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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: SuperStreets
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Ez Delivery Step Van200720076-21455SuperStreets0
Fresh Produce Classic Truck200720076-21297SuperStreets1
K-Line By Lionel Delivery Van200720076-21167SuperStreets0
KBL Catering Service Delivery Van200720076-21278SuperStreets1
King Coal Co.Classic Truck200720076-21295SuperStreets1
Lionel Step Van200920106-22510SuperStreets1
Rea Delivery Van200720076-21154SuperStreets1
School Bus200720076-21292SuperStreets0
Superstreets 0 Gauge Conversion Pins200820106-21288SuperStreets3
Superstreets 10 Crossing 2 Pieces200820106-21575SuperStreets3
Superstreets 10 Insulated Roadway 2 Pieces200820106-21571SuperStreets0
Superstreets 10 Tubular Transition200820106-21284SuperStreets5
Superstreets 10 Tubular Transition 2 Pieces200820106-21285SuperStreets2
Superstreets 2.5 Curve-To-Curve Connector 4 Pieces200820106-21282SuperStreets3
Superstreets 2.5 Straight Roadway 4 Pieces201020106-22566SuperStreets0
Superstreets 2.5 Straight-To-Curve Connector 4 Pieces200820106-21261SuperStreets1
Superstreets 5 Straight Crosswalk 2 Pieces200820106-21574SuperStreets1
Superstreets 5 Straight School 2 Pieces200820106-21572SuperStreets5
Superstreets 5 Straight Stop Ahead 2 Pieces200820106-21573SuperStreets4
Superstreets Barricade, 2 Pieces200820106-22379SuperStreets0
Superstreets Connector Pins200820106-21289SuperStreets0
Superstreets D16 Curve200820106-21430SuperStreets0
Superstreets D16 Curve Guard Rails200920106-22534SuperStreets3
Superstreets D16 Turn Roadways, Left And Right201020106-22592SuperStreets0
Superstreets D21 Curve200820106-21281SuperStreets0
Superstreets D21 Curve Guard Rails200920106-22536SuperStreets1
Superstreets D21 Turn Roadways, Left And Right201020106-22595SuperStreets0
Superstreets Fishtail Roadway200920096-22506SuperStreets0
Superstreets Guard Rails200820106-22470SuperStreets2
Superstreets Hookup Wires, 2 Pieces200820106-21290SuperStreets1
Superstreets Intersection200820106-21286SuperStreets5
Superstreets Intersection, 4 Pieces200820106-21266SuperStreets2
Superstreets Quikrete Vintage Truck With Pallets Load Set6-21700SuperStreets0
Superstreets Skid Mark Roadway Pack200820106-21576SuperStreets3
Superstreets Y Roadway200820106-21287SuperStreets3

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