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Category: HO Building
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Adding-On House Kit201920211967130HO Building2
Anheuser Busch Brewery Kit202120212167110HO Building5
Anheuser Busch Distribution Center Kit202120212167090HO Building3
Barn Building Built Up202020202057110HO Building0
Bed & Breakfast Built Up202020202056080HO Building0
Boiler House & Accessories Building Kit197519775-4556HO Building3
Burning House201920201956260HO Building0
Byrd House Kit202020212067010HO Building2
Cape Cod Building Kit202120212167010HO Building4
Church201920211956270HO Building6
Church Kit201920211967110HO Building2
Coaling Tower197619765-4651HO Building0
Detached Garage 2-pack Kit202020212067100HO Building2
Detached Garages 2-pack202020202056230HO Building0
East Shore Shopping Center Kit201920211967190HO Building1
Eller House201920211956150HO Building4
Farm House Kit201920211967120HO Building1
Fire Department Kit202120212167080HO Building4
Grain Elevator197619765-4652HO Building0
Haunted House201920211956100HO Building5
Hitchcock House202020212056050HO Building5
Hogan House202020212056010HO Building3
Ice Cream Shop Kit202120212167060HO Building2
Ice Station197619765-4650HO Building0
Jefferson House201920211956160HO Building4
Jones' House Kit201920211967140HO Building2
Kee House Kit202020212067080HO Building1
Keystone Millwork201920211956190HO Building3
Locomotive Shop201920211956170HO Building4
Madison House201920211956140HO Building4
McDaniel House Built Up202020202056090HO Building0
Miller House Kit201920211967170HO Building2
Movin' In House201920211956110HO Building4
On Fire Building Kit202120212167070HO Building4
Phillips' House Kit201920211967150HO Building1
Pickle Factory Building Kit197519775-4551HO Building2
Pops Hot Dog Shoppe Kit202120212167020HO Building3
Pub Built Up202020202056070HO Building0
Pub Kit202020212067030HO Building2
Rooming House197519775-4557HO Building1
School House Kit202020212067020HO Building3
Service Station Kit202020212067060HO Building1
Stockyard197519775-4555HO Building1
Suburban Strip Mall201920211956180HO Building6
Sutton House Kit201920211967160HO Building2
Town Hall Kit202120212167040HO Building3
Truckstop Kit202120212167050HO Building3
Uptown Plaza Mall Kit201920211967180HO Building2
Warehouse Kit202120212167030HO Building2
Water Tower & Sanding Station Building Kit197519775-4552HO Building3
Water Tower Kit201920211967200HO Building1
Yang House202020202056060HO Building0

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