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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Caboose
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#2357 Sp Offset Cupola Caboose20122012Caboose00
#6017 Caboose - Legacy Northern Pacific GP9 Freight Set20092010Caboose00
#6059 M&STL Illuminated Caboose - Conventional Classics Orbiter Freight Set20102010Caboose00
#6357 New Haven Sp-Type Caboose20102010Caboose10
#6417 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Porthole CabooseCaboose00
#6427-500 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose20102010Caboose00
#6437 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Cupola Caboose20112012Caboose00
#6457 Lionel Sp Type Caboose20092009Caboose00
#6517 Lionel Lines Bay Window Caboose20122014Caboose00
#657 CabooseCaboose00
100Th Anniversary Die-Cast Gold Caboose20002000Caboose36
1517 Caboose19891989Caboose46
200 Series Caboose19911991Caboose44
6357 Caboose20032003Caboose01
6437 PA Porthole Caboose20052005Caboose10
6437 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose20042004Caboose00
6517 Bay Window Caboose20062007Caboose22
6814 Stretcher Caboose20022003Caboose00
Alaska 43112 Caboose 100120062006Caboose30
Alaska Bay Window Caboose19821983Caboose1613
Alaska Caboose20052005Caboose51
Alaska Caboose 108020072007Caboose00
Alaska Extended Vision Caboose 98920032003Caboose41
Alaska Illuminated Work Caboose20072009Caboose10
Alaska Railroad Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose20192019Caboose20
Alaska Sp-Type Caboose19911991Caboose12
Alaska Square Window Caboose 108119981998Caboose01
Alaska Square Window Caboose 108420012001Caboose11
Ambassador Caboose19971997Caboose41
Ambassador Caboose, Gold19981998Caboose22
Ambassador Caboose, Silver19981998Caboose13
Amtrak Searchlight Caboose19911991Caboose03
Angela Trotta Thomas Caboose20162017Caboose00
Anheuser-Busch Sp-Type Caboose19891992Caboose00
Area 51 Searchlight Caboose20022002Caboose00
Area 51 Transfer Caboose (Illuminated)20082009Caboose11
Army Transportation Work Caboose, Traditional20062006Caboose00
AT&SF Caboose 99931620162017Caboose00
AT&SF Wide Vision Caboose 99970520172017Caboose60
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose 651719961996Caboose147
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose, Traditional20102011Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose20072009Caboose03
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose20102010Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe High-Cupola Caboose 7606R19971997Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Caboose20082008Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose19961999Caboose104
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Caboose 179020122012Caboose10
Atlantic Coast Line Bay Window Caboose19901990Caboose21
Atlantic Coast Line Caboose 63420162017Caboose31
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose19861990Caboose10
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose19791990Caboose226
Atlantic Coast Line Square Window CabooseCaboose00
Atlantic Coast Line Square Window Caboose 6920012001Caboose00
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose20022002Caboose12
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose 353520012001Caboose10
Baldwin Locomotive Works 43112 Caboose 600020122013Caboose10
Baltimore & Ohio #C2879 K-Line Caboose20062006Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio 43112 Caboose20102010Caboose02
Baltimore & Ohio 43112 Caboose C242120062006Caboose20
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-244520072007Caboose10
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-282020032004Caboose12
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-282420032004Caboose25
Baltimore & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose C2047, Traditional20052005Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio CSX Heritage 43112 Caboose20112011Caboose20
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C240620202020Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C242820202020Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C245720202020Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C282220202020Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose19861986Caboose01
Baltimore & Ohio Square Window Caboose (Target Exclusive)Caboose00
Baltimore & Ohio Square Window Caboose 29520022002Caboose00
Bangor & Aroostook N5C Caboose19761976Caboose10
Bay Window Caboose19911991Caboose4315
Bethlehem Steel Illuminated Bay Window Caboose20062006Caboose00
Bethlehem Steel Ne Caboose #101Caboose10
Bethlehem Steel Searchlight Caboose20062006Caboose11
Bethlehem Steel Transfer Caboose, Traditional20052005Caboose23
Bethlehem Steel Work Caboose20112011Caboose12
Bethlehem Steel Work Caboose 613019991999Caboose00
Black Cave Sp-Type Caboose19821982Caboose01
Bloomingdales's Sp-Type Caboose19971997Caboose20
Boston & Albany Wood-Sided Caboose19861986Caboose178
Boston & Maine Caboose20082008Caboose00
Boston & Maine N5B Caboose C-1620152016Caboose10
Boston & Maine N5C Caboose19761977Caboose45
Boston & Maine Porthole Caboose20142015Caboose00
Boston & Maine Smoking Caboose20152015Caboose10
Boston & Maine Square Window Caboose20012001Caboose00
Boston & Maine Transfer Caboose20112011Caboose13
Boy Scouts Work Caboose20102013Caboose20
Boys Set Porthole Caboose20022002Caboose00
Brown Logging Disconnect Caboose 620162016Caboose02
Budweiser Sp-Type Caboose19931994Caboose11
Budwiser Caboose20182018Caboose00
Burlington Bay Window Caboose19811981Caboose30
Burlington Caboose20002000Caboose00
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 1361120042004Caboose00
Burlington Lighted CabooseCaboose00
Burlington Northern Bay Window Caboose19791980Caboose124
Burlington Northern Bicentennial Extended Vision Caboose20112011Caboose21
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose20052005Caboose21
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose19851985Caboose21
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose 1053120032005Caboose40
Burlington Northern Freedom Train Wide Vision Caboose 1261820172017Caboose81
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose20012001Caboose32
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose20132014Caboose01
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ice Cold Extended-Vision Caboose20102010Caboose10
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Square Window Caboose20112011Caboose00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Wide Vision Caboose 1258420172017Caboose31
Burlington Northern Steel-Sided Caboose 760619991999Caboose31
Burlington Northern Transfer Caboose19831984Caboose4523
Burlington Northern Wide Vision Caboose W/ Camera #1234520182018Caboose10
Caboose 635719981998Caboose62
Canadian National Caboose19881988Caboose00
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 7812820062006Caboose10
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 7964620042004Caboose10
Canadian National N5C Caboose19721974Caboose127
Canadian National Sp-Type Caboose19711973Caboose00
Canadian National Wood-Sided Caboose20122012Caboose01
Canadian Pacific Animated Caboose20062007Caboose02
Canadian Pacific Bay Window Caboose19811981Caboose52
Canadian Pacific Bay Window Caboose 43726620062006Caboose00
Canadian Pacific Extended Vision Caboose 43460420022002Caboose20
Canadian Pacific N5C Caboose19731973Caboose145
Canadian Pacific Rail Bay Window Caboose, Smoke20052005Caboose32
Canadian Pacific Rail Ca-4 Caboose20102011Caboose00
Canadian Pacific Rail Ext Vision Caboose20062006Caboose32
Canadian Pacific Rail Extended Vision Caboose, Smoke19891989Caboose81
Canadian Pacific Rail Sp-Type Caboose19781979Caboose10
Canadian Pacific Scale Northeastern Caboose 40050120122013Caboose00
Canadian Pacific Sq.Window Caboose,Offset Cupola20072008Caboose00
Case Cutlery Wood-Sided Caboose 188919991999Caboose10
CCII New York Central Milk Train Caboose #1919419991999Caboose10
Centennial Express Square Window Caboose20002000Caboose00
Centennial Porthole Caboose19991999Caboose00
Central Of Georgia Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose20122012Caboose10
Central Of Georgia Northeastern Caboose20102010Caboose11
Central Of New Jersey Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose20132014Caboose20
Central Of New Jersey Square Window Caboose #9153920142015Caboose01
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose20032003Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose 831520042004Caboose10
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose20052007Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose C-183820082009Caboose20
Chesapeake & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose 90876, Traditional20062006Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose A91820012001Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose20192019Caboose30
Chesapeake & Ohio D/C Wood Side Caboose #9033220092009Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Extended Vision Caboose20012001Caboose31
Chesapeake & Ohio Ne-Style Caboose 9035220162016Caboose10
Chesapeake & Ohio Northeast Caboose A91820172017Caboose01
Chesapeake & Ohio Northeastern Caboose20102010Caboose21
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose19941994Caboose20
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose19711977Caboose184
Chesapeake & Ohio Square Window Caboose C-183120032003Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Steel-Sided Caboose, Smoke19911991Caboose92
Chesapeake & Ohio Work Caboose, Traditional20052005Caboose10
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 328520062006Caboose30
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 332220022002Caboose32
Chessie I-12 Caboose20052006Caboose10
Chessie System Bay Window Caboose19901990Caboose52
Chessie System Bay Window Caboose19801980Caboose51
Chessie System Bobber Caboose19761976Caboose22
Chessie System Caboose C-280020032004Caboose30
Chessie System Caboose C-280220032004Caboose20
Chessie System Center Cupola Caboose20012002Caboose24
Chessie System Extended Vision Caboose19881988Caboose21
Chessie System I12 Caboose #90244020202020Caboose00
Chessie System Illuminated Square Window Caboose20102010Caboose20
Chessie System N5C Caboose19741976Caboose99
Chessie System Northeastern Caboose 189320072007Caboose10
Chessie System Sp-Type Caboose19921995Caboose131
Chessie System Sp-Type Caboose19841985Caboose20
Chessie System Sp-Type Caboose19801980Caboose11
Chessie System Wide Vision Caboose W/ Camera #90311820182018Caboose10
Chicago & Illinois Midland Extended Vision Caboose 7419921992Caboose00
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose19921992Caboose33
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose20142015Caboose00
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose19801980Caboose40
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose 1087120042004Caboose00
Chicago & North Western N5C Caboose19771980Caboose183
Chicago & North Western Northeastern Caboose20192019Caboose10
Chicago & North Western Transfer Caboose19831985Caboose2211
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage Ca-4 Caboose20092009Caboose40
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific 0-4-0 Switcher And Caboose Set, 60Th Anniversary20062006Caboose00
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Offset Cupola Caboose20062006Caboose30
Chills & Thrills Circus N5C Caboose19901991Caboose30
Christmas Caboose20062006Caboose00
Christmas Square Window Caboose20032003Caboose21
Christmas Story Illuminated Caboose20092012Caboose00
Christmas Transfer Caboose20192019Caboose60
Christmas Work Caboose 649619991999Caboose20
Christmas Work Caboose With Presents20022002Caboose10
Chrysler Mopar Caboose19941994Caboose12
Clinchfield Northeastern Ca-3 Caboose20102011Caboose10
Clinchfield Sp-Type Caboose19931993Caboose53
Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Caboose20112012Caboose42
Coca-Cola Caboose20162016Caboose10
Coca-Cola Sp-Type Caboose19741975Caboose43
Commemorative Quarter Extended Vision Caboose20092009Caboose11
Conrail (Reading Patch) Northeastern Caboose20192019Caboose20
Conrail Bay Window Caboose20022002Caboose11
Conrail Caboose 1967420072007Caboose10
Conrail Caboose 2387820162017Caboose12
Conrail Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose20192019Caboose40
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose20082009Caboose31
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose 690019991999Caboose32
Conrail N5B Caboose 2288220142015Caboose21
Conrail N5C Caboose19971997Caboose00
Conrail N5C Caboose19791979Caboose103
Conrail N5C Caboose19761978Caboose00
Conrail N5C Caboose 641719971997Caboose40
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Ca-4 Caboose20102010Caboose20
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose20122012Caboose00
Conrail Northeast Caboose 1886620172017Caboose10
Conrail Northeastern Caboose 1887320072007Caboose20
Conrail SD80 Mac Legacy Engine & Smoking Caboose20082009Caboose00
Conrail Sp-Type Caboose19931993Caboose11
Conrail Wood-Sided Caboose19871987Caboose33
Copper Range Caboose20052005Caboose95
Corvette N5C Caboose19991999Caboose00
Cotton Belt Offset Cupola Wood-Sided Caboose 223020082008Caboose01
Cotton Belt Wood-Sided Caboose, Smoke19931994Caboose90
Crayola Sp-Type Caboose19941995Caboose01
CSX Bay Window Caboose20012001Caboose40
CSX Heritage Chessie System Scale Caboose20122012Caboose20
CSX Heritage Scale Bay Window Caboose 251020122012Caboose10
CSX Illuminated Square Window Caboose20102011Caboose00

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