearborn Michigan Boxcar (TTOS 1994)199419946-12046Boxcar0
Atlantic Coast Line Operating Boxcar (CLRC 2000)200020006-52179Boxcar4
Atlantic Coast Line Usra Double-Sheathed Boxcar201620166-83347Boxcar1
Atomic Energy Commission Glow-In-Dark Boxcar199919996-26288Boxcar3
Atomic Energy Commission Glow-In-The-Dark Boxcar199819986-26215Boxcar8
Atomic Energy Commission Glow-In-The-Dark Boxcar199919996-26271Boxcar6
Auburn University Boxcar200820086-39304Boxcar1
Baltic Avenue Boxcar200920106-39311Boxcar1
Baltimore & Ohio "Sentinal" PS-1 Boxcar #466010201020116-27272Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio "Time-Saver" PS-1 Boxcar #467934201020116-27271Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio 190Th Anniversary Musa Boxcar202020202038010Boxcar2
Baltimore & Ohio 8-Door Hi-Cube Boxcar201620166-82421Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Automobile Boxcar197219726-9701Boxcar34
Baltimore & Ohio Automobile Boxcar (LCCA 1972)197219726-9701BBoxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar200420046-36281Boxcar4
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar #1 (Target Exclusive)7-11183Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar #2 (Target Exclusive)7-11190Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar 466035, Steam Trainsounds200620076-26860Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar 6464-325199619966-19278Boxcar4
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar 6464-400199719976-19294Boxcar9
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar, Steam Railsounds199119916-16639Boxcar2
Baltimore & Ohio Double Door Boxcar200120016-39228Boxcar3
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar200120016-39229Boxcar1
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar197119716-9210Boxcar14
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar197319746-9712Boxcar17
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar 296000199319936-17209Boxcar11
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar 298011 With End-Of-Train Device (LOTS 1990)199019906-17882Boxcar8
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar 495289200820086-22171Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Sheathed Boxcar 196500201120116-27854Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Museum Fundraiser Boxcar200320036-52330Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Operating Boxcar200820086-22321Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio PS-1 Boxcar 467931, Sound201620166-83529Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar198019806-9420Boxcar24
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar197319756-9801Boxcar29
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar 646 (TCA 1995)199519956-52051Boxcar22
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Freightsounds PS-1 Box Car201920191926620Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Operating Brakeman Boxcar 3424, Archive Collection200220026-36760Boxcar4
Baltimore & Ohio Time-Saver 9464 Boxcar 467439200120016-17270Boxcar2
Baltimore & Ohio Time-Saver Boxcar197719786-9783Boxcar20
Baltimore & Ohio Vision Boxcar #467434202120212126370Boxcar0
Baltimore Orioles 2016 MLB Spring Training Boxcar201620166-83770Boxcar0
Baltimore Orioles Boxcar201420146-81922Boxcar0
Baltimore Orioles Cooperstown Boxcar201620166-83494Boxcar2
Bambi Hi-Cube Boxcar197819786-9669Boxcar5
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar197919796-9734Boxcar11
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar 5976200320036-17287Boxcar2
Bangor & Aroostook PS-1 Boxcar 5149, Sound201620166-83528Boxcar0
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar197219746-9709Boxcar11
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 2184199519956-17218Boxcar10
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 6464275199619966-19273Boxcar5
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Potatoes Boxcar (METCA 2020)202020202001210Boxcar0
Bass Pro Shops North Pole Central Music Boxcar201020106-15036Boxcar0
Batman & Robin Box Car201920191928560Boxcar0
Batman Classic Gotham Villains Box Car201920191928600Boxcar1
Batman Hi-Cube Boxcar202020202028290Boxcar2
Batman Vs The Joker Duel Car202020202028270Boxcar6
Battle For Guadalcanal201720176-84666Boxcar2
Battle Of The Bulge201720176-84667Boxcar2
Bay Line Boxcar198019816-9427Boxcar17
BC Rail Boxcar (METCA 2019)201920191901303Boxcar1
Beatles A Hard Day's Night Boxcar201120146-29968Boxcar3
Beatles Something New Boxcar201120146-29969Boxcar1
Beechnut Boxcar197619776-7703Boxcar27
Benjamin Harrison Made In The USA Boxcar201820186-84930Boxcar2
Berkshire Boxcar199719976-29226Boxcar27
Berlin Wall202020202038080Boxcar2
Bessemer & Lake Erie Boxcar197619776-9769Boxcar28
Bessemer & Lake Erie Heavyweight Boxcar 8200120016-39220Boxcar1
Bethlehem Steel PS-1 Boxcar201420146-58571Boxcar0
Big Bad Wolf Hi-Cube Boxcar200520066-25006Boxcar0
Billboard Boxcar With Catalog Art200620066-25030Boxcar7
Black Cave Boxcar198219826-7905Boxcar0
Bloomingdale's Boxcar199619966-16276Boxcar1
Bloomingdale's Boxcar199719976-15004Boxcar0
Bobbing Ghost Boxcar200820086-36857Boxcar2
Bobbing Ghost Halloween Boxcar200020006-26719Boxcar3

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