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Category: Observation Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#2446 Streamlined Summit Observation Car20082008Observation Car00
1-4392 Army-Navy Observation Car19921992Observation Car00
1416 New York Observation Car19891989Observation Car20
1422 'Temple' Observation19901990Observation Car00
325 Observation Car19881988Observation Car61
Adolphus Busch Observation Car19921993Observation Car85
Alaska Streamliner Observation #542019992000Observation Car00
Alexander Hamilton Congressional Observation Car20002000Observation Car00
Amtrak Observation Car19971997Observation Car00
Amtrak Observation Car19881989Observation Car01
Amtrak Observation Car19951996Observation Car00
Amtrak Observation Car19761977Observation Car53
Amtrak Observation Car 910619891989Observation Car53
Amtrak Streamliner Observation20142015Observation Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Observation Car 1020002000Observation Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Sacramento Observation Car20102011Observation Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Observation Car 240619971999Observation Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Observation Car19992000Observation Car20
Atlantic Coast Line Aluminium Observation #1115Observation Car00
Atlantic Coast Line Observation Car 25619961996Observation Car20
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Observation "Washington"20042004Observation Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Baby Madison Observation "Chicago"20062007Observation Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Campaign Observation Car19761976Observation Car71
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Heavyweight Observation Car20002000Observation Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Observation "Capitol Square"20072007Observation Car10
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Observation Daniel William" #1402"20072007Observation Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car19751975Observation Car00
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car 905019961996Observation Car20
Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Observation Car19992000Observation Car00
Bicentennial Observation Car19761976Observation Car00
Blue Comet Observation Car19781980Observation Car53
Boston Red Sox Baby Madison Observation Car20132013Observation Car00
Burlington Observation Car19801980Observation Car82
California Zephyr Streamliner Observation "Silver Sky"20062007Observation Car20
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Observation #661220142016Observation Car00
Canadian Pacific Banff Park Aluminum Observation Car19991999Observation Car00
Canadian Pacific Observation Car20132015Observation Car21
Catskill Valley Baby Madison Observation Car 950219971997Observation Car00
Central Of New Jersey "Blue Comet" Heavyweight Observation20012002Observation Car00
Central Of New Jersey Blue Comet" Heavywight Observation "Devico" #1178"20122013Observation Car00
Central Of New Jersey Madison Observation Car 117819992000Observation Car10
Chattanooga O27 Streamlined Observation Car "Tennessee"20132013Observation Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio "The George Washington" Heavyweight Observation "Commander In Chief"20062007Observation Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio 21" Streamlined Passenger Observation Car #192120152015Observation Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio Heavyweight Observation Car 257419971997Observation Car10
Chesapeake & Ohio Observation Car20132013Observation Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio Observation Car 250419961996Observation Car30
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Observation20032003Observation Car00
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Observation #1820052005Observation Car00
Chessie System Observation Car19801980Observation Car74
Chicago & Alton Alton Limited" Heavyweight Observation "20122014Observation Car00
Chicago & Alton Observation Car19811981Observation Car23
Chicago & North Western Observation Car 660319931993Observation Car10
Chicago Cubs Baby Madison Observation Car20132013Observation Car00
Chicago Observation Car19801980Observation Car55
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Observation Car "Silver Lookout"20032003Observation Car00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Pioneer Zephyr Observation #57020132014Observation Car00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Pioneer Zephyr Observation Tom Sawyer #57220132014Observation Car00
Christmas Disconnect Observation20202020Observation Car00
Christmas Observation Car20082008Observation Car00
City Of Chicago Observation Car20102010Observation Car00
Cowen Lionel Legends Observation Car 260019971997Observation Car10
Custom Series Short Observation Car, Blue19991999Observation Car00
Custom Series Short Observation Car, Red19991999Observation Car30
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Observation20032003Observation Car00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Observation Car20102010Observation Car00
Empire State Express Observation Car20202020Observation Car00
Empire State Express Observation CarObservation Car00
Erie-Lackawanna Tavern Lounge Aluminum Observation Car 78919991999Observation Car00
Ferdinand Magellan Observation Car20202020Observation Car00
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Observation "Bay Biscayne"20042004Observation Car00
Freedom Train Heavyweight Observation20032003Observation Car00
Great Northern Observation Car19921992Observation Car41
Great Northern Streamliner Observation #119320072007Observation Car00
Heavyweight Observation-New York Central "Elkhart Valley"20072007Observation Car00
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Beaver Tail Observation20012001Observation Car00
Illinois Central Observation Car19911991Observation Car02
Illinois Central Observation Car19851987Observation Car41
Kansas City Southern Aluminum Streamlined Observation "New Orleans"20002000Observation Car00
L/S Obsv W/Hobo Pol Ex/G-Gauge20162016Observation Car10
Lackawanna Observation Car 78919941994Observation Car50
Lionel Lines Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Silver Dawn"20082008Observation Car00
Lionel Lines O27 Streamlined Observation "Hillside" #242320082008Observation Car00
Lionel Lines O27 Streamlined Observation #2511720052005Observation Car00
Lionel Lines Observation Car19901990Observation Car70
Lionel Lines Observation Car19911991Observation Car22
Lionel Lines Silver Rail Observation Car19961996Observation Car64
Logging Disconnect Santa Claus Observation20172017Observation Car01
Long Island Observation Car19961996Observation Car00
Louisville & Nashville Streamliner Observation20032003Observation Car00
Madison Observation Car - Chesterfield20072007Observation Car10
Menards Chicago & North Western Lake Superior Observation Car20092009Observation Car00
Milw Rd Cedar Rapids Skytop Observation 18 Aluminum Passenger Car20082008Observation Car00
Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha" Heavyweight Observation "Crystal Point"20072007Observation Car00
Milwaukee Road 18 Observation20112011Observation Car00
Milwaukee Road Campaign Observation Car19761976Observation Car63
Milwaukee Road Cedar Rapids Aluminum Observation Car 18619991999Observation Car10
Milwaukee Road Columbian 18 2 Pack D (Sleeper / Observation)20182018Observation Car10
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha" 18" Aluminum Observation"20062006Observation Car00
Milwaukee Road Observation Car19731973Observation Car84
Missouri Pacific Observation Car 660919951995Observation Car61
Nabisco Oreo Lighted Observation CarObservation Car00
Napa Valley Wine 15 Heavyweight Observation #1018Observation Car00
Napa Valley Wine Train Heavyweight Observation20052005Observation Car00
New Haven Observation Car 608619951995Observation Car00
New York Central "20Th Century Limited" 18" Aluminum Observation20082008Observation Car00
New York Central "20Th Century Limited" Heavyweight Observation "Elkhart Valley"20042004Observation Car00
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Observation "Sager Place"20022002Observation Car00
New York Central "Commodore Vanderbilt" 18" Aluminum Observation "Maumee River"20062006Observation Car00
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Catskill Valley Observation Car (Std 0)20122012Observation Car00
New York Central Baby Madison Observation #398020142016Observation Car00
New York Central Detroit Baby Madison Observation Car 101920002000Observation Car20
New York Central Disconnect Observation20202020Observation Car00
New York Central Empire State Express 21 Combine/ Observation Car 2-Pack #220172017Observation Car00
New York Central Empire State Express Observation Car "Theodore Roosevelt"20152015Observation Car00
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Observation #55"20022002Observation Car00
New York Central Hudson Valley Heavyweight Observation Car 256719971997Observation Car43
New York Central Manhattan Island Observation Car19931993Observation Car00
New York Central Observation Car19891989Observation Car20
New York Central Observation Car20052005Observation Car00
New York Central Observation Car19831984Observation Car51
New York Central Observation Car 609019951995Observation Car10
New York Central Observation Car Manhattan Island20022002Observation Car00
New York Central Std Gauge Observation Car #74520022002Observation Car00
New York Central Streamliner Observation (Silver)20042004Observation Car00
New York Central Streamliner Observation Car19992000Observation Car00
New York Central Thousand Islands Observation Car19931993Observation Car00
New York Central Windgate Brook Aluminum Observation Car19971997Observation Car20
New York Yankees Baby Madison Observation CarObservation Car00
No. 2436 Illuminated Observation CarObservation Car20
Norfolk & Western #1022 Observation Car20002000Observation Car01
Norfolk & Western Observation Car19811981Observation Car82
Norfolk & Western Observation Car 58219951995Observation Car11
Norfolk & Western Observation Car 606519941994Observation Car00
Norfolk & Western Powhatan Arrow" 18" Aluminum Observation #583"20052005Observation Car00
North Pole Central Observation Car20062011Observation Car40
Northern Pacific Aluminum Observation Car20022002Observation Car00
Northern Pacific Observation Car19901991Observation Car00
NY Observation CarObservation Car00
Peanuts Observation Car20132013Observation Car00
Pennsylvania "Red Arrow" Heavyweight Observation "Colonial Governors"20122013Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Baby Madison Observation "Federal Hall"20052005Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Congressional" 18" Aluminum Observation "Alex Hamilton" #7129"20062007Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Disconnect Observation20202020Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Liberty Limited" Heavyweight Observation "Williamsport" #7530"20072007Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Observation Car #113620052008Observation Car33
Pennsylvania Railroad Broussard Madison Observation Car19992000Observation Car01
Pennsylvania Railroad Campaign Observation Car19761976Observation Car112
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car19871988Observation Car03
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car19741975Observation Car10
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car19791979Observation Car20
Pennsylvania Railroad Skyline View Heavyweight Observation Car20002000Observation Car30
Pennsylvania Streamlined Observation Car / Duquesne20102011Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Streamliner Observation "Metrofoutain View"20012001Observation Car00
Pennsylvania The Trail Blazer" 18" Aluminum Observation # 1121"20042005Observation Car00
Pere Marquette Observation Car 3619931993Observation Car30
Phantom Ii Vista Observation-Red20022002Observation Car00
Phantom Iii Vista Observation-Silver20032003Observation Car00
Philadelphia & Reading Observation Car20202020Observation Car00
Philadelphia Phillies Baby Madison Observation CarObservation Car00
Pioneer Zephyr Combine North Pole Central Silver Comet20132014Observation Car00
Pioneer Zephyr Observation Lionel Zephyr #57120132014Observation Car10
Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Scale Observation Car20142016Observation Car30
Polar Express Scale Observation Car20142016Observation Car13
Postwar Scale Canadian Pacific 18 Aluminum Observation "Banff Park"20112011Observation Car10
Pratt's Hollow Observation19981998Observation Car00
Pullman Baby Madison Observation Car20012001Observation Car00
Pullman O27 Streamlined Observation "George M. Pullman"20092016Observation Car00
Quicksilver Observation Car19821983Observation Car00
Reading Observation Car19961996Observation Car10
Red Comet Observation Car #60420082008Observation Car00
Ringling Bros. 18 Sarasota Observation Car20102011Observation Car00
Ringling Bros. Obs. Car20082010Observation Car00
Rio Grande "Ski Train" Streamliner Observation "Kansas"20102011Observation Car00
Rio Grande Disconnect Observation20202020Observation Car00
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Observation Dome "Big Ben"20152015Observation Car00
Rock Island Observation Car La Mirada20012001Observation Car00
Roosevelt Observation Car20082009Observation Car00
Sager Place Observation Car20092009Observation Car12
Santa Fe "Super Chief" Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Vista Valley"20032003Observation Car00
Santa Fe "The Chief" Heavyweight Observation "Crystal Ray"20042004Observation Car10
Santa Fe "The Scout" Heavyweight Observation #153220122014Observation Car00
Santa Fe Baby Madison Observation #153220142014Observation Car00

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