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Category: Other Cars
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Daffy Duck Animated Balloon Car 3470199719976-16755Other Cars10
Fire Car With Ladders199319946-16660Other Cars12
Fire Car With Ladders199419946-16688Other Cars4
Ford Coil Car 749772200920096-22524Other Cars0
Great Northern Tool Car (CLRC 2006)200620066-52388Other Cars1
Indiana Rail Road Company Operating Giraffe Car200220026-36759Other Cars4
Ingot Buggie W/Ingot Mold 3Pk200820086-21743Other Cars0
Jersey Central Tool Car198819886-19653Other Cars19
King Tut Museum Car 9660199919996-19669Other Cars4
Las Vegas Poker Chip Car200620066-29612Other Cars7
LFD Tool Car200220026-19693Other Cars0
Lionel Model Shop Display 6445-2200120016-19675Other Cars6
Lionel Model Shop Display Car 6445-01199920006-19671Other Cars9
Lionelville Fire Car199819986-19854Other Cars3
Lionelville Ladder Fire Car199919996-26991Other Cars3
Long Island Tool Car199119916-839113Other Cars0
Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Car199419946-16683Other Cars11
Merry & Bright Hot Cocoa Car201420146-82001Other Cars0
Monday Night Football TV Car200120026-26708Other Cars2
New Haven Cop And Hobo Car199019916-16624Other Cars3
New York Central Fire Car199819986-18445Other Cars1
New York Central Firefighting Instruction Car 19853199819996-19857Other Cars4
New York Central M-497 Jet-Powered Rail Car201020106-38401Other Cars0
New York Central Tool Car199219926-16703Other Cars2
No. 900 Ammunition Car2011201111-70061Other Cars0
Norfolk & Western Tool Car199119916-19658Other Cars7
Norfolk Southern Transparent Instruction Car201020116-19585Other Cars2
Operating Circus Animal Car199119916-16638Other Cars6
Operating Circus Clown Car199219926-16651Other Cars15
Operating Circus Elephant Car199019916-16629Other Cars4
Operating Voltmeter Car200720076-21265Other Cars2
Pennsylvania Railroad Fire Car198319836-8379Other Cars23
Polar Express Conductor Announcement Car201620176-83437Other Cars1
Postwar 52 Fire Car200220026-18470Other Cars0
Postwar 59 Minuteman Motorized Unit200120026-18456Other Cars2
Postwar 6512 Mercury Capsule Astronaut Car201520166-82101Other Cars0
Postwar 6651 Big John Cannon Car200820086-29853Other Cars1
Postwar 6905 Radioactive Waste Car200620066-29829Other Cars0
Radioactive Waste Car198019806-9234Other Cars3
Radioactive Waste Car198119826-9389Other Cars0
Reading Cop And Hobo Car198919896-16614Other Cars2
Reindeer Car200020006-26740Other Cars4
Santa Fe Tool Car198719876-19651Other Cars10
Santa Fe Tool Car198619866-5760Other Cars4
Scale Hudson Replacement Pilot Truck199119916-12800Other Cars0
Southern Pacific Operating Cowboy Car199019916-16630Other Cars6
Southern Tool Car198719876-16701Other Cars0
Tableau Circus Wagons200820086-22346Other Cars1
Tool Car (LRRC 1989)198919896-16802Other Cars38
Toxic Waste Car199319946-16666Other Cars7
Toxic Waste Car199419946-16689Other Cars6
TV Car199319946-16670Other Cars54
TV Car199419946-16704Other Cars19
U.S. Army Fire Ladder Car199619966-16726Other Cars6
U.S. Army Target Launcher199619966-19824Other Cars19
Western Union Tool Car 3550 (LRRC 2000)200020006-19992Other Cars5
World's Fair Tool Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58580Other Cars3

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