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Category: Track
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
0 Gauge Transition Piece20042016Track269
1/2 Straight Track - 5.5Track00
10 Girder Bridge Track20142017Track95
10 Insulated Track20032016Track70
10 Straight Track20032017Track5415
10 Straight Track19711998Track65
10 Straight Track19992016Track91
10 Straight Track 4-Pack20032017Track159
10 Terminal Track20032016Track6214
10" Fastrack Terminal Section With Black RailTrack10
13/8 Track Section No Roadbed20072016Track142
20" Radius Curve Magnetrack 4-Pack20182018Track00
20" Radius Curve Magnetrack 4-Pack20192019Track00
221/2-Degree Crossover20042016Track176
24 Display Case W/Track SectionTrack00
27 Diameter Curved Track19701978Track00
27 Diameter Curved Track19791998Track10
27 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track110
27 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track00
27 Diameter Curved Track Card Of 419701996Track196
30 Straight Track20042016Track2713
31 Curved Track20132016Track194
31 Diameter Curved Track19711998Track11
31 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track61
31 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track00
35 Straight Track19882005Track00
35 Straight Track19992016Track73
36 Curved Track20032017Track748
36 Curved Track, Card Of 420032017Track281
36 Half Curved Track20032016Track251
36 Manual Switch, Left Hand20032017Track2213
36 Manual Switch, Right Hand20032017Track234
36 Quarter Curved Track20032016Track191
36 Remote Switch, Left Hand20042017Track99
36 Remote Switch, Right Hand20042017Track78
36 Straight19871988Track10
36 Straight Track19871988Track12
36" Straight Tubular Track19961996Track10
4 Curved TracksTrack01
4 Straight Track20032016Track252
40 Straight Track19881998Track01
40 Straight Track19992016Track52
42 Diameter Curved Track19881998Track00
42 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track01
42 Diameter Curved Track Section19962016Track81
45-Degree Crossover20042016Track107
48 Curved Track20042016Track220
48 Half-Curved Track20092016Track140
48 Quarter-Curved Track20092016Track140
48 Remote Switch, Left Hand20072014Track71
48 Remote Switch, Right Hand20072014Track81
4850Tm Factory Trackmobile, Gc20102010Track01
5 Straight Track20032017Track322
5 Uncoupling Track20032017Track5311
54 Diameter Curved Track19791998Track10
54 Diameter Curved Track19901998Track00
54 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track40
54 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track93
54 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track00
60 Curved Track20052016Track264
60 Remote Switch, Right Hand20052014Track43
72 Command Control Wye Switch20092014Track31
72 Curved Track20042016Track224
72 Diameter Curved Track19791998Track00
72 Diameter Curved Track19992016Track112
72 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track00
72 Half Curved Track20042016Track121
72 Remote Switch, Left Hand20042014Track21
72 Remote Switch, Right Hand20042014Track15
72 Wye Remote Switch20042014Track137
84 Curved Track20052016Track163
9 Straight Track19992016Track203
9" Straight Magnetrack 4-Pack20182018Track00
9" Straight Magnetrack 4-Pack20192019Track00
90-Degree Crossover20032017Track309
Accessory Activator Pack20032017Track2612
Accessory Power Wire20042017Track343
Alien Radar Tracking Car20062006Track21
Amtrak Trackmobile20112011Track00
Bethlehem Steel Trackside Crane20162017Track21
Block Section20052016Track256
Brass Straight TracksTrack00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Trackmobile20112011Track10
Canadian National Trackmobile20122012Track00
Canadian Pacific Rail Trackmobile20112011Track10
Chesapeake & Ohio Track Maintenance Car19901991Track52
Chessie System Trackmobile20122012Track00
Chicago & North Western Track Maintenance Car19951995Track41
Christmas Girder Bridge Track20142017Track22
Christmas Track Cleaning Car20102013Track00
Christmas Track Maintenance Car20122013Track01
Conrail Trackmobile20122012Track00
CSX 4850Tm Trackmobile20102010Track00
CSX Western Maryland Track Maintenance Car 681220112011Track93
Curve Black Rail Track SectionTrack00
Curved Track19731974Track43
Curved Track Ballast, Card Of 419731974Track34
Curved Track, Card Of 419731974Track10
Deluxe Complete Track Pack19982016Track12
Deluxe Fastrack Layout (54 Piece Set)Track00
Desert Division 25Th Anniversary On-Track Step Van19961996Track30
Dodge Ram Track Inspection Vehicle19971997Track163
Dogbone Expander Pack20082010Track11
Double Loop Add-On Track Pack19982016Track22
Double Loop Track Pack19982003Track01
Double-Track Signal Bridge19952000Track35
Dual Track Signal Bridge20082010Track00
Earthen Bumper20042018Track1513
Elevated Trestle Set20052016Track207
Extra Long Straight Track - 40Track00
Fastrack 0-31 Curved Track 4-Pack20142016Track00
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track83
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track91
Fastrack 0-31 Quarter Curved Track20142016Track41
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track81
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track715
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track85
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track116
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track70
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track61
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track52
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track60
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track41
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track41
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Wye20142016Track72
Fastrack 0-96 Curve20142014Track141
FasTrack 1 3/4" Straight Track20032016Track196
FasTrack 1 3/8" Track Section20072016Track161
Fastrack 10" Straight Terminal Track Section20182018Track10
Fastrack Accessory Activator Track Pack20152017Track72
Fastrack Figure-8 Track And Power Pack20142017Track01
Fastrack Lighted Bumper 2-Pack20052017Track204
Fastrack Lighted Terminal Section20042007Track00
Fastrack Modular Layout 45-Degree Corner Kit20132013Track00
Fastrack Modular Layout 45-Degree Reversible Corner Kit20132013Track00
Fastrack Modular Layout Straight Section Kit20132013Track00
Fastrack Modular Layout Template20132016Track00
Fastrack Oval Track And Power Pack20142017Track10
Fastrack Power Block Lockon20152017Track72
Fastrack Power Lockon20152017Track333
Fastrack Terminal, Lionchief20142016Track180
Figure 8 Track Pack20032016Track233
Figure-8 Add-On Track Pack19982016Track43
Four Sections Of Curved TrackTrack22
G Gauge Curved Track (Black / Battery Operated)20162016Track10
G Gauge Inner Loop Track Pack20142015Track11
G Gauge Outer Loop Track Pack20142015Track10
G Gauge Straight Track (Black / Battery Operated)20162016Track00
G Gauge Train Straight Track 4-Pack20072007Track20
G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Curved20152015Track181
G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Straight20152015Track31
Grade Crossing 2-Pack20052016Track316
Grade Crossing With Flashers20052016Track165
Graduated Trestle Set20052016Track328
Half Curved Track19701998Track00
Half Curved Track19831998Track20
Half Curved Track19992016Track81
Half Curved Track19992016Track104
Half Curved Track19992003Track00
Half Straight Track19701998Track00
Half Straight Track19831998Track00
Half Straight Track19992016Track62
Half Straight Track19992016Track72
Halloween Orange 10" Plug-Expand-Play Power Lock-On Track20182018Track00
Imagineering Curve Track (6)20162016Track60
Imagineering Incline Track (4)20162016Track51
Inner Passing Loop Track Pack20032016Track182
Inside Curve Race Car Track Section20092009Track00
Insulated Straight Track19932016Track193
Insulated Straight Track19932016Track174
Ives Track Clips, 12 Pieces19992016Track160
Kansas City Southern Trackmobile20122013Track00
Large Scale Brass Straight Track20092010Track01
Large Scale Curved Track19872010Track20
Large Scale Wide Radius Curved Track20032010Track20
Lcs Sensor Track20132016Track106
Lcs Sensor Track 1' Cable20132016Track31
Lcs Sensor Track 10' Cable20132016Track61
Lcs Sensor Track 20' Cable20132016Track80
Lcs Sensor Track 3' Cable20132016Track31
Lcs Sensortrack - Multi System Compatible20162017Track51
Lcs Sensortrack 2 (Irv2)20182018Track10
Left Switch Ballast, Card Of 219731974Track00
Lighted Fastrack 10" Straight 4-Pack20202020Track00
Lighted Fastrack O36 Curve 4-Pack20202020Track00
Lighted Oval Pack 40x5020202020Track00
Lighted Track Power Pack20202020Track00
Lionchief Terminal Fastrack20142014Track00
Lionel Fastrack Book20072015Track00
Long Island Railroad Trackmobile20122012Track00
Long Straight Track SectionTrack10
Maintenance-Of-Way Track Cleaning Car20052005Track02
Maintenance-Of-Way Trackmobile20122012Track00
Maintenance-Of-Way Trackside Crane20162017Track20
Manual Switch Left HandTrack10
Manual Switch, Left Hand19731974Track00
Manual Switch, Right Hand19731974Track10
New York Central Track Cleaning Car20082008Track00
New York Central Trackmobile20112013Track10
No. 25 Illuminated Track Bumpers (Std)20162016Track10
Norfolk Southern Trackmobile20122012Track00
North Pole Central Trackmobile20122012Track01
Northern Pacific Trackmobile20122013Track00
O27 Value Pack Oval Layout Track Expander19891989Track00
On-Track Pickup Truck19951995Track215
On-Track Pickup, Orange19961996Track52
On-Track Step Van19951995Track238
On-Track Van, Blue19961996Track31
Operating Track Gang20112011Track00
Operating Track With Half Straight20052017Track289
Operating/Uncoupling Track19892016Track95
Orange Fastrack Pack20182018Track10
Outer Passing Loop Track Pack20032016Track214
Outside Curve Race Car Track Section20092009Track00
Pennsylvania Railroad Trackmobile20112011Track01
Postwar 54 Track Ballast Tamper20022003Track112
Postwar 6812 Track Maintenance Car20082008Track40
Racing Set Inner Radius Track SectionsTrack00
Racing Set Outer Radius Curved TrackTrack00
Ready To Play Curve Track20172017Track111
Ready-To-Play Left & Right Interchange Track Pack20172017Track52
Ready-To-Play Straight Track20172017Track140
Realtrax 3.5" Straight TrackTrack30
Remote Control Track19992016Track1411
Remote Switch, Left Hand19731974Track10
Remote Switch, Right Hand19731974Track00
Remote Uncoupling Section19701998Track47
Remote Uncoupling Section19711972Track01
Remote Uncoupling Section19811998Track197
Right Switch Ballast, Card Of 219731974Track00
Santa Fe Track Maintenance Car19891989Track173
Santa's Radar Tracking Car20032003Track10
Siding Track Add-On Track Pack20042016Track126
Snow-Covered Straight Track 4-Pack20082008Track00

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