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Category: Bunk Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Alaska Bunk Car200720076-29623Bunk Car0
Ambassador Award Bunk Car, Bronze199919996-19664Bunk Car3
Ambassador Cowen Bunk Car, Gold199919996-19666Bunk Car0
Ambassador Engineer Bunk Car, Silver199919996-19665Bunk Car1
Amtrak Bunk Car199119926-16702Bunk Car7
Amtrak Bunk Car198919896-19654Bunk Car18
Blood Transfusion Bunk Car201020116-19589Bunk Car5
Bunk Car (IETCA 1986)198619866-1986Bunk Car0
Bunk Car, Blue (LRRC 1988)198819886-16801Bunk Car37
Canadian National Bunk Car (LCAC 1986)198619866-86009Bunk Car4
Canadian Pacific Bunk Car198619866-5728Bunk Car24
Canadian Pacific Rail Bunk Car200320036-29600Bunk Car0
Cascade Range Bunk Car200420046-29616Bunk Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bunk Car, Smoke200820086-22150Bunk Car0
Great Western Bunk Car200720086-29615Bunk Car1
Jersey Central Bunk Car198819886-19652Bunk Car20
Lionel Lines Bunk Car198619866-5733Bunk Car15
M.O.W. #998832 Bunk Car201920191926181Bunk Car2
M.O.W. #998835 Bunk Car201920191926182Bunk Car1
M.O.W. #998837 Bunk Car201920191926183Bunk Car1
Milwaukee Road Bunk Car, Smoke199019906-19656Bunk Car2
Moo-Town Creamery Bunk Car Ice Cream Shop200820096-21663Bunk Car0
New York Central #X19075 Bunk Car201920191926151Bunk Car1
New York Central #X19076 Bunk Car201920191926152Bunk Car0
New York Central #X19078 Bunk Car201920191926153Bunk Car0
New York Central Bunk Car198519866-5735Bunk Car6
Operating Bunk Car Yard Office200720076-21253Bunk Car1
Pennsylvania #498393 Bunk Car201920191926131Bunk Car0
Pennsylvania #498396 Bunk Car201920191926132Bunk Car1
Pennsylvania #498398 Bunk Car201920191926133Bunk Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Bunk Car198419846-5724Bunk Car18
Pennsylvania Railroad Scale Smoking Bunk Car200720076-21352Bunk Car0
Pratt's Hollow Bunk Car 5717199919996-19663Bunk Car6
Ringling Bros. Dormitory Bunk Car 22200820086-22251Bunk Car0
Rio Grande #X2380 Bunk Car201920191926161Bunk Car2
Rio Grande #X2384 Bunk Car201920191926162Bunk Car1
Rio Grande #X2387 Bunk Car201920191926163Bunk Car2
Santa Fe #196459 Bunk Car201920191926143Bunk Car0
Santa Fe #196752 Bunk Car201920191926141Bunk Car2
Santa Fe #196754 Bunk Car201920191926142Bunk Car0
Santa Fe Bunk Car198319836-5717Bunk Car23
Santa Fe Bunk Car198619866-5745Bunk Car11
Southern Bunk Car198419846-5726Bunk Car14
Southern Division Bunk Car198619866-1986Bunk Car0
Tommy's Bunk Car Grill200820096-22327Bunk Car0
U.S. Army Bunk Car200220026-19678Bunk Car2
Union Pacific #906115 Bunk Car201920191926171Bunk Car1
Union Pacific #906118 Bunk Car201920191926172Bunk Car0
Union Pacific #906121 Bunk Car201920191926173Bunk Car1
Union Pacific Bunk Car (Artrain 1997)199719976-52140Bunk Car8
Union Pacific Bunk Car 3887, Smoke200320036-19687Bunk Car2
Union Pacific Illuminated Bunk Car199719976-16741Bunk Car5
United States Marine Corps Bunk Car198419856-5727Bunk Car7
Wabash Bunk Car, Smoke199119926-19657Bunk Car4

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