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Category: Locomotive
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#2023 U.P. ALCO Non-Powered A20122014Locomotive00
#2023 U.P. ALCO Powered A20122014Locomotive00
#218 Santa Fe ALCO Fa Powered A-Unit20102011Locomotive00
#218 Santa Fe Fa ALCO Non-Powered A-Unit20102011Locomotive00
#224C-1 Usn ALCO Non-Powered B-Unit20122014Locomotive00
#224P-1 Usn ALCO Powered A-Unit20122014Locomotive00
#2329 Virginian" Conventional Rectifier-Type Electric Locomotive"Locomotive00
#2343P Santa Fe Conventional Classic F3 Powered A-Unit20092009Locomotive00
#2343T Santa Fe F3 Conventional Classic Non Powered A-Unit20092009Locomotive00
#2363C Illinois Central F3 B-Unit (Non-Powered)20122014Locomotive00
#2363P Illinois Central F3 A-Unit (Powered)20122014Locomotive00
#256 Orange Electric Loco20122012Locomotive00
#7 Steam & Tender19901990Locomotive01
(381-E) Locomotive19891989Locomotive13
100Th Anniversary Gold 700E Hudson20002000Locomotive50
115Th Anniversary Legacy Berkshire20152015Locomotive20
2-10-0 Bundesbahn Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail19931993Locomotive21
2-10-0 French Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail19931993Locomotive00
2-10-0 Reichsbahn Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail19931993Locomotive01
2-400E Steam Locomotive And Tender19911991Locomotive03
2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive20152015Locomotive00
2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Pilot Locomotive20142014Locomotive00
2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 72619971997Locomotive96
2-8-4 Lionel Lines Berkshire Conventional Classic #726Locomotive00
2-8-8-4 Em-1 Pilot Steam Locomotive20122012Locomotive10
2358 Great Northern Ep-5 Locomotive20062008Locomotive00
255E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Gray W/Nickel Graynnckl20102010Locomotive00
255E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Lionel Lines Org/Blue20102010Locomotive00
255E O Gauge Steam Engine W/Proto-Sound 2.020102010Locomotive00
255E O Gauge Steam Locomotive & Tender W/Ps220102010Locomotive10
260E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Black W/Brass Black/Bras20102010Locomotive00
260E Tinplate Loco & Tender W/Ps 2.020102010Locomotive00
260E Tinplate Steam Engine & Tender (Traditional)20122012Locomotive00
262E Steam Engine W/ Tender20122012Locomotive00
262E Traditional Steam Engine (Black W/Brass Trim)20122012Locomotive00
263E Steam Locomotive W/ Tender20142014Locomotive00
263E Tinplate Locomotive & Tender (Traditional) - Tt Blue20132013Locomotive00
263E Tinplate Steam Engine & Tender W/Ps 3.0 - Tt Blue20132013Locomotive00
4-4-2 Lionel Lines Steam Engine & Tender #874320082008Locomotive10
4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive19991999Locomotive78
4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive, Traditional, K-Line20062006Locomotive00
4-6-4 Commodore Vanderbilt Locomotive, Blue20002000Locomotive30
4-6-4 Commodore Vanderbilt Locomotive, Red20002000Locomotive10
4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive20002000Locomotive107
4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive19991999Locomotive21
4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 77319971997Locomotive103
4-6-4 Hudson New York Central Conv.Locomotive00
4-6-4 Locomotive 548419851985Locomotive41
400E Blue Comet Eng/Tender19901990Locomotive02
408E Locomotive (Std Gauge)19911991Locomotive01
6-8-6Pennsylvania Railroad S2 Steam Turbine Locomotive 67119981998Locomotive157
Adolphus Iii 4-4-2 Locomotive19891992Locomotive10
Alaska 0-4-0 Locomotive, Railsounds20122013Locomotive10
Alaska 0-6-0 Docksider Locomotive W/ Whistle #7120072009Locomotive00
Alaska 4-4-2 Locomotive 6420012001Locomotive22
Alaska 4-6-2 Locomotive 652, Lionchief20142017Locomotive20
Alaska Mikado 2-8-2 Locomotive 70120082009Locomotive00
Alaska TMCC F3 Non-Powered A-Unit #1516 #151820032003Locomotive00
Alaska TMCC F3 Powered A-Unit #151620032003Locomotive10
Albert Hall LionChief 4-6-020142015Locomotive10
ALCO Fa A Unit-Powered #229 - Conventional Classics Orbiter Freight Set20102010Locomotive00
ALCO Fa B Unit Non-Powered #229C - Conventional Classics Orbiter Freight Set20102010Locomotive00
Alien Invasion RS-3 Lionchief #X5120132014Locomotive31
Alton Limited 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive 65720122012Locomotive10
Alton Limited Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 659, Traditional20082008Locomotive00
Alton Lionchief Plus 4-6-2 Pacific #529920172017Locomotive10
American Fire & Rescue GP20 Locomotive20092010Locomotive10
American Freedom Train #611 J-Class Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy20192019Locomotive30
American Freedom Train Gs-4 4-8-4 Locomotive20162016Locomotive00
American Freedom Train T1 4-8-4 Locomotive20162016Locomotive00
American Railroads Legacy Berkshire 2-8-4 #75920172017Locomotive10
Amtrak Acela Non Powered Unit #202920042005Locomotive00
Amtrak Acela Non-Powered Locomotive #200620122012Locomotive00
Amtrak Acela Powered Locomotive #203720122012Locomotive00
Amtrak GG1 Electric 92620112011Locomotive10
Amtrak GG1 Electric 92620162016Locomotive20
Amtrak GG1 Electric Locomotive 830319891989Locomotive208
Amtrak Hhp-8 Electric Locomotive, Railsounds20102010Locomotive10
Amtrak Mopar Express19991999Locomotive11
Amtrak TMCC Acela Powered Unit #202620042005Locomotive00
Amtrak TMCC Hhp-8 Locomotive #656F20092009Locomotive00
Angela Trotta Lionchief Plus Hudson20182018Locomotive80
Angela Trotta Thomas Signature Express20102011Locomotive20
Anheuser Busch Clydesdale Lionchief Locomotive20182018Locomotive00
Area 51 0-8-0 Steam20082009Locomotive00
Astoria Heat & Power Porter Locomotive 420072007Locomotive00
AT&SF 2-6-6-4 Locomotive 179820162016Locomotive10
AT&SF 2-8-2 Locomotive 3158, Lionchief20142016Locomotive00
AT&SF 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 410320172017Locomotive00
AT&SF 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive 345020162017Locomotive20
AT&SF Es44Ac Diesel Locomotive 44020152015Locomotive00
AT&SF Es44Ac Diesel Locomotive 44420152015Locomotive01
AT&SF Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 240520162016Locomotive00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 0-4-0 Shifter Steam Locomotive 230120132013Locomotive00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-10-10-2 Mallet Locomotive 300020092010Locomotive12
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Locomotive 57320112011Locomotive00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 315620082008Locomotive10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 419920122013Locomotive10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 Columbia Locomotive 864419961999Locomotive20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive19992000Locomotive42
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive, Traditional19992000Locomotive00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 344719971997Locomotive21
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 345920072007Locomotive30
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern Steam Locomotive 375120122012Locomotive01
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern Steam Locomotive 375920122012Locomotive01
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief F-3Locomotive00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Usra Y3 2-8-8-2 Locomotive20132014Locomotive00
Atlanta & West Point Legacy Usra Pacific #29020182018Locomotive01
Atlantic Coast Line 2-4-0 Locomotive19791990Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line 4-4-2 Locomotive 860019871987Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive 103120152015Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-4 Locomotive19801980Locomotive422
Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-4 Locomotive 180020012001Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line Flyerchief Northern #180120202020Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line Legacy 4-8-4 #180020202020Locomotive00
Atlantic Coast Line TMCC E6 Powered A Unit #51220012001Locomotive00
Baldwin Demonstrator Centipede Leading A-Unit #6000-A20122012Locomotive00
Baldwin Demonstrator Centipede Trailing A-Unit #6000-B20122012Locomotive00
Baldwin Locomotive Works Operating Welding Car 3670120022002Locomotive20
Ballyhoo Bros 4-6-4 Hudson20022003Locomotive40
Baltimore & Ohio 0-8-0 Locomotive20162016Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-4-2 W/ Air WhistleLocomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-6-6-4 Locomotive 762020162016Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive 2784, Railsounds20082008Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Light Mikado Locomotive 450020172017Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 152020062007Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 450020162017Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 450720112011Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 45120112011Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-8-4 Em-1 Articulated Locomotive 761720002000Locomotive67
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive 65920122012Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive 762120122012Locomotive11
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-0 Locomotive19831984Locomotive63
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive19992000Locomotive21
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive, Traditional19992000Locomotive20
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive19751975Locomotive3420
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive 28, Traditional20052005Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 163020032003Locomotive11
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 1632, Traditional20032003Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Locomotive 530019941994Locomotive102
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Locomotive 5307, Lionchief20142017Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive20002000Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive, Traditional20002000Locomotive02
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive, Traditional20022002Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio A5 0-4-0 Locomotive ''31720162017Locomotive71
Baltimore & Ohio Atlantic Locomotive 144020112011Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Chessie System GP9Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio F3 B Non-Powered #2368C20062007Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio Legacy 2-6-6-2 #755520182018Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio Legacy Usra Pacific #530020182018Locomotive11
Baltimore & Ohio Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 952720162016Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 9555, Lionchief20152016Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Porter Locomotive 16, Traditional, K-Line20062006Locomotive01
Baltimore & Ohio President Polk 4-6-2 Locomotive20012001Locomotive24
Baltimore & Ohio Rf-16 Sharknose Non-Powered A #85720122014Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Rf-16 Sharknose Powered A #85520122014Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Semi-Scale Die Cast Pacific & Tender With TMCC & Railsounds #530020072007Locomotive01
Baltimore & Ohio Steam Loco & Tender W/Trainfx20072007Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio TMCC F3 Deisel A Powered #11520032004Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio TMCC F3 Non-Powered A Unitl #115A20032004Locomotive21
Bass Pro Shop 2-4-2 LionChief Scout20142014Locomotive10
Batman Lionchief Phantom20162017Locomotive01
Beaver Creek Logging Die-Cast Porter Locomotive20082009Locomotive00
Bellefonte Central Legacy H-10 #2120182018Locomotive00
Berkshire Locomotive And Tender #73620072007Locomotive00
Bessemer & Lake Erie #643 2-10-4 Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy20192019Locomotive20
Best Friend Of Charleston Locomotive20072007Locomotive30
Bethlehem Steel 0-4-0 Locomotive, Traditional20082009Locomotive20
Bethlehem Steel 0-4-0 Shifter Steam Locomotive 13420122012Locomotive00
Bethlehem Steel 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Locomotive 2820112011Locomotive11
Bethlehem Steel 2-Truck Shay Steam Locomotive 520122013Locomotive00
Bethlehem Steel A5 0-4-0 Locomotive 140, Lionchief20162017Locomotive71
Bethlehem Steel Lionchief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #7620202020Locomotive00
Big Brute Electric Engine20092009Locomotive00
Big Brute Electric Engine20092009Locomotive00
Big Brute Electric Locomotive20132013Locomotive00
Big Brute Electric Locomotive20132013Locomotive00
Birch Valley Lumber Shay Locomotive 520072007Locomotive02
Birthday Thomas With Remote20162017Locomotive21
Black Cave 0-4-0 Locomotive19821982Locomotive10
Blk/Brass 263E O Gauge Steam W/Ps2Locomotive00
Bloomingdale's 4-4-2 Columbia Locomotive 863219961996Locomotive00
Bloomingdale's 4-4-2 Columbia Locomotive 863219971997Locomotive00
Blue Comet 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive 83220122012Locomotive00
Blue Comet 4-6-4 Locomotive19781980Locomotive1511
Blue Comet Scale 4-6-2 Pacific #83120012002Locomotive01
Boston & Albany 0-8-0 Locomotive 53, Rai Isounds20052005Locomotive10
Boston & Albany 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 140420122013Locomotive00
Boston & Albany 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 204419971997Locomotive82
Boston & Albany 4-6-4 Locomotive 61819951995Locomotive82
Boston & Albany 4-6-4 Locomotive 78419861986Locomotive288
Boston & Albany Legacy 4-6-6T #40020202020Locomotive00
Boston & Albany Lionchief Plus Hudson #61620182018Locomotive51
Boston & Maine 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 139720162016Locomotive00
Boston & Maine 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 145520032005Locomotive00
Boston & Maine 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 401820122013Locomotive00
Boston & Maine 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 3713, Railsounds20082008Locomotive01
Boston & Maine 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 60720032003Locomotive20
Boston & Maine Dummy GP7 #238119981998Locomotive00
Boston & Maine Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 120020162016Locomotive00
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #238019981998Locomotive00
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #238919981998Locomotive20
Boston Red Sox 2-8-4 Berkshire Jr20132013Locomotive00
Boy Scouts 0-8-0 Stream Loco (High End) W/ Electronic Whistle #191020102013Locomotive10
British Columbia Comp IcLocomotive00
British Columbia Comp Lands'End 05Locomotive00
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Lionchief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #1520202020Locomotive00
Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Legacy 2-6-6-2 #75520182018Locomotive40
Burlington Conventional Classic GP7 #232820082008Locomotive00
Burlington F-3 Non-Powered A #9962-C20122013Locomotive00
Burlington F-3 Powered A #9962-A20122013Locomotive00
Burlington Hudson Jr #400020002000Locomotive10
Burlington Northern Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 546, Lionchief20152016Locomotive00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Golden Swoosh Es44Ac Diesel Locomotive 769520152015Locomotive02
Burlington Northern Santa Fe GP20 Diesel Locomotive 2050, Lionchief20152017Locomotive00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 937220162016Locomotive10
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 938520162016Locomotive00
Burlington Northern SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 631420152015Locomotive00
Burlington Northern SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 632020152015Locomotive00
Canadian National 2-4-2 Locomotive19711971Locomotive9917
Canadian National 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 8620032005Locomotive00
Canadian National 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive 163020112011Locomotive10
Canadian National 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive20152015Locomotive00
Canadian National 4-6-2 Locomotive 2044, Tender19981998Locomotive20

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