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Category: Mint Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
50Th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-58257Mint Car2
50th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-41072Mint Car0
6445 50Th Anniversary Fort Knox Mint Car (LRRC 2012)201220126-39352Mint Car3
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mint Car201320136-25977Mint Car0
Alamo Mint Car (LCCA 2011)201120116-72511Mint Car7
Alaska Gold Mint Car201720176-83633Mint Car1
Alaska Klondike Mining Mint Car200220026-19682Mint Car1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Mint Car With Gold (LCCA 2009)200920096-52514Mint Car6
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe War Bonnet Mint Car (LOTS 2011)201120116-52590Mint Car7
Atlantic City Casino Mint Car201020116-29645Mint Car2
Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Dome Mint Car (METCA 2011)201120116-52583Mint Car6
Blue Comet Mint Car (METCA 2013)201320136-58523Mint Car2
Boston Federal Reserve Mint Car201320136-29654Mint Car4
Bureau Of Engraving & Printing Mint Car200020009321Mint Car7
California Gold Mint Car (TCA 2003)200320036-52276Mint Car6
Case Closed Mint Car With Shredded Documents200820086-29626Mint Car28
Celebrate America Mint Car (TCA 2009)200920096-52508Mint Car7
Charlotte Mint Car199319936-19419Mint Car34
Chicago Federal Reserve Mint Car 6445200320046-19686Mint Car7
Christmas Ornament Lighted Mint Car201020106-29633Mint Car2
Cleveland Federal Reserve Mint Car201120116-29650Mint Car2
Concord On-site Nascar Mint Car (lcca 2023)202320232301130Mint Car0
Dahlonega Mint Car198619866-7530Mint Car21
DC The Flash Action Mint Car202320232328110Mint Car4
Denver & Rio Grande Western Uranium Transport Mint Car (LCCA 2010)201020106-52562Mint Car0
Denver Mint Car198119816-7515Mint Car27
Denver Mint Car (TCA 2007)200720076-52517Mint Car1
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2014)201420146-58569Mint Car4
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2015)201520156-58248Mint Car3
Federal Reserve Bailout Mint Car200920106-29634Mint Car4
Federal Reserve Mint Car201120116-75511Mint Car0
Fort Knox 50Th Anniversary Mint Car (METCA 2011)201120116-52574Mint Car8
Fort Knox Mint Car201020116-29638Mint Car2
Fort Knox Mint Car197919796-9320Mint Car8
Fort Knox Mint Car 6445200020006-19677Mint Car3
Fort Knox Mint Car, Lilac #6445200720076-29622Mint Car4
George H. W. Bush Mint Car201920222028010Mint Car4
Gingerbread Man Mint Car201120116-29647Mint Car1
Hallow's Eve Mint Car202220232228480Mint Car7
Hershey's Mint Car201420146-29694Mint Car3
IETCA Carson City Mint Car (IETCA 1984)198319846-7518Mint Car21
Jersey Central Mint Car (METCA 2013)201320136-58534Mint Car2
Jersey Central Mint Car (METCA 2015 Banquet Car)201520156-58247Mint Car1
Kansas City Federal Reserve Mint Car201020106-29648Mint Car3
Lackawanna Reserve Mint Car#93326201420156-81056Mint Car2
Lady Luck Las Vegas Mint Car (LCCA 2003)200320036-52299Mint Car15
Las Vegas Mint Car, Traditional200520056-29607Mint Car10
Las Vegas Poker Chip Car200620066-29612Mint Car10
Lionel 50Th Anniversary Mint Car (TCA 2004)200420046-52338Mint Car12
Lionel Lines Platinum Car200020006-19674Mint Car7
Lionel Mines Mint Car200020006-19672Mint Car0
Lionelville Bank and Trust Mint Car199819986-19660Mint Car14
Long Island Railroad Mint Car (METCA 2012)201220126-52596Mint Car5
Los Alamos Mint Car (TCA 2016)201620166-58222Mint Car0
Manhattan Project Mint Car (TCA 2019)201920196-58068Mint Car2
Manhattan Project Trinity Site Mint Car (TCA 2019)201920196-58067Mint Car1
Monopoly Go To Jail Mint Car200920106-29635Mint Car6
Monopoly Mint Car M-0539199819986-52158Mint Car12
Monopoly Mint Car With Money200820086-29624Mint Car1
More Precious Than Gold Mint Car (LOTS 2002)200220026-52280Mint Car2
National Toy Train Museum 25Th Anniversary Bullion Car (TCA 2000)200020006-52289Mint Car6
New Orleans Mint Car198419846-7522Mint Car5
New Orleans Mint Car With Coin (TCA 1986)198619866-7522Mint Car45
New York Central Lightning Stripe Mint Car (METCA 2010)201020106-52488Mint Car8
New York Central Mint Car With Copper Load (METCA 2008)200820086-52485Mint Car4
New York Federal Reserve Bullion Car 6445200020006-19670Mint Car7
North Fork Bank Mint Car (RMLI 2008)200820086-52453Mint Car10
Pennsylvania Mint Car, Green (METCA 2009)200920096-52486Mint Car7
Pennsylvania Mint Car, Tuscan (METCA 2009)200920096-52487Mint Car5
PEZ Mint Car201920191928330Mint Car0
Philadelphia Mint Car200120016-19676Mint Car8
Philadelphia Mint Car198219826-7517Mint Car35
Poinsettia Mint Car200920096-29628Mint Car2
Pony Express Mint Car200220026-19683Mint Car7
Pony Express Mint Car200320036-19694Mint Car3
Postwar 6445 Fort Knox Mint Car200220036-19688Mint Car5
Reading Philadelphia Mint Car (TCA 2014)201420146-58572Mint Car4
Registration Union Pacific Mint Car (LCCA 2020)202020202001100Mint Car2
Richmond Federal Reserve Mint Car201220126-29651Mint Car5
RMS Titanic Artifact Preservation Mint Car201220136-29652Mint Car0
Sam Houston Mint Car (HTOS 2000)200020006-8900Mint Car7
San Francisco Federal Reserve Mint Car200420046-19698Mint Car5
San Francisco Mint Car198019806-9349Mint Car37
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car200520056-19649Mint Car7
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car201720186-82925Mint Car1
Silver And Gold Christmas Mint Car201320146-29699Mint Car0
Silver Jubilee Mint Car (TCA 1979)197919796-9319Mint Car22
Smoke Pellet Mint Car 2201320156-29671Mint Car4
Southern Pacific Daylight Mint Car (TCA 2012)201220126-58512Mint Car6
Southern Pacific Lionel Smoke Pellets Mint Car201120136-29649Mint Car2
Southern Pacific Mint Car (LCCA 2019)201920191901430Mint Car6
St. Louis Federal Reserve Mint Car200220036-19679Mint Car12
Texas Special Diamonds Mint Car (LCCA 2012)201220126-58549Mint Car3
Texas Special Mint Car (TCA 2011)201120116-52585Mint Car1
Texas Special Mint Car With Silver Bars (TCA 2012)201220126-58552Mint Car2
The Lone Ranger Wild West Set "Black River City Bank" Strongbox Vault Car200920106-29631Mint Car0
The Polar Express Bells Mint Car201620176-83239Mint Car1
The Polar Express Present Mint Car202020232028470Mint Car5
The Polar Express Sleigh Bells Mint Car202320232328280Mint Car5
TN Central Railroad Mint Car (LCCA Convention Car 2022)202220222201210Mint Car1
U.S. Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Mint Car 19697200420046-19697Mint Car9
U.S. Savings Bond Mint Car200220026-19696Mint Car6
United States Army Fort Knox Gold Mint Car201920211923103Mint Car0
Vampire Transport Mint Car201020116-29636Mint Car1
Virginia & Truckee Carson City Mint Car (LOTS 2013)201320136-58566Mint Car4
Wellspring Capital Management Gold Bullion Car199919996-19667Mint Car14
Wellspring Capital Management Mint Car199919996-19673Mint Car0
West Point Mint Car199119916-19406Mint Car16

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