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Category: Trolley
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
(200/201) Trolley & Trailer198919896-13900Trolley2
201 Trolley Trailer198919896-13901Trolley1
Boston Trolley 3321199920006-18452Trolley0
Chicago Convention Banquet Trolley (LCCA 2018)201820186-58046Trolley0
Chicago Convention Registration Trolley (LCCA 2018)201820186-58045Trolley0
Christmas Trolley200620066-28418Trolley0
Christmas Trolley200720076-28434Trolley0
Christmas Yuletide Trolley200320036-18481Trolley0
City Traction Trolley Add-On200820086-21168Trolley10
City Traction Trolley Barn200820096-22199Trolley1
City Traction Trolley With Ringling Bros. Banner200820096-21649Trolley0
Coca-Cola Trolley201020106-28456Trolley1
Coney Island Trolley (TCA 2015)201520156-58237Trolley0
Connecticut Trolley201720176-84295Trolley2
Elx Trolley202020202035010Trolley1
Fort Collins Trolley202020202035020Trolley1
Fort Collins Trolley200720076-28421Trolley1
Grzyboski's Trains 40Th Anniversary Laural Line Trolley201720176-58275Trolley0
Johnstown Birney Trolley201620166-83426Trolley1
Lionel Lines Trolley198619866-8690Trolley5
Lionel Transit Birney Trolley201520156-82413Trolley0
Lionel Village Trolley199919996-21916Trolley0
Lionelville #60 Red Lettered Trolley (METCA 2020)202020202001560Trolley0
Lionelville Electric Trolley 8419199419946-18419Trolley2
Lionelville Trolley202020202035050Trolley0
No. 8 Christmas Trolley (Std)2012201211-2026Trolley0
No. 8 Trolley (Std)2011201111-2024Trolley0
No. 9 Trolley (Std)2011201111-2025Trolley0
North Pole Central Trolley202120212135140Trolley2
North Shore Line 15 Interurban Car 2-Pack200820086-22287Trolley0
Palisades Trolley (TCA 2015 )201520156-58238Trolley2
Palisades Trolley (TCA 2015)201520156-52838Trolley0
Polar Express Trolley201420146-81450Trolley0
Portland Birney Trolley200820096-28438Trolley1
Reading Birney Trolley201520156-82412Trolley1
Registration Trolley (LCCA 2014)201420146-58586Trolley0
Registration Trolley (LCCA 2015)201520156-58588Trolley0
Reno Convention Registration Trolley (LCCA 2019)201920196-58047Trolley0
Rutgers Trolley201420146-83865Trolley0
Sacramento Northern Trolley201720176-84294Trolley0
San Francisco Trolley 8404198819886-18404Trolley4
Scranton Convention Banquet Trolley (LCCA 2021)202120212101280Trolley0
Scranton Registration Trolley (LCCA 2021)202120212101270Trolley0
Silver Bell Trolley200920096-28446Trolley1
Southern Pacific Birney Car (TTOS 2006)200620066-52404Trolley0
St. Louis Motorized Trolley201420146-81451Trolley0
Third Avenue Trolley 1651, Traditional200620066-28415Trolley1
Toymaker Limited Trolley201820186-83695Trolley0
Transylvania Trolley200820086-28441Trolley2
Trolley & Trail Car (Pwr #101, Dmy #1100)200720076-13113Trolley0
Trolley Car199619976-18431Trolley3
U.S. War Bonds Bump-N-Go Trolley201920191935090Trolley2
Wellspring Capital Management Trolley200620066-28430Trolley2
Zombie Motorized Trolley201420146-81449Trolley0

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