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Category: Figures
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
"Smoking Tony" Lighted Figure202020201930320Figures0
Acrobats And Clowns Figures, 10 Pieces200820106-21324Figures2
Assorted Livestock202020201957240Figures1
Balancing Man200420056-24172Figures3
Carnival People Pack200320166-24124Figures25
Christmas Lawn Figure Pack201220176-37997Figures0
Christmas People Pack200620126-14259Figures4
Christmas People Pack201220176-37852Figures0
Church Figures, 5, With Accessories200820106-21444Figures1
City Figures, 7, With Scooter200820106-21442Figures0
City Park People202020202030180Figures0
City People202020202030210Figures0
Civil Servants People Pack200420176-24194Figures7
Commuter People200820176-24244Figures1
Downtown People Pack200620176-14218Figures11
Elephants And Giraffes, 2 Pair200820106-21609Figures1
Factory Figures, 6, With Accessories200820106-21443Figures0
Farm People Figures202020201957230Figures1
Farm People Pack200420096-24196Figures2
Firefighting Figures, 11, With Accessories200820106-21445Figures0
Frosty The Snowman Figure Pack201420147-11528Figures0
Frosty The Snowman Figure Pack201420166-11528Figures0
Halloween Lawn Figures201920191930080Figures7
Halloween People200820126-24264Figures0
Harry Potter Figure Pack200820087-11077Figures0
Harry Potter Figures200820086-11077Figures0
Horses, 4 Pieces200820086-21611Figures5
Iron Workers Figure Pack201620166-83168Figures4
Lionelville People Pack200320176-24122Figures5
Lions And Tigers, 2 Pair200820106-21610Figures12
Loader/Unloader Workers Figure Pack201620176-82872Figures6
Loggers Figure Pack201620176-81871Figures8
Maintenance-Of-Way Workers Figure Pack201620176-83171Figures6
Man With Flashing Jackhammer Lighted Figure202020201930360Figures0
Man With Flashlight Lighted Figure202020201930350Figures0
Millennial People Pack201920191930060Figures2
Miner With Headlamp Lighted Figure202020201930340Figures0
Mounted Police, 3, With Horses200820106-21377Figures0
Mr. TCA Lou Redman (TCA 2004)200420046-52353Figures0
No. 550 Miniature Figures2009200911-90041Figures0
Nutcracker Figure (2)6-24262Figures0
Park Benches People Pack200420096-24192Figures1
Park People Pack200420176-24191Figures4
Peanuts Figure Pack201320156-37159Figures1
People Eating 6-Pack202020201930250Figures0
People On Sleighs 4-Pack202020201930230Figures3
People Pack (8)201020107-11145Figures0
People Waving202020201957190Figures1
People Waving 6-Pack202020201930240Figures4
Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Pewter Snowman And Children Figure Pack201320176-37183Figures2
Polar Express Add-On Figures200620176-14273Figures7
Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces200820166-24203Figures12
Police Figures, 10, With Dog200820086-21375Figures1
Prison Work Crew - Orange202020201957180Figures1
Prison Work Crew - Stripes202020201957170Figures0
Prisoners (Striped) 6-Pack202020201930260Figures4
Railroad Figure Assortment198919898-82112Figures0
Railroad Yard People Pack200420176-24193Figures2
Ringmaster Circus Figures, 5, With Accessories200820106-21325Figures1
Road Crew202120212129060Figures0
Rr Worker With Lamp Lighted Figure202020201930330Figures0
School Figures, 7, With Accessories200820106-21373Figures0
Scooter Gang With Scooters200920106-22487Figures0
Sitting Figures W/ Benches And Dog202020201957200Figures1
Sitting Figures, 6, With Benches200820106-21370Figures3
Sitting Passengers Bulk Pack Figures 50-Pack202020201957210Figures1
Sitting Passengers Figures202020201957110Figures1
Sitting People 6-Pack202020201930220Figures5
Sitting People With Benches 6-Pack202020201930190Figures4
Sled Kids 3-Pack202020201930210Figures5
Standing Figures, 8 Pieces200820106-21371Figures0
Station Service Crew Figures202020201957130Figures0
Street People202020202030190Figures0
Superstreets Figure-8 Expander Pack200820106-22264Figures1
The Polar Express People Pack201620167-11484Figures2
The Polar Express Snowman & Children People Pack201820181830010Figures5
Thomas & Friends Sir Topham Hatt Gateman, Plug-Expand-Play201920191929160Figures3
Track Laying Crew202120212129050Figures0
Train Crew Figures202020201957120Figures1
Travelers 6-Pack202020201930270Figures0
Trick Or Treat People200820136-24265Figures0
Trick Or Treaters Figures201920191930070Figures6
Unpainted Animals 36-Pack202020201930310Figures2
Unpainted Figure Assortment 48-Pack202020201967100Figures0
Unpainted Figures 36-Pack202020201930300Figures2
UPS People Pack200620116-34195Figures4
Vintage Boy Scouts Figure Pack201120146-37828Figures3
Walking Figures202020202030200Figures0
Walking Figures, 8 Pieces200820106-21369Figures2
Window Shopper Figures202120212130120Figures0
Winter Action Figures 6-Pack202020201930200Figures2
Winter Scenes Figures202020201957140Figures0
Work Crew Figures202020201957100Figures1
Work Crew People Pack200620176-14241Figures10
Work People Figures202020201957220Figures1
World War Ii Seated Soldiers, 9, With Benches200820096-21435Figures0
Wwii Soldiers In Action, 10 Pieces200920106-22520Figures0
Zombie Figure Pack201420156-81620Figures0

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