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Category: Multi Car Pack
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#216 Add-On Cars (LCCA 2010)201020106-52533Multi Car Pack2
ACFX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201320136-27996Multi Car Pack0
ADM 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201320136-27992Multi Car Pack0
Alaska Work Train Expansion Pack200720086-30046Multi Car Pack2
Allied Chemical One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack200020006-36916Multi Car Pack2
American Freedom Train Add-On 2-Pack #2201620176-83589Multi Car Pack1
American Freedom Train Add-On 2-Pack #3201620176-83592Multi Car Pack2
American Freedom Train Add-On 2-Pack #4201720176-84226Multi Car Pack2
Amfleet Phase Ivb Coach 2-Pack201020106-35433Multi Car Pack0
Archive Pastel Freight Car 3-Pack201220126-27792Multi Car Pack1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Car 3-Pack201020116-30121Multi Car Pack0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Map And Slogan Reefer 3-Pack201220126-17758Multi Car Pack4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Offset Hopper 3-Pack200820096-27029Multi Car Pack2
Baltimore & Ohio 1905 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack201720176-84153Multi Car Pack0
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC 2-Pack200920096-38313Multi Car Pack6
Batman Add-On M7 Subway Car 2-Pack201420156-81479Multi Car Pack0
Batman And Flash Justice League Boxcar 2-Pack201520166-82683Multi Car Pack0
Berwind Gla Hopper 3-Pack201820186-85286Multi Car Pack0
Candy Cane Transit Commuter 2-Pack201120136-30165Multi Car Pack1
Cascade Range Expansion Pack200620066-30042Multi Car Pack0
Central Pacific Railroad 1860's Wood Coach 2 Pack202020201927390Multi Car Pack0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper 3-Pack201320156-27973Multi Car Pack0
Chessie Merger Freight Car Add-On 2-Pack201020116-30138Multi Car Pack3
Chessie Steam Special 2-Pack 1202020202027360Multi Car Pack0
Chessie Steam Special 2-Pack 3202020202027380Multi Car Pack0
Chessie Steam Steel Car 2-Pack 2202020202027370Multi Car Pack0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200320036-15311Multi Car Pack0
Classic Street Lamp 3-Pack, Black201320176-37174Multi Car Pack5
Clinchfield Freight Car 2-Pack201020106-27061Multi Car Pack2
Coal Tipple Pack201120176-16889Multi Car Pack5
Conrail Hi-Cube Boxcar 2-Pack201420166-81095Multi Car Pack0
Conrail Office Car Special Add-On 2-Pack201720176-83601Multi Car Pack0
Conrail PS-5 Gondola And PS-4 Flatcar201520166-82670Multi Car Pack0
Container 4-Pack201320136-37161Multi Car Pack0
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #1201020116-11166Multi Car Pack0
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #2201020116-11167Multi Car Pack3
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #3201020116-11168Multi Car Pack3
Custom Series Consist I, 3-Pack199919996-21774Multi Car Pack1
Custom Series Consist Ii, 3-Pack199919996-21934Multi Car Pack0
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Expansion Pack200620077-11008Multi Car Pack1
Dale Earnhardt Sr. Expansion Pack200620077-11007Multi Car Pack2
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton PS-5 Gondola And PS-4 Flatcar201520166-82667Multi Car Pack2
Disney Villains Hi-Cube Boxcar 2-Pack201620176-82718Multi Car Pack0
Eastern Freight Expansion Pack200920176-30112Multi Car Pack2
Elk River Skeleton Lumber Car 3-Pack200520056-29445Multi Car Pack0
Feather Route Freight Car 3-Pack201020116-31796Multi Car Pack2
Flatcar With J.B. Hunt Trailers 2-Pack199919996-36026Multi Car Pack0
Global Ethanol Transport One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201520156-82652Multi Car Pack1
Globe Lamp 3-Pack201320176-37173Multi Car Pack4
Gooseneck Lamp 2-Pack201320176-37172Multi Car Pack10
Great Northern Offset Hopper 3-Pack201320156-27977Multi Car Pack2
Great Western Expansion Pack200720086-30036Multi Car Pack1
Halloween General Add-On Cars (LCCA 2006)200620066-52405Multi Car Pack5
Holiday Expansion Pack200520056-30011Multi Car Pack4
Hot Metal Car 2-Pack201620166-83484Multi Car Pack0
Intermodal Container 4-Pack201420146-81436Multi Car Pack0
Jeff Gordon Expansion Pack200620077-11011Multi Car Pack0
Jimmie Johnson Expansion Pack200620077-11010Multi Car Pack1
Joker/Lex Luthor Boxcar 2-Pack201620166-82953Multi Car Pack4
Kasey Kahne Expansion Pack7-11006-1Multi Car Pack0
Kasey Kahne Expansion Pack7-11006-2Multi Car Pack0
Kasey Kahne Expansion Pack200620077-11006Multi Car Pack0
Keystone Coal Freight Car 4-Pack200820086-21583Multi Car Pack0
Legends Of Lionel Madison Car 2-Pack199819986-19096Multi Car Pack2
Lehigh Valley Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 2-Pack201420156-81687Multi Car Pack0
Lionel Airplane 2-Pack201220176-37855Multi Car Pack7
Lionel Art Boxcar 2-Pack201020116-29965Multi Car Pack9
Lionel Art Boxcar 2-Pack201020106-39321Multi Car Pack5
Lionel Boat 4-Pack201120176-37834Multi Car Pack6
Lionel Centennial Series Reefer 4-Pack199819986-11849Multi Car Pack5
Logging Disconnect Christmas 4-Pack201720176-84163Multi Car Pack0
Logging Disconnect Dinner Train 4-Pack201720176-84165Multi Car Pack0
Logging Disconnect Reindeer Train 4-Pack A201720176-84553Multi Car Pack0
Logging Disconnect Reindeer Train 4-Pack B201720176-84554Multi Car Pack0
Logging Disconnect With Load 2-Pack201620166-82849Multi Car Pack1
Lone Ranger Add-On 3-Pack201020106-11162Multi Car Pack0
Long Island Railroad Gla Hopper 2-Pack (NLOE 2016)201620166-58239Multi Car Pack0
Maersk Intermodal Containers (2)199219926-11731Multi Car Pack0
Maple Leaf Freight Add-On 2-Pack201020116-11174Multi Car Pack2
Meet The Beatles Boxcar 2-Pack201020146-29961Multi Car Pack2
Metro-North Add-On 2-Pack201520156-82196Multi Car Pack0
Milwaukee Road 18'1Aluminum Coach/Dining Car 2-Pack201420146-82489Multi Car Pack0
Milwaukee Road Die Cast 2-Bay Smooth-Sided Hopper 3-Pack200720076-21332Multi Car Pack0
Monopoly Auto 4-Pack201220126-37836Multi Car Pack1
Monopoly Boxcar 2-Pack, Mediterranean And St. James Avenues201320156-39379Multi Car Pack2
Monopoly Boxcar 2-Pack, States And Vermont Avenues201320156-39376Multi Car Pack4
Monopoly Boxcar 2-Pack, Ventnor And Indiana Avenues201420156-81073Multi Car Pack1
Monopoly Boxcar 3-Pack #3200920106-39310Multi Car Pack0
Monopoly Boxcar 3-Pack #4201020116-39328Multi Car Pack3
MTA Long Island Railroad M-7 Add-On 2-Pack200920096-35174Multi Car Pack3
MTA Long Island Rr M-7 Add-On 2-Pack201020106-35226Multi Car Pack1
MTA Metro-North M-7 Commuter Add-On 2-Pack200720086-35133Multi Car Pack0
Napa Valley Wine Train Heavyweight 2-Pack200520056-15546Multi Car Pack0
New Haven Streamliner Car 3-Pack200720076-22131Multi Car Pack0
New York Central Baby Madison Passenger Car 3-Pack201420166-81754Multi Car Pack0
New York Central Firecar 18444 And Instruction Car 19853199919996-11988Multi Car Pack2
New York Central Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack200520056-30007Multi Car Pack2
New York Central Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack200620086-30038Multi Car Pack1
New York Central Heavyweight 3-Pack200520066-15577Multi Car Pack4
New York Central Pacemaker Rolling Stock 4-Pack199819986-17246Multi Car Pack4
New York City R27 Subway Car 2-Pack200720076-18378Multi Car Pack0
Nickel Plate Road Rolling Stock 4-Pack199819986-21750Multi Car Pack2
No. 6464 Boxcar 3-Pack #2, Archive Collection200420046-39253Multi Car Pack1
No. 6464 Boxcar 3-Pack #3, Archive Collection200520056-39267Multi Car Pack2
No. 6464 Boxcar 3-Pack #4, Archive Collection200620066-39273Multi Car Pack4
No. 6464 Boxcar 3-Pack, Series VIII199919996-29267Multi Car Pack14
Norfolk & Western Offset Hopper 3-Pack201320156-27969Multi Car Pack0
Norfolk Southern Streamlined Coach 4-Car Set201920191927200Multi Car Pack2
Norman Rockwell Boxcar 4-Pack200520056-31730Multi Car Pack0
North Pole Central Freight Expansion Pack200620116-30040Multi Car Pack0
Northern Central 1860's Wood Coach 2 Pack202020201927680Multi Car Pack0
Northern Pacific Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200220026-39179Multi Car Pack0
Northern Pacific Freight Cars 4-Pack199819986-11977Multi Car Pack0
Northwest Special Freight Expansion Pack200720086-30048Multi Car Pack0
NY Add-On Cars (LCCA 2007)200720076-52447Multi Car Pack2
One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack (MLRRC 2000)200020006-52230Multi Car Pack2
One Dome Tank Car Set, 4-Pack199919996-21769Multi Car Pack1
Operating Plutonium Car 2-Pack201020116-37002Multi Car Pack0
Operation Eagle Justice Add-On 2-Pack201020116-11175Multi Car Pack0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 6-Pack200120016-17319Multi Car Pack0
Pacific Fruit Express Steel-Sided Reefers 3-Pack201420146-81908Multi Car Pack1
Pacific Fruit Express Steel-Sided Refrigerator Car 3-Pack201420156-29989Multi Car Pack1
Pacific Fruit Express Wood-Sided Reefer 3-Pack200620066-11657Multi Car Pack7
Peanuts Coach 3-Pack201320136-35286Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania 1860S Coach 2 Pack202020201927730Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Coal Goes To War Gla Hopper 3-Pack201820186-85282Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack200520056-30003Multi Car Pack5
Pennsylvania Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack200620086-30037Multi Car Pack1
Pennsylvania Gla Hopper 3-Pack #1201820186-85274Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Gla Hopper 3-Pack #2201820186-85278Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Mow Gla Hopper 3-Pack201820186-85290Multi Car Pack3
Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Car 3-Pack200820086-22104Multi Car Pack1
Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Expansion 3-Pack201320136-25938Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack201520156-82611Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack #2201620166-83539Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200120016-39050Multi Car Pack1
Pennsylvania Railroad Paoli Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Train 2-Pack201020106-22619Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Rolling Stock 4-Pack199819986-21751Multi Car Pack5
Pennsylvania Railroad Silver & Gold Ore Car 2-Pack201620176-82709Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Streamliner 4-Pack201020116-35193Multi Car Pack0
Pennsylvania Railroad Streamliner Car 2-Pack200120016-39092Multi Car Pack0
Pere Marquette Freight Car 3-Pack201020116-31795Multi Car Pack0
PESX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201620166-84443Multi Car Pack0
Philadelphia Energy Solutions One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201520156-82644Multi Car Pack1
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 2-Pack201420166-81824Multi Car Pack0
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Offset Hopper 3-Pack201320156-27965Multi Car Pack0
Polar Express Boxcar 2-Pack201620176-83645Multi Car Pack3
Postwar 6464 Boxcar 2-Pack, Rare Variations200820086-39290Multi Car Pack0
Postwar 6464 Boxcar 3-Pack #2200020006-39211Multi Car Pack7
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set I, 3 Cars199319936-19247Multi Car Pack10
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set II, 3 Cars199419946-19257Multi Car Pack21
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set IV, 3 Cars199619966-19272Multi Car Pack17
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set VI, 3 Cars199719976-19292Multi Car Pack22
Postwar 6464 Series Ix, 3 Cars199920006-29289Multi Car Pack6
Postwar 6464 Series X, 3 Cars200120016-39203Multi Car Pack9
Pullman Baby Madison Passenger Car 2-Pack201420166-81763Multi Car Pack0
Pullman Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81764Multi Car Pack0
Reading & Northern Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack201820186-85370Multi Car Pack0
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper 3-Pack200720076-21337Multi Car Pack0
Reading USRA 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack201720176-84149Multi Car Pack2
Ringling Bros. Expansion Pack200820106-22126Multi Car Pack0
Santa Fe Shadow-Line 2-Pack202020202027110Multi Car Pack2
Scout Freight Expansion Pack201120156-30135Multi Car Pack4
Smithsonian Air & Space Boxcar 2-Pack201620166-83157Multi Car Pack0
Sodor Coal And Scrap Cars 2-Pack201420166-81423Multi Car Pack0
Sodor Freight 3-Pack201120136-30170Multi Car Pack0
Sodor Freight Expansion Pack200620096-30035Multi Car Pack0
Sodor Tank And Wagon Expansion Pack201020166-30141Multi Car Pack0
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200120016-39157Multi Car Pack2
Southern Freight Car 4-Pack200720076-21190Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific 18 Aluminum Sleeper/Coach Car 2-Pack201420156-81975Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Baby Madison Passenger Car 3-Pack201420166-81649Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Coach/Diner 2-Pack201420166-81773Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Daylight 15 Heavyweight 2-Pack200720076-21305Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Daylight 18" Heavyweight 2-Pack A202020202027550Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Daylight 18" Heavyweight 2-Pack B202020202027560Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Daylight 18" Heavyweight 2-Pack C202020202027570Multi Car Pack0
Southern Pacific Sunset Limited Coach 4-Pack201320156-20005Multi Car Pack0
Steel I-Beam 12-Pack201620176-83223Multi Car Pack3
Strasburg Freight Add-On 2-Pack201020106-11169Multi Car Pack1
Superman And Green Lantern Justice League Boxcar 2-Pack201520166-82684Multi Car Pack0
Texan Freight Add-On 2-Pack201020116-11173Multi Car Pack0
The Polar Express Elf Work Train 4-Pack202020202026680Multi Car Pack2
Thomas & Friends Branch Line Coach 2-Pack201920191928091Multi Car Pack1
Thomas & Friends Troublesome Trucks Christmas 2-Pack201120156-26446Multi Car Pack1
Thomas The Tank Engine Expansion Pack200520166-30012Multi Car Pack1
Thunder Valley Quarry Freight Car Add-On 2-Pack201020116-30136Multi Car Pack4
TILX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201620166-84447Multi Car Pack0
Tony Stewart Expansion Pack200620077-11009Multi Car Pack1
TTX Trailer Train 2-Pack200620066-21874Multi Car Pack0
U.S. Steel Hot Metal Car 2-Pack201620166-83481Multi Car Pack0
U.S. Steel Slag Car 3-Pack201620166-83466Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific 18 Aluminum Sleeper/Coach Car 2-Pack201420156-81978Multi Car Pack2
Union Pacific 1860's Wood Coach 2 Pack202020201927380Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200220026-39194Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Challenger Expansion Pack 3202020202027170Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific City Of Los Angeles Coach 4-Pack201320156-20010Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Cars 4-Pack199819986-11844Multi Car Pack1
Union Pacific Excursion Expansion Pack 3202020202027230Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Excursion Expansion Pack 4202020202027240Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Heritage Freight Car 3-Pack200820086-30082Multi Car Pack1
Union Pacific PS-4 Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers 2-Pack200820086-21903Multi Car Pack1
Union Pacific S2 Diesel Switcher 1103 And Caboose 25384200820086-22283Multi Car Pack0
US Army 15 Heavyweight 2-Pack200720076-21321Multi Car Pack0
UTLX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201320136-27988Multi Car Pack0
UTLX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201520156-82640Multi Car Pack0
UTLX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201620166-84439Multi Car Pack0
Virginian Coal Hopper 6-Pack #2200120016-21793Multi Car Pack0
Western & Atlantic Passenger Car 2-Pack200820086-31569Multi Car Pack0
Western Freight Expansion 3-Pack201320166-25942Multi Car Pack0
Western Freight Expansion Pack201020126-30128Multi Car Pack2
Western Pacific 4-Pack200720076-21246Multi Car Pack1

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