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Category: Caboose
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#2357 Sp Offset Cupola Caboose201220126-27789Caboose0
#6017 Caboose - Legacy Northern Pacific GP9 Freight Set200920106-27736Caboose0
#6059 Minneapolis & St. Louis Illuminated Caboose - Conventional Classics Orbiter Freight Set201020106-27751Caboose0
#6357 New Haven Sp-Type Caboose201020106-27746Caboose0
#6417 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Porthole Caboose6-27704Caboose0
#6427-500 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose201020106-27766Caboose0
#6437 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Cupola Caboose201120126-27785Caboose0
#6457 Lionel Sp Type Caboose200920096-27720Caboose0
#6517 Lionel Lines Bay Window Caboose201220146-27925Caboose0
#657 Caboose6-51703Caboose0
100Th Anniversary Die-Cast Gold Caboose200020006-17635Caboose0
1517 Caboose198919896-13700Caboose2
200 Series Caboose199119916-13702Caboose1
6357 Caboose200320036-19797Caboose1
6437 PA Porthole Caboose200520056-29713Caboose3
6437 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose200420046-29706Caboose0
6517 Bay Window Caboose200620076-29724Caboose1
6814 Stretcher Caboose200220036-19788Caboose0
Alaska 43112 Caboose 1001200620066-17695Caboose2
Alaska Bay Window Caboose198219836-6441Caboose3
Alaska Caboose200520056-36544Caboose6
Alaska Caboose 1080200720076-36612Caboose3
Alaska Extended Vision Caboose 989200320036-17654Caboose2
Alaska Illuminated Work Caboose200720096-36608Caboose0
Alaska Railroad Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926890Caboose1
Alaska Sp-Type Caboose199119916-16523Caboose1
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1081199819986-26508Caboose0
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1084200120016-26544Caboose4
Alaska Work Caboose201720176-83705Caboose0
Ambassador Caboose199719976-19957Caboose0
Ambassador Caboose, Gold199819986-19959Caboose0
Ambassador Caboose, Silver199819986-19958Caboose0
Amtrak Searchlight Caboose199119916-16645Caboose0
Angela Trotta Thomas Caboose201620176-83177Caboose0
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Caboose202120212128290Caboose0
Anheuser-Busch Sp-Type Caboose198919926-16524Caboose0
Area 51 Searchlight Caboose200220026-36717Caboose0
Area 51 Transfer Caboose (Illuminated)200820096-36631Caboose1
Army Transportation Work Caboose, Traditional200620066-36562Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose 6517199619966-19732Caboose16
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose, Traditional201020116-29737Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bobber Caboose 35792201620166-83270Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose200720096-36623Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose #999471200920096-11197Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999316201620176-83181Caboose1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999472200420046-36509Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose201020106-27634Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose, Black Roof (CLRC 1996)199619966-52103Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose, Red Roof (CLRC 1996)199619966-52102Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe High-Cupola Caboose 7606R199719976-26503Caboose1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Caboose200820086-21592Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose199619996-16568Caboose6
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wide Vision Caboose 999705201720176-84129Caboose1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Caboose 1790201220126-27678Caboose1
Atlantic Coast Line Bay Window Caboose199019906-16517Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Caboose 634201620176-83182Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose198619906-8341Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose197919906-9341Caboose16
Atlantic Coast Line Square Window Caboose6-66934Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Square Window Caboose 69200120016-26542Caboose0
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose200220026-36718Caboose2
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose 3535200120016-26761Caboose2
Baldwin Locomotive Works 43112 Caboose 6000201220136-27649Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio #C2879 K-Line Caboose200620066-36610Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio 43112 Caboose201020106-27635Caboose1
Baltimore & Ohio 43112 Caboose C2421200620066-17678Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Bobber Caboose198919898-87707Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2445200720076-27609Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2820200320046-17647Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2824200320046-17664Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose C2047, Traditional200520056-36580Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Chessie Bay Window Caboose #c-3010202120212126240Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio CSX Heritage 43112 Caboose201120116-27651Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C2406202020202026210Caboose1
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C2428202020202026200Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C2457202020202026230Caboose1
Baltimore & Ohio I12 Caboose #C2822202020202026220Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose198619866-6918Caboose1
Baltimore & Ohio Square Window Caboose (Target Exclusive)7-11186Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Square Window Caboose 295200220026-26570Caboose0
Bangor & Aroostook N5C Caboose197619766-9176Caboose0
Bay Window Caboose (LRRC 1991)199119916-16804Caboose35
Bethlehem Steel Illuminated Bay Window Caboose200620066-36609Caboose0
Bethlehem Steel Ne Caboose #101201720176-83522Caboose0
Bethlehem Steel Searchlight Caboose200620066-29729Caboose1
Bethlehem Steel Transfer Caboose, Traditional200520056-36547Caboose0
Bethlehem Steel Work Caboose201120116-27659Caboose0
Bethlehem Steel Work Caboose 6130199919996-26520Caboose12
Black Cave Sp-Type Caboose198219826-6478Caboose1
Bloomingdales's Sp-Type Caboose199719976-16588Caboose2
Boston & Albany Wood-Sided Caboose198619866-6920Caboose6
Boston & Maine Caboose200820086-36625Caboose1
Boston & Maine N5B Caboose C-16201520166-82631Caboose1
Boston & Maine N5C Caboose197619776-9181Caboose2
Boston & Maine Porthole Caboose201420156-81036Caboose0
Boston & Maine Smoking Caboose (LCCA 2015)201520156-58217Caboose1
Boston & Maine Square Window Caboose200120016-26560Caboose0
Boston & Maine Transfer Caboose201120116-29739Caboose0
Boy Scouts Work Caboose201020136-36650Caboose2
Boys Set Porthole Caboose200220026-29704Caboose0
Brown Logging Disconnect Caboose 6201620166-83556Caboose1
Budweiser Sp-Type Caboose199319946-16551Caboose0
Budwiser Caboose201820186-84758Caboose0
Burlington Bay Window Caboose198119816-9387Caboose2
Burlington Caboose200020006-19784Caboose2
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 13611200420046-17658Caboose0
Burlington Lighted Caboose6-13635Caboose0
Burlington Northern Bay Window Caboose197919806-9326Caboose5
Burlington Northern Bicentennial Extended Vision Caboose201120116-27665Caboose0
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose200520056-17671Caboose0
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose198519856-6913Caboose1
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose 10531200320056-17651Caboose1
Burlington Northern Freedom Train Wide Vision Caboose 12618201720176-84130Caboose3
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose200120016-17628Caboose1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose201320146-26487Caboose0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ice Cold Extended-Vision Caboose201020106-27637Caboose0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Square Window Caboose201120116-36665Caboose0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Wide Vision Caboose 12584201720176-84131Caboose2
Burlington Northern Steel-Sided Caboose 7606199919996-17625Caboose2
Burlington Northern Transfer Caboose198319846-6427Caboose5
Burlington Northern Wide Vision Caboose W/ Camera #12345201820186-85072Caboose0
Caboose 6357199819986-16594Caboose3
Canadian National Caboose (LCAC 1988)198819886-88011Caboose0
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 78128200620066-17697Caboose2
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 79646200420046-17659Caboose3
Canadian National N5C Caboose197219746-9161Caboose3
Canadian National Sp-Type Caboose197119736-9065Caboose0
Canadian National Wood-Sided Caboose201220126-27676Caboose0
Canadian Pacific Animated Caboose200620076-26865Caboose2
Canadian Pacific Bay Window Caboose198119816-6433Caboose2
Canadian Pacific Bay Window Caboose 437266200620066-17696Caboose1
Canadian Pacific Bobber Caboose198919898-87708Caboose3
Canadian Pacific Cupolacam Caboose #434604202220222226150Caboose0
Canadian Pacific Extended Vision Caboose 434604200220026-17640Caboose1
Canadian Pacific N5C Caboose197319736-9165Caboose10
Canadian Pacific Rail Bay Window Caboose, Smoke200520056-17670Caboose0
Canadian Pacific Rail Ca-4 Caboose201020116-36661Caboose2
Canadian Pacific Rail Ext Vision Caboose200620066-29725Caboose3
Canadian Pacific Rail Extended Vision Caboose, Smoke198919896-19705Caboose5
Canadian Pacific Rail Sp-Type Caboose197819796-9057Caboose3
Canadian Pacific Scale Northeastern Caboose 400501201220136-27670Caboose0
Canadian Pacific Sq.Window Caboose,Offset Cupola200720086-36614Caboose0
Case Cutlery Wood-Sided Caboose 1889199919996-19778Caboose0
CCII New York Central Milk Train Caboose #19194199919996-17656Caboose0
Centennial Express Square Window Caboose200020006-26536Caboose0
Centennial Porthole Caboose199919996-19755Caboose0
Central Of Georgia Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose201220126-27685Caboose1
Central Of Georgia Northeastern Caboose201020106-27657Caboose1
Central Of New Jersey Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose201320146-27693Caboose2
Central Of New Jersey Square Window Caboose #91539201420156-81047Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose200320036-19796Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose 8315200420046-29708Caboose2
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose200520076-36582Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose C-1838200820096-36622Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose 90876, Traditional200620066-36560Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose A918200120016-26553Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926900Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio D/C Wood Side Caboose #90332200920096-27602Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Extended Vision Caboose200120016-17627Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Ne-Style Caboose 90352201620166-83360Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Northeast Caboose A918201720176-84135Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Northeastern Caboose201020106-27629Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose199419946-16555Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose197119776-9064Caboose12
Chesapeake & Ohio Square Window Caboose C-1831200320036-26581Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Steel-Sided Caboose, Smoke199119916-17608Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Work Caboose, Traditional200520056-36528Caboose2
Chessie Bay Window Caboose199019906-16518Caboose3
Chessie Bay Window Caboose198019806-9328Caboose3
Chessie Bobber Caboose197619766-9179Caboose2
Chessie Caboose198919898-87706Caboose1
Chessie Caboose C-2800200320046-17648Caboose1
Chessie Caboose C-2802200320046-17665Caboose0
Chessie Center Cupola Caboose200120026-26551Caboose2
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose198819886-19700Caboose1
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3285200620066-17693Caboose5
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3322200220026-17639Caboose1
Chessie I-12 Caboose200520066-17667Caboose0
Chessie I12 Caboose #902440202020202026240Caboose0
Chessie Illuminated Square Window Caboose201020106-36655Caboose0
Chessie N5C Caboose197419766-9167Caboose2
Chessie No. 217-1 Bay Window Caboose (Std)2016201611-30221Caboose1
Chessie Northeastern Caboose 1893200720076-17683Caboose1
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose199219956-16536Caboose12
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198419856-6485Caboose2
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198019806-9381Caboose1
Chessie Wide Vision Caboose W/ Camera #903118201820186-85073Caboose1
Chicago & Illinois Midland Extended Vision Caboose 74199219926-19718Caboose0
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose199219926-16533Caboose4
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose201420156-81670Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose (TTOS 1980)198019806-9361Caboose2
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose 10871200420046-17661Caboose1
Chicago & North Western N5C Caboose197719806-9289Caboose9
Chicago & North Western Northeastern Caboose201920191926830Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Transfer Caboose198319856-6428Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage Ca-4 Caboose200920096-27625Caboose3
Chicago North Western Standard O NE-5 Caboose #606202120212043290Caboose0
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific 0-4-0 Switcher And Caboose Set, 60Th Anniversary200620066-52428Caboose0
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Offset Cupola Caboose200620066-52430Caboose1
Chills & Thrills Circus N5C Caboose199019916-16522Caboose6
Christmas Caboose200620066-36551Caboose0
Christmas Express Lighted Caboose201720176-83061Caboose0
Christmas Square Window Caboose200320036-26546Caboose2
Christmas Story Illuminated Caboose200920126-36645Caboose0
Christmas Transfer Caboose201920191928470Caboose1
Christmas Work Caboose 6496199919996-26519Caboose0
Christmas Work Caboose With Presents200220026-26527Caboose0
Chrysler Mopar Caboose199419946-16560Caboose1
Clinchfield Northeastern Ca-3 Caboose201020116-27640Caboose0
Clinchfield Sp-Type Caboose199319936-16546Caboose1
Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Caboose201120126-36677Caboose2
Coca-Cola Caboose201620166-83178Caboose1
Coca-Cola Sp-Type Caboose197419756-9073Caboose1
Commemorative Quarter Extended Vision Caboose200920096-22312Caboose0
Conrail (Reading Patch) Northeastern Caboose201920191926840Caboose1
Conrail Bay Window Caboose200220026-17642Caboose0
Conrail Bay Window Caboose #21736202120212126250Caboose0
Conrail Caboose 19674200720076-36611Caboose1
Conrail Caboose 23878201620176-83179Caboose2
Conrail Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926910Caboose0
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose200820096-27616Caboose1
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose 6900199919996-17624Caboose2
Conrail N5B Caboose 22882201420156-81807Caboose1
Conrail N5C Caboose199719976-19730Caboose0
Conrail N5C Caboose197619786-9186Caboose0
Conrail N5C Caboose (TCA 1979)197919796-9186Caboose1
Conrail N5C Caboose 6417199719976-19738Caboose2
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Ca-4 Caboose201020106-29735Caboose1

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