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Category: Diner Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
50Th Anniversary Hillside Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20022002Diner Car12
Alaska Rr 21" Stationsounds Diner #40020202020Diner Car20
Alaska Streamliner Diner #480620012001Diner Car00
Alaska Superliner Diner, Stationsounds20042004Diner Car00
Albert Hall Diner Car20142015Diner Car00
Alton Limited Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car40
Amtrak 21 Diner Stationsounds20162016Diner Car00
Amtrak Diner19911992Diner Car10
Amtrak Diner 910419891989Diner Car71
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car10
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds, Phase Iv20042004Diner Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Golden State Diner Car20102011Diner Car10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Indian Arrow Diner 257219971997Diner Car21
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Diner 149520132013Diner Car21
Atlantic Coast Line Talladega Diner19961996Diner Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Baby Madison Diner #205120062007Diner Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Columbian Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20052005Diner Car01
Baltimore & Ohio Diner19891989Diner Car50
Baltimore & Ohio Diner 904919961996Diner Car10
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Diner "Dolly Madison"20072007Diner Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Diner Car20012001Diner Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20072008Diner Car10
Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Diner "Pittsburgh" #109120012001Diner Car00
Big L Diner Kit19971997Diner Car24
Bloomington Diner Car20082010Diner Car00
Blue Comet Diner19871987Diner Car40
Blue Comet Giacobini Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20022002Diner Car00
Burlington Northern 21 Diner Stationsounds20172017Diner Car10
California Zephyr Streamliner Diner Silver "Banquet"20062007Diner Car00
Canadian Pacific 21" Streamlined Stationsounds Diner Car20192019Diner Car10
Canadian Pacific Aluminum Dining Car20012001Diner Car00
Canadian Pacific Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car00
Chat & Chew Roadside Diner, Smoke And Lights19921995Diner Car43
Chesapeake & Ohio 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio Coach/Diner 195019961996Diner Car63
Chesapeake & Ohio Heavyweight Diner 257319971997Diner Car50
Chesapeake & Ohio Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20062007Diner Car11
Chessie Steam Special Stationsounds Diner20202020Diner Car00
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Diner #2510520052005Diner Car00
Chessie System Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car00
Chessie System Diner19861986Diner Car23
Chicago & Alton Diner19861986Diner Car33
Christmas Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
City Of Phoenix Diner19971997Diner Car174
Coca-Cola Diner20112013Diner Car21
Congressional Diner, Smoke20072007Diner Car00
Crabby Matt's Smoking Heavyweight Diner20092009Diner Car00
CSX Office Car Special 21 Diner Stationsounds20162017Diner Car60
Diner20082010Diner Car00
DRG Diner Mt.Tim. Alum K-Line20072007Diner Car00
Elx Midnight Special Stationsounds Diner Car20192019Diner Car12
Empire State Express Diner, Lcc Ii20022002Diner Car01
Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Coach/Diner 77019991999Diner Car00
Florida East Coast Champion Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20042005Diner Car10
Golden State Stationsounds Diner20202020Diner Car00
Great Northern Presidential Diner (Std)20162016Diner Car10
Heavyweight Diner-New York Central #38320072007Diner Car00
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Diner Car20012001Diner Car00
Illinois Central Diner19921992Diner Car11
Illinois Central General Beauregard Dining Car19851987Diner Car10
Irene's Diner20062007Diner Car03
Lackawanna Diner 46919941994Diner Car51
Lehigh Valley Presidential Diner (Std)20162016Diner Car00
Lionel Lines O27 Streamlined Diner #2512020052005Diner Car00
Lionel Lines Silver Spoon Aluminum Diner20032003Diner Car10
Lionel Lines Stationsounds Diner Mount Clemens20202020Diner Car00
Long Island Hicksville Diner Car19981998Diner Car00
Luxury Diner20152017Diner Car02
Milwaukee Road 18 Aluminum Diner #310320112011Diner Car00
Milwaukee Road Aluminum Coach/Diner 17019991999Diner Car10
Milwaukee Road Columbian 18 2 Pack C (Diner / Sleeper)20182018Diner Car20
Milwaukee Road Diner19881988Diner Car118
Milwaukee Road Diner #122Diner Car00
Milwaukee Road Diner #122 (Yellow)20142014Diner Car00
Milwaukee Road Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20072008Diner Car11
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Diner, Stationsounds20062006Diner Car00
Missouri-Kansas-Texas 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Mom's Roadside Diner, Smoke19901991Diner Car21
Napa Valley Wine Train Diner, Stationsounds20052005Diner Car00
New York Central "Grand Central Express" Streamliner Diner "Century Diner"20122013Diner Car00
New York Central "Pacemaker" H.W. Stationsounds Diner Car20192019Diner Car11
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car01
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Diner, Stationsounds20082008Diner Car00
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Heavyweight Diner20122012Diner Car00
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Heavyweight Diner 655 (Std 0)20122012Diner Car00
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20042004Diner Car01
New York Central Baby Madison Diner #38420142014Diner Car00
New York Central Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car10
New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt Diner, Stationsounds20062006Diner Car00
New York Central Diner19911991Diner Car34
New York Central Diner19831983Diner Car123
New York Central Diner 608919951995Diner Car11
New York Central Diner 68019931993Diner Car00
New York Central Diner 68119931993Diner Car00
New York Central Diner 68419931993Diner Car10
New York Central Diner 68519931993Diner Car00
New York Central Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
New York Central Empire State Express 21 Diner #2 Stationsounds20172017Diner Car10
New York Central Empire State Express Diner, Stationsounds20152015Diner Car20
New York Central Heavyweight Diner 38319981999Diner Car123
New York Central Streamliner Diner #57620012001Diner Car00
New York Central Superliner Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car00
No. 2447 "Alfredo" Diner20102010Diner Car00
No. 418 Diner20112011Diner Car00
No. 418 Diner, Green20112011Diner Car00
No. 418 Diner, Mojave20112011Diner Car00
No. 418 Diner, Pink20112011Diner Car00
No. 4343 Diner Car20102010Diner Car00
No. 442 Diner20092009Diner Car00
No. 442 Diner20112011Diner Car00
No. 552 Diner20112011Diner Car00
No. 552 Diner20112011Diner Car00
Norfolk & Western Cavalier 18" Stationsounds H.W. Diner Car20192019Diner Car20
Norfolk & Western Diner19951995Diner Car131
Norfolk & Western Diner 49119821982Diner Car20
Norfolk & Western Powhatan Arrow Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20052005Diner Car00
Norfolk & Western Powhatan Arrow Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car00
North Pole Central Diner20082010Diner Car01
Northern Pacific Diner19921992Diner Car01
Northern Pacific Java Diner, Smoke20082008Diner Car00
Penn Central 21 Stationsounds Diner 455220162016Diner Car00
Pennsylvania "City Of Pittsburgh" Diner Car20012001Diner Car10
Pennsylvania 18" Broadway Limited Diner #4501Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Diner19901990Diner Car02
Pennsylvania Diner19881988Diner Car37
Pennsylvania Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner Car20012001Diner Car20
Pennsylvania Madison Diner Car Professional Club20052005Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Broadway Limited 21 Diner 2-Pack Stationsounds20162016Diner Car10
Pennsylvania Railroad Congressional Diner, Stationsounds20062007Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Diner19831983Diner Car45
Pennsylvania Railroad Diner 204420102010Diner Car21
Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20072008Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Red Arrow Heavyweight Diner20132013Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Trail Blazer Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20042005Diner Car10
Pennsylvania South Wind Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car02
Polar Express Add-On Diner20052017Diner Car374
Polar Express Scale Heavyweight Diner20122016Diner Car13
Pullman Baby Madison Diner "Mariner"20142016Diner Car00
Rio Grande Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
Rio Grande Winter Park Diner20112011Diner Car00
Roadside Diner, Smoke19881989Diner Car1010
Rock Island 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Rosie's Roadside Diner20082008Diner Car10
Santa Fe 1565 Diner Car20012001Diner Car00
Santa Fe Chief Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20042004Diner Car30
Santa Fe Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car11
Santa Fe Diner 60119911991Diner Car12
Santa Fe Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
Santa Fe El Capitan Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20052005Diner Car00
Santa Fe El Capitan Streamliner Diner20072007Diner Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20072009Diner Car11
Santa Fe O27 Streamlined Blue Stripe Diner #241720112012Diner Car10
Santa Fe Station Sounds Dining Car #60020002000Diner Car00
Santa Fe Stationsounds Diner #140620202020Diner Car00
Santa Fe Superliner Diner, Stationsounds20032003Diner Car10
Sante Cochiti Diner Streamliner Pass K-Line20082008Diner Car00
Seymour Diner Car20082009Diner Car00
Southern #3168 Stationsounds Diner Car20192019Diner Car10
Southern 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Southern Crescent Limited Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20032004Diner Car21
Southern Diner19871987Diner Car21
Southern Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20062006Diner Car20
Southern Pacific 21 Diner 290 Stationsounds20162016Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Daylight 18" Heavyweight Stationsounds Diner20202020Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Daylight Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds20042005Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Diner19821982Diner Car52
Southern Pacific Diner Car20142016Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Disconnect Diner20202020Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds20072008Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Lark Stationsounds Diner20202020Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Shasta Daylight" 18" Aluminum Diner #10264"20112011Diner Car00
Southern Streamliner Diner "Chattanooga"20052006Diner Car00
Starlite Diner With Parking Lot20102010Diner Car00
Stella's Heavyweight Diner, Smoke20082009Diner Car11
Sunshine Special #10042 Stationsounds Diner Car20192019Diner Car00
Texas Special 21 Streamliner Diner Stationsounds20072007Diner Car11
The Polar Express Diner20182018Diner Car121
The Polar Express Diner Car20132016Diner Car01
The Polar Express Scale Diner Car20172017Diner Car31
Union Pacific 21 Excursion Diner Stationsounds20162016Diner Car10
Union Pacific Aluminum Dining Car #481020022002Diner Car21
Union Pacific Aluminum Streamlined Stationsounds Diner20032003Diner Car00
Union Pacific Baby Madison Diner #362320062007Diner Car00
Union Pacific City Of Denver 18 Aluminum Diner Stationsounds20052005Diner Car01
Union Pacific Diner19841984Diner Car143
Union Pacific Diner 607119941994Diner Car23
Union Pacific Streamlined Diner, Stationsounds20082008Diner Car01
Valley Forge Dining Car19891989Diner Car52
Wabash 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Wabash Diner19861987Diner Car96

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