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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Bridge
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
4400N Signal Bridge198919896-51900Bridge1
Amtrak Metal Girder Bridge201620206-83230Bridge3
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Covered Bridge201720206-83689Bridge1
Anheuser Busch Covered Bridge202120222130090Bridge2
Arch Under Bridge199020226-12770Bridge18
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Die-Cast Girder Bridge200120036-14175Bridge0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Girder Bridge200820096-24220Bridge0
Bascule Bridge199819996-22972Bridge6
Bascule Bridge201020106-37920Bridge0
Bascule Bridge201520156-82021Bridge1
Bascule Bridge 313199719976-12948Bridge26
Bethlehem Steel Metal Girder Bridge201620196-83232Bridge0
Boy Scouts Of America Covered Bridge201320136-37130Bridge0
Boy Scouts Of America Girder Bridge201320136-37129Bridge1
Canadian Pacific Rail Girder Bridge200820096-24285Bridge2
Christmas Extension Bridge201320186-37196Bridge1
Christmas Girder Bridge200920096-16836Bridge0
Christmas Girder Bridge200820086-24274Bridge1
Christmas Half Covered Bridge201320136-37184Bridge1
Christmas Half-Covered Bridge201620196-83291Bridge1
Christmas Red 12" Half-Covered Bridge With X-Mas Lights201920221929090Bridge2
Christmas Red Arch Under Bridge201520166-82747Bridge0
Coca-Cola 12" Covered Bridge201120116-37827Bridge0
Covered Bridge (LRRC 2011)201120116-16839Bridge2
CSX Metal Girder Bridge201620196-83233Bridge4
Die-Cast Girder Bridge200520096-14222Bridge2
Die-Cast Girder Bridge199820016-22907Bridge1
Die-Cast Metal Girder Bridge200120076-14137Bridge0
Disney Covered Bridge201720186-84485Bridge1
Double Signal Bridge198819906-12724Bridge5
Double Signal Bridge201620226-83174Bridge3
Double Signal Bridge, 36526200120086-14094Bridge1
Extended Truss Bridge201520226-82110Bridge4
Extension Bridge, Rock Piers197619876-2122Bridge5
Girder Bridge197019876-2214Bridge16
Girder Bridge200820096-22362Bridge1
Girder Bridge Building Kit199719976-12968Bridge7
Girder Bridge With Stone Piers200720076-21451Bridge0
Gray 10" Girder Bridge201720226-84388Bridge3
Gray Half-Covered Bridge201720176-84308Bridge0
Half Covered Bridge201020186-16882Bridge3
Halloween Girder Bridge202120222125010Bridge6
Halloween Girder Bridge200920116-24284Bridge0
Halloween Lighted Half Covered Bridge202120222129330Bridge2
Hellgate Bridge199919996-32904Bridge8
Hellgate Bridge199920006-32999Bridge1
Illuminated 24" Winter's Covered Bridge201620226-83305Bridge2
Illuminated Covered Bridge200320226-24117Bridge16
Illuminated Extension Bridge, Rock Piers198919896-12721Bridge1
Imagineering Bridge201620167-11626Bridge3
John Deere Covered Bridge201720186-84480Bridge0
John Deere Plastic Girder Bridge201620186-83234Bridge4
Lift Bridge199119926-12782Bridge6
Lionel Girder Bridge198820216-12730Bridge19
Long Island Railroad Girder Bridge201320136-37163Bridge0
Merry Christmas Fastrack Girder Bridge202020222025050Bridge0
Milwaukee Road Girder Bridge200820096-21702Bridge0
New York Central "Castleton Bridge" Aluminum Sleeper Car199919996-29140Bridge0
New York Central Die-Cast Girder Bridge200120016-14117Bridge0
New York Central Girder Bridge200920106-22514Bridge0
New York Central Girder Bridge200920106-24283Bridge3
Norfolk Southern Die-Cast Girder Bridge200220036-14176Bridge6
Norfolk Southern Girder Bridge201320136-37164Bridge1
North Pole Central Girder Bridge201320176-37197Bridge2
Old Reading Flatcar Foot Bridge With Stone Piers200920106-22587Bridge0
Operating Drawbridge197519816-2317Bridge9
Operating Lift Bridge200220026-14167Bridge6
Operating Swing Bridge200720076-21391Bridge0
Operating Swing Bridge200820086-49840Bridge0
Pennsylvania Railroad Die-Cast Girder Bridge200120016-14116Bridge0
Pennsylvania Railroad Girder Bridge200820096-21709Bridge0
Pennsylvania Railroad Girder Bridge201420156-81432Bridge0
Pennsylvania Railroad Plastic Girder Bridge200820086-24219Bridge3
Rockville Bridge201020126-37816Bridge3
Short Extension Bridge198819986-2716Bridge10
Short Extension Bridge197719876-2717Bridge10
Short Extension Bridge199020226-62716Bridge8
Short Extension Bridge Kit199919996-62717Bridge2
Silver Truss Bridge201020116-37900Bridge0
Single Signal Bridge199019936-12763Bridge5
Single Signal Bridge201620226-83173Bridge5
Single Signal Bridge 452199520006-12894Bridge5
Single Signal Bridge, 36526200120086-14093Bridge2
Southern Girder Bridge200920096-22531Bridge0
Stone-style Bridge Piers, Pair200820106-22363Bridge0
Stourbridge Lion Anthracite Coal Car 2-Pack200920106-27426Bridge1
Strasburg Half-Covered Bridge201720186-84334Bridge0
Strasburg RailRoad Girder Bridge201320136-37160Bridge0
Swing Bridge200320046-24111Bridge12
The Polar Express Covered Bridge201520156-82500Bridge0
The Polar Express Covered Bridge201720186-84489Bridge0
The Polar Express Girder Bridge200920146-24286Bridge4
The Polar Express Metal Girder Bridge201620176-83231Bridge0
Thomas & Friends Christmas Girder Bridge202220222230050Bridge0
Thomas & Friends Covered Bridge201820191930130Bridge1
Thomas Kinkade Holiday Covered Bridge201420156-81290Bridge0
Thru Truss Bridge Kit202120222130130Bridge3
Truss Bridge with Flasher and Piers 318199020216-12772Bridge19
Union Pacific Die-Cast Girder Bridge200820086-24221Bridge3
UPS Die-Cast Girder Bridge200820086-24222Bridge5
W. E. Disney Girder Bridge201620186-82717Bridge1

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