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Category: Stock Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Anheuser-Busch Horse Car20182018Stock Car00
Animated Reindeer Stock Car And Corral20022002Stock Car11
Armour Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #39020202020Stock Car00
Army Of Potomac Operating Stock Car19991999Stock Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 6039020112011Stock Car11
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car20112011Stock Car40
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car20002000Stock Car110
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car20172017Stock Car00
Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Stock Car 2615720042004Stock Car00
Baltimore & Ohio ACF 40-Ton Stock Car20022002Stock Car20
Broken Arrow Ranch Stock Car 335619971997Stock Car172
Canadian National 40-Ton Stock Car 17275520062006Stock Car40
Canadian National Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #27714420202020Stock Car00
Canadian Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 27708320012002Stock Car41
Canadian Pacific Rail ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 27731320032003Stock Car10
Case Cutlery Rolling Stock 3-Pack20002000Stock Car00
CB&CI Stock Car 5273120082008Stock Car10
Central Pacific Stock Car20122012Stock Car20
CGW 40-Ton Stock Car 83820082008Stock Car30
Chesapeake & Ohio ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 9523720062006Stock Car41
Chesapeake & Ohio Semi-Scale Stock Car 9525019921992Stock Car22
Chesapeake & Ohio Stock Car19941994Stock Car41
Chessie System Stock Car19841985Stock Car435
Chicago & North Western Animated Stock Car 3356 And Stockyard19961997Stock Car32
Chicago & North Western Stock Car19921992Stock Car83
Chicago & North Western Stock Car 1430320082008Stock Car10
Chicago & North Western Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #1432020202020Stock Car00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 5288620022002Stock Car11
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF Stock Car 5292520092009Stock Car01
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #5292920202020Stock Car00
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Stock Car 10525420072007Stock Car20
Christmas Reindeer Stock Car20102011Stock Car20
Christmas Toys Stock Car20142014Stock Car30
Christmas Toys Stock Car20162017Stock Car120
Circus Animals Operating Stock Car 198919891989Stock Car10
Circus Stock Car 637620002000Stock Car90
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bi-Level Stock Car #6379520142015Stock Car10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car19761977Stock Car64
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car 39268, Railsounds20042004Stock Car10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car Set, 4-Pack19991999Stock Car01
Erie Stock Car19951995Stock Car20
Erie Stock Car19841984Stock Car33
Frisco Stock Car19911991Stock Car152
Great Northern ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 5598920152015Stock Car10
Great Northern Bilevel Stock Car 6538520142017Stock Car11
Great Northern Stock Car20032003Stock Car00
Great Northern Stock Car20082008Stock Car80
Great Northern Stock Car19811981Stock Car91
Great Northern Stock Car 5597320092010Stock Car10
Great Northern Stock Car 5638520042004Stock Car20
Halloween General Sheriff And Outlaw Car20042004Stock Car20
Houston Stock Car19771977Stock Car356
John Deere Mower Stock Car20192019Stock Car100
Lionel Lines Circus Stock Car19781978Stock Car3913
Lionel Lines Stock Car 26139 With Horses20032003Stock Car10
Lionelville Farms Operating Stock Car19941994Stock Car22
Ll Cop And Hobo Car19821983Stock Car141
Logging Disconnect Stock Car20172017Stock Car10
Mcneil's Rangers Operating Stock Car 219991999Stock Car01
Milwaukee Road ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 10495420152015Stock Car10
Milwaukee Road Stock Car19901990Stock Car216
Milwaukee Road Stock Car 10272120072007Stock Car20
Missouri Pacific 40-Ton Stock Car 5242820062006Stock Car00
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ACF 40-Ton Stock Car #655620102011Stock Car01
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 4715020062006Stock Car11
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Cattle Car19731975Stock Car3315
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car19721975Stock Car3527
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car, Girls Set Add-On20022002Stock Car43
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #4705620202020Stock Car00
Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm Stock Car20072007Stock Car00
Mtk Stock Car20102011Stock Car21
New York Central ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 2333420012002Stock Car21
New York Central Pastel Stock Car 6356120082009Stock Car81
New York Central Scale Stock Car #635620102011Stock Car20
New York Central Stock Car19761976Stock Car60
New York Central Stock Car #23334Stock Car00
New York Central Stock Car 3121, Cattle Sounds20022002Stock Car02
Nickel Plate Road ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 4204020152015Stock Car00
Nickel Plate Road Stock Car20172017Stock Car00
Norfolk & Western ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 3300020062006Stock Car10
Norfolk & Western Stock Car19821982Stock Car95
Northern Pacific 2-Door Stock Car 6356, Archive Collection20022002Stock Car20
Northern Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car #8416120152015Stock Car11
Northern Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 8416120152015Stock Car01
Northern Pacific Pig Palace Operating Stock Car 8414420122012Stock Car00
Northern Pacific Stock Car19771977Stock Car63
Northern Pacific Stock Car19811981Stock Car60
Pennsylvania Railroad ACF Stock Car 12898820102010Stock Car40
Pennsylvania Railroad Arf 40-Ton Stock Car 12899420032003Stock Car40
Pennsylvania Railroad Operating Stock Car 129893, Railsounds20092009Stock Car12
Pennsylvania Railroad Stock Car19891989Stock Car189
Pennsylvania Stock Car20172017Stock Car00
Polar Express Reindeer Stock Car20152015Stock Car00
Polar Reindeer Stock Car20112013Stock Car11
Postwar 6356 New York Central Stock Car20062007Stock Car92
Postwar 6556 Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car20022002Stock Car31
Postwar Scale Stock Car 2-Pack20102011Stock Car21
Ringling Bros. Stock Car20082009Stock Car00
Ringling Bros. Stock Car20102011Stock Car00
Ringling Bros. Stock Car 4720082008Stock Car00
Ringling Bros. Stock Car 5420082008Stock Car00
Ringling Bros. Stock Car W/Bobbing Horses20082010Stock Car00
Rio Grande ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 3926920012002Stock Car02
Rio Grande Stock Car 3771019991999Stock Car00
Rio Grande Stock Car 3771419991999Stock Car01
Rio Grande Stock Car 3771519991999Stock Car00
Rio Grande Stock Car 3771619991999Stock Car01
Rock Island ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 7760120112011Stock Car00
Rock Island Stock Car19921992Stock Car133
Santa Fe Operating Cowboy Car19801982Stock Car111
Santa Fe Operating Stock Car19771981Stock Car1410
Santa Fe Stock Car19811982Stock Car51
Santa Fe Stock Car 2300220012001Stock Car20
Santa Fe Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #6039520202020Stock Car00
Santa's Favorites Transparent Gift Car20162016Stock Car60
Sheriff & Outlaw Car20172017Stock Car53
Southern ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 4565520112011Stock Car00
Southern Pacific Stock Car19931994Stock Car111
Southern Stock Car19831983Stock Car126
Southern Stock Car19851986Stock Car96
Southern Stock Car, Carsounds19991999Stock Car40
Southern Stock Car, Sound20042004Stock Car01
Spy Vs Spy Challenge Operating Stock Car20192019Stock Car00
Stock Car19991999Stock Car151
Stock Car 33760, Railsounds20002000Stock Car42
TCA Cobvention Car - 2011 - Sierra Railroad Stock Car20112011Stock Car30
TCA Denver Kid's Club Sheriff & Outlaw Car20072007Stock Car52
Texas & Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 2404220112011Stock Car01
Texas & Pacific Stock Car20062006Stock Car21
Texas & Pacific Stock Car19831984Stock Car43
The Lone Ranger And Outlaw Car20092013Stock Car21
The Lone Ranger Wild West Set "Black River City Bank" Strongbox Vault Car20092010Stock Car11
The Polar Express Elf Bobbing Car20202020Stock Car00
The Polar Express Reindeer Stock Car20192019Stock Car140
Thomas & Friends S.C.Ruffey20062009Stock Car03
TTOS Sooner Div Stock CarStock Car00
Union Pacific 40-Ton Stock Car 4821720082008Stock Car00
Union Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 4745620012002Stock Car21
Union Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 4813320152015Stock Car11
Union Pacific ACF Stock Car20102010Stock Car11
Union Pacific Chisholm Trail Stock Car, Cattle Sounds20112013Stock Car10
Union Pacific Stock Car20172017Stock Car00
Union Pacific Stock Car19781978Stock Car165
Union Pacific Stock Car19781978Stock Car217
Union Pacific Stock Car 3356, Crowsounds19991999Stock Car10
Union Pacific Stock Car 4200520092009Stock Car00
Union Pacific Stock Car 4815420042004Stock Car21
Virginian Stock Car19931993Stock Car128
Western & Atlantic Railroad Sheriff And Outlaw Car20082008Stock Car10
Western & Atlantic Railroad Stock Car19861986Stock Car01

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