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Category: Crane Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#2460 4-Wheel Crane Car Lionel Lines19991999Crane Car00
Alaska Crane Car W/ 2-Axle Trucks20072009Crane Car01
Amtrak Crane Car19911992Crane Car32
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Command Control Crane Car20092010Crane Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Crane Car And Boom Car20092010Crane Car00
Atomic Energy Commission Burro Crane Car20092011Crane Car40
Bethlehem Steel Crane Car20062006Crane Car11
Bethlehem Steel Crane Car20142014Crane Car11
Boy Scouts Of America Crane Car20132013Crane Car10
Bucyrus 6-Wheel Crane Car 246019991999Crane Car30
Bucyrus Erie Crane Car19931993Crane Car21
Bucyrus Erie Crane Car19711971Crane Car19198
Burlington Northern Crane Car20102010Crane Car00
Canadian Pacific Crane Car19811981Crane Car134
Canadian Pacific Rail Crane Car 41447520072007Crane Car00
Central Of New Jersey Crane Car #4867320142015Crane Car01
Chesapeake & Ohio Crane Car19761982Crane Car811
Chessie System Crane Car19801980Crane Car53
Chessie System Crane Car 94050420062006Crane Car01
Conrail Crane Car 5020220052005Crane Car21
CSX Crane Car20142016Crane Car21
Detroit Toledo & Ironton Work Crane #99402Crane Car00
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Crane Car20142016Crane Car20
Erie Crane Car19841984Crane Car81
Erie-Lackawanna Crane Car19931993Crane Car30
Frisco Crane Car19921992Crane Car112
Great Northern Crane Car19881988Crane Car25
Illinois Central Gulf Crane Car 10040819851985Crane Car63
Jersey Central Crane Car19961996Crane Car51
Lionel Lines Crane Car, Silver Cab20062006Crane Car00
Lionel Lines Recovery Crane Car19991999Crane Car00
Ll 6-Wheel Crane Car 246019971997Crane Car42
Ll Bucyrus Erie Crane Car 6460819991999Crane Car00
Lots 2014 Santa Fe Crane Car20142014Crane Car01
Maintenance-Of-Way Crane Car20142016Crane Car20
Maintenance-Of-Way Crane Car20042004Crane Car01
Museum Work Train Crane Car20072007Crane Car10
New York Central Crane Car19851986Crane Car43
New York Central Crane Car20042004Crane Car30
New York Central TMCC Crane Car #X-1520062006Crane Car00
No. 219 Baltimore & Ohio Crane Car (Std)20132013Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20092009Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20092009Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20102010Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20132013Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20132013Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car20142014Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car, White20092009Crane Car00
No. 219 Crane Car, Yellow20092009Crane Car00
No. 219 Lionel Lines Crane Car (Std)20102010Crane Car00
No. 219 Lionel Lines Crane Car (Std)20132013Crane Car00
No. 2660 Crane Car20122012Crane Car00
No. 2660 Crane Car20122012Crane Car01
No. 2660 Crane Car20122012Crane Car11
No. 2660 Crane Car20122012Crane Car00
No. 2810 Baltimore & Ohio Crane Car20122012Crane Car00
No. 2810 Crane Car20092009Crane Car00
No. 2810 Crane Car20122012Crane Car20
No. 2810 Crane Car20122012Crane Car30
No. 2810 Crane Car20132013Crane Car00
Norfolk & Western Crane Car 932519791979Crane Car10
North Pole Central Crane Car20102011Crane Car00
Pennsylvania Crane Car 19899 Command Control20032005Crane Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Christmas Crane Car20142014Crane Car50
Postwar 2460 Lionel Lines Crane Car, Gray Cab20052005Crane Car21
Reading Crane Car19791979Crane Car73
Redwood Valley Express Crane Car19841985Crane Car00
Santa Fe Crane Car19851992Crane Car04
Santa Fe Crane Car19861986Crane Car31
Santa Fe Crane Car19791979Crane Car96
Santa Fe Crane Car 19979320032003Crane Car34
Southern Crane Car19911991Crane Car61
Southern Crane Car D7620082008Crane Car10
Southern Pacific Crane Car20142016Crane Car30
Southern Pacific Crane Car 711120002000Crane Car10
Southern Pacific Operating Crane Car20072007Crane Car01
Strasburg Rr Crane Car20122012Crane Car30
U.S. Navy Crane Car19941995Crane Car51
Union Pacific Crane Car19821982Crane Car43
Union Pacific Crane Car Jpx 25020052005Crane Car01
Western Pacific Crane Car19921992Crane Car50

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