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Category: Kits
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2-Rail Conversion Kit, 50-Ton Scale Trucks201620176-84462Kits1
2-Rail Conversion Kit, 70-Ton Scale Trucks201620176-84463Kits1
33094 Railscope Installation Kit199119916-33094Kits3
Airplane Hangar Kit199719986-12951Kits6
Barrel Loader Building Kit198719996-12706Kits6
Barrel Loader Kit197819786-2722Kits9
Barrel Platform Kit197719846-2718Kits3
Barrel Shed Kit198719996-12718Kits9
Boy Flying Kite200820086-21252Kits1
Branchline Water Tank Kit201620176-84315Kits3
Dobson Victorian Building Kit199719986-12976Kits4
Electrocoupler Kit For Command Upgradeable GP9S200020006-14018Kits0
Electrocouplers Kit For Dash 9 Diesel199820016-22958Kits6
Electrocouplers Kit For GP9 Diesel199820006-22919Kits1
Electrocouplers Kit For J Class And Boston & Albany Tenders199820006-22955Kits4
Engine House Kit198719916-12710Kits9
Engine House Kit199619986-12897Kits1
Engine House Kit197319776-2785Kits0
Factory Kit199519986-12905Kits1
Flagpole Kit198319876-2320Kits5
Freight Platform Kit199019986-12773Kits4
Freight Platform Kit198119906-2784Kits1
Freight Platform Kit197319776-2786Kits0
Grain Elevator Kit198819996-12726Kits3
Grain Elevator Kit197619776-2796Kits1
Kindler Victorian Building Kit199719986-12977Kits7
Lionel Fastrack Modular Railroad Hardware Kit201520156-37157Kits0
Lionelville Hospital Kit201720176-83745Kits4
Lionelville School Kit201620176-83658Kits7
Lumber Loader Kit199019996-12774Kits1
Lumber Shed Kit198819996-12705Kits5
Lumber Shed Kit197719876-2720Kits3
Lumber Shed Kit201420176-81629Kits7
Maintenance Kit197019986-2927Kits3
Maintenance Shed Kit199519986-12906Kits1
Operating Log Mill Kit197819786-2721Kits0
Railsounds Upgrade Kit, Steam Railsounds199820016-22963Kits0
Sandy Andy Gravel Loader Kit197619796-2175Kits7
Shovel Kit198919916-12751Kits1
Shovel Kit199519986-12901Kits2
Steiner Victorian Building Kit199719986-12975Kits7
Superstreets Adjustable Straight Kit200920106-22598Kits3
Trainmaster Command Basic Upgrade Kit199820016-22960Kits0
Truck Loading Dock Kit199519986-12884Kits3
Watchman Shanty Kit198819996-12733Kits6
Watchman's Shanty Kit197719876-2719Kits19

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