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Category: Tower
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#437 Tower6-13084Tower0
437 Classics Tower199119916-13804Tower1
Area 51 Search Tower202020202029200Tower4
Cell Tower201020166-37903Tower4
Christmas Floodlight Tower201620166-82746Tower6
Christmas Wreath Clock Tower201420176-82005Tower0
Clock Tower With Wreath201120116-37968Tower0
Coaling Tower, 3 Pieces199819986-22936Tower0
Control Tower198719876-12702Tower0
Control Tower199519956-12878Tower5
Double Floodlight Tower200520096-24103Tower2
Double Floodlight Tower201520176-82013Tower8
Floodlight Tower199020006-12759Tower9
Floodlight Tower199519986-12886Tower4
Floodlight Tower200220036-14155Tower6
Floodlight Tower197019716-2195Tower1
Floodlight Tower197519866-2313Tower9
Floodlight Tower, 36526200820166-14092Tower8
Ford Rotating Sign Tower200820086-22397Tower0
Hobo Tower200320056-24104Tower0
Illuminated Watchtower197519806-2319Tower1
J Tower Switch Tower202020202029160Tower2
Lighted Coaling Tower201020156-37912Tower1
Lighted Coaling Tower201620166-83490Tower1
Lighted Water Tower (Black)202020201956130Tower1
Lighted Water Tower (Silver)202020201956120Tower1
Lighted Yard Tower201620166-83147Tower0
Menards Water Tower6-58633Tower0
Microwave Tower198819956-12723Tower4
Microwave Tower197219756-2199Tower4
Old Style Clock Tower200820176-14147Tower9
Operating Control Tower198319866-2318Tower4
Operating Searchlight Tower197519846-2314Tower12
Plug-Expand-Play Bluetooth Radio Tower201720176-84611Tower0
Plug-Expand-Play Christmas Industrial Tower201820186-84797Tower3
Plug-Expand-Play Yard Tower201820186-83751Tower0
Polar Express Snow Tower201320146-35294Tower0
Postwar 192 Control Tower201220126-37996Tower0
Postwar 192 Control Tower201520166-82014Tower0
Postwar 192 Railroad Control Tower199920006-32988Tower2
Postwar 395 Floodlight Tower200820086-24214Tower1
Railroad Control Tower200320106-24153Tower4
Sand Tower200620176-14255Tower1
Searchlight Tower198719926-12716Tower6
Searchlight Tower199519986-12899Tower8
Single Floodlight Tower201520176-82012Tower7
Twin Searchlight Tower200820106-22326Tower2
Yard Tower200620086-14227Tower0

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