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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Reefer
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
6672 Santa Fe Reefer201220146-27922Reefer0
A.C. Gilbert Reefer199219926-19529Reefer19
Alderney Dairy Reefer Milk Gen Amer #107200720076-27333Reefer0
Alderney Dairy Reefer Milk Gen Amer #108200720076-27334Reefer0
Alexander Graham Bell Reefer198919896-19509Reefer14
American Refrigerator Transit #31283 Freightsounds Reefer201820191926070Reefer2
American Refrigerator Transit Co. Reefer199419946-26269Reefer1
American Refrigerator Transit Reefer198119826-5707Reefer23
Anheuser Busch - Budweiser Clydesdale Reefer202320232328220Reefer0
Anheuser Busch - Budweiser Military Heritage Reefer202320232328230Reefer0
Anheuser Busch Vintage Reefer201820206-85246Reefer6
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Reefer202020232028220Reefer5
Arm & Hammer Billboard Reefer198019806-9812Reefer8
Arthur Treacher's Reefer198219826-7512Reefer3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Chief" Reefer #3500201120126-17746Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "El Capitan" Straight Map Lines #7887201120126-17744Reefer1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Grand Canyon Line" Curved Map Lines #34799201120126-17742Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Scout" Curved Map Lines #4244201120126-17743Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Super Chief" Straight Map Lines #7600201120126-17745Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe #3526 (2-Sided) Freightsounds Reefer201820191926120Reefer1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Chief Reefer #7601201220126-17761Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Reefer #7820201220126-17760Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Line Reefer #34700201220126-17759Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Reefer (TCA 2009)200920096-52500Reefer3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Hot Box Reefer 20699200520066-29812Reefer5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer199519958-87109Reefer3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer199419946-16133Reefer11
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer197619766-9869Reefer21
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer197919796-9880Reefer18
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer199019906-17302Reefer4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer 22739 (LOTS 1998)199819986-52135Reefer4
Atlantic & Pacific Reefer197819796-9875Reefer6
Atlantic & Pacific Reefer199119918-87107Reefer0
Baby Ruth Reefer197219766-9854Reefer12
Baileys Irish Cream Billboard Reefer198619866-9845Reefer7
Ball Glass Jars Reefer198119826-5705Reefer12
Bangor & Aroostook 40' Steel Reefer 7342201720176-84118Reefer2
Bazooka Bubble Gum Billboard Reefer198019806-9817Reefer1
Ben & Jerry's Reefer (TCA 2008)200820086-52481Reefer2
Ben Franklin And Liberty Bell Reefer (LCCA 1998)199819986-52152Reefer0
Ben Franklin Reefer199019906-19513Reefer27
Berkshire Brewing Reefer (NETCA 2000)200020006-52212Reefer1
Bonanza Reefer198219826-7513Reefer7
Boston & Maine Reefer 1878201420166-81015Reefer0
Brach's Candy Billboard Reefer198019806-9816Reefer8
Brookside Milk Reefer (METCA 2017)201720176-58285Reefer2
Budweiser Holiday Stein Reefer202220232228050Reefer5
Budweiser Malt Nutrine Reefer 3285199119926-16805Reefer12
Budweiser Reefer198919926-16223Reefer0
Budweiser Reefer198119826-5704Reefer9
Budweiser Reefer201820206-85248Reefer6
Budweiser Reefer197219756-9850Reefer15
Burlington Northern 40' Steel Reefer 70609201720176-84119Reefer2
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer With End-Of-Train Device (TTOS 2004)200420046-52351Reefer4
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mechanical Reefer (LCCA 2009)200920096-52543Reefer8
Burlington Reefer 6672, Archive Collection200320036-19565Reefer6
Burlington Refrigerator Express 40' Steel Reefer 76060201720176-84117Reefer2
Butterfinger Reefer197419766-9858Reefer33
Calvert Gin Billboard Reefer198519856-9841Reefer17
Canadian National Express Reefer (LCAC 1987)198719876-87010Reefer0
Canadian National Reefer Car200520056-26178Reefer7
Canadian Pacific Reefer198919896-17300Reefer19
Carling Black Label Billboard Reefer197719806-9871Reefer14
Central Of New Jersey Reefer 1438200820096-21628Reefer0
Central Vermont Reefer197819786-9876Reefer8
Cheerios Reefer198219826-9832Reefer5
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer198919898-87102Reefer1
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer 7783200820096-21629Reefer1
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer 7890199319936-17303Reefer11
Chessie Reefer (Artrain 1995)199519956-52097Reefer1
Chicago & North Western 25th Anniversary Reefer Car (CLRC 2019)201920193-18510Reefer0
Chicago & North Western Reefer198419846-1287Reefer2
Chicago & North Western Reefer (TTOS 2009)200920096-52547Reefer1
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage Mechanical Reefer200920106-27396Reefer1
Christmas 2814R Reefer2010201011-70021Reefer0
Christmas Music Reefer201020106-29302Reefer2
Churchill Downs Reefer198319836-1983Reefer0
City Of New Haven Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52328Reefer2
City Of New Orleans Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52363Reefer1
City Of New York Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52364Reefer0
City Of San Francisco Express Car (CLRC 2007)200720076-52426Reefer0
Civil War Old Glory "Fourscore and sven years ago..." Reefer198919916-19517Reefer7
Clark Reefer197519766-9809Reefer11
Clydesdales Reefer201820196-85247Reefer1
Conrail Reefer198719876-17301Reefer5
Coors Banquet Reefer202020232028260Reefer6
Coors Reefer202220222228070Reefer0
Coors Reefer197619776-9866Reefer8
Cracker Jack Reefer197219756-9853Reefer34
Cryo-Trans Trans-Mechanical Reefer201020106-27278Reefer0
CSX Reefer199119916-19520Reefer8
Cutty Sark Billboard Reefer198419846-9827Reefer11
Dairy Despatch Reefer199519956-16146Reefer19
Dairymen's League Reefer198119816-5701Reefer28
Delaware & Hudson Reefer199119916-19524Reefer6
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Semi-Scale Reefer 7000199219926-51301Reefer1
Dewar's White Label Billboard Reefer198419846-9829Reefer5
Dr. Robert Goddard Reefer199119916-19523Reefer11
Eastern States Erdx 40' Steel Reefer 10060201720176-84120Reefer2
Enjoy Budweiser Reefer202020232028230Reefer6
Erie Reefer199219936-19535Reefer10
Erie-Lackawanna Reefer198619866-6230Reefer16
FGE 40' Steel Reefer 41475201720176-84122Reefer0
FGE Reefer201220136-15888Reefer4
Fleischmann's Gin Billboard Reefer198519856-9840Reefer13
Fritos Reefer198119826-9884Reefer6
Fruit Growers Express #38947 Freightsounds Reefer201820191926080Reefer0
Fruit Growers Express Reefer198319836-9887Reefer17
George Washington Old Glory "When in the course of human events..." Reefer198919916-19516Reefer12
Gerber Baby Food Billboard Reefer197919806-9877Reefer6
Gerber Reefer199019908-87104Reefer1
Gold Medal Reefer197419766-9860Reefer40
Good And Plenty Reefer197919796-9878Reefer4
Grand Trunk Western Reefer197319756-9805Reefer21
Great Northern #68112 Freightsounds Reefer201820191926090Reefer0
Great Northern Mechanical Reefer (LCCA 2017)201720173-17502Reefer0
Great Northern Reefer198819886-19505Reefer18
Great Northern Reefer (TCA 2005)200520056-52376Reefer4
Great Northern Reefer, Archive Collection200520056-19568Reefer3
Great Northern Western Fruit Express Reefer198119816-9819Reefer25
Green Bay & Western Reefer198319836-9888Reefer5
Guglielmo Marconi Reefer199119916-19522Reefer19
H.J. Heinz Reefer 317199319936-16807Reefer16
Hamm's Reefer197519766-9862Reefer5
Happy Holidays Music Reefer 5700199919996-16785Reefer9
Heinz Reefer 19539199419946-19539Reefer9
Hershey's Reefer197619776-9867Reefer4
Hills Bros. Billboard Reefer197919806-9879Reefer6
Hormel Reefer 102199419946-19538Reefer18
Hormel Reefer 901199219926-19532Reefer23
Iowa Beef Packers Reefer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52074Reefer27
J&B Billboard Reefer198419846-9828Reefer7
Jim Beam Billboard Reefer198319846-9835Reefer6
John Deere Tractor Co Reefer202220232228380Reefer6
John Deere Tractor Co. Reefer202320232328140Reefer0
John Deere Vintage Reefer202120212128270Reefer4
Johnnie Walker Red Label Billboard Reefer198419846-9830Reefer4
Jolly Green Giant Reefer199119916-19526Reefer9
Joshua L. Cowen Reefer (TCA 1992)199219926-19528Reefer15
Kahn's Brine Tank Reefer (LOTS 1981)198119816-3764Reefer0
Kelloggs Corn Flakes Billboard Reefer199319936-19537Reefer0
Kentucky Fried Chicken Reefer198119826-7509Reefer5
Leonardo Da Vinci Reefer198919896-19508Reefer49
Lindsay Brothers Reefer198119826-5706Reefer17
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7502Reefer11
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7503Reefer7
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7507Reefer7
Lionel Art Reefer201320136-15095Reefer4
Lionel Lines Billboard Reefer198319836-9849Reefer20
Lionel Visitor's Center Reefer 206482200020006-26108Reefer1
Lipton Tea Reefer198119826-9885Reefer3
Long Island Milk Reefer (metca 2020)202020202001370Reefer0
Man On The Moon Old Glory "That's aone small step for man..." Reefer198919916-19518Reefer5
Miller High Life Reefer202020232028250Reefer5
Miller High Life Reefer197319756-9802Reefer19
Miller Lite Beer Reefer197819796-9874Reefer2
Miller Reefer202220222228060Reefer0
Miller Reefer197219776-9852Reefer24
Milwaukee Road Reefer198719876-19500Reefer18
Milwaukee Road Reefer 194703 (MLRRC 2003)200320036-52297Reefer8
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Reefer201620166-82086Reefer0
Mounds Candy Reefer198119826-9886Reefer1
Nabisco Oreo Reefer197919796-9883Reefer0
Nathan's 100Th Anniversary Reefer (NLOE 2016)201620166-58266Reefer2
Nathan's Famous Reefer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58567Reefer1
Nathan's Famous Reefer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58568Reefer0
National Car Co. 40' Steel Reefer 2430201720176-84121Reefer1
National Dairy Despatch Reefer198119816-5702Reefer36
Nestle Nesquik Reefer, Traditional200520056-19570Reefer2
New York Central (Mdt) #13091 Freightsounds Reefer201820191926100Reefer1
New York Central Early Bird Reefer198419856-9815Reefer28
New York Central Early Bird Reefer197919796-9882Reefer15
New York Central Merchants Despatch Reefer (TCA Convention Car 2015)201520156-58216Reefer2
New York Central Merchants Dispatch Transit Hot Box Reefer 12425200520066-29811Reefer8
New York Central Reefer199919998-87111Reefer0
New York Central Reefer199919996-26938Reefer0
New York Central Reefer199919996-26992Reefer1
New York Central Reefer199919996-26993Reefer0
New York Central Reefer199919996-26994Reefer0
New York Central Reefer 6672, Archive Collection200520056-19572Reefer2
New York Central Reefer Set, 4-Pack199919996-21770Reefer4
Nickel Plate Road Reefer199219926-19527Reefer14
Nickel Plate Road Reefer198419846-5722Reefer13
Norman Rockwell Holiday Reefer200320036-19561Reefer14
Norman Rockwell Holiday Reefer200320056-19562Reefer7
Norman Rockwell Holiday Reefer200320036-19563Reefer9
North American Despatch Reefer198119816-5703Reefer25
North Pole Central Reefer200620116-26191Reefer3
North Pole Express Jack Frost Reefer201320136-25947Reefer2
Northern Pacific Reefer199819986-17316Reefer3
Oklahoma City Reefer (TTOS 1980)198019806-9868Reefer11
Old Dutch Cleanser Billboard Reefer197719806-9870Reefer35
Old Glory Reefers, Set Of 3198919916-19599Reefer11
Old Grand-Dad Billboard Reefer198319846-9836Reefer6
Old Milwaukee Reefer197519766-9856Reefer7
Oppenheimer Reefer (TCA 1981)198119816-5700Reefer24
Pabst Reefer197419756-9859Reefer12
Pacific Fruit Express #5860 Freightsounds Reefer201820191926110Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Hot Box Reefer 5890200620066-29830Reefer9
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer199519958-87108Reefer1
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer199819986-17314Reefer14
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer199819986-17315Reefer11
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer198019806-9811Reefer23
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer197719796-9872Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer200120016-17322Reefer1
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #300001200120016-17320Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #300002200120016-17321Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #300004200120016-17323Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #300005200120016-17324Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #300006200120016-17325Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #456458201720173-17001Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer #457266201720173-17002Reefer2
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer (TCA 1979)197919796-9872Reefer29
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 33280201420166-81011Reefer1
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 459400199419946-17305Reefer27
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 459401199419946-17306Reefer18
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 459402 (Cal-Stewart 1995)199519956-52073Reefer11
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 459403 (Cal-Stewart 1998)199819986-52154Reefer15
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 6-Pack200220026-11851Reefer3
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300007200220026-17326Reefer1
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300008200220026-17327Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300009200220026-17328Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300010200220026-17329Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300011200220026-17330Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Std O Reefer #300012200220026-17333Reefer0
Pennsylvania Milk Reefer (METCA 2020)202020202001380Reefer1
Pennsylvania Railroad Express Car, Green (CLRC 2001)200120016-52251Reefer3

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