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Category: Track
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
072 Diameter Curved Track197919986-5572Track0
1/2 Curve Track Section199020176-65014Track14
1/2 Curve Track Section199020176-65504Track10
1/2 Straight Track - 5.56-66505Track0
10" Fastrack Terminal Section With Black Rail6-12016BTrack0
10" Girder Bridge Track201420236-81248Track6
10" Straight Track197019986-5500Track2
10" Straight Track199020176-65500Track30
24 Display Case W/Track Section6-10831Track0
27 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5046Track1
27" Diameter Curved Track197019786-5013Track1
27" Diameter Curved Track199020176-65033Track22
27" Diameter Curved Track Card Of 4197119966-5012Track13
31 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5561Track1
31" Diameter Curved Track197019986-5501Track1
31" Diameter Curved Track199020176-65501Track10
35" Straight Track197219726-5024Track0
36" Straight198719886-5522Track2
36" Straight Track198719886-5016Track56
4 Curved Tracks198719958-82003Track7
40" Straight Track198819986-5523Track0
42 Diameter Curved Track198819986-5049Track0
42" Diameter Curved Track198820176-65049Track0
42" Diameter Curved Track Section199620176-12925Track4
54 Diameter Curved Track199019986-5554Track0
54 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5045Track1
54" Diameter Curved Track197919986-5113Track2
54" Diameter Curved Track199020176-65113Track6
54" Wide-Radius Curved Track199020176-65554Track5
72 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5560Track0
72" Wide-Radius Curved Track199020176-65572Track20
9" Straight Track199020176-65038Track27
Add-on Spur Track Pack200820087-11079Track0
Alien Radar Tracking Car200620066-26857Track0
Amtrak Trackmobile201120116-28468Track0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Track Maintenance Car198919896-16618Track16
Brass Straight Tracks198719958-82002Track0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Trackmobile201120116-28469Track0
Canadian National Trackmobile201220126-38809Track0
Chesapeake & Ohio Track Maintenance Car199019916-16620Track15
Chessie Trackmobile201220126-38808Track0
Christmas Girder Bridge Track201420186-81249Track1
Conrail Trackmobile201220126-38805Track0
CSX 4850TM Trackmobile200920106-28448Track0
Curve Black Rail Track Section6-12015BTrack0
Deluxe Fastrack Layout (54 Piece Set)6-82346Track0
Desert Division 25Th Anniversary On-Track Step Van (TCA 1996)199619966-52088Track3
Double-Track Signal Bridge 450199520006-12895Track2
Dual Track Signal Bridge200820106-22329Track0
Extended Oval Track Pack200820087-11078Track0
Extra Long Straight Track - 406-66523Track0
Extra Long Straight Track Section 198819888-82005Track0
Extra Long Straight Track Section198819958-82006Track0
Extra Long Track Section 198820176-65024Track4
Extra-Long Track Section 198820176-65523Track7
Factory scheme 4850TM Trackmobile200920106-28447Track1
Fastrack 0-31 Curved Track 4-Pack201420236-81862Track8
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81252Track8
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81251Track10
Fastrack 0-31 Quarter Curved Track201420236-81662Track7
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81254Track13
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81253Track11
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81947Track11
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81946Track11
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81949Track9
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81948Track8
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81951Track8
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81950Track6
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81953Track14
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81952Track8
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Wye201420236-81954Track8
Fastrack 0-96 Curve201420236-81250Track13
FasTrack 1 3/4" Straight Track200320236-12026Track22
FasTrack 1 3/8" Track Section200720236-12073Track16
FasTrack 1 3/8" Track Section without Roadbed200720236-12074Track12
Fastrack 10" Straight Terminal Track Section201820186-85413Track5
FasTrack 10" Straight Track200320236-12014Track55
FasTrack 10" Straight Track 4-Pack200320236-12032Track33
FasTrack 22 1/2-Degree Crossover200420236-12050Track20
FasTrack 30" Straight Track200320236-12042Track33
FasTrack 4 1/2" Straight Track200320236-12025Track25
FasTrack 45-Degree Crossover200420236-12051Track16
FasTrack 5" Straight Track200320236-12024Track19
FasTrack 90-Degree Crossover200320236-12019Track28
FasTrack Accessory Activator Extender200320236-12027Track11
FasTrack Accessory Activator Pack200320236-12029Track27
Fastrack Accessory Activator Track Pack201420236-81317Track13
FasTrack Block Section200520236-12060Track21
FasTrack Earthen Bumper200420236-12059Track25
FasTrack Elevated Trestle Set200520236-12038Track24
FasTrack Figure 8 Add-On Track Pack200320236-12030Track18
Fastrack Figure-8 Track And Power Pack201420176-81735Track0
FasTrack Grade Crossing200420236-12036Track34
FasTrack Grade Crossing with Flashers200520236-12052Track15
FasTrack Graduated Trestle Set200520236-12037Track15
FasTrack Inner Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack200320236-12028Track11
FasTrack Lighted Bumper200420236-12035Track27
Fastrack Lighted Terminal Section200420076-12071Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout 45 Degree Full Corner Kit201320136-37154Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout 45 Degree Reversible Corner Kit201320136-37153Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout Straight Section Kit201320136-37149Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout Template201320176-37150Track0
FasTrack O31 Curved Track201220236-37103Track23
FasTrack O36 Curved Track200320236-12015Track74
FasTrack O36 Curved Track 4-Pack200320236-12033Track52
FasTrack O36 Half Curved Track200320236-12022Track25
FasTrack O36 Quarter Curved Track200320236-12023Track22
FasTrack O48 1/2 Curve200920236-16834Track13
FasTrack O48 1/4 Curve200920236-16835Track13
FasTrack O48 Curved Track200420236-12043Track18
FasTrack O60 Curved Track200420236-12056Track24
FasTrack O72 Curved Track200420236-12041Track20
FasTrack O72 Half Curved Track200420236-12055Track14
FasTrack O84 Curved Track200520236-12061Track11
FasTrack Operating Track200520236-12054Track30
FasTrack Outer Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack200320236-12031Track16
Fastrack Oval Track And Power Pack201420176-81734Track0
Fastrack Power Block Lockon201420236-81314Track10
Fastrack Power Lockon201420236-81313Track37
FasTrack Railer200420236-12039Track14
FasTrack Remote Uncoupling Track200320236-12020Track39
FasTrack Siding Track Add-on Track Pack200420236-12044Track2
FasTrack Terminal Section200320236-12016Track50
Fastrack Terminal, Lionchief201420236-37110Track19
FasTrack Transition Piece200320236-12040Track17
G Gauge Curved Track (Black / Battery Operated)200720167-11049Track0
G Gauge Inner Loop Track Pack201420157-11112Track0
G Gauge Outer Loop Track Pack201420157-11113Track1
G Gauge Straight Track (Black / Battery Operated)200820167-11050Track0
G Gauge Train Straight Track 4-Pack200720087-11038Track5
G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Curved200720157-11040Track14
G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Straight200720157-11039Track5
Half Curved Track197019986-5014Track3
Half Curved Track198319986-5504Track4
Half Curved Track199920036-65514Track0
Half Straight Track197019986-5019Track2
Half Straight Track198319986-5505Track1
Half Straight Track199020176-65019Track8
Half Straight Track199020176-65505Track9
Halloween Orange 10" Plug-Expand-Play Power Lock-On Track201820186-85385Track0
Imagineering Curve Track 6 Pack201620167-11605Track3
Imagineering Incline Track 4 Pack201620167-11629Track6
Imagineering Straight Track 6 Pack201620167-11604Track1
Inside Curve Race Car Track Section2009201111-90045Track0
Insulated Straight Track199320176-12840Track9
Insulated Straight Track199320176-12841Track13
Large Scale Brass Straight Track198720108-82000Track0
Large Scale Curved Track198720108-82001Track2
Large Scale Wide Radius Curved Track198820108-82004Track1
Layout Builders Set197119846-5030Track1
LCS Sensor Track201320236-81294Track7
LCS Sensor Track 1' Cable201320236-81500Track4
LCS Sensor Track 10' Cable201320236-81502Track5
LCS Sensor Track 20' Cable201320236-81503Track14
LCS Sensor Track 3' Cable201320236-81501Track6
Lcs Sensortrack - Multi System Compatible201620236-82869Track6
LCS Sensortrack 2 (Irv2)201820216-85296Track1
Lighted Fastrack 10" Straight 4-Pack202020232025010Track10
Lighted Fastrack O36 Curve 4-Pack202020232025020Track20
Lighted Oval Pack 40" x 50"202020232025080Track9
Lighted Track Power Pack202020232025070Track7
Long Island Railroad Trackmobile201220126-38804Track0
Maintenance-Of-Way Track Cleaning Car200520056-26835Track0
Maintenance-Of-Way Trackmobile201220126-38803Track0
Manual Switch Left Hand6-10217Track0
New York Central Dodge Ram Track Inspection Vehicle199719976-18436Track29
New York Central Track Cleaning Car200820086-36878Track0
No. 25 Illuminated Track Bumpers (Std)2016201611-99030Track0
Norfolk Southern Trackmobile201220126-38806Track0
North Pole Central Trackmobile201220126-38802Track0
O Gauge Track Clips198920176-12743Track13
O-27 Gauge Track Clips, 12 Pieces199020166-62901Track10
O27 Diameter Curved Track197919986-5033Track3
O27 Value Pack Oval Layout Track Expander198919896-12859Track0
On-Track Pickup, Orange (TCA 1996)199619966-52107Track5
On-Track Step Van199519956-18423Track18
On-Track Van, Blue (LCCA 1996)199619966-52108Track5
Orange Fastrack Pack201820206-85384Track0
Outside Curve Race Car Track Section2009201111-90046Track0
Pennsylvania Railroad Trackmobile201120116-28467Track0
Postwar 54 Track Ballast Tamper200220036-18464Track12
Postwar 6812 Track Maintenance Car200820086-36870Track2
Racing Set Inner Radius Track Sections6-13808Track0
Racing Set Outer Radius Curved Track6-13809Track0
Ready To Play Curve Track201720207-11827Track16
Ready-To-Play Left & Right Interchange Track Pack201720207-11832Track12
Ready-To-Play Straight Track201720207-11826Track36
Realtrax 3.5" Straight Track2010201111-99018Track0
Remote Control Operating Track197019986-5149Track8
Remote Control Track199020176-65530Track30
Remote Uncoupling Section197019726-5502Track0
Remote Uncoupling Section198119986-5530Track14
Remote-Control Track with UCS Controller198920176-12746Track9
Santa's Radar Tracking Car200320036-36767Track1
Special Trolley Announcement Track201820236-84373Track8
Standard Gauge 90 Crossover2009201111-99006Track0
Standard Gauge Realtrax - Switch Adapter Track Section2010201111-99011Track1
Standard Gauge Switch - Left Hand 42", Black Base2009201111-99047Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Left Hand 42", Green Base2009201111-99045Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Right Hand 42", Black Base2009201111-99046Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Right Hand 42", Green Base2009201111-99044Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Wide Radius Left Hand 72", Black Base2009201111-99077Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Wide Radius Left Hand 72", Green Base2009201111-99074Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Wide Radius Right Hand 72", Black Base2009201111-99076Track0
Standard Gauge Switch - Wide Radius Right Hand 72", Green Base2009201111-99075Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 1/2 Regular Straight 2009201111-99096Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 14" Regular Straight 2009201111-99091Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 36" Extra Ties Straight2009201111-99099Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 36" Regular Straight2009201111-99098Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 42" Regular 1/2 Curved2009201111-99097Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 42" Regular Curved2009201111-99093Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 72" Wide Radius Curved 2009201111-99094Track0
Standard Gauge Track - 84" Diameter Curved2009201111-99095Track0
Standard Gauge Track - Straight With Extra Ties 2009201111-99092Track0
Straight Race Car Track Section2009201111-90044Track1
Straight Track197019786-5018Track4
Straight Track197919986-5038Track0
Straight Track Ballast198719886-5047Track0
Straight Track Ballast198719886-5562Track0
Straight Track, Card Of 4197119966-5017Track8
The Polar Express Expansion Track Pack200720077-11031Track1
The Polar Express Ice Track202320232325010Track0
Thomas Four Sections Of Curved Track199419958-82013Track0
Thomas G Scale 4 Piece Yellow Tie Straight Tracks199419958-82014Track0
Thomas Right Hand Switch Track199419958-82012Track1
Tornado Chaser Radar Tracking Car200520056-26828Track0
Track 29 Bumper (LCCA 1994)199419946-52039Track0
Track Clips, Dozen197119986-2901Track16
Track Gang200320066-24105Track4
Track Maintenance Car198719886-16610Track25
Track Pack200920097-11157Track0
Track Pack #1 Figure 8 O-27 Gauge Add-On Track Pack199820176-22966Track1
Track Pack #2 Double-Loop O-27 Gauge Add-On Track Pack199820176-22967Track3
Track Pack #3 Double Loop Track Pack199820046-22968Track0
Track Pack #4 Deluxe Complete O Gauge Track Pack199820176-22969Track0
Track Pack 50th Anniversary Pennsylvania Steam Freight 200820087-11100Track1
Track Pack For Polar Express And Holiday Central200820087-11101Track1
Track Pack G-gauge200920097-11158Track2
Trackside Railroad Details Pack201620236-83688Track7
TRUTRACK Curved Track197319746-5600Track0
TRUTRACK Curved Track Ballast, Card Of 4197319746-5602Track4
TRUTRACK Curved Track, Card Of 4197319746-5601Track2
TRUTRACK Left Switch Ballast, Card Of 2197319746-5640Track0

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