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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Reefer
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#6672 Santa Fe Reefer20122014Reefer00
1953 Lionel Catalog Art Reefer20132013Reefer40
A&P Reefer19781979Reefer55
A.C. Gilbert Reefer19921992Reefer222
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer 2-Pack20072007Reefer10
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer 701920072007Reefer11
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer Car20072007Reefer20
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1150320082009Reefer20
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1150520082009Reefer10
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1151120082009Reefer00
Alaska Reefer20082008Reefer41
Alaska Reefer 3-Pack20082009Reefer31
Alaska Steel-Sided Reefer 1080620142014Reefer40
Alaska Wood-Sided Reefer20122012Reefer10
Alderney Dairy Reefer Milk Gen Amer #10720072007Reefer00
Alderney Dairy Reefer Milk Gen Amer #10820072007Reefer00
Alexander Graham Bell Reefer19891989Reefer264
American Railway Express Reefer 30220062006Reefer50
American Refrigerator Transit #31283 Freightsounds Reefer20192019Reefer20
American Refrigerator Transit Co. Reefer19941994Reefer10
American Refrigerator Transit Reefer19811982Reefer2411
Amtrak 57' Mechanical Reefer20112011Reefer10
Anheuser Busch Vintage Reefer20182018Reefer102
Anheuser-Busch 1980's Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer30
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Reefer20202020Reefer00
Anheuser-Busch Malt Tonics Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer30
Area 51 Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer20202020Reefer00
Area 51 Wood Sided Reefer20082009Reefer10
Arm & Hammer Reefer19801980Reefer35
Armour Reefer19821983Reefer2614
Art Wood-Sided Reefer20082008Reefer50
Arthur Treacher's Reefer19821982Reefer31
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 57' Mechanical Reefer 300620102010Reefer30
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 57' Mechanical Reefer 5624420122012Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Chief Reefer #760120122012Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Reefer #782020122012Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Line Reefer #3470020122012Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Reefer20092009Reefer10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer 1174420072007Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer 2273919981998Reefer90
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Scale Steel Sided Reefer #422420162016Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Scale Steel Sided Reefer #755120162016Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Scale Steel-Sided Reefer #781920162016Reefer00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #3470120142017Reefer10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #760720142017Reefer20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #782220142017Reefer30
Baby Ruth Reefer19721976Reefer317
Baileys Irish Cream Reefer19861986Reefer62
Ball Glass Jars Reefer19811982Reefer127
Bangor & Aroostook 40' Steel Reefer 734220172017Reefer10
Bangor & Aroostook Reefer19871987Reefer93
Bar 40' Plug Door Reefer #772820202020Reefer00
Bar 40' Plug Door Reefer #777720202020Reefer00
Bazooka Bubble Gum Reefer19801980Reefer31
Ben & Jerry's Reefer20082008Reefer43
Ben Franklin And Liberty Bell Reefer19981998Reefer00
Ben Franklin Reefer19901990Reefer210
Berkshire Brewing Reefer20002000Reefer30
BNFE 57' Mechanical Reefer 6-Pack, Lionscale20172017Reefer10
Bonanza Reefer19821982Reefer91
Borden's Steel-Sided Reefer 52220042004Reefer00
Boston & Maine Reefer 187820142016Reefer30
Brach's Candy Reefer19801980Reefer62
Brookside Milk Reefer20172017Reefer00
Budweiser Malt Nutrine Reefer 328519911992Reefer110
Budweiser Reefer19891992Reefer00
Budweiser Reefer19811982Reefer95
Budweiser Reefer20182018Reefer162
Budweiser Reefer19721975Reefer223
Burlington Northern 40' Steel Reefer 7060920172017Reefer20
Burlington Northern 57' Mechanical Reefer 961820122012Reefer00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer With End-Of-Train Device20042004Reefer01
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mechanical Reefer20092009Reefer85
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mechanical Reefer 2-Pack20072009Reefer00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mechanical Reefer 79887020072007Reefer00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Reefer20072009Reefer00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer20202020Reefer00
Burlington Reefer 6672, Archive Collection20032003Reefer00
Burlington Refrigerator Express 40' Steel Reefer 7606020172017Reefer10
Burlington Steel-Sided Reefer 7482520032003Reefer20
Butterfinger Reefer19731976Reefer288
Calvert Gin Reefer19851985Reefer122
Canadian National Express Reefer19871987Reefer30
Canadian National Reefer19841984Reefer234
Canadian National Reefer Car20052005Reefer70
Canadian National Scale Steel-Sided Reefer 210552,20112011Reefer40
Canadian National Steel-Sided Reefer 20971220032003Reefer90
Canadian Pacific Reefer19891989Reefer183
Canadian Pacific Reefer19821983Reefer1913
Carling Black Label Reefer19771980Reefer98
Central Of New Jersey 40' Steel-Sided Reefer 144320122012Reefer10
Central Of New Jersey Reefer 143820082009Reefer00
Cheerios Reefer19821982Reefer134
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer 778320082009Reefer10
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer 789019931993Reefer132
Chessie System Reefer19951995Reefer34
Chicago & North Western Reefer19841984Reefer10
Chicago & North Western Reefer19871987Reefer103
Chicago & North Western Reefer20092009Reefer01
Chicago & North Western Steel-Sided Reefer 3-Pack20052005Reefer00
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage Mechanical Reefer20102010Reefer10
Chicago & North Western Wood-Sided Reefer20112012Reefer11
Chief Reefer #350020122012Reefer00
Christmas 2814R Reefer20102010Reefer00
Christmas Music Reefer20102010Reefer23
Christmas Story Wood-Sided Reefer #1502720092012Reefer00
Churchill Downs Reefer19831983Reefer00
City Of New Haven Express Car20042004Reefer30
City Of New Orleans Express Car20042004Reefer20
City Of New York Express Car20042004Reefer22
City Of San Francisco Express Car20072007Reefer00
Civil War Reefer19891991Reefer60
Clark Reefer19751976Reefer169
Clydesdales Reefer20182018Reefer30
Coastal King Seafood Wood-Sided Reefer20082008Reefer01
Coca-Cola Woodsided Reefer20112012Reefer00
Coke Wood-Sided Reefer #120092016Reefer77
Commercial Express Reefer19821983Reefer256
Conrail Reefer19871987Reefer30
Conrail Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer20202020Reefer00
Coors Banquet Reefer20202020Reefer00
Coors Golden Beer Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer60
Coors Heritage Beer Wood-Sided Reefer20162017Reefer52
Coors Reefer19761977Reefer115
Cotton Belt Reefer19831984Reefer1810
Cracker Jack Reefer19721975Reefer3813
Cryo-Trans 57' Mechanical Reefer20112011Reefer00
Cryo-Trans Trans-Mechanical Reefer20102010Reefer01
CSX Reefer19911991Reefer90
Cutty Sark Reefer19841984Reefer52
Dairy Despatch Reefer19951995Reefer173
Dairymen's League Reefer19811981Reefer224
Delaware & Hudson Reefer19911991Reefer62
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Steel-Sided Reefer20092010Reefer20
Dewar's White Label Reefer19841984Reefer21
Disney Santa's Sweetest Helper Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer50
Dr. Robert Goddard Reefer19911991Reefer155
Dubuque Steel-Sided Reefer #6364920072008Reefer10
Dubuque Steel-Sided Reefer #6365020072008Reefer10
Dubuque Steel-Sided Reefer 2-Pack20072008Reefer00
Dubuque Steel-Sided Reefer 6364820072007Reefer10
Eastern States Erdx 40' Steel Reefer 1006020172017Reefer11
El Capitan Straight Map Lines #788720122012Reefer00
Enjoy Budweiser Reefer20202020Reefer00
Erie Reefer19921993Reefer112
Erie Urtx Steel-Sided Reefer20112011Reefer20
Erie-Lackawanna Reefer19861986Reefer154
Fairfield Farms Steel-Sided Reefer20042004Reefer11
FGE 40' Steel Reefer 4147520172017Reefer10
FGE Reefer20122013Reefer62
Fleischmann's Gin Reefer19851985Reefer163
Fritos Reefer19811982Reefer12
Fruit Growers Express #38947 Freightsounds Reefer20192019Reefer21
Fruit Growers Express Reefer19831983Reefer179
George Washington Reefer19891991Reefer130
Gerber Reefer19901990Reefer00
Gerber Reefer19791980Reefer100
Gold Medal Reefer19731976Reefer2515
Good And Plenty Reefer19791979Reefer41
Grand Canyon Line Curved Map Lines #3479920122012Reefer00
Grand Trunk Western Reefer19731975Reefer3820
Granny Smith Apples Wood-Sided Reefer20102011Reefer60
Great Northern #68112 Freightsounds Reefer20192019Reefer20
Great Northern Reefer19881988Reefer197
Great Northern Reefer20052005Reefer11
Great Northern Reefer, Archive Collection20052005Reefer12
Great Northern Steel-Sided Reefer 3-Pack20062006Reefer01
Great Northern Steel-Sided Reefer 7029020062006Reefer00
Great Northern Wfe Mechanical Reefer 2-Pack20072007Reefer00
Great Northern Wfe Reefer 887320072008Reefer20
Great Northern Woodside Reefer19841984Reefer110
Great Western / Lincoln Logs Wood-Sided Reefer #2619220072009Reefer35
Green Bay & Western 40' Plug Door Reefer #2100220202020Reefer00
Green Bay & Western 40' Plug Door Reefer #2103820202020Reefer00
Green Bay & Western Reefer19831983Reefer80
Greenlee Packing Wood-Sided Reefer 386220102010Reefer00
Guglielmo Marconi Reefer19911991Reefer214
H.J. Heinz Reefer 30119931993Reefer60
Halloween Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer20202020Reefer00
Hamm's Beer Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer20
Hamm's Heritage Beer Wood-Sided Reefer20162017Reefer42
Hamm's Reefer19751976Reefer104
Happy Holidays Music Reefer 570019991999Reefer71
Heinz Reefer19941994Reefer81
Hershey's Chocolate Wood-Sided Reefer20102010Reefer12
Hershey's Kisses Wood-Sided Reefer20112015Reefer112
Hershey's Reefer19761977Reefer93
Hills Bros. Reefer19791980Reefer98
Hood's Steel-Sided Reefer 55020042004Reefer00
Hormel Reefer 10219941994Reefer103
Hormel Reefer 90119921992Reefer223
Illinois Central Scale Steel-Sided Reefer 16644,20112011Reefer20
Iowa Beef Packers Reefer 1919951995Reefer266
J&B Reefer19841984Reefer83
Jersey Central Reefer19851986Reefer131
Jim Beam Reefer19831984Reefer30
Johnnie Walker Red Label Reefer19841984Reefer40
Jolly Green Giant Reefer19911991Reefer112
Joshua L. Cowen Reefer19921992Reefer274
Kahn's Brine Tank Reefer19811981Reefer20
Kentucky Fried Chicken Reefer19811982Reefer45
Krey's Reefer20102011Reefer40
Lackawanna Semi-Scale Reefer 700019921992Reefer54
Lackawanna Wood-Sided Reefer #720020142015Reefer20
Lackawanna Wood-Sided Reefer 700020092010Reefer20
Land O' Lakes Butter Billboard Reefer20082008Reefer00
LCCA Convention ReeferReefer00
Leonardo Da Vinci Reefer19891989Reefer235
Lindsay Brothers Reefer19811982Reefer144
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer19751977Reefer162
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer19751977Reefer101
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer19751977Reefer92
Lionel Lines Reefer19821982Reefer182
Lionel Lines Reefer19831983Reefer306
Lionel Visitor's Center Reefer 20648220002000Reefer51

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