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Category: Figures
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
"Smoking Tony" Lighted Figure20202020Figures00
Acrobats And Clowns Figures, 10 Pieces20082010Figures00
Assorted Livestock20202020Figures10
Balancing Man20042005Figures72
Carnival People Pack20032016Figures172
Christmas Lawn Figure Pack20122017Figures61
Christmas People Pack20062012Figures62
Christmas People Pack20122017Figures00
Church Figures, 5, With Accessories20082010Figures10
City Figures, 7, With Scooter20082010Figures00
City Park People20202020Figures00
City People20202020Figures00
Civil Servants People Pack20042017Figures223
Commuter People20082017Figures51
Downtown People Pack20062017Figures91
Elephants And Giraffes, 2 Pair20082010Figures32
Factory Figures, 6, With Accessories20082010Figures00
Farm People Figures20202020Figures00
Farm People Pack20042009Figures23
Firefighting Figures, 11, With Accessories20082010Figures12
Frosty The Snowman Figure Pack20142014Figures00
Frosty The Snowman Figure Pack20142016Figures00
G Gauge People Pack20082008Figures00
Halloween Lawn Figures20192019Figures40
Halloween People20082012Figures11
Harry Potter Figure Pack20082008Figures00
Harry Potter Figures20082008Figures00
Horses, 4 Pieces20082008Figures41
Iron Workers Figure Pack20162016Figures50
Lionelville People Pack20032017Figures75
Lions And Tigers, 2 Pair20082010Figures111
Loader/Unloader Workers Figure Pack20162017Figures100
Loggers Figure Pack20162017Figures50
Maintenance-Of-Way Workers Figure Pack20162017Figures71
Man With Flashing Jackhammer Lighted Figure20202020Figures00
Man With Flashlight Lighted Figure20202020Figures00
Millennial People Pack20192019Figures51
Miner With Headlamp Lighted Figure20202020Figures00
Mounted Police, 3, With Horses20082010Figures00
No. 550 Miniature Figures20092009Figures01
Nutcracker Figure (2)Figures00
Park Benches People Pack20042009Figures23
Park People Pack20042017Figures126
Peanuts Figure Pack20132015Figures20
People Eating 6-Pack20202020Figures00
People On Sleighs 4-Pack20202020Figures10
People Pack (8)20102010Figures00
People Waving20202020Figures00
People Waving 6-Pack20202020Figures30
Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Pewter Snowman And Children Figure Pack20132017Figures50
Polar Express Add-On Figures20062017Figures160
Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces20082016Figures124
Police Figures, 10, With Dog20082008Figures20
Prison Work Crew - Orange20202020Figures20
Prison Work Crew - Stripes20202020Figures00
Prisoners (Striped) 6-Pack20202020Figures40
Railroad Figure Assortment19961996Figures11
Railroad Yard People Pack20042017Figures121
Ringmaster Circus Figures, 5, With Accessories20082010Figures10
Rr Worker With Lamp Lighted Figure20202020Figures00
School Figures, 7, With Accessories20082010Figures10
Scooter Gang With Scooters20092010Figures20
Sitting Figures W/ Benches And Dog20202020Figures00
Sitting Figures, 6, With Benches20082010Figures30
Sitting Passengers Bulk Pack Figures 50-Pack20202020Figures00
Sitting Passengers Figures20202020Figures10
Sitting People 6-Pack20202020Figures20
Sitting People With Benches 6-Pack20202020Figures30
Sled Kids 3-Pack20202020Figures10
Standing Figures, 8 Pieces20082010Figures00
Station Service Crew Figures20202020Figures00
Street People20202020Figures00
Superstreets Figure-8 Expander Pack20082010Figures00
The Polar Express People Pack20162016Figures10
The Polar Express Snowman & Children People Pack20182018Figures00
Thomas & Friends Sir Topham Hatt Gateman, Plug-Expand-Play20192019Figures50
Train Crew Figures20202020Figures00
Travelers 6-Pack20202020Figures00
Trick Or Treat People20082013Figures62
Trick Or Treaters Figures20192019Figures41
Unpainted Animals 36-Pack20202020Figures10
Unpainted Figure Assortment 48-Pack20202020Figures00
Unpainted Figures 36-Pack20202020Figures10
UPS People Pack20062011Figures112
Vintage Boy Scouts Figure Pack20112014Figures21
Walking Figures20202020Figures00
Walking Figures, 8 Pieces20082010Figures00
Winter Action Figures 6-Pack20202020Figures11
Winter Scenes Figures20202020Figures00
Work Crew Figures20202020Figures00
Work Crew People Pack20062017Figures243
Work People Figures20202020Figures20
World War Ii Seated Soldiers, 9, With Benches20082009Figures10
Wwii Soldiers In Action, 10 Pieces20092010Figures00
Zombie Figure Pack20142015Figures11

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