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Category: Searchlight Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#3620 Lionel Lines Searchlight Car20032003Searchlight Car00
1520 Searchlight Car19891989Searchlight Car22
Airport Revolving Searchlight20102010Searchlight Car00
Alaska Extension Searchlight Car20012001Searchlight Car02
Alaska Searchlight Car20052005Searchlight Car01
Alaska Searchlight Car With Vehicle20082008Searchlight Car10
American Fire & Rescue Searchlight Car20092010Searchlight Car00
Area 51 Searchlight Car20092009Searchlight Car02
Batman - Bat-Signal Searchlight Car20192019Searchlight Car70
Bethlehem Steel Searchlight Car20082008Searchlight Car10
Burlington Northern Searchlight Car20062006Searchlight Car00
Canadian National Searchlight Car19881988Searchlight Car80
Canadian Pacific Searchlight Car20072008Searchlight Car11
Chesapeake & Ohio Double Searchlight Car With Vehicle20082009Searchlight Car10
Chesapeake & Ohio Searchlight Car 21661420042004Searchlight Car31
Chessie Searchlight Car20012002Searchlight Car11
Chicago & North Western Searchlight Car19831985Searchlight Car41
Conrail Searchlight Car19931993Searchlight Car42
Conrail Searchlight Car19781983Searchlight Car229
CSX Searchlight Car19901990Searchlight Car20
Denver & Rio Grande Western Searchlight Car19891989Searchlight Car10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Searchlight Car20062006Searchlight Car00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Searchlight Car20162017Searchlight Car40
Erie Extension Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car81
Great Northern Searchlight Car20032003Searchlight Car22
Halloween Searchlight Car20122013Searchlight Car10
Lehigh Valley Searchlight Car19871987Searchlight Car21
Lionel Lines Extension Searchlight Car19891989Searchlight Car102
Lionel Lines Extension Searchlight Car19991999Searchlight Car01
Lionel Lines Extension Searchlight Car20002000Searchlight Car10
Lionel Lines Searchlight Car 365019961997Searchlight Car72
Lionelville Operating Searchlight Car 1985419991999Searchlight Car20
Louisville & Nashville Searchlight Car19721978Searchlight Car3810
Maintenance-Of-Way Remote Control Searchlight Car20042004Searchlight Car30
Maintenance-Of-Way Searchlight Car20122012Searchlight Car31
Minuteman Searchlight Car20112011Searchlight Car00
Missouri Pacific Searchlight Car19931993Searchlight Car71
New York Central Extension Searchlight Car19901990Searchlight Car42
New York Central Operating Searchlight Car20052005Searchlight Car00
New York Central Searchlight Car19851986Searchlight Car101
New York Central Searchlight Car20062008Searchlight Car00
New York Central Searchlight Car #2949920072007Searchlight Car42
North Pole Central Santa Finder Searchlight Car20142014Searchlight Car00
North Pole Central Searchlight Car20072007Searchlight Car00
Pennsylvania Power & Light Searchlight Car20102010Searchlight Car10
Pennsylvania Railroad Searchlight Car20072007Searchlight Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Searchlight Car20082010Searchlight Car81
Pennsylvania Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car55
Polar Express Searchlight Car20132013Searchlight Car00
Port Of Lionel City Searchlight Car19971997Searchlight Car21
Postwar 6520 Searchlight Car20022002Searchlight Car10
Reading Searchlight Car19841985Searchlight Car73
Ringling Bros. Operating Dual Searchlight Car20102011Searchlight Car00
Ringling Bros. Operating Searchlight Car With 3 Spotlights20082008Searchlight Car01
Rock Island Searchlight Car19941994Searchlight Car93
Rock Island Searchlight Car20132013Searchlight Car02
Santa Fe Operating Searchlight Car 2061120022002Searchlight Car10
Santa Fe Searchlight Car20062006Searchlight Car20
Santa Fe Searchlight Car #3702120102012Searchlight Car11
Santa Fe Searchlight Car 3672620032003Searchlight Car30
Santa Finder Operating Searchlight Car20192019Searchlight Car70
Santa's Extension Searchlight Car20042004Searchlight Car50
Searchlight Car19901990Searchlight Car183
Searchlight Car20002000Searchlight Car00
Searchlight Car19841985Searchlight Car13
SOO Line Searchlight Car19931993Searchlight Car00
Southern Pacific Operating Searchlight Car20072007Searchlight Car01
Southern Searchlight Car19871987Searchlight Car70
Southern Searchlight Car20032004Searchlight Car40
Strasburg Rr Searchlight Car20142014Searchlight Car11
The Polar Express Operating Searchlight Car20192019Searchlight Car140
Tony Stewart Searchlight CarSearchlight Car10
U.S. Army Searchlight Car20002000Searchlight Car40
U.S. Coast Guard Searchlight Car19961996Searchlight Car33
U.S. Steel Searchlight Car20072008Searchlight Car22
Union Pacific Extended Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car100
Union Pacific Searchlight Car19931995Searchlight Car35
Western Pacific Extension Searchlight Car19911991Searchlight Car10

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