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Category: Stock Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Anheuser-Busch Horse Car201820186-84757Stock Car0
Animated Reindeer Stock Car And Corral200220026-36704Stock Car1
Armour Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #390202020202026810Stock Car0
Army Of Potomac Operating Stock Car199919996-18189Stock Car1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 60390201120116-27885Stock Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car201120116-15077Stock Car1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car200020006-19553Stock Car3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car201720173-17250Stock Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car #69198201720173-17254Stock Car0
Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Stock Car 26157200420046-26157Stock Car1
Baltimore & Ohio ACF 40-Ton Stock Car200220026-17704Stock Car0
Broken Arrow Ranch Stock Car 3356199719976-19540Stock Car13
Canadian National 40-Ton Stock Car 172755200620066-17714Stock Car0
Canadian National Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #277144202020202026830Stock Car0
Canadian Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 277083200120026-17702Stock Car0
Canadian Pacific Rail ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 277313200320036-17708Stock Car1
Case Cutlery Rolling Stock 3-Pack200020006-99018Stock Car2
Central Pacific Railroad Stock Car201220126-15064Stock Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 95237200620066-17711Stock Car4
Chesapeake & Ohio Semi-Scale Stock Car 95250199219926-51402Stock Car3
Chesapeake & Ohio Stock Car199419946-16135Stock Car1
Chessie Stock Car198419856-7401Stock Car4
Chicago & North Western Animated Stock Car 3356 And Stockyard199619976-19828Stock Car3
Chicago & North Western Stock Car199219926-16121Stock Car3
Chicago & North Western Stock Car 14303200820086-22291Stock Car0
Chicago & North Western Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #14320202020202026850Stock Car0
Chicago Great Western 40-Ton Stock Car 838200820086-17716Stock Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 52886200220026-17705Stock Car2
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF Stock Car 52925200920096-17719Stock Car1
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Stock Car 52731200820086-22172Stock Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #52929202020202026840Stock Car4
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Stock Car 105254 (MLRRC 2007)200720076-52466Stock Car2
Christmas Reindeer Stock Car201020116-39497Stock Car0
Christmas Toys Stock Car201420146-81534Stock Car1
Christmas Toys Stock Car201620176-83315Stock Car1
Circus Animals Operating Stock Car 1989198919896-16110Stock Car1
Circus Stock Car 6376200020006-19557Stock Car3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bi-Level Stock Car #63795201420156-81675Stock Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car197619776-9763Stock Car7
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car 39268, Railsounds200420046-36736Stock Car1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car Set, 4-Pack199919996-21771Stock Car4
Denver Kid's Club Sheriff & Outlaw Car (TCA 2007)200720076-52415Stock Car2
Erie Stock Car199519956-16141Stock Car0
Erie Stock Car198419846-7303Stock Car2
Frisco Stock Car199119916-19519Stock Car12
Great Northern ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 55989201520156-82313Stock Car0
Great Northern Bilevel Stock Car 65385201420176-81469Stock Car1
Great Northern Stock Car200320036-17706Stock Car1
Great Northern Stock Car200820086-19574Stock Car4
Great Northern Stock Car198119816-9450Stock Car10
Great Northern Stock Car 55973200920106-22528Stock Car0
Great Northern Stock Car 56385200420046-17710Stock Car2
Halloween General Sheriff And Outlaw Car (LCCA 2004)200420046-52348Stock Car2
Houston Stock Car (TCA 1977)197719776-7812Stock Car18
John Deere Mower Stock Car201920191928340Stock Car2
Lionel Lines Circus Stock Car197819786-9408Stock Car31
Lionel Lines Cop And Hobo Car198219836-7901Stock Car3
Lionel Lines Stock Car 26139 With Horses200320036-26139Stock Car0
Lionelville Farms Operating Stock Car199419946-16682Stock Car3
Logging Disconnect Stock Car201720176-84161Stock Car0
Long Island Duckling Stock Car (RMLI 2020)202020202001260Stock Car0
Mcneil's Rangers Operating Stock Car 2199919996-18190Stock Car1
Milwaukee Road ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 104954201520156-82314Stock Car0
Milwaukee Road Stock Car199019906-19515Stock Car11
Milwaukee Road Stock Car 102721 (MLRRC 2007)200720076-52458Stock Car2
Missouri Pacific 40-Ton Stock Car 52428200620066-17715Stock Car0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ACF 40-Ton Stock Car #6556201020116-17723Stock Car1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 47150200620066-17713Stock Car2
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Cattle Car197319756-9725Stock Car27
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car197219756-9707Stock Car33
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car, Girls Set Add-On200220026-19559Stock Car3
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #47056202020202026860Stock Car1
Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm Stock Car (LCCA 2007)200720076-26795Stock Car0
Mtk Stock Car201020116-15033Stock Car2
New York Central ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 23334200120026-17703Stock Car0
New York Central Pastel Stock Car 63561200820096-36118Stock Car6
New York Central Scale Stock Car #6356201020116-17722Stock Car1
New York Central Stock Car197619766-9773Stock Car8
New York Central Stock Car #233346-23334Stock Car0
New York Central Stock Car 3121, Cattle Sounds200220026-26795Stock Car1
Nickel Plate Road ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 42040201520156-82316Stock Car0
Nickel Plate Road Stock Car201720173-17270Stock Car0
Nickel Plate Road Stock Car #40075201720173-17276Stock Car0
Norfolk & Western ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 33000200620066-17712Stock Car1
Norfolk & Western Stock Car198219826-7301Stock Car3
Northern Pacific 2-Door Stock Car 6356, Archive Collection200220026-19560Stock Car0
Northern Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car #84161201520156-82515Stock Car0
Northern Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 84161201520156-82315Stock Car0
Northern Pacific Pig Palace Operating Stock Car 84144201220126-29326Stock Car1
Northern Pacific Stock Car197719776-7808Stock Car4
Northern Pacific Stock Car198119816-9437Stock Car2
Pennsylvania Railroad ACF Stock Car 128988201020106-27259Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Arf 40-Ton Stock Car 128994200320036-17707Stock Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Operating Stock Car 129893, Railsounds200920096-29893Stock Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Stock Car198919896-19510Stock Car11
Pennsylvania Stock Car201720173-17260Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #128452201720173-17261Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #128909201720173-17262Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #129075201720173-17263Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #134250201720173-17264Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #135499201720173-17266Stock Car0
Polar Express Reindeer Stock Car201520156-82514Stock Car0
Polar Reindeer Stock Car201120136-27873Stock Car0
Postwar 6356 New York Central Stock Car200620076-19573Stock Car3
Postwar 6556 Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car200220026-19558Stock Car0
Postwar Scale Stock Car 2-Pack201020116-17721Stock Car4
Ringling Bros. Stock Car200820096-21715Stock Car0
Ringling Bros. Stock Car201020116-22629Stock Car0
Ringling Bros. Stock Car 47200820086-22248Stock Car0
Ringling Bros. Stock Car 54200820086-22247Stock Car0
Ringling Bros. Stock Car W/Bobbing Horses200820106-22128Stock Car0
Rio Grande ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 39269200120026-17701Stock Car2
Rio Grande Stock Car 37710199919996-26940Stock Car0
Rio Grande Stock Car 37714199919996-26995Stock Car1
Rio Grande Stock Car 37715199919996-26996Stock Car0
Rio Grande Stock Car 37716199919996-26997Stock Car0
Rock Island ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 77601201120116-27884Stock Car0
Rock Island Stock Car199219926-19530Stock Car7
Santa Fe Operating Cowboy Car198019826-9305Stock Car2
Santa Fe Operating Stock Car197719816-9280Stock Car9
Santa Fe Stock Car198119826-9448Stock Car7
Santa Fe Stock Car 23002200120016-26123Stock Car2
Santa Fe Vision Stock Car 3-Pack #60395202020202026820Stock Car2
Santa's Favorites Transparent Gift Car201620166-82711Stock Car2
Sheriff & Outlaw Car201720176-82447Stock Car1
Sierra Railroad Stock Car (TCA 2011)201120116-52573Stock Car1
Sooner Div Stock Car (TTOS)6-28642Stock Car0
Southern ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 45655201120116-27882Stock Car0
Southern Pacific Stock Car199319946-16130Stock Car9
Southern Stock Car198319836-7304Stock Car7
Southern Stock Car198519866-7309Stock Car8
Southern Stock Car, Carsounds199919996-26710Stock Car5
Southern Stock Car, Sound (LOTS 2004)200420046-52342Stock Car0
Spy Vs Spy Challenge Operating Stock Car201920191928370Stock Car0
Stock Car (LRRC 1999)199919996-19775Stock Car10
Stock Car 33760, Railsounds200020006-19850Stock Car1
Texas & Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 24042201120116-27883Stock Car0
Texas & Pacific Stock Car198319846-7302Stock Car1
Texas & Pacific Stock Car (TCA 2006)200620066-52403Stock Car1
The Lone Ranger And Outlaw Car200920136-37007Stock Car1
The Polar Express Elf Bobbing Car202020202028110Stock Car8
The Polar Express Reindeer Stock Car201920191928410Stock Car1
Thomas & Friends S.C.Ruffey200620096-26328Stock Car1
Union Pacific 40-Ton Stock Car 48217200820086-17717Stock Car2
Union Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 47456200120026-17700Stock Car2
Union Pacific ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 48133201520156-82312Stock Car1
Union Pacific ACF Stock Car201020106-17720Stock Car5
Union Pacific Chisholm Trail Stock Car, Cattle Sounds201120136-29305Stock Car0
Union Pacific Stock Car201720173-17280Stock Car0
Union Pacific Stock Car197819786-9407Stock Car9
Union Pacific Stock Car (LCCA 1978)197819786-9728Stock Car17
Union Pacific Stock Car 3356, Crowsounds199919996-16790Stock Car1
Union Pacific Stock Car 42005200920096-21630Stock Car1
Union Pacific Stock Car 48154200420046-17709Stock Car1
Virginian Stock Car199319936-16125Stock Car14
Western & Atlantic Railroad Sheriff And Outlaw Car200820086-36856Stock Car0
Western & Atlantic Railroad Stock Car198619866-7312Stock Car0

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