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Category: Dump Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#3361 Lionel Lines Log Dump Car20072007Dump Car00
Alaska Coal Dump Car 40120032003Dump Car72
Alaska Log Dump Car19901990Dump Car10
Alaska Log Dump Car20012001Dump Car00
Alaska Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle20082008Dump Car00
Alaska Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle20092009Dump Car00
Amtrak Coal Dump Car19961996Dump Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Log Dump Car19961999Dump Car60
Baltimore & Ohio Log Dump Car19861986Dump Car61
Baltimore & Ohio Operating Coal Dump Car W/Vehicle20072007Dump Car01
Bethlehem Ore Dump Car 347919991999Dump Car20
Bethlehem Steel Coal Dump Car20132013Dump Car22
Bethlehem Steel Coal Dump Car 2679820022002Dump Car21
Boston & Albany Operating Log Dump Car20082009Dump Car11
British Columbia Log Dump Car20072008Dump Car10
Burlington Coal Dump Car19941994Dump Car60
Burlington Log Dump Car19921992Dump Car10
Burlington Northern Log Dump Car20132013Dump Car00
Canadian National Operating Log Dump Car20102010Dump Car00
Canadian Pacific Log Dump20072007Dump Car64
Canadian Pacific Log Dump Car20102011Dump Car30
Canadian Pacific Rail Log Dump Car20112013Dump Car01
Candy Cane Dump Car20052005Dump Car01
Candy Cane Dump Car20062006Dump Car20
Candy Cane Dump Car20072007Dump Car00
Central Of New Jersey Operating Ballast Dump Car20072007Dump Car00
Central Of New Jersey Twin Dump Car20082008Dump Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Dump Car19741978Dump Car3410
Chesapeake & Ohio Goal Dump Car20062007Dump Car42
Chessie Coal Dump Car20012001Dump Car20
Chicago & North Western Coal Dump Car19831985Dump Car21
Christmas Dump Car #200820082008Dump Car22
Christmas Dump Car With Presents20062006Dump Car10
Christmas Operating Dump Car20012001Dump Car00
Christmas Side Dump Cars 4 Pack20202020Dump Car00
Conrail Coal Dump Car20152017Dump Car22
CSX Coal Dump Car20122012Dump Car00
CSX Log Dump Car19901990Dump Car10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Log Dump Car19911991Dump Car32
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Coal Dump Car20052005Dump Car01
Dump Car With Presents20052005Dump Car20
Easter Eggspress Side Dump Cars 4 Pack20202020Dump Car00
Erie-Lackawanna Coal Dump Car19871987Dump Car00
Florida East Coast Operating Dump Car20072007Dump Car00
Great Northern Coal Dump Car20062006Dump Car20
Great Northern Log Dump Car19941994Dump Car60
Great Northern Log Dump CarDump Car30
Great Northern Log Dump Car 6001120022002Dump Car11
Great Western Supply Co Log Dump Car20072008Dump Car42
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car19881988Dump Car10
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car20112011Dump Car00
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car20142015Dump Car00
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car 9292620042004Dump Car01
John Deere Harvest Dump Car20182018Dump Car11
Kickapoo Dump Car19721979Dump Car01
Kinzua Pine Mills Log Dump Car 36791Dump Car41
Lehigh Valley Coal Dump Car19921992Dump Car10
Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car20152017Dump Car21
Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car 337920002000Dump Car50
Lionel Lines Log Dump Car20152016Dump Car30
Lionel Lines Log Dump Car 335120002000Dump Car41
Lionel Lines Twin Bin Dump Car #335920072007Dump Car00
Log Dump Car20072007Dump Car00
Louisville & Nashville Coal Dump Car19931993Dump Car67
Maine Central Log Dump Car19931993Dump Car10
Midget Mines Ore-Dump Car 347919971997Dump Car72
Milwaukee Road Log Dump Car 5962919881988Dump Car00
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Coal Dump Car19891989Dump Car42
Naughty Or Nice Dump Car20072007Dump Car21
New York Central Coal Dump Car20052005Dump Car33
New York Central Coal Dump Car19851985Dump Car102
New York Central Coal Dump Car #63700520092010Dump Car11
New York Central Coal Dump Car (1985)Dump Car00
New York Central Coal Dump Car 220042004Dump Car30
New York Central Log Dump Car19871987Dump Car12
New York Central Log Dump Car20052008Dump Car00
New York Central Log Dump Car20032003Dump Car00
New York Central Log Dump Car #37000 - Eastern Freight Expansion Pack20092017Dump Car60
No. 218 Dump Car20102010Dump Car00
No. 218 Dump Car20102010Dump Car00
No. 218 Dump Car20102010Dump Car01
No. 218 Dump Car, Mojave20092009Dump Car00
No. 218 Dump Car, Mojave20092009Dump Car00
No. 659 Dump Car20102010Dump Car00
No. 659 Dump Car20102010Dump Car00
No. 659 Dump Car20112011Dump Car00
Norfolk & Western Log Dump Car 932519791979Dump Car10
Norfolk Southern Coal Dump Car20152015Dump Car40
Northern Pacific Log Dump Car19841984Dump Car62
Ontario Northland Log Dump Car19931993Dump Car00
Operating Coal Dump Car19871987Dump Car00
Operating Coal Dump Car20122013Dump Car10
Operating Log Dump Car 335119991999Dump Car44
Operating Log Dump Car W/Tray & Logs20062007Dump Car21
Penn Central Log Dump Car19701977Dump Car2111
Pennsylvania Coal Dump Car20052005Dump Car42
Pennsylvania Dump Car20062006Dump Car00
Pennsylvania Log Dump Car 2680520042004Dump Car11
Pennsylvania Power & Light Coal Dump Car20092010Dump Car40
Pennsylvania Power & Light Coal Dump Car20112011Dump Car35
Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Dump Car20052008Dump Car34
Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Dump Car19831984Dump Car44
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car20052005Dump Car20
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car20152015Dump Car30
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car19851986Dump Car53
Pennsylvania Railroad Operating Ballast Dump Car20082008Dump Car10
Postwar 3459 Coal Dump Car20022002Dump Car32
Postwar 3461 Lionel Lines Log Dump Car20032003Dump Car10
Postwar 3461 Log Dump Car20022002Dump Car00
Postwar 3469 Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car20032003Dump Car12
Pratt's Hollow Seed Dump Car 347919991999Dump Car31
Redwood Valley Express Log Dump Car19841985Dump Car00
Ringling Bros. Operating Tent Pole Dump Car20102011Dump Car11
Rock Island Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle20082009Dump Car00
Santa Fe Automatic Log Dump Car20062006Dump Car31
Santa Fe Log Dump Car19881988Dump Car02
Santa Fe Log Dump Car20012001Dump Car41
Santa Fe Log Dump Car20052005Dump Car32
Santa Fe Log Dump Car19781983Dump Car42
Santa Fe Operating Log Dump Car20082009Dump Car03
Santa Fe Operating Log Dump Car W/Vehicle20072007Dump Car00
Santa's Work Shoppe Log Dump Car20162016Dump Car00
Sante Fe Rio Grande Coal Dump Car20082009Dump Car57
Seaboard Log Dump Car20112011Dump Car11
Side Dump Cars 4 Pack - Unlettered Grey / Black20202020Dump Car00
SOO Line Log Dump Car19891989Dump Car31
Southern Coal Dump Car20032003Dump Car30
Southern Coal Dump Car 1670719871987Dump Car00
Southern Operating Log Dump Car20072007Dump Car20
Southern Pacific Coal Dump Car #3702220102012Dump Car00
Southern Pacific Log Dump Car20062007Dump Car10
Southern Pacific Log Dump Car20122012Dump Car11
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Log Dump Car 3677220042004Dump Car00
Strasburg Coal Dump Car20132013Dump Car00
Thunder Valley Coal Dump Car20102011Dump Car10
U.S. Forest Service Log-Dump Car 336119971997Dump Car35
Union Pacific Coal Dump CarDump Car13
Union Pacific Coal Dump Car19781982Dump Car45
Union Pacific Dump Coal Dump Car20072007Dump Car10
Union Pacific Log Dump Car19741980Dump Car169
Union Pacific Operating Log Dump Car W/Vehicle20072007Dump Car00
Virginian Coal Dump Car20082008Dump Car00
Wabash Coal Dump Car19901990Dump Car72
West Side Lumber Log Dump Car 3676420032003Dump Car12
Western Maryland Coal Dump Car19911991Dump Car50
Western Maryland Log Dump Car20062006Dump Car00
Western Maryland Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle20082008Dump Car00
Western Pacific Coal Dump Car 5236920082008Dump Car00
Western Pacific Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle20072007Dump Car00
Westside Lumber Log Dump Car 335119991999Dump Car02
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car20052005Dump Car00
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car20152017Dump Car00
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car #11720062008Dump Car42
Wisconsin Central Log Dump20052005Dump Car10
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car20092009Dump Car00
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car #25520042004Dump Car00

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