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Category: Freight Set
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2185W New York Central F3 Diesel Freight Set200920096-38310Freight Set4
2219W Lackawanna Train Master Freight Set200820086-31776Freight Set8
50Th Anniversary Golden Express Freight Set (TCA 2004)200420046-52311Freight Set0
A Christmas Story Steam Freight Set200920126-30118Freight Set1
AGFA Film Steam Freight Set199819986-21909Freight Set1
Alaska Freight Lionchief Set202020212023150Freight Set13
Alaska Gold Mine 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720176-83701Freight Set0
Alien Spaceship Recovery Freight Set200820096-30087Freight Set0
American Fire And Rescue GP20 Freight Set200920106-30108Freight Set0
Anheuser Busch Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202220232223050Freight Set5
Anheuser-Busch Limited Edition Replica Train Set198919926-11775Freight Set1
Area 51 Fa Diesel Freight Set200220026-31926Freight Set1
Area 51 LionChief Remote Control RS-3 Set201320146-30206Freight Set2
Area 51 LionChief Set202020232023050Freight Set14
Army Freight Lionchief Set202120232223010Freight Set10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set201320136-11172Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Dash 8-40B Set199019906-11713Freight Set9
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Express Diesel Freight Set197019716-1085Freight Set5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Fast Fruit Express Legacy Set202320232322080Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flyer Freight Set201120126-30173Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flyer Steam Freight Set201020106-30139Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200420046-31958Freight Set1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Freight Set197319756-1383Freight Set4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Lionel Junction Steam Freight Set201620166-83266Freight Set2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RS-3 LionChief Remote Control Scout Freight Set201320146-30207Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Shell Tank Car Freight Set200120016-31909Freight Set5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Special Steam Freight Set199620016-11900Freight Set17
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Fast Freight Set200520056-31985Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set200820096-30091Freight Set2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set200020016-31916Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200220026-31933Freight Set2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Super Freight Set, Railsounds200320036-31945Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Train Master Diesel Freight Set199919996-21778Freight Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Train Master Diesel Freight Set199920006-21978Freight Set1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe U28CG Diesel Freight Set200620076-31748Freight Set1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Warhorse Hudson Freight Set199719976-11838Freight Set4
Baltimore & Ohio Diesel Freight Set #2269W200620076-31752Freight Set3
Baltimore & Ohio Freight Set198619866-1652Freight Set2
Balwin Locomotive Works Eddystone Lionchief Set202020202023160Freight Set0
Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Train Set202220222222070Freight Set0
Black River Freight Set197619786-1662Freight Set5
Black River Freight Set197919816-1963Freight Set0
Bloomingdale's Exclusive Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set200220026-31951Freight Set1
Bloomingdale's Express Set200320036-31967Freight Set3
Blue Streak Freight Set197319746-1385Freight Set0
Boston & Maine Paul Revere GP9 Diesel Freight Set201420156-81021Freight Set1
Boy Scouts of America 0-8-0 Freight Set (Loco 1910)201120136-30161Freight Set2
Boy Scouts Of America Steam Freight Set200920106-30123Freight Set4
Boys Freight Set2013201311-6055Freight Set3
Budweiser Delivery Lionchief ET44 Set202020212023030Freight Set6
Burlington Northern Hustle Muscle Legacy Freight Set202120222222030Freight Set3
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Diesel Freight Set201020116-30154Freight Set1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe GP38 Maxi Stack Diesel Freight Set201320146-30211Freight Set0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ice Cold Express Diesel Freight Set201020106-31783Freight Set0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe RS-3 Diesel Scout Freight Set, Lionchief201720176-83716Freight Set1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Tier 4 Lionchief Set201820206-84732Freight Set6
Burlington Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200020006-21989Freight Set2
Burlington Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds200020006-21975Freight Set1
Canadian Maple Leaf Ready-to-Run Freight Set 201020116-30145Freight Set6
Canadian National Coal Train Set 200920096-31787Freight Set0
Canadian National GP9 Diesel Piggyback Train Set201220126-11181Freight Set1
Canadian Pacific Diesel Freight Set200620066-30026Freight Set0
Canadian Pacific Rail Freight Set198919896-11710Freight Set7
Canadian Pacific Ready To Run Set201320137-11399Freight Set4
Canadian Pacific U36B Diesel Grain Freight Set201320136-30210Freight Set0
Cannonball Freight Set198219826-1155Freight Set5
Case Farmall Freight Set200120016-21795Freight Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Freight Set200320036-31707Freight Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Set199419946-11743Freight Set2
Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200120016-31904Freight Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds200120016-31918Freight Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Lionchief Set202020232123010Freight Set16
Chesapeake Flyer Set198019806-1052Freight Set1
Chesapeake Flyer Set197519776-1586Freight Set1
Chesapeake Super Freight Steam Set200620076-30025Freight Set0
Chessie Diesel Freight Set200520066-31735Freight Set2
Chessie Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief201520156-82324Freight Set1
Chessie Flyer Freight Set 1931S199619996-11931Freight Set3
Chessie GP38 Diesel Freight Set200120026-31915Freight Set1
Chessie Merger Diesel Freight Set201020106-30131Freight Set0
Chessie System Royal Limited Set198019806-1070Freight Set4
Chessie Unit Train198819886-11705Freight Set5
Chicago & North Western Lionechief Ready-To Run O Gauge Train Set201720176-83992Freight Set3
Chicago & North Western Windy City GP38 Diesel Freight Set201420156-81029Freight Set1
Christmas Celebration Lionchief Set202220232223020Freight Set5
Christmas Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720186-82982Freight Set2
Christmas Light Express Lionchief Set202020202023080Freight Set0
Christmas Steam Freight Set200220026-31901Freight Set2
Christmas Tinplate Freight Set200820086-51012Freight Set0
Chrysler Mopar Express Set198719886-11757Freight Set1
Coastal Freight Set199119916-11719Freight Set6
Conrail Big Blue High-Cube Boxcar Diesel Freight Set201420156-81094Freight Set0
Conrail Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set200820096-31772Freight Set0
Construction Railroad Lionchief Set201820196-84737Freight Set1
Copper Range Steam Freight Mine Set200520056-31990Freight Set1
Crayola G-Gauge Set201420157-11548Freight Set11
Cross Country Express Set198019816-1072Freight Set8
CSX Freight Set199019906-11717Freight Set1
CSX Modern Auto Carrier Set201220136-11180Freight Set3
CSX Ready-to-Run Freight Set 201020116-30153Freight Set1
CSX SD40-2 Diesel Husky Stack Car Set200720086-31760Freight Set0
Cumberland Valley Wayfreight Legacy Set202220222322030Freight Set0
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 88 NASCAR Train Set20122014T8828RRMDEJFreight Set0
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diesel Freight Set200620077-11005Freight Set0
Delaware & Hudson 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set199819986-11971Freight Set12
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Pocono Berkshire Steam Freight Set201420156-81025Freight Set0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Fast Freight Set200820096-30049Freight Set1
Disney Christmas Steam Freight Lionchief Set201920231923140Freight Set12
Disney Frozen 2 Lionchief Set202020232023040Freight Set13
Disney Mickey Celebration Steam Freight R-T-R Lionchief Set201820181823050Freight Set10
Disney's Frozen Ready-To-Play Set201920207-11940Freight Set15
Dixie Special FT Diesel Freight Set201120116-11182Freight Set0
Do It Best Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer Freight Set200120016-31923Freight Set1
Dodge Motorsports Freight Set199619966-11933Freight Set8
Dr Pepper Doc's Express Set200820086-30097Freight Set0
Elvis "He Dared To Rock" Steam Freight Set200420046-31728Freight Set2
End Of Line Express Lionchief Set201820206-85253Freight Set6
Erie-Lackawanna Freight Set199119916-11726Freight Set1
Fast Freight Flyer Set198519856-1562Freight Set1
Fast Fright Halloween Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323050Freight Set0
Fire Rescue Steam Freight Set200220036-31715Freight Set1
Ford Plymouth Diesel Switcher And Ore Car 6-Pack200820086-22334Freight Set1
Freight Flyer Set198719906-1687Freight Set2
Frosty The Snowman LionChief Remote Christmas Set (loco 321)201420166-81284Freight Set1
GE Tier 4 LionChief Set202020212023100Freight Set7
Georgia Power Set199519956-11819Freight Set4
Girls Freight Set2012201211-6037Freight Set0
GM/AC Delco Chevrolet "Bow Tie" Historical Express Set199519956-11822Freight Set2
Graffiti Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202220232223110Freight Set0
Grand Trunk Western Freight Set197019706-1084Freight Set2
Great Northern Diesel Freight Set #2551W200620086-31753Freight Set3
Great Northern Empire Steam Freight Express Set201020116-31799Freight Set1
Great Northern Glacier Route Diesel Freight Set200320046-31952Freight Set2
Great Northern Mountain Mover Ready-to-Run Set201220136-31746Freight Set1
Great Northern Pullman-Standard Freight Set201320136-29309Freight Set0
Great Train Robbery Steam Freight Set200320036-31939Freight Set1
Halloween Steam Freight Set200720106-30056Freight Set1
Hawthorne Freight Flyer Set198719886-11756Freight Set1
Hershey's Freight G-Gauge Set201120147-11352Freight Set11
Holiday Central Ready-To-Run Train Set200820087-11089Freight Set4
Holiday Express Freight Set200620087-11000Freight Set18
Holiday Tradition Steam Freight Set200420056-31966Freight Set5
Home For The Holiday Ready-To-Play Set201820207-11915Freight Set6
Horseshoe Curve Steam Freight Train Set201220136-30180Freight Set1
Illinois Central F3 Freight Set (PWR A 2363P DMY B 2363C)201220146-38358Freight Set1
Illinois Central Freight Set197619776-1664Freight Set14
Iron Horse Freight Set198819916-11703Freight Set0
JC Penney Flyer Train Set200320036-31948Freight Set0
JC Penney Flyer Train Set200220026-31935Freight Set0
JC Penney Iron Horse Freight Set198819886-11761Freight Set0
JC Penney Midland Freight Set198519856-1512Freight Set2
JC Penney New York Central Flyer Set200020006-21981Freight Set1
JC Penney New York Central Freight Flyer Steam Set200020006-21932Freight Set4
JC Penney New York Central Set199719976-11832Freight Set3
JC Penney New York Central Special Set199819986-11978Freight Set3
JC Penney Overland Freight Set198219826-1263Freight Set2
JC Penney Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set 199920006-31971Freight Set0
JC Penney Thunderball Freight Set198119816-1153Freight Set0
Jersey Central Lines Yard Boss 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set201420156-81023Freight Set3
John Deere GP38 Freight Lionchief Set202120232123040Freight Set9
John Deere RS-3 LionChief Remote Control Freight Set (RS-3 diesel 1837)201420166-81480Freight Set4
John Deere Steam Freight Set201620176-83286Freight Set3
Kansas City Southern Belle Ready To Run Freight Set 4286201220136-30186Freight Set2
Kay Bee Toys Freight Flyer Set198619866-1686Freight Set0
Keebler Elf Express Steam Freight Set199919996-99000Freight Set0
Kraft Holiday Union Pacific RS3 Diesel Freight Set200220026-31950Freight Set0
L.L. Bean Freight Set200120016-31920Freight Set0
Lehigh Valley Legacy Camelback Set202320232322010Freight Set0
Lehigh Valley U36B Diesel Freight Lionchief Set With Bluetooth201920211923090Freight Set7
Lionel 120Th Deluxe LionChief 2.0 F3 Set202020202022120Freight Set5
Lionel 20Th Century Express Steam Freight Set200020006-31934Freight Set5
Lionel Junction Dinosaur Diesel LionChief Set201420166-81031Freight Set9
Lionel Junction Little Steam Freight Set201420156-81286Freight Set2
Lionel Junction North Pole Central Lionchief Set With Bluetooth202020206-85414Freight Set0
Lionel Junction Pet Shop Diesel LionChief Ready-to-Run Set201420166-81288Freight Set2
Lionel Junction Union Pacific Steam Freight Set201420156-81287Freight Set0
Lionel Lines 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set199819986-11944Freight Set7
Lionel Lines 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set200720076-30070Freight Set3
Lionel Lines Christmas Train Set201120117-11357Freight Set5
Lionel Lines Freight Set199619976-11921Freight Set1
Lionel Lines Freight Set199919996-21914Freight Set0
Lionel Lines Lionchief Set202020212023120Freight Set6
Lionel Lines Mixed Freight Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202220232223060Freight Set5
Little League Ready To Run Freight Set199719976-11935Freight Set2
Lone Ranger Wild West Freight Set (4-4-0 General 1887)200920136-30116Freight Set4
Lou Caponi Blue Coal Train (LCCA 2014)201420146-58532Freight Set1
Macy's Freight Flyer Set198919896-11772Freight Set0
Manufacturers Railway Set201920202022040Freight Set2
Marquette GP38 Diesel Freight Set201420156-81028Freight Set2
Menards SOO Line Freight Set201020106-30146Freight Set0
Mickey & Friends Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720206-83979Freight Set2
Mickey Mouse Christmas Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720186-83964Freight Set1
Mickey's Holiday Express Train200420046-31987Freight Set0
Mickey's Holiday Express Train Set199919997-99001Freight Set0
Mickey's Holiday To Remember Freight Set201620166-82716Freight Set6
Mid Atlantic Limited Set198019806-1071Freight Set4
Midland Freight Set198519866-1501Freight Set3
Midnight Express Set197019706-1087Freight Set0
Minneapolis & St. Louis Diesel Freight Set201120126-30155Freight Set1
Monopoly 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set200020006-52218Freight Set6
Nascar Diesel Freight Set200620077-11004Freight Set6
Neil Young's Greendale Diesel Freight Set200420046-30002Freight Set3
New Englander Set198019816-1050Freight Set0
New Haven Diesel Freight Set200720076-21212Freight Set0
New Haven Diesel Freight Set200120016-31905Freight Set0
New Haven Freight Set199919996-21763Freight Set2
New Haven RS-3 Lionchief Set201820186-84709Freight Set2
New Haven Trailiner Ft Lionchief Diesel Freight Set201620166-83074Freight Set0
New Jersey Central Red Baron SD40 Set202020202022110Freight Set1
New Jersey Transit Ready-to-Run Limited Edition Maintenance-of-Way Set201220136-30185Freight Set0
New York Central 0-8-0 Steam Freight Set200920106-30103Freight Set6
New York Central 2-8-0 Consolidation Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323060Freight Set0
New York Central Early Bird Special Steam Freight Set201620176-81261Freight Set2
New York Central Empire Builder Steam Freight Set200620066-30044Freight Set0
New York Central Flyer Freight Set201120116-30156Freight Set5
New York Central Flyer Freight Set 1735Ws199319996-11735Freight Set19
New York Central Flyer Freight Set, Railsounds200020006-21990Freight Set5
New York Central Flyer Lionchief Steam Freight Set With Bluetooth201820191923020Freight Set3
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set200620086-30016Freight Set2
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set200520056-31977Freight Set1
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200120026-31914Freight Set6
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200320036-31940Freight Set1
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds200420046-31969Freight Set0
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Train Set201220136-30200Freight Set2
New York Central Freight Set199920006-21956Freight Set1
New York Central Freight Set, Railsounds200020006-21988Freight Set2
New York Central Freight Train Set199919997-21905Freight Set0
New York Central GP9 Diesel Freight Set 2238RS199619976-11914Freight Set2
New York Central Hotbox Reefer Steam Freight Set200620076-31750Freight Set1
New York Central Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set200920106-31791Freight Set0
New York Central Pacemaker Expansion Set202120212126300Freight Set0
New York Central Pacemaker Lionel Junction Diesel Freight Set201720176-83696Freight Set1
New York Central Passenger/Freight Set199419946-11744Freight Set15
New York Central Plymouth Switcher Freight Set200720076-21412Freight Set0
New York Central RS-3 Diesel Freight Set201620176-82984Freight Set3
New York Central Train Master Steam Freight Set199920006-21977Freight Set1

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