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Category: Gondola
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
101 Dalmatians Animated Gondola200320046-36721Gondola0
1512 Gondola198919896-13300Gondola7
6062 Gondola With Reels200920106-27735Gondola0
6342 New York Central Culvert Gondola (Red)201120126-27784Gondola0
6462 New York Central Gondola With Barrels200920096-27716Gondola0
6462-500 Gondola201020106-27764Gondola0
Alaska Gondola 13801200220026-26019Gondola0
Alaska Gondola W/Canisters200620066-26370Gondola0
Alaska Gondola With Canisters198119816-9385Gondola2
Alaska RR Gondola With Canisters201720196-84312Gondola3
Algoma Central Coil Steel Gondola (lcac 1992)19921992AC 9215Gondola1
Algoma Central Gondola199219926-52004Gondola0
Amtrak Gondola6-13145Gondola0
Amtrak Gondola6-13155Gondola0
Amtrak Gondola6-13267Gondola0
Angela Trotta Thomas Gondola With Presents And Trees202020212028340Gondola0
Anheuser-Busch Gondola With Load201820196-84756Gondola0
Animated Gondola - Pluto & Cats200520056-26742Gondola0
Archaeological Expedition Gondola With Eggs200020006-36054Gondola1
Arkansas–Oklahoma 66' Mill Gondola #35007201720176-84838Gondola1
Arkansas–Oklahoma 66' Mill Gondola #35018 W/ Graffiti201720176-84837Gondola0
Arkansas–Oklahoma 66' Mill Gondola #35055201720176-84839Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Culvert Gondola200820086-39472Gondola2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola198819888-87402Gondola2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola 168998200120016-36083Gondola1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola 285903201620166-83269Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola W/ 2 Cannisters #26460201320146-26460Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Cable Reels198619866-6272Gondola5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Canisters198519926-6258Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Canisters197719776-9284Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Canisters198019836-9379Gondola1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Coal199019906-17402Gondola4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Coil Covers (LOTS 2017)201720176-83874Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Reels201220136-26679Gondola3
Atlantic And Western 66' Mill Gondola #400664201720176-84835Gondola0
Atomic Energy Commission Gondola With Toxic Waste Containers200920116-26317Gondola0
Atomic Energy Commission Gondola With Toxic Waste Containers200920116-26318Gondola2
Atomic Energy Commission Nuclear Gondola 719766200120016-26758Gondola1
ATW 66' Mill Gondola #400675201720176-84836Gondola0
ATW 66' Mill Gondola #400704 W/ Graffiti201720176-84834Gondola0
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola198919898-87405Gondola2
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola (Target Exclusive)7-11185Gondola0
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola 6-Pack201720186-84456Gondola0
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola 601272 With Canisters200320036-26042Gondola2
BC Rail Gondola With Cable Reels199519956-16929Gondola5
Bethlehem Gondola 6462199919996-16442Gondola0
Bethlehem Steel Gondola 103927201620166-83090Gondola0
Bethlehem Steel Gondola 6462 With Canisters199819986-26905Gondola1
Bethlehem Steel Standard O Gondola #3131202020222043131Gondola1
Bethlehem Steel Standard O Gondola #3145202020222043132Gondola0
Bethlehem Steel Standard O Gondola #3168202020222043133Gondola2
Bethlehem Steel Standard O Gondola #3192202020222043134Gondola0
Black Cave Gondola198219826-6203Gondola0
Blue Chip Line Motorized Animated Gondola200420046-26807Gondola2
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coil Covers199119916-16353Gondola3
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coil Covers199319936-52016Gondola1
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coke Containers200920116-27800Gondola0
Boy Scouts Of America Christmas Gondola201320136-26481Gondola1
Boys Set O27 Gondola200220026-26034Gondola0
Burlington Gondola199219956-16355Gondola14
Burlington Gondola With Canisters197019896-9140Gondola43
Burlington Gondola With Coil Covers199219926-16343Gondola13
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534432200320036-17454Gondola0
Burlington Northern Gondola With Canisters197019746-9141Gondola26
Burlington Northern Gondola With Coil Covers (Artrain 1994)199419946-52049Gondola8
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 65' Mill Gondola 518357201720176-83317Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 65' Mill Gondola 518375201720176-84582Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 65' Mill Gondola 518392201720176-84583Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 66' Mill Gondola #518726 W/ Graffiti201720176-84828Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 66' Mill Gondola #518770201720176-84829Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 66' Mill Gondola #518795201720176-84830Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Gondola #670591200920096-11196Gondola1
Canadian National Gondola With Canisters197119736-9143Gondola0
Canadian Pacific Rail Gondola200720086-26375Gondola4
Canadian Pacific Rail Gondola 337061 With Canisters200720076-26332Gondola3
Canadian Pacific Rail Gondola With Canisters197919796-9336Gondola8
Canadian Pacific Rail Gondola With Coal198919896-17400Gondola5
Case Cutlery Gondola 1889200020006-99014Gondola0
Casper Animated Gondola201020116-37033Gondola2
Central Of Georgia Gondola With Cable Reels201620166-82083Gondola0
Central Of New Jersey Gondola With Culvert Pipes201020116-39498Gondola0
Chasing Gondola - Riker, Picard And Q202120212128100Gondola8
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola199819996-26956Gondola0
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola199919996-36036Gondola0
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola With Canisters198419856-6211Gondola0
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola With Canisters (LOTS 1986)198619866-6211Gondola4
Chesapeake & Ohio Railgon O27 Gondola With Scrap Load201020106-26620Gondola1
Chessie #305005 52' Coil Gondola201820191926311Gondola2
Chessie #305012 52' Coil Gondola201820191926312Gondola0
Chessie Gondola 371629 With Coil Covers199319936-17403Gondola9
Chessie Gondola With Containers201620186-82076Gondola0
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305001202020222043141Gondola2
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305014202020222043142Gondola1
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305036202020222043143Gondola0
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305055202020222043144Gondola0
Chicago & Illinois Midland Gondola With Canisters198319856-6206Gondola1
Chicago & North Western 65' Mill Gondola 342036201720176-83318Gondola0
Chicago & North Western 65' Mill Gondola 342045201720176-84584Gondola0
Chicago & North Western 65' Mill Gondola 342049201720176-84585Gondola0
Chicago & North Western Cop And Robber Chase Gondola200820096-22324Gondola1
Chicago & North Western Gondola 626073200420046-26073Gondola0
Chicago & North Western PS-5 Gondola (TCA 2004)200420046-52323Gondola1
Chicago & South Shore #3859 52' Coil Gondola201820191926321Gondola0
Chicago & South Shore #3862 52' Coil Gondola201820191926322Gondola0
Chicago Great Western O27 Gondola6-26323Gondola0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Gondola With Covers201720176-84304Gondola0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Wood-Sided Gondola 85150 With Spools200920106-22560Gondola1
Chip 'n' Dale Chasing Gondola201820206-84761Gondola2
Christmas Animated Gondola200220036-26772Gondola1
Christmas Animated Gondola200620096-26874Gondola4
Christmas Chase Gondola200620066-26856Gondola1
Christmas Chase Gondola200920096-29894Gondola0
Christmas Chase Gondola200120016-36095Gondola1
Christmas Chasing Gondola202220222228130Gondola0
Christmas Express Gondola With Trees201720186-83059Gondola0
Christmas Gifts Gondola200920096-26612Gondola1
Christmas Gondola199819986-19438Gondola7
Christmas Gondola (LCCA)200120016-3000Gondola1
Christmas Gondola 6462 With Presents199919996-36032Gondola3
Christmas Gondola With Presents200020006-36066Gondola3
Christmas Gondola With Reindeer Feed Vats201420146-81990Gondola2
Christmas Story O27 Gondola With Box Load200920126-26611Gondola0
Christmas Trees Gondola North Pole Express Tannenbaum Transport 201220136-26698Gondola0
Chrysler Mopar Gondola With Coil Covers199419966-16919Gondola1
Clinchfield Gondola With Coil Covers199319936-16367Gondola9
Conrail Gondola 604768199920006-36063Gondola0
Conrail Gondola With Coal198719876-17401Gondola3
Construction Zone Gondola199919996-36038Gondola0
Construction Zone Gondola199919996-36047Gondola0
Construction Zone Gondola199919996-36048Gondola0
Cop And Hobo Circus Gondola199019916-16628Gondola2
Cotton Belt Gondola 9820 With Scrap Load199719976-17408Gondola4
Countdown to a Century Gondola (LRRC 1998)199819986-19966Gondola37
Crayola G-Gauge Gondola7-11552PGondola0
Crayola Gondola With Crayons199419956-16917Gondola0
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491600201720176-83319Gondola0
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491616201720176-84586Gondola0
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491638201720176-84587Gondola0
CSX Gondola With Coil Covers (COL 1992)199219926-16342Gondola3
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379881200120016-17422Gondola0
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379882200120016-17423Gondola0
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379883200120016-17424Gondola0
CSX Standard O Rotary Gondola 4-Pack202120222243020Gondola2
Culvert Gondola 6342199819996-19429Gondola4
Culvert Gondola 6342199919996-19478Gondola3
Delaware & Hudson Coil Covered Gondola201620166-81346Gondola0
Delaware & Hudson Gondola200120016-17416Gondola0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bicentennial Gondola With Canisters201620166-82185Gondola0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola198719878-87401Gondola1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola 56135 With Canisters200620066-26306Gondola3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola With Canisters197319776-9131Gondola16
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola With Canisters197419766-9144Gondola13
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton #9326 52' Coil Gondola201820191926331Gondola0
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton #9372 52' Coil Gondola201820191926332Gondola0
DETX Rotary Gondola #980003201520156-19379Gondola0
DETX Rotary Gondola #980036201520156-19378Gondola0
Dinosaur Hatchling Transport Gondola With Eggs201420166-81679Gondola0
Disconnect Logging Gondola201620166-83559Gondola0
Disney Mickey's 90th Animated Heritage Chase Gondola201820181823053Gondola0
Disney Season Of Magic Gondola201920221923143Gondola0
East Assorted Gondola 6-Pack201720176-84458Gondola2
East St. Louis Gondola199819986-26913Gondola4
Easter Gondola 6462 With Candy199919996-19448Gondola2
Elf Chasing Rudolph Gondola 6462199919996-16795Gondola5
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern #4144 52' Coil Gondola201820191926341Gondola0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern #4156 52' Coil Gondola201820191926342Gondola0
Entenmann's Gondola With Load (METCA 2016)201620166-58243Gondola0
Erie Animated Gondola198019846-9307Gondola19
Erie Bucyrus-Erie Culvert Gondola201520156-82098Gondola0
Erie Chase Gondola200320036-36766Gondola4
Erie Motorized Animated Gondola200420056-29803Gondola0
Erie-Lackawanna Gondola With Canisters201120156-26649Gondola0
Erie-Lackawanna Gondola With Canisters198419846-6210Gondola6
Florida East Coast Gondola 6121 With Reels201420166-81010Gondola0
Florida East Coast Gondola With Canisters198119826-6200Gondola7
Ford Gondola 13447 With Coils200820096-22426Gondola0
Ford Gondola 4023 (TTOS 1994)199419946-52030Gondola3
Frisco Gondola With Coil Covers199119916-19408Gondola15
Frosty The Snowman Animated Gondola201420156-81426Gondola0
G-Gauge Crayola Gondola201420157-11552Gondola2
Gingerbread Man And Santa Animated Gondola201220126-37070Gondola0
GNTX 66' Mill Gondola Railgon #290087201720176-84832Gondola0
GNTX Railgon 66' Mill Gondola #290102201720176-84833Gondola0
GNTX Railgon 66' Mill Gondola #290146 W/ Graffiti201720176-84831Gondola1
Gond Comp Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe6-26185Gondola0
Gond W/Cans Target Pennsy 50200820087-11117Gondola0
Gondola Case Cutlery200020007-99014Gondola0
Gondola Scrap Load200920096-22561Gondola1
Gondola With Construction Signs201820196-84766Gondola2
Gondola With Dinosaurs (LCCA 2011)201120116-52582Gondola2
Gondola With Trees And Presents200620066-26330Gondola1
Gondola With Trees And Presents200720076-26368Gondola1
Gondola, Black197019706-6142Gondola0
Gondola, Blue (LCCA 2002)200220026-17412Gondola12
Grand Trunk Western Gondola With Coal197419756-9822Gondola7
Great Northern Gondola With Coal198819886-19401Gondola11
Great Northern Gondola With Rr Signs201620166-82985Gondola0
Great Western Animated Gondola200820096-36887Gondola1
GT Culvert Ldr Car6-147669Gondola0
Gumdrop Gondola #26470201320156-26470Gondola4
Hallow's Eve Monster Gondola202220222228100Gondola0
Halloween "Undead" Operating Chase Gondola201920191928390Gondola2
Halloween Animated Gondola200620066-26855Gondola2
Halloween Spooky Grave Gondola200920096-26604Gondola4
Halloween/Erie Railroad Animated Gondola200720106-36845Gondola0
Happy Holidays Gondola (Dept. 56 2001)200120016-52254Gondola0
Holiday Animated Gondola200520056-26819Gondola1
Illinois Central Gondola With Canisters197919836-9340Gondola4
Illinois Central Gulf Gondola 245998 With Coil Covers199319936-17404Gondola16
JC Penney Santa Fe Gondola7-11196Gondola0
Jersey Central Gondola200220026-17943Gondola0
Jersey Central Gondola199619966-16943Gondola0
John Deere Gondola With Crate Load201620176-83289Gondola0
John Deere Gondola With Hay Bales201720186-84482Gondola0
Kansas City Southern Gondola With Coil Covers199419956-16387Gondola4

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