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Category: Caboose
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#657 Caboose200620066-51703Caboose0
100Th Anniversary Die-Cast Gold Caboose200020006-17635Caboose4
1517 Caboose198919896-13700Caboose6
200 Series Caboose199119916-13702Caboose1
6017 Caboose200920106-27736Caboose0
6059 Minneapolis & St. Louis Illuminated Caboose200920106-27751Caboose0
6357 Caboose200320036-19797Caboose0
6357 New Haven Sp-Type Caboose200920106-27746Caboose0
6437 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Cupola Caboose201120126-27785Caboose0
6457 Lionel Sp Type Caboose200920096-27720Caboose0
6814 Stretcher Caboose200220036-19788Caboose0
Alaska Caboose200520056-36544Caboose5
Ambassador "Engineer Award" Caboose, Silver199819986-19958Caboose0
Ambassador "Joshua Lionel Cowen Award" Caboose, Gold199819986-19959Caboose1
Ambassador Caboose199719976-19957Caboose5
Angela Trotta Thomas Caboose201620176-83177Caboose2
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Caboose202120222128290Caboose1
Anheuser-Busch Sp-Type Caboose198919926-16524Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Animated Caboose 999010200520056-36775Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose200720096-36623Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose6-9275Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose200220036-26576Caboose3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose200520056-36543Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose198819888-87702Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose198819898-87704Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose #999471201320136-11197Caboose1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 36520200420046-36520Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 6427, Archive Collection200520066-29719Caboose3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999316201620176-83181Caboose2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999471200620066-36592Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999472200420046-36509Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose QVC200120016-26562Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Illuminated Caboose 999472200620066-36574Caboose3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Lighted Caboose197319766-9163Caboose25
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Caboose200720086-21592Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose199620006-16568Caboose10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose198319896-6430Caboose57
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose197019796-9061Caboose41
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose 16829199119916-16529Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Caboose 634201620196-83182Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose198619906-8341Caboose0
Atlantic Coast Line Sp-Type Caboose197919906-9341Caboose35
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose200120026-36718Caboose3
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose 3535200120026-26761Caboose4
Baltimore & Ohio #C2879 K-Line Caboose200620066-36610Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2445200720076-27609Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose198619866-6918Caboose1
Black Cave Sp-Type Caboose198219826-6478Caboose2
Bloomingdales's Sp-Type Caboose199719976-16588Caboose2
Boston & Maine Caboose200720086-36625Caboose0
Boston & Maine Smoking Caboose (LCCA 2015)201520156-58217Caboose1
Budweiser Sp-Type Caboose199319946-16551Caboose2
Budwiser Caboose201820196-84758Caboose0
Burlington Caboose200020006-19784Caboose1
Burlington Lighted Caboose6-13635Caboose0
Burlington Northern Steel-Sided Caboose 7606199919996-17625Caboose3
Cambria & Indiana Caboose #56202220222222046Caboose1
Canadian National Caboose (LCAC 1988)198819886-88011Caboose0
Canadian National Sp-Type Caboose197119736-9065Caboose1
Canadian Pacific Animated Caboose200620076-26865Caboose0
Canadian Pacific Rail Sp-Type Caboose197819796-9057Caboose0
Century Club II New York Central Milk Train Caboose #19194199919996-17656Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose200520076-36582Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose199419946-16555Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose197119776-9064Caboose19
Chessie Caboose198919898-87706Caboose0
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198019806-9381Caboose7
Chessie System Caboose198419856-6485Caboose3
Chicago & North Western Caboose201720176-83996Caboose2
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific 0-4-0 Switcher And Caboose Set, 60Th Anniversary (MLRRC 2006)200620066-52428Caboose0
Christmas Caboose200620066-36551Caboose3
Christmas Express Lighted Caboose201720186-83061Caboose0
Christmas Story Illuminated Caboose200920126-36645Caboose0
Chrysler Mopar Caboose199419946-16560Caboose2
Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Caboose201120126-36677Caboose3
Coca-Cola Caboose201620166-83178Caboose0
Coca-Cola Sp-Type Caboose197419756-9073Caboose3
Conrail Caboose 23878201620196-83179Caboose1
Conrail Sp-Type Caboose199319936-16548Caboose0
Copper Range Caboose200520056-36541Caboose11
Crayola Sp-Type Caboose199419956-16558Caboose0
Denver & Rio Grande Caboose198719908-87701Caboose2
Denver & Rio Grande Caboose199919998-87726Caboose0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Animated Caboose 1415200720096-36814Caboose1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Caboose 36501200420046-36501Caboose3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sp-Type Caboose198919896-16509Caboose3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sp-Type Caboose197419756-9166Caboose24
Denver & Rio Grande Western Steel-Sided Caboose199519956-17617Caboose9
Denver And Rio Grande Caboose199519958-87724Caboose4
Dinosaur Park Caboose201420166-81681Caboose0
Disney Christmas Express Lighted Caboose200420056-36517Caboose1
Disney Holiday Caboose201620166-82732Caboose2
Disney Jingle Bell Fun Caboose201920231923144Caboose0
Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Caboose201820181823054Caboose0
Disney Railroad Caboose199019908-87709Caboose0
Dodge Motorsports Sp-Type Caboose 6950199619966-16590Caboose0
Dodgeville Wisconsin Caboose200320056-36513Caboose0
Dr Pepper Caboose200820086-36639Caboose0
Earnhardt Lighted Caboose200620076-36595Caboose1
Elvis Presley Caboose200520056-36539Caboose0
ELX Halloween Caboose201820206-84781Caboose0
Eric's Train Appalachian & Western Caboose202320232326800Caboose0
Erie Caboose C150, Traditional200520056-36531Caboose2
Erie Caboose C226201620196-83183Caboose1
First Aid Caboose200920106-36642Caboose0
Ford Sp-Type Caboose199419946-16557Caboose6
Frosty The Snowman Illuminated Blue Christmas Caboose201420166-81393Caboose0
Georgia Power Caboose199519956-52789Caboose2
Georgia Power Caboose200420046-52435Caboose1
Georgia Power Sp-Type Caboose 52789199519956-16571Caboose0
GM/AC Delco, Sp-Type Caboose199519956-16579Caboose1
Grand Trunk Western Sp-Type Caboose197019736-9063Caboose4
Great Northern Caboose199019908-87711Caboose0
Great Northern Caboose200320046-26592Caboose7
Great Northern Caboose198919898-87705Caboose0
Great Northern Caboose X295200420046-26597Caboose0
Great Northern Sp-Type Caboose, Traditional200520066-36567Caboose2
Great Northern Welding Caboose (CLRC 2006)200620066-52390Caboose0
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose197719776-9187Caboose1
Hallow's Eve Fin Alouicous Caboose 1029202120232123064Caboose0
Hallow's Eve Illuminated Caboose202220232228110Caboose5
Holiday Caboose200720076-36583Caboose0
Honda Flyer Caboose Red200620066-36600Caboose0
IETCA Sp-Type Caboose (IETCA 1980)198019806-1980Caboose0
Illinois Central Gulf Sp-Type Caboose197619776-9178Caboose1
Indiana Rail Road Company Caboose200220026-26591Caboose1
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose197319766-9069Caboose12
John Deere Illuminated Caboose "1804"201420166-81484Caboose0
K-Line By Lionel Caboose200620066-36607Caboose3
Kansas City Southern Caboose201220136-36689Caboose0
Knoebels Special Edition Caboose200220026-52285Caboose0
LCOL Work Caboose, Shell Only (COL 1986)198619866-1986Caboose0
Lehigh Valley Caboose201020106-27643Caboose1
Lehigh Valley Caboose #a95100201920211923094Caboose0
Lehigh Valley Sp-Type Caboose198719876-16501Caboose1
Lighted CSX Caboose #16452199319936-16452Caboose0
Lional Circus Caboose200220026-26577Caboose4
Lionel Belt Line Caboose 6257199819986-16593Caboose12
Lionel Caboose 6357199819986-16594Caboose5
Lionel Fire Department Rescue Caboose200220036-36746Caboose0
Lionel Junction Union Pacific Bobber Caboose 31479201420156-81409Caboose0
Lionel Lines "1900" Logo Red Caboose200420046-36546Caboose2
Lionel Lines Animated Caboose200420056-36729Caboose0
Lionel Lines Bobber Caboose199919996-26515Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose200720077-11061Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose200420046-36519Caboose4
Lionel Lines Caboose200620066-36598Caboose1
Lionel Lines Caboose #12053202020202022127Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose #6257199719976-16585Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose #6427200720076-29730Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose #6557200520076-29714Caboose0
Lionel Lines Caboose 8817198919896-51700Caboose2
Lionel Lines Christmas Caboose201620176-83176Caboose1
Lionel Lines Offset Cupola Caboose201020126-36656Caboose3
Lionel Lines Port Hole Window Caboose #64273200620086-29723Caboose14
Lionel Lines Red Caboose200620066-36825Caboose13
Lionel Lines Sp Type Caboose200320036-26579Caboose0
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose199519956-16578Caboose1
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose197819836-9058Caboose3
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose197919816-9059Caboose4
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose 6508198919896-16508Caboose1
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose, Railscope198919896-16515Caboose12
Little League Baseball Sp-Type Caboose199719976-16591Caboose0
Looney Tunes ACME Railway Caboose202320232423014Caboose0
Louisville & Nashville Caboose 100200720076-22177Caboose0
Marriot Caboose 36621200720076-36621Caboose36
Merry Christmas Caboose199419958-87722Caboose0
Merry Christmas Caboose 6357200020016-26529Caboose0
Merry Christmas Lighted Caboose200420056-36516Caboose1
Mervyn's Caboose200320036-36511Caboose0
Mickey & Friends Christmas Caboose202220232228220Caboose6
Mickey's Holiday Express Caboose200420046-36538Caboose0
Mickey's World Tour Sp-Type Caboose 16830199119926-16530Caboose1
Mickeys Millennium Express 2000 Caboose200020006-26540Caboose0
Milwaukee Road Illuminated Caboose197519756-9169Caboose6
Miniature Railroad & Village Caboose (CSC 2008)200820086-52510Caboose1
Minneapolis & St. Louis Offset Cupola Caboose #1112201120126-36671Caboose0
Monopoly Caboose200920106-36646Caboose5
Monopoly Sp-Type Caboose M-1006199819986-52161Caboose8
Mopar Express Sp-Type Caboose198719886-16507Caboose0
Museum Work Train Idler Caboose (NTTM 2006)200620066-52409Caboose1
Mystery Inc. Caboose201820206-85245Caboose0
NAPA Auto Parts Lighted Caboose200720086-36627Caboose2
Nascar Caboose200620076-36594Caboose1
New Haven Illuminated Caboose201020106-22663Caboose0
New Haven Illuminated Caboose #C-701200720076-21216Caboose0
New Jersey Caboose (LCCA 1982)198219826-6483Caboose0
New Orleans Convention Car (TCA 1986)198619866-6926Caboose24
New York & Atlantic Caboose (NLOE 2004)200420046-52329Caboose5
New York Central Animated Caboose200620076-26882Caboose0
New York Central Caboose200620066-17681Caboose0
New York Central Caboose200620086-36553Caboose10
New York Central Caboose200620066-36593Caboose0
New York Central Caboose200720076-36613Caboose7
New York Central Caboose201720176-83700Caboose1
New York Central Caboose198819888-87703Caboose5
New York Central Caboose (Std)2016201611-30231Caboose0
New York Central Caboose 17716200420046-26596Caboose2
New York Central Caboose 20112199819986-19754Caboose4
New York Central Caboose 21777201620186-83186Caboose1
New York Central Caboose 6357199619966-19733Caboose16
New York Central Emergency Caboose 26505199919996-26513Caboose2
New York Central Jade Green “Safety Wherever” Die-Cast Caboose 18096200020016-17636Caboose2
New York Central Lighted Caboose200320046-26574Caboose2
New York Central Lighted Caboose #18096200520056-36542Caboose1
New York Central Quicker Via Peoria Die-Cast Caboose200020016-17637Caboose5
New York Central Semi-Scale Caboose 19400199119916-51701Caboose6
New York Central Sp-Type Caboose199319956-16543Caboose1
New York Central Sp-Type Caboose, Traditional200520066-36566Caboose2
New York, New Haven & Hartford Sp-Type Caboose198019816-9380Caboose0
Nibco Express Sp-Type Caboose198219826-6482Caboose3
Nickel Plate Road Sp-Type Caboose198619916-6919Caboose12
Nickel Plate Road Sp-Type Caboose197019726-9060Caboose37
Nickel Plate Road Steel-Sided Caboose199219926-17612Caboose4
NJ Medical School Rescue Caboose200120016-26558Caboose0
No. 217 Jersey Central Caboose (Std)2012201211-30146Caboose0
No. 217 Lionel Illuminated Caboose2017201711-30238Caboose1
No. 217 Ll Illuminated Caboose2017201711-30237Caboose1
No. 217 Ll Illuminated Caboose2017201711-30239Caboose0
No. 217 New York Central Illuminated Caboose (Std)2014201411-30182Caboose0
No. 217 Pennsylvania Caboose (Std)2013201311-30159Caboose0
No. 217 Std. Gauge Illuminated Caboose11-30233Caboose2
No. 2657 Ll Caboose2014201411-70109Caboose1
No. 2657 Ll Caboose2014201411-70110Caboose1
No. 2817 Caboose2010201011-70046Caboose0
No. 2817 Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose2016201611-70129Caboose0
No. 2817 Jersey Central Blue Comet Caboose2017201711-70161Caboose1
No. 2817 Jersey Central Caboose2016201611-70132Caboose0
No. 2817 Lionel Lines Caboose2017201711-70158Caboose1
No. 2817 Lionel Lines Caboose2017201711-70159Caboose2
No. 2817 Long Island Caboose2016201611-70130Caboose0
No. 2817 New York Central Caboose2017201711-70160Caboose1
No. 2817 Southern Caboose2016201611-70131Caboose0
Norfolk Southern Caboose201320146-25922Caboose4
Norfolk Southern Caboose201320136-25929Caboose3
Norfolk Southern Caboose201120116-36672Caboose1
Norfolk Southern First Responders Illuminated Caboose201720186-84495Caboose0
Norman Rockwell Holiday Caboose200320036-17657Caboose5
North Pole Caboose198919918-87716Caboose0
North Pole Central Caboose200620096-36572Caboose1
North Pole Central Lines Caboose 36515200420046-36515Caboose2
North Pole Express Lighted Caboose201220136-36693Caboose0
Peanuts Caboose201320166-25926Caboose0
Penn Central Sp-Type Caboose197019766-9062Caboose36

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