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Category: Set
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
MTA Metro-North 25th Anniversary M-7 Commuter Car Set200720086-30085Set0
Mystery Machine FT LionChief Set201820206-85241Set0
NAPA Auto Parts Ready to Run Train Set200720086-30083Set3
New Haven Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Dummy Set200120016-18334Set0
New Haven Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set200020006-18328Set2
New York Central "Commodore Vanderbilt" Standard Gauge Passenger Set200220026-13008Set2
New York Central Freight Flyer Set, Air Whistle200020006-21948Set1
New York Central Sharknose RF-16 Diesel M Set200720086-34519Set1
New York City Transit Authority R16 Subway Set201020106-31797Set0
New York City Transit Authority R27 Subway Train200720076-31751Set1
New York City Transit Authority R30 Subway Set200920096-31794Set1
New York Yankees / New York Mets Subway Series Set201320137-12016Set0
New York Yankees Steam Berkshire Set7-91002Set0
New York Yankees Subway Set201620166-83648Set0
Niagara Milk Train Set200220026-31716Set6
Nickel Plate Road ALCO PA M Diesel Locomotive Set 190, 189201520156-82232Set0
Nickel Plate Road Work Train Expansion Pack202120212126490Set2
Nickel Plate Special Set199219926-11803Set5
No. 1593 Union Pacific Work Train Set200920096-31784Set5
No. 163 Freight Accessory Set2017201711-90129Set0
No. 163 Freight Accessory Set2017201711-90130Set0
No. 205 3-Piece Container Set2017201711-90126Set0
No. 205 3-Piece Container Set2017201711-90127Set0
No. 205 3-Piece Container Set2017201711-90128Set0
No. 214 Armored Motor Car Set2012201211-6029Set0
No. 214 Armored Motor Car Set2017201711-6068Set0
No. 214 Armored Motor Car Set2017201711-6069Set0
No. 550 Railroad Figure Set2017201711-90124Set0
No. 550 Railroad Figure Set2017201711-90125Set0
No. 57 Corner Lamp Set2013201311-90113Set0
No. 57 Corner Lamp Set, Blue2012201211-90112Set0
No. 57 Corner Lamp Set, Orange2012201211-90111Set0
No. 85 Race Car Set2009201111-90043Set0
Nonilluminated Bumpers, Set Of 3197319846-2280Set5
Norfolk & Western J 4-8-4 Warhorse Set 2166RS199619966-11909Set6
Norfolk Southern Dash 8-40C Unit Train Set199219926-11718Set3
Norfolk Southern Piggyback Set200120016-21789Set3
Norfolk Southern Safety Set6-21130Set0
Norman Rockwell Christmas Train200320036-31942Set0
North Pole Central Christmas Steam Train200620076-30020Set1
North Pole Central Christmas Train201020106-30149Set0
North Pole Railroad Set198919918-81004Set9
North Western Freight Train Set200720076-30071Set1
Northwest Express Set199319936-11741Set2
Nutcracker Route Christmas Train Set201020116-30109Set2
Nutcracker Set201120116-31031Set0
NY Mets And Yankees Subway Series Set201320136-12013Set0
Ohio State University Train Set200820086-30105Set0
Oilzum Tanker 2-Car Set (NETCA 2008)200820086-52448Set1
Overstamped Boxcar 2-Pack199919996-29286Set14
Pacemaker Set197019706-1083Set0
Peanuts Christmas Ready-to-Run Set (Conv. 0-8-0 Steam Loco)201220156-30193Set1
Penn Flyer G-Gauge Set201020107-11197Set0
Penn Flyer Train Set Ln/Box200920097-11191Set6
Pennsylvania Coal Hauler Legacy Set201820186-84953Set0
Pennsylvania Electric Ballast Train200620066-31747Set2
Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set200820087-11099Set2
Pennsylvania Flyer Ready To Run Freight Set200720076-30077Set3
Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Set200020006-21971Set1
Pennsylvania John Bull Display Set202120212122040Set5
Pennsylvania Midnight Shift Set198919896-11708Set2
Pennsylvania Railroad 1930 Broadway Limited Set201720176-84816Set0
Pennsylvania Railroad Congressional Set200020006-21782Set8
Pennsylvania Railroad E7 Diesel M Set200720076-34508Set0
Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer G Gauge Set200920157-11140Set6
Pennsylvania Railroad Sharknose Coal Train Set200420046-31726Set3
Pennsylvania Railroad The Thunder Mountain Express Set198819898-81001Set4
Pennsylvania Speeder Set, Traditional, K-Line200620066-30064Set0
Pepsi-Cola Train Set200520056-30033Set0
Platinum Ghost 2333199919996-38150Set6
Port Of Lionel City Dive Team Set199619976-11920Set1
Postwar 1805 Marines Missile Launch Train200320046-31708Set3
Postwar 2261W Freight Hauler Set200920106-38329Set2
Premium Set198319836-1346Set0
Promontory Summit 150Th Anniversary 4-4-0 Steam Engine Set201920191923080Set0
Quaker Oats Express Train Set199819986-11985Set1
QVC Gold Mine Freight Steam Set200020006-21785Set1
QVC Lenny The Lion Set200320036-11006Set1
QVC Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Freight Steam Set200020006-21784Set0
Radio Control Express Set197919796-1964Set0
Railroad Yard Set (LCCA 2009)200920096-52527Set4
REA Delivery Van SuperStreets Set200720076-21153Set1
Reading Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Dummy Set200120016-18337Set2
Reading Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set200020006-18331Set1
Reading Yard King Set198119826-1154Set1
Ready To Run Train Set Midwest Freight200420046-31984Set0
Rice A Roni Trolley Set200220026-11850Set0
Riding The Rails Hobo Train Set200320046-31953Set0
Ringling Bros. Billboard Set #2200820096-21720Set0
Ringling Bros. Speeder Chase Set200820106-22222Set4
Rio Grande General Set201120126-30168Set0
Rio Grande Ski Train201020116-30125Set0
Rock Island E6 Diesel M Set200120016-14521Set5
Rock Island Rocket Diesel Freight Train Set201220136-30179Set1
Safari Adventure Set199919996-21904Set0
Safari Adventure Set199919997-21904Set7
Santa's Flyer Ready-to-Run Train Set (0-8-0 Steam Loco 1225)201120136-30164Set2
Seaboard Freight Car Set199919996-21779Set2
Sears Badlands Express Set199019906-11778Set0
Sears Centennial Nickel Plate Set198619866-1606Set1
Sears Chicago & Illinois Midland Freight Car Set199219926-18556Set8
Sears Lionelville Circus Set199019906-11777Set0
Sears Special #1 Set197119716-1190Set1
Shark Research & Rescue GP38 Lionchief Set201920202023020Set0
Silver Bell Express Coaster Set201420149-33018Set0
Silver Star Set197119726-1183Set8
Smoky Mountain Line Set201120116-23894Set0
Snoopy Railroad G-Gauge Set201420157-11489Set4
SOO Line Set199319936-11738Set6
Southern Diesel Executive Inspection Train200720076-21217Set0
Southern Pacific Merger Steam Freight Train Set201220126-30167Set1
Southern Pacific Rising Sun Lionchief Set W/ Bluetooth201720186-84726Set1
Spiegel's Amtrak Silver Spike Set198819886-11765Set0
Sq Window Caboose BBB Set200820086-36640Set1
Star Trek Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0202120212123120Set1
Steam Freight Train Set - Battery Powered & Remote Controlled7-11358Set0
Street Lamps, Set Of 3197019876-2170Set7
Target Exclusive 2-4-2 Stater Set Loco W/ Air Whistle200820087-11115Set0
Telephone Pole Set 150197719986-2181Set34
Texas & Pacific Legacy F7 AA #1511A - 1512A201720176-85196Set0
Texas & Pacific Steam Freight Train Set6-31983Set1
The Crayola Imagination Express Imagineering Set201620167-11559Set2
The Great Northern Set199019908-81003Set0
The Lionel Snowman Express G-Gauge200720077-11024Set0
The Milwaukee Road Steam Freight201120116-30177Set0
The Mountaineer 1086197019706-1086Set3
The Ornament Express Large Scale Train Set199419958-81017Set7
The Polar Express Bump-N-Go Trolley Set201920191923130Set0
The Polar Express G-Gauge Freight Set201420147-11556Set7
The Polar Express G-Gauge Set (1225)200720167-11022Set81
The Polar Express Imagineering Play Set201620167-11631Set2
The Polar Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0 and Disappearing Hobo Car202120232123130Set19
The Polar Express Set201820187-11824Set23
The Polar Express Set G Scale200920097-11176Set21
The Polar Express with diorama201420147-11676Set0
The Village Trolley Company Trolley Set199519976-11809Set5
Thomas & Friends Christmas Set201320156-30162Set0
Thomas & Friends Diesel Remote Control Set201320166-30221Set0
Thomas & Friends James Remote Control Set201320156-30223Set0
Thomas & Friends Percy Remote Control Set201320156-30222Set0
Thomas & Friends Sodor Work Set 3-Pack201220156-30191Set0
Thomas Circus Play Set199920007-21918Set2
Thomas The Tank Engine Island Of Sodor Train Set199920006-21925Set1
Thomas The Tank Engine Lionel Large Scale Train Set200120038-81027Set0
Thomas The Tank Engine Set200420076-31956Set7
Timber Master Set198719876-11755Set0
TMCC Crane & Boom Car Set (LRRC 2010)201020106-29876Set2
Tony Stewart #14 Nascar Train Set7-11424Set0
Toy Story Lionchief Set W/ Bluetooth 5.0202120212123110Set0
Toymaker Limited Trolley Set201820186-83694Set0
Toys R Us Heavy Iron Set199019916-11783Set0
Toys R Us Heavy Iron Set198519896-1549Set1
Toys R Us Logging Empire Set197819786-1893Set0
Toys R Us Midnight Flyer Set198119816-1159Set1
Trailer Train Maxi-Stack Pair201320136-29695Set0
Train Master Freight Train Set200520056-31731Set11
Train Wreck Recovery Set199919996-21775Set3
Transcontinental 150th American 4-4-0 Hybrid Set201920191922150Set0
True Value Cannonball Express Set198919896-11762Set0
True Value Cannonball Express Set199019906-11781Set0
True Value Pennsylvania Flyer Ready To Run Set200320036-31964Set0
True Value Rock Island Line Set197619766-1698Set3
True Value Santa Fe Freight Ready To Run Set200520056-30028Set1
U.S. Navy Set199419956-11745Set5
Union Pacific Express Set199319956-11736Set6
Union Pacific Express Set199119916-11796Set0
Union Pacific Freight Car Set199819986-21757Set5
Union Pacific GP9 Diesel Set199719976-11956Set0
Union Pacific Limited Set199019918-81006Set1
Union Pacific NW2 Diesel Switcher Work Train Set201220126-11199Set0
Union Pacific Overland Freight Express Set200420046-31989Set0
United Auto Workers Set199319936-11811Set2
Virginia & Truckee Dry Gulch Line Set198819886-11706Set4
Wabash Cannonball Set6-22798Set0
Warren G. Harding Funeral Train Set with Legacy201820191922030Set0
Western Maryland Flatcars With Logs (3 Car Set)199519956-17511Set3
Western Maryland Service Station Set199519956-11749Set4
Weyerhaeuser Timber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack (Set #2)200320036-29449Set0
Whirlpool Special Train Set200220026-31949Set1
Whitehead's Flyer Custom Train Set200820086-30098Set3
Winter Wonderland Railroad Christmas Train200320036-31941Set0
Wisconsin Central Highball Freight Set200620066-30059Set1
Wisconsin Central Passenger Set200720076-30072Set0
Workin' On The Railroad Logging Empire Set197819786-1862Set2
Workin' On The Railroad Timberline Set197819786-1860Set4
World Of Disney Set '06200620066-30054Set1
World Of Little Choo Choo Set199419956-21029Set1
World War II Troop Train200020006-21951Set8
X-628 Promotional Navy Outfit Alco A-B Diesel (PWR A 224P & DMY B 224C)201220146-38353Set0
Yard Boss Set197019706-1082Set1
Yard Boss Set197619766-1660Set3
Yardmaster Set197119726-1182Set0

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