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Category: parts
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
"O" Insulation Pin *Dozen*parts00
#4X1/4 Binding Head Self Tap Blackparts01
3 Rung Brass Step #9/381 Stan Gaugeparts00
Allegheny Cruise Control Upgrade Kit For Cmd Aka 6-21498parts00
Armature Shim Washer .125 Holeparts10
Binding Post Nut Originalparts60
Brass Flag Holder Repro W/Screwparts00
Brass Panto "O" Gauge Repro W/Screwparts00
Cast Brakewheel D=1" Reproductionparts00
Large Scale Brass Adapter Pin Joiners/Packageparts10
Large Scale Brass Rail Joinersparts110
Large Scale Manual Uncoupler19881988parts120
Lionel 3-48 X 1/8 Rh Screw 3-48 By 1/8 Rh Black (4)parts103
Lionel 3-48X5/16 Binding Head Screw (6)parts00
Lionel 4-36 X 1/4 Bh Screw Binding Head Slotted Black (4)parts122
Lionel 4-40 X 1/4 Fillister Head For 2426 Tender Step (4)parts3912
Lionel 4-40X3/16 Fhpz Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw Zinc Plated (3)parts00
Lionel 4-920 S Gauge Track Pins, Dz. (7)parts00
Lionel 4-Cwaf 4 Conductor Wire Black Red Yellow And Green 22Ga Stranded (2)parts00
Lionel 4-Y1305-1 Washer Clear Plastic (10)parts00
Lionel 5-10 Threaded Flag Holderparts00
Lionel 5-100 Cast Iron Plain Wheel & Axleparts00
Lionel 5-Cw 5 Conductor Wire Per Foot (2)parts30
Lionel 6-0511 TCA The Gateway To The West "St. Louis" Baggage Car #198119811981parts94
Lionel 6-1087 Reefer Bdy Tampa Wht.parts00
Lionel 6-12950 O Gauge Atsf Santa Fe Shock Control Boxcarparts00
Lionel 6-13099 50' Dd Box Door Small (6) (3)parts00
Lionel 6-13417 Roof / 2-Bay ACF Hopper / Bnparts00
Lionel 6-14176X Lionel Norfolk Southern Train Girder Bridgeparts00
Lionel 6-141916 Command Base Cableparts00
Lionel 6-15094P O Halloween Reeferparts00
Lionel 6-16100 O Amtrak Lighted Interior W/Silhouettes Danbury Passenger Carparts00
Lionel 6-16886 Legacy Command Upgrade Module Packparts01
Lionel 6-16889-1 Coal Tripple Packparts00
Lionel 6-16889-2 Coal Tripple Packparts00
Lionel 6-21032 Shell / Comp / PRR A-5 # 411/ K-Lineparts12
Lionel 6-22 Blr Band Nickelparts00
Lionel 6-2353- Bc Bdy Stp B.N.parts00
Lionel 6-23614 Bc Door Pnt Red 21922parts00
Lionel 6-24247 Auto Car Door20072007parts00
Lionel 6-2567 Hudson Valley Observation Car "2567"parts00
Lionel 6-32 Nickel Cap Nutparts400
Lionel 6-32X1Fil Fillister Head Nickel Screw (5)parts00
Lionel 6-32X1Oh Top Motor Mount Screw (4)parts00
Lionel 6-32X2Fil 2855 Tank Car Fillister Head Dome Mounting Screw (4)parts00
Lionel 6-32X3/4 Fhphz Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw Zinc Plated (2)parts00
Lionel 6-32X5/16 Fhsz Flat Head Slotted Screw Zinc (4)parts00
Lionel 6-32X5/8 Phsbr Pan Head Slotted Screw Brass (2)parts00
Lionel 6-32X7/16 Fillister Head Screw (6)parts00
Lionel 6-33229 PA1 Rear Cover Plateparts00
Lionel 6-33235 PA1 Number Board Setparts00
Lionel 6-33236 PB Front Power Truckparts00
Lionel 6-34028 Geb Frame Set (4)parts00
Lionel 6-34183 O Gauge Mlr Display Caseparts00
Lionel 6-36022 2.5X.45X5 Metric Round Head Screw (4)parts00
Lionel 6-36106 F45 Window Setparts00
Lionel 6-36110 O Gauge Canadian Pacific Tank Carparts10
Lionel 6-36154 T&F Fuel Tank Carparts20
Lionel 6-36155 T&F Oil Tank Carparts10
Lionel 6-370708 C&Nw Ore Car W/Loadparts00
Lionel 6-41302 Ringling Bros. Circus Pullman # 41302parts00
Lionel 6-42041 Caboose Yard Officeparts00
Lionel 6-42046 Railyard Paint Shopparts00
Lionel 6-5903 Switch Slide/Accessory Controllerparts31
Lionel 6-5904 Bell / Horn/Whistle Switchparts00
Lionel 6-5905 Sound Activation Buttonparts00
Lionel 6-6315- Cradle / Log Dump Car / Greenparts00
Lionel 6-65133 O Remote Switch Track - Left Handparts00
Lionel 6-70080 O 80W Transformer/Plain Box From Setparts00
Lionel 6-7307 Shell / Army Missile Launch Car #44parts00
Lionel 6-7692- Shell / TMCC Crane / AT&SF # 199793parts00
Lionel 6-77812 TCA 1977 Stock Carparts20
Lionel 6-81295P O Sf Lionchief Plus 2-8-2 Mikadoparts00
Lionel 6-81435P O N&W Ns Heritage Quad Hopper W/Coal Loadparts00
Lionel 6-82918 O 3'Power Cable Extension (3 Pin M/F)20182019parts30
Lionel 6-82980 O Kansas City Royals 2015 World Series Boxcarparts20
Lionel 6-8373 Drive Screw (4)parts00
Lionel 6-8416-70 O Collector Strip / Handcarparts10
Lionel 6-8688 Frame U.S. Steel Welding Flatcarparts00
Lionel 6-8813 Base / Platform / Barrel Shedparts00
Lionel 6-9377 Fc Bdy (#1) Tampa Susq.parts00
Lionel 6-B61:B91 O Usa William Howard Taft Presidents Boxcarparts00
Lionel 6-C026 Tiny Split Lock Washer 5Mm Od (20)parts00
Lionel 6-CW 6 Conductor Wire Black Ribbon Per Footparts10
Lionel 6-Y101Dn Steel Washer 8Mm Od 2Mm Id (10)parts00
Lionel 6-Y103 Flat Washer 7Mm Od 2Mm Id (20)parts00
Lionel 6-Y1051-1 Washer Flat Black 10Mm Od 4Mm Id (7)parts00
Lionel 6-Y106C-1 Washer Flat Black Steel 16Mm Od 5Mm Id For GG1 Pilot Trucks (7)parts00
Lionel 6-Y205-2 E Ring 6 Mm For Truck T Bars (7)parts00
Lionel 6-Y505-1 Split Lock Washer 9Mm Od (7)parts00
Lionel 8-10 Knob For Manual Reverse Switch N/B - Fits 8, 10, Etc.parts10
Lionel 8-11 Pantograph W/ Crossbar N/B - Fits 8, 248, Etc.parts00
Lionel 8-20 Screw (4)parts20
Lionel 8-248 Hdlight Keeper (2)parts00
Lionel 9-22 Brass Eagle Journal Box Spring - Firs #9, 381parts00
Lionel 9-22042 The Polar Express Locomotive Golden Ticket Commemorative20162016parts10
Lionel 9-31031 Lionel,Angela Trotta Thomas 2017 Calendar20162016parts00
Lionel 9-5Br Window/Brassparts00
Lionel 9-5N Window/Nickelparts00
Lionel 9-8B Brass 3-Rung Ladderparts10
Lionel 9-8N Nickel 3-Rung Ladderparts10
Lionel 9-Volt 9 Volt Battery Alkalineparts10
Lionel K-Line 6-21220 Southern Inspection Observation W/Theatre Endparts00
Mikado Or Hudson Cruise Upgd Kit For Cmd Aka K3603-900parts00
MTH 11-30178 Tp Std.Gauge Mobil #215 Tank Carparts00
Nickle Bell For #6 Steamer -Reproparts20
Nickle Flag Holder Reproductionparts00
O Gauge Insulation Pinparts10

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