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Category: Ore Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
AJO & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2004)200420046-52358Ore Car3
Alaska Ore Car 16474200420046-16474Ore Car4
Alaska Ore Car With Gold 3703201720176-83703Ore Car0
Amtrak Ore Car With Load199119916-19315Ore Car7
Anaconda Ore Car (TTOS 1988)198819886-17872Ore Car7
Arizona Eastern Ore Car (GPD 2014)201420146-58583Ore Car0
Arizona Southern Ore Car (GPD 1999)199919996-52177Ore Car1
Asarco Hayden Smelter Ore Car (GPD 2015)201520156-58234Ore Car0
Asarco Ore Car (GPD 2011)201120116-52588Ore Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ore Car199519958-87210Ore Car1
Baltimore & Ohio Ore Car198919898-87202Ore Car1
Baltimore & Ohio Ore Car With Load199019916-19313Ore Car14
Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Car 6-Pack201820186-84779Ore Car4
Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Car With Load198919896-19307Ore Car17
Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Car With Load199219926-19321Ore Car10
Bethlehem Ore Car199919996-36041Ore Car0
Bethlehem Steel Ore Car 6-Pack201920191928160Ore Car0
BHP Copper Ore Car (GPD 2000)200020006-52213Ore Car4
Bureau Of Land Management Ore Car 3479199819986-16766Ore Car8
Burlington Northern Ore Car 95887200220026-17807Ore Car0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ore Car, Traditional200520056-16489Ore Car6
Calabasas, Tuscon & Northwestern Ore Car (GPD 2006)200620066-52421Ore Car2
Canadian National Ore Car198619866-6126Ore Car20
Canadian National Ore Car201520176-82073Ore Car4
Canadian National Ore Car 345165200020006-17801Ore Car2
Canadian National Ore Car 6-Pack201920191928170Ore Car0
Canadian Pacific Ore Car 377249200020006-17802Ore Car4
Canadian Pacific Rail Ore Car 377238200120016-17805Ore Car1
Catholic War Vets Youngstown Steel Ore Car201320136-59004Ore Car0
Chessie Ore Car198819886-19305Ore Car15
Chicago & North Western Ore Car 114023200620066-16492Ore Car2
Chicago & North Western Ore Car 6-Pack201820186-84776Ore Car1
Chicago & North Western Ore Car With Load199319936-19322Ore Car12
Copper Basin Railway Ore Car (GPD 1995)199519956-52071Ore Car10
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16484Ore Car4
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16485Ore Car5
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16486Ore Car6
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16488Ore Car1
Cyprus Ore Car (GPD 1991)199119916-17886Ore Car5
Denver & Rio Grande Western Ore Car #38171 (LOTS 2017)201720176-83872Ore Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Ore Car #38173 (LOTS 2017)201720176-83873Ore Car1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Ore Car 31101201420156-81014Ore Car0
Detroit & Mackinac Ore Car With Load199319936-19323Ore Car4
Dragoon & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2002)200220026-52279Ore Car5
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 28000200320036-19348Ore Car0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 28003201320136-26451Ore Car0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 29991200820086-22318Ore Car0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 31456200020006-17803Ore Car0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway Ore Car 6-Pack201820186-84775Ore Car0
El Paso & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 1997)199719976-52124Ore Car2
Erie Mining Company Ore Car 6-Pack201920191928180Ore Car0
Ford Plymouth Diesel Switcher And Ore Car 6-Pack200820086-22334Ore Car0
Freeport-Mcmoran Ore Car (GPD 2012)201220126-58513Ore Car1
Georgia Power Ore Car201120116-26442Ore Car0
Great Northern Ore Car 6-Pack201820186-84777Ore Car6
Great Northern Ore Car With Load198919896-19308Ore Car14
Inspiration Consolidated Copper Ore Car (GPD 1992)199219926-19961Ore Car11
Lehigh Valley Ore Car198719876-16305Ore Car3
Lionel Lines Ore Car 2026200820096-26411Ore Car2
Ll Steel Die-Cast Ore Car 6486-1199619966-51503Ore Car1
Ll Steel Die-Cast Ore Car 6486-2199619966-51504Ore Car0
Ll Steel Die-Cast Ore Car 6486-3199619966-51502Ore Car10
Magma Ore Car (GPD 1989)198919896-17878Ore Car3
Mascot & Western Ore Car (GPD 2007)200720076-52473Ore Car1
Milwaukee Road Ore Car198719876-19301Ore Car10
Milwaukee Road Ore Car198919898-87201Ore Car1
Milwaukee Road Ore Car 6-Pack201820186-84778Ore Car4
Minneapolis & St. Louis Ore Car 6700201120116-26443Ore Car2
National Aquarium In Baltimore Car (LOTS 2001)200120016-52260Ore Car3
Naughty And Nice Ore Car 2-Pack200320036-16470Ore Car1
Naughty Or Nice Ore Car 2-Pack201820186-84785Ore Car0
New Jersey Transit Ore Car Set199819986-11982Ore Car3
NJ Transit Bay Head Yard Ore Car 9128199819986-16178Ore Car0
NJ Transit Dover Yard Ore Car 9129199819986-16179Ore Car1
NJ Transit Gladstone Yard Ore Car 9127199819986-16177Ore Car1
NJ Transit Port Morris Ore Car 9125199819986-16175Ore Car1
NJ Transit Raritan Yard Ore Car 9126199819986-16176Ore Car0
Northern Pacific Ore Car198619866-6127Ore Car15
Northern Pacific Ore Car199019908-87204Ore Car0
Northern Pacific Ore Car 78540200820086-26401Ore Car1
Ontario Northland Ore Car200020008-87214Ore Car2
Ontario Northland Ore Car 6126200020006-17800Ore Car2
Ore Car Naughty W/Coal200320036-16471Ore Car1
Ore Car W/Presents Nice200320036-16472Ore Car0
Ore Car, Yellow (LRRC 1986)198619866-16800Ore Car20
Penn Central Ore Car198419846-6122Ore Car4
Pennsylvania Ore Car199019908-87205Ore Car1
Pennsylvania Ore Car 6-Pack201920191928190Ore Car0
Pennsylvania Ore Car With Coal Load #158866-15886Ore Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car198719876-19300Ore Car20
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car200920176-26421Ore Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car201220126-26457Ore Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car With Gold Load #25201620176-82881Ore Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car With Load199219926-19320Ore Car7
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car With Silver Load #12201620176-82880Ore Car0
Phelps Dodge Ore Car (GPD 1990)199019906-17881Ore Car9
Pinto Valley Mine Ore Car (GPD 1994)199419946-52027Ore Car9
Port Of Tucson Ore Car (GPD 2009)200920096-52558Ore Car0
Ray & Gila Bend Ore Car (GPD 2005)200520056-52386Ore Car1
Rock Island Ore Car 99122200320036-16473Ore Car2
Rosemont Copper Ore Car (GPD 2010)201020106-52579Ore Car0
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company Ore Car (GPD 1996)199619966-52089Ore Car9
San Pedro & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2013)201320136-58557Ore Car1
Santa Fe Ore Car - Black (METCA 2019)201920191901382Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car - Blue (METCA 2019)201920191901384Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car - Brown (METCA 2019)201920191901383Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car - Green (METCA 2019)201920191901385Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car - Orange (METCA 2019)201920191901386Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car - Red (METCA 2019)201920191901381Ore Car0
Santa Fe Ore Car 6-pack (METCA 2019)201920191901380Ore Car0
Silver Anniversary Ore Car 1979 (LOTS 2004)200420046-52359Ore Car1
Silver Anniversary Ore Car 2004 (LOTS 2004)200420046-52360Ore Car1
Silver Bell Casting Co. Ore Car201320136-25964Ore Car0
SOO Line Ore Car199319936-16385Ore Car0
SOO Line Ore Car201020106-26423Ore Car0
SOO Line Ore Car198419846-6116Ore Car5
Southern Pacific Ore Car (GPD 1998)199819986-52164Ore Car5
Tombstone & Western Ore Car (GPD 2001)200120016-52248Ore Car1
Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Ore Car (GPD 1993)199319936-52011Ore Car3
Tucson, Globe & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2008)200820086-52524Ore Car1
Twin Buttes Ore Car (GPD 2003)200320036-52307Ore Car4
U.S. Steel Ore Car 19349200320036-19349Ore Car1
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car199819986-26926Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car199819986-26927Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car199819986-26928Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car199819986-26929Ore Car1
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64861199719976-26920Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64862199719976-26921Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64863199719976-26922Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64864199719976-26923Ore Car1
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64865199719976-26924Ore Car0
Union Pacific Die-Cast Ore Car 64866199719976-26925Ore Car1
Union Pacific Ore Car (GPD 2016)201620166-58262Ore Car0
Union Pacific Ore Car 27250200320036-17806Ore Car6
Union Pacific Ore Car 6-Pack201920191928200Ore Car1
Union Pacific Ore Car 8023200120016-17804Ore Car4
Virginia & Truckee Ore Car #34133 (LOTS 2013)201320136-58559Ore Car0
Virginia & Truckee Ore Care #34132 (LOTS 2013)201320136-58558Ore Car0

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