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Category: Catalog
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Discover the World of Lionel Model Railroading Catalog19931993Catalog13
Fun Dimensions 1979 Catalog19791979Catalog6
Fun Dimensions 1981 Catalog1981Catalog0
How To Build A Great Railroad Lionel Accessories Catalog1973Catalog8
K-line By Lionel 2007 Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Catalog20072007Catalog13
K-line By Lionel 2008 Volume 1 Catalog20082008Catalog14
K-Line By Lionel 2009 Volume 1 Catalog20092009Catalog13
Lionel 1970 Catalog19701970Catalog60
Lionel 1971 Accessories Catalog1971Catalog4
Lionel 1971 Catalog19711971Catalog46
Lionel 1972 Catalog19721972Catalog39
Lionel 1972 Replacement Parts Catalog1972Catalog1
Lionel 1972-3 Parker Brothers Catalog19721973Catalog0
Lionel 1973 Catalog19731973Catalog66
Lionel 1974 HO Catalog19741974Catalog54
Lionel 1975 'O' 75th Anniversary Catalog19751975Catalog13
Lionel 1976 HO Catalog19761976Catalog2
Lionel 1977 HO Catalog19771977Catalog2
Lionel 1978 Big Scale Trains And Accessories Catalog19781978Catalog43
Lionel 1979 Catalog19791979Catalog2
Lionel 1980 Electric Trains Catalog19801980Catalog1
Lionel 1981 Electric Trains Catalog19811981Catalog33
Lionel 1982 Collector Series Catalog19821982Catalog19
Lionel 1982 Fall Collector Center Catalog1982Catalog2
Lionel 1982 Spring Collector Center Catalog19821982Catalog15
Lionel 1983 Collector Preview Catalog19831983Catalog13
Lionel 1983 Fall Collector Center Catalog1983Catalog1
Lionel 1983 Traditional Series Catalog19831983Catalog8
Lionel 1984 Collector Series Catalog19841984Catalog18
Lionel 1985 85th Anniversary Collector Series Catalog19851985Catalog25
Lionel 1986 Collector Series Electric Trains Catalog19861986Catalog26
Lionel 1987 Electric Trains And Accessories Catalog19871987Catalog2
Lionel 1988 Classics Catalog19881988Catalog8
Lionel 1989 Large Scale Toy Fair Edition Catalog19891989Catalog46
Lionel 1990 Book One Catalog19901990Catalog14
Lionel 1991 Book One Catalog19911991Catalog4
Lionel 1992 Book One Catalog19921992Catalog11
Lionel 1993 Book One Catalog19931993Catalog12
Lionel 1993 Sidetracks Catalog1993Catalog0
Lionel 1993 Stocking Stuffers/1994 Spring Releases Catalog19931994Catalog18
Lionel 1994 Electric Trains And Accessories Catalog19941994Catalog61
Lionel 1994 Gift Collection Catalog1994Catalog1
Lionel 1994 Preschool19941994Catalog2
Lionel 1994 Stocking Stuffers/1995 Spring Releases Catalog19941995Catalog5
Lionel 1994 Thomas The Tank Catalog19941994Catalog9
Lionel 1995 Electric Trains And Accessories Catalog19951995Catalog57
Lionel 1995 Stocking Stuffers/1996 Spring Releases Catalog19951996Catalog17
Lionel 1996 Accessories Catalog19961996Catalog16
Lionel 1996 Train Sets Brochure1996Catalog4
Lionel 1996 Transformer Catalog19961996Catalog0
Lionel 1997 Classic Catalog19971997Catalog9
Lionel 1998 Alaska Train Set Flyer19981998Catalog25
Lionel 1999 Century Club Series Catalog19991999Catalog31
Lionel 2000 Century Club II20002000Catalog43
Lionel 2001 QVC Santa Fe Shell Oil Set Flyer20012001Catalog49
Lionel 2002 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotives 1st Special Introduction Flyer20022002Catalog0
Lionel 2002 Disney Catalog2002Catalog4
Lionel 2002 EMD F3 Diesel Locomotives 5th Special Introduction Flyer20022002Catalog32
Lionel 2003 New York Central L-2a Mohawk 1st Special Introduction Flyer20032003Catalog31
Lionel 2004 Santa 4-8-4 Northern 1st Special Introduction Flyer20042004Catalog27
Lionel 2005 Volume 1 Catalog20052005Catalog45
Lionel 2006 Christmas Catalog20062006Catalog28
Lionel 2007 Christmas Celebration Catalog20072007Catalog44
Lionel 2008 Christmas Catalog20082008Catalog22
Lionel 2009 Christmas Catalog20092009Catalog17
Lionel 2009 Ready-To-Run Catalog200920096-20064Catalog13
Lionel 2009 Signature Edition Catalog200920096-20065Catalog45
Lionel 2009 Tinplate Catalog20092009Catalog6
Lionel 2009 Volume II Catalog200920096-20066Catalog15
Lionel 2010 Christmas Catalog20102010Catalog3
Lionel 2010 Volume 2 Catalog201020106-20070Catalog23
Lionel 2011 A Christmas Tradition Catalog20112011Catalog15
Lionel 2012 Christmas Catalog201220126-20078Catalog9
Lionel 2012 Ready-To-Run Catalog201220126-20075Catalog10
Lionel 2012 Signature Edition Catalog201220126-20077Catalog23
Lionel 2012 Tinplate Catalog20122012Catalog2
Lionel 2012 Volume 2 Catalog201220126-20079Catalog18
Lionel 2013 Christmas Catalog201320136-20084Catalog8
Lionel 2013 Fall Catalog201320136-20085Catalog5
Lionel 2013 Ready-To-Run Catalog201320136-20080Catalog18
Lionel 2013 Signature Edition Catalog201320136-20082Catalog18
Lionel 2013 Tinplate Catalog20132013Catalog3
Lionel 2014 Christmas Catalog201420146-82062Catalog13
Lionel 2014 Holiday Memories Catalog20142014Catalog12
Lionel 2014 Ready-To-Run Catalog201420146-82059Catalog22
Lionel 2014 Signature Edition Catalog20142014Catalog4
Lionel 2014 Volume 2 Catalog201420146-82061Catalog18
Lionel 2014-2015 Track And Power Catalog201420156-82063Catalog10
Lionel 2015 Christmas Catalog201520156-82937Catalog10
Lionel 2015 Holiday Memories Catalog201520156-82939Catalog8
Lionel 2015 Ready-To-Run Catalog20152015Catalog18
Lionel 2015 Signature Edition Catalog201520156-82935Catalog27
Lionel 2015 Tinplate Catalog20152015Catalog5
Lionel 2015 Volume 2 Catalog201520156-82938Catalog18
Lionel 2016 Holiday Memories Catalog201620168-83806Catalog9
Lionel 2016 Ready-To-Run Set/Christmas Catalog201620166-83804Catalog20
Lionel 2016 Signature Catalog201620166-83805Catalog20
Lionel 2016 Tinplate Catalog20162016Catalog4
Lionel 2016 Volume 2 Catalog201620166-83808Catalog15
Lionel 2016-2017 Track & Power Catalog201620176-83807Catalog7
Lionel 2017 Christmas/Holiday Catalog201720176-83990Catalog8
Lionel 2017 Ready-To-Run Set Catalog201720176-83988Catalog16
Lionel 2017 Signature Catalog201720176-83987Catalog17
Lionel 2017 Volume 2 Catalog201720176-85239Catalog17
Lionel 2018 Big Book Catalog201820186-85240Catalog23
Lionel 2018 Volume 2 Catalog20182018Catalog21
Lionel 2018-19 Tinplate Catalog20182019Catalog0
Lionel 2019 Big Book Catalog20192019Catalog22
Lionel 2020 Big Book Catalog20202020Catalog17
Lionel 2021 Big Book Catalog20212021Catalog26
Lionel 2022 Big Book Catalog20222022Catalog7
Lionel 2023 Big Book Catalog20232023Catalog13
Lionel 2024 Big Book Catalog20242024Catalog3
Lionel Electric Train Sets And Accessories For 1972!1972Catalog3
Lionel Service Stations 1954-19551954Catalog1
Lionel Service Stations 1977-19781977Catalog1
Lionel Thru My Factory 100th Anniversary Catalog 20002000Catalog0

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