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Category: Dump Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#3361 Lionel Lines Log Dump Car200720076-29873Dump Car0
#659 Dump Car6-51505Dump Car0
Alaska Coal Dump Car 401200320036-36765Dump Car5
Alaska Log Dump Car202220222219010Dump Car0
Alaska Log Dump Car199019906-16621Dump Car4
Alaska Log Dump Car200120016-26749Dump Car5
Alaska Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200820086-22144Dump Car2
Alaska Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle200920096-21665Dump Car2
Amtrak Coal Dump Car199619966-16643Dump Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Log Dump Car199619996-16715Dump Car6
Baltimore & Ohio Log Dump Car198619866-9335Dump Car3
Baltimore & Ohio Operating Coal Dump Car W/Vehicle200720076-21272Dump Car0
Bethlehem Ore Dump Car 3479199919996-16782Dump Car4
Bethlehem Steel Coal Dump Car201320136-37076Dump Car0
Bethlehem Steel Coal Dump Car 26798200220026-26798Dump Car0
Boston & Albany Operating Log Dump Car200820096-22143Dump Car0
British Columbia Railway Log Dump Car200720086-36812Dump Car1
Burlington Coal Dump Car199419946-16676Dump Car6
Burlington Log Dump Car199219926-16656Dump Car4
Burlington Northern Log Dump Car201320136-37085Dump Car0
Burlington Northern Log Dump Car202220222219020Dump Car0
Canadian National Operating Log Dump Car201020106-21708Dump Car1
Canadian Pacific Log Dump200720076-36843Dump Car1
Canadian Pacific Log Dump Car201020116-26631Dump Car2
Canadian Pacific Rail Log Dump Car201120136-37044Dump Car1
Candy Cane Dump Car200520056-29808Dump Car0
Candy Cane Dump Car200620066-36804Dump Car0
Candy Cane Dump Car200720076-36848Dump Car0
Central Of New Jersey Operating Ballast Dump Car200720076-21353Dump Car2
Central Of New Jersey Twin Dump Car200820086-29884Dump Car2
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Dump Car197419786-9304Dump Car18
Chesapeake & Ohio Goal Dump Car200620076-26847Dump Car1
Chessie Coal Dump Car200120016-26751Dump Car1
Chicago & North Western Coal Dump Car198319856-9399Dump Car2
Christmas Dump Car #2008200820086-51506Dump Car2
Christmas Dump Car With Presents200620066-26870Dump Car0
Christmas Operating Dump Car200120016-26753Dump Car0
Christmas Side Dump Cars 4 Pack202020202026020Dump Car2
Conrail Coal Dump Car201520176-82069Dump Car0
CSX Coal Dump Car201220126-37054Dump Car0
CSX Log Dump Car199019906-16627Dump Car5
Denver & Rio Grande Western Log Dump Car199119916-16636Dump Car1
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Coal Dump Car200520056-29807Dump Car0
Dump Car With Presents200520056-29809Dump Car1
Easter Eggspress Side Dump Cars 4 Pack202020202026030Dump Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Coal Dump Car198719876-16602Dump Car2
Florida East Coast Operating Dump Car200720076-22142Dump Car0
Great Northern Coal Dump Car200620066-26846Dump Car2
Great Northern Log Dump Car199419946-16675Dump Car4
Great Northern Log Dump Car200420046-26825Dump Car1
Great Northern Log Dump Car 60011200220026-26797Dump Car2
Great Western Supply Co Log Dump Car200720086-26896Dump Car1
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car198819886-16600Dump Car4
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car201120116-37042Dump Car0
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car201420156-81491Dump Car0
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car 92926200420046-36773Dump Car3
John Deere Harvest Dump Car201820186-84784Dump Car0
Kickapoo Dump Car197219796-9330Dump Car0
Kinzua Pine Mills Log Dump Car 36791200420046-36791Dump Car4
Lehigh Valley Coal Dump Car199219926-16657Dump Car2
Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car201520176-82067Dump Car0
Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car 3379200020006-26721Dump Car5
Lionel Lines Log Dump Car201520166-82047Dump Car0
Lionel Lines Log Dump Car 3351200020006-26722Dump Car1
Lionel Lines Log-dump Car202020202022126Dump Car1
Lionel Lines Twin Bin Dump Car #3359200720076-29871Dump Car1
Log Dump Car200720077-11060Dump Car0
Louisville & Nashville Coal Dump Car199319936-16664Dump Car6
Maine Central Log Dump Car199319936-16665Dump Car2
Midget Mines Ore-Dump Car 3479199719976-16749Dump Car8
Milwaukee Road Log Dump Car 59629 (LOTS 1988)198819886-17874Dump Car0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Coal Dump Car198919896-16613Dump Car6
Naughty Or Nice Dump Car200720076-36821Dump Car0
New York Central Coal Dump Car200520056-26842Dump Car5
New York Central Coal Dump Car198519856-6251Dump Car6
New York Central Coal Dump Car #637005200920106-37005Dump Car1
New York Central Coal Dump Car (1985)6-89323Dump Car0
New York Central Coal Dump Car 2200420046-26804Dump Car0
New York Central Log Dump Car198719876-16604Dump Car2
New York Central Log Dump Car200520086-26898Dump Car4
New York Central Log Dump Car200320036-36794Dump Car1
New York Central Log Dump Car #37000 - Eastern Freight Expansion Pack200920176-37000Dump Car3
No. 218 Dump Car2010201011-30067Dump Car0
No. 218 Dump Car2010201011-30068Dump Car0
No. 218 Dump Car2010201011-30069Dump Car0
No. 218 Dump Car, Mojave2009200911-30035Dump Car0
No. 218 Dump Car, Mojave2009200911-30036Dump Car0
No. 659 Dump Car2010201011-70042Dump Car0
No. 659 Dump Car2010201011-70043Dump Car0
No. 659 Dump Car2011201111-70060Dump Car0
Norfolk & Western Log Dump Car 9325197919796-9363Dump Car2
Norfolk Southern Coal Dump Car201520156-82068Dump Car0
Northern Pacific Log Dump Car198419846-9238Dump Car1
Ontario Northland Log Dump Car199319936-16668Dump Car0
Operating Coal Dump Car198719876-16707Dump Car2
Operating Coal Dump Car201220136-29325Dump Car0
Operating Log Dump Car 3351 (LRRC 1999)199919996-19473Dump Car2
Operating Log Dump Car W/Tray & Logs200620076-26886Dump Car2
Penn Central Log Dump Car197019776-9300Dump Car23
Pennsylvania Coal Dump Car200520056-26811Dump Car3
Pennsylvania Coal Dump Car 573989200720076-11060Dump Car0
Pennsylvania Dump Car200620066-29841Dump Car0
Pennsylvania Log Dump Car 26805200420046-26805Dump Car0
Pennsylvania Power & Light Coal Dump Car200920106-36897Dump Car1
Pennsylvania Power & Light Coal Dump Car201120116-37041Dump Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Dump Car200520086-26891Dump Car2
Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Dump Car198319846-9398Dump Car4
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car200520056-26841Dump Car4
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car201520156-82066Dump Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car198519866-9241Dump Car6
Pennsylvania Railroad Operating Ballast Dump Car200820086-22322Dump Car1
Postwar 3459 Coal Dump Car200220026-26759Dump Car2
Postwar 3461 Lionel Lines Log Dump Car200320036-36739Dump Car1
Postwar 3461 Log Dump Car200220026-26760Dump Car4
Postwar 3469 Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car200320036-36740Dump Car1
Pratt's Hollow Seed Dump Car 3479199919996-16784Dump Car3
Present Dump Car202120212128070Dump Car0
Redwood Valley Express Log Dump Car198419856-6573Dump Car0
Ringling Bros. Operating Tent Pole Dump Car201020116-22645Dump Car1
Rock Island Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200820096-21664Dump Car2
Santa Fe Automatic Log Dump Car200620066-26899Dump Car2
Santa Fe Log Dump Car198819886-16611Dump Car4
Santa Fe Log Dump Car200120016-26774Dump Car1
Santa Fe Log Dump Car200520056-26812Dump Car6
Santa Fe Log Dump Car197819836-9310Dump Car6
Santa Fe Operating Log Dump Car200820096-36876Dump Car0
Santa Fe Operating Log Dump Car W/Vehicle200720076-21269Dump Car0
Santa Fe Rio Grande Coal Dump Car200820096-36846Dump Car5
Santa's Work Shoppe Log Dump Car201620166-82049Dump Car2
Seaboard Log Dump Car201120116-37043Dump Car2
Side Dump Cars 4 Pack - Unlettered Grey / Black202020202026010Dump Car1
SOO Line Log Dump Car198919896-16612Dump Car2
Southern Coal Dump Car200320036-36795Dump Car1
Southern Coal Dump Car 16707198719876-16607Dump Car0
Southern Operating Log Dump Car200720076-21437Dump Car0
Southern Pacific Coal Dump Car #37022201020126-37022Dump Car0
Southern Pacific Log Dump Car200620076-26849Dump Car0
Southern Pacific Log Dump Car201220126-37055Dump Car2
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Log Dump Car 36772200420046-36772Dump Car2
Strasburg Coal Dump Car201320136-37083Dump Car0
Thunder Valley Coal Dump Car201020116-37019Dump Car1
U.S. Forest Service Log-Dump Car 3361199719976-16748Dump Car2
Union Pacific Coal Dump Car200620066-26895Dump Car2
Union Pacific Coal Dump Car197819826-9311Dump Car7
Union Pacific Dump Coal Dump Car200720076-36811Dump Car0
Union Pacific Log Dump Car197419806-9303Dump Car25
Union Pacific Log Dump Car202220222219030Dump Car0
Union Pacific Operating Log Dump Car W/Vehicle200720076-21270Dump Car1
Virginian Coal Dump Car200820086-36816Dump Car1
Wabash Coal Dump Car199019906-16619Dump Car3
West Side Lumber Log Dump Car 36764200320036-36764Dump Car1
Western Maryland Coal Dump Car199119916-16634Dump Car4
Western Maryland Log Dump Car200620066-26851Dump Car1
Western Maryland Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle200820086-22145Dump Car0
Western Pacific Coal Dump Car 52369200820086-36866Dump Car1
Western Pacific Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200720076-21271Dump Car1
Westside Lumber Log Dump Car 3351199919996-16783Dump Car0
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car200520056-29806Dump Car2
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car201520176-82054Dump Car1
Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car #117200620086-26883Dump Car5
Wisconsin Central Log Dump200520056-26885Dump Car1
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car200920096-36898Dump Car0
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car #255200420046-36837Dump Car1

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