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Category: Tractor and Trailer
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Alka Seltzer Tractor And Trailer199219926-12811Tractor and Trailer33
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Tractor Trailer201220126-37849Tractor and Trailer0
Canadian National Tractor And Trailer 197993 (LOTS 1994)199419946-52048Tractor and Trailer4
Canadian National Tractor With Piggyback Trailer201220156-37842Tractor and Trailer0
Canadian Pacific Tractor And Piggyback Trailer201420176-81904Tractor and Trailer0
Caraii Tractor And Trailer199419946-52069Tractor and Trailer2
Christmas Tractor And Trailer200620086-14260Tractor and Trailer5
Christmas Tractor And Trailer With Trees201020106-37813Tractor and Trailer0
Christmas Tractor Trailer With Trees200820086-24204Tractor and Trailer0
Chrysler Mopar Tractor And Trailer199419946-12881Tractor and Trailer2
Conrail Tractor And Trailer199019906-12778Tractor and Trailer18
Dunkin' Donuts Tractor And Trailer199219926-12842Tractor and Trailer9
Frisco Special Tractor And Trailer199819986-521368Tractor and Trailer0
GM Parts Tractor And Trailer199519956-12933Tractor and Trailer2
Illinois Central Tractor Trailer201220126-37848Tractor and Trailer1
Inland Steel Tractor And Trailer199219926-12819Tractor and Trailer5
Iowa Interstate Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52092Tractor and Trailer7
Lenox Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52091Tractor and Trailer12
Lionel Cola Tractor And Trailer199819986-29271Tractor and Trailer5
Lionel Corporation Tractor And Trailer199819986-22973Tractor and Trailer4
Lionel Gravel Company Tractor And Trailer199119916-12785Tractor and Trailer8
Lionel Lumber Company Tractor And Trailer199219926-12806Tractor and Trailer7
Lionel Pennsylvania Railroad Tractor And Trailer Plus *** ***6-32949Tractor and Trailer0
Lionel Steel Company Tractor And Trailer199119916-12786Tractor and Trailer12
Lionel Tractor And Piggyback Trailer201420146-81903Tractor and Trailer0
Lionel Tractor And Trailer198819896-12725Tractor and Trailer23
Lionel Tractor And Trailer199819986-12989Tractor and Trailer3
Lionel Visitor's Center Tractor And Trailer199419946-12860Tractor and Trailer12
Lionelville Grain Company Tractor And Trailer199019906-12779Tractor and Trailer12
Little Caesars Tractor And Trailer199219926-12807Tractor and Trailer9
Little Caesars Tractor And Trailer199419946-12864Tractor and Trailer6
Long Island Flatcar With Tractor And Trailer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58574Tractor and Trailer0
Madison Hardware Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1993)199319936-52025Tractor and Trailer15
Milwaukee Road Tractor And Piggyback Trailer201420146-81902Tractor and Trailer2
Monon Tractor And Trailer199119916-12783Tractor and Trailer15
Mr Preferred Tractor Trailer Truck201320136-61953Tractor and Trailer0
New York Central Tractor And Piggyback Trailer201420176-81901Tractor and Trailer0
Pennsylvania Railroad Tractor Trailer201220126-37846Tractor and Trailer0
Railway Express Agency Tractor Trailer201220126-37850Tractor and Trailer0
Red Wing Shoes Tractor And Trailer199519956-12923Tractor and Trailer1
Ringling Bros. Tractor And Trailer201020116-22630Tractor and Trailer0
Ringling Bros. Tractor Trailer200820086-22260Tractor and Trailer0
Ringling Bros. Tractor Trailer #1200820096-22408Tractor and Trailer1
Roadrailer Tractor And Trailer199319936-12833Tractor and Trailer17
Santa Fe Quantum Tractor And Trailer199319936-12836Tractor and Trailer18
Southern Pacific Tractor Trailer201220126-37847Tractor and Trailer0
Southern Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1994)199419946-52056Tractor and Trailer3
Sovex Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1994)199419946-52055Tractor and Trailer18
St. Louis Tractor And Trailer (SLRRC 1996)199619966-52104Tractor and Trailer2
Tractor And Trailer (LRRC)199419946-12875Tractor and Trailer18
Trainmaster Tractor And Trailer199419946-52066Tractor and Trailer3
Union Pacific Tractor And Piggyback Trailer201420146-81905Tractor and Trailer1
Weyerhaeuser Tractor And Trailer199319936-52021Tractor and Trailer3
Wisk Tractor And Trailer199419946-12865Tractor and Trailer22
Wolverine Division Tractor & Trailer (TTOS 1994)199419946-52033Tractor and Trailer14
Zenith Tractor And Trailer199619966-12935Tractor and Trailer3

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