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Category: Crane Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#2460 4-Wheel Crane Car Lionel Lines199919996-19458Crane Car0
Alaska Crane Car W/ 2-Axle Trucks200720096-36840Crane Car0
Amtrak Crane Car199119926-16644Crane Car5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Command Control Crane Car200920106-29891Crane Car1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Crane Car And Boom Car200920106-31782Crane Car0
Atomic Energy Commission Burro Crane Car200920116-28445Crane Car2
Bethlehem Steel Crane Car200620066-29869Crane Car0
Bethlehem Steel Crane Car201420146-81884Crane Car0
Boy Scouts Of America Crane Car201320136-37075Crane Car0
Bucyrus 6-Wheel Crane Car 2460199919996-19837Crane Car4
Bucyrus Erie Crane Car197119716-6560Crane Car0
Bucyrus Erie Crane Car (TCA 1993)199319936-52008Crane Car1
Bucyrus Erie Crane Car 64608199919996-19883Crane Car0
Burlington Northern Crane Car201020106-29885Crane Car0
Canadian Pacific Crane Car198119816-6508Crane Car10
Canadian Pacific Rail Crane Car 414475200720076-29858Crane Car0
Central Of New Jersey Crane Car #48673201420156-81046Crane Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Crane Car197619826-9157Crane Car7
Chessie Crane Car198019806-9329Crane Car2
Chessie Crane Car 940504200620066-29832Crane Car1
Conrail Crane Car 50202200520056-29805Crane Car1
CSX Crane Car201420166-81883Crane Car0
Detroit Toledo & Ironton Work Crane #994026-21647Crane Car1
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Crane Car201420166-81882Crane Car0
Erie Crane Car198419846-6524Crane Car2
Erie-Lackawanna Crane Car199319936-16658Crane Car1
Frisco Crane Car199219926-19412Crane Car7
Great Northern Crane Car198819886-19402Crane Car8
Illinois Central Gulf Crane Car 100408 (LCCA 1985)198519856-6567Crane Car3
Jersey Central Crane Car199619966-16717Crane Car2
Lionel Lines 6-Wheel Crane Car 2460199719976-19834Crane Car4
Lionel Lines Crane Car, Silver Cab200620066-29849Crane Car0
Lionel Lines Recovery Crane Car199919996-16997Crane Car0
Maintenance-Of-Way Crane Car201420166-81885Crane Car0
Maintenance-Of-Way Crane Car200420046-29800Crane Car2
Museum Work Train Crane Car (NTTM 2007)200720076-52437Crane Car0
New York Central Crane Car198519866-6579Crane Car3
New York Central Crane Car200420046-19897Crane Car0
New York Central TMCC Crane Car #X-15200620066-29851Crane Car0
No. 219 Baltimore & Ohio Crane Car (Std)2013201311-30160Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2009200911-30037Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2009200911-30039Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2010201011-30070Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2013201311-30161Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2013201311-30163Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car2014201411-30180Crane Car1
No. 219 Crane Car, White2009200911-30050Crane Car0
No. 219 Crane Car, Yellow2009200911-30038Crane Car0
No. 219 Lionel Lines Crane Car (Std)2010201011-30071Crane Car0
No. 219 Lionel Lines Crane Car (Std)2013201311-30162Crane Car0
No. 2660 Crane Car2012201211-70083Crane Car0
No. 2660 Crane Car2012201211-70084Crane Car0
No. 2660 Crane Car2012201211-70085Crane Car0
No. 2660 Crane Car2012201211-70086Crane Car0
No. 2810 Baltimore & Ohio Crane Car2012201211-70089Crane Car0
No. 2810 Crane Car2009200911-70017Crane Car0
No. 2810 Crane Car2012201211-70081Crane Car0
No. 2810 Crane Car2012201211-70082Crane Car0
No. 2810 Crane Car2013201311-70092Crane Car0
Norfolk & Western Crane Car 9325197919796-9364Crane Car0
North Pole Central Crane Car201020116-29303Crane Car0
Pennsylvania Crane Car 19899 Command Control200320056-19899Crane Car2
Pennsylvania Railroad Christmas Crane Car201420146-82000Crane Car1
Postwar 2460 Lionel Lines Crane Car, Gray Cab200520056-29821Crane Car2
Reading Crane Car197919796-9332Crane Car4
Redwood Valley Express Crane Car198419856-6574Crane Car0
Santa Fe Crane Car198519926-6576Crane Car1
Santa Fe Crane Car198619866-6593Crane Car1
Santa Fe Crane Car197919796-9348Crane Car4
Santa Fe Crane Car 199793200320036-26769Crane Car4
Santa Fe Warbonnet Crane Car #35143 (LOTS 2014)201420146-58594Crane Car2
Southern Crane Car199119916-19405Crane Car0
Southern Crane Car D76200820086-29877Crane Car1
Southern Pacific Crane Car201420166-81881Crane Car0
Southern Pacific Crane Car 7111 (TTOS 2000)200020006-52194Crane Car0
Southern Pacific Operating Crane Car200720076-21210Crane Car2
Strasburg Rr Crane Car201220126-37069Crane Car1
U.S. Navy Crane Car199419956-16684Crane Car2
Union Pacific Crane Car198219826-6510Crane Car3
Union Pacific Crane Car Jpx 250200520056-29804Crane Car1
Western Pacific Crane Car199219926-16653Crane Car3

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