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Category: Passenger Coach
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Aluminum Passenger Coach 4-Wheel Scale Trucks, Pair200820096-22366Passenger Coach0
Amtrak Passenger Coach198919896-16023Passenger Coach5
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6404Passenger Coach0
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6405Passenger Coach0
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6410Passenger Coach4
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6411Passenger Coach6
Amtrak Passenger Coach 9102198919896-19102Passenger Coach5
Annie the Coach Passenger Coach199719986-15117Passenger Coach3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Squaw Valley" Passenger Coach199119916-19112Passenger Coach4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Coach199319946-16055Passenger Coach2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Coach199319946-16057Passenger Coach5
Baltimore & Ohio "Emerald Brook" Passenger Coach197619766-9525Passenger Coach3
Baltimore & Ohio "Margret Corbin" Passenger Coach197619766-9524Passenger Coach3
Baltimore & Ohio "Mountain Top" Passenger Coach197619766-9516Passenger Coach2
Baltimore & Ohio New Castle Heavyweight Passenger Coach200020006-39019Passenger Coach0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Coach198319846-7215Passenger Coach0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Coach198319846-7216Passenger Coach1
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Coach197519756-9517Passenger Coach3
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Coach 9048199619966-19048Passenger Coach1
Baltimore & Ohio Youngstown Heavyweight Passenger Coach200020006-39018Passenger Coach0
Boston & Maine Wood Coach 2-Pack #2202120222227100Passenger Coach1
Canadian Pacific "Blair Manor" Aluminum Passenger Coach 2553200020006-39107Passenger Coach0
Canadian Pacific "Craig Manor" Aluminum Passenger Coach 2554200020006-39108Passenger Coach0
Canadian Pacific Aluminum Passenger Coach, Stationsounds200220026-39197Passenger Coach0
Chicago & North Western "Evanston" Passenger Coach 6602199319936-16053Passenger Coach3
Chicago & North Western "Lake Geneva" Passenger Coach 6616199319936-16052Passenger Coach2
Clarabel the Coach Passenger Coach199719986-15118Passenger Coach1
Great Northern Passenger Coach 1212199219926-19118Passenger Coach1
Great Northern State Passenger Coach (Std)2012201211-40063Passenger Coach1
Green Comet Passenger Coach (Std)2013201311-40080Passenger Coach0
Heavyweight Passenger Coach 6-Wheel Scale Trucks, Pair200820096-22365Passenger Coach0
Illinois Central "King Coal" Passenger Car198519876-7222Passenger Coach10
Illinois Central Passenger Coach199119916-16044Passenger Coach3
Illinois Central Passenger Coach199119916-16046Passenger Coach2
Lackawanna "Buffalo" Passenger Coach 260199419946-19133Passenger Coach0
Lackawanna "Utica" Passenger Coach 211199419946-19136Passenger Coach6
Lenny Dean Passenger Coach200820086-35412Passenger Coach1
Lionel Lines "Detroit" Coach Car199019906-16028Passenger Coach0
Lionel Lines "Irvington" Passenger Coach199119916-19015Passenger Coach6
Lionel Lines "Lansing" Coach Car199019906-16029Passenger Coach0
Lionel Lines "Madison" Passenger Coach199119916-19016Passenger Coach1
Lionel Lines "Manhattan" Passenger Coach199119916-19017Passenger Coach4
Long Island Jamaica Passenger Coach (NLOE 1999)199919996-52145Passenger Coach0
Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach197319736-9500Passenger Coach4
Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach197419746-9511Passenger Coach9
Milwaukee Road State Passenger Coach (Std)2016201611-40101Passenger Coach0
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 6616199519956-16077Passenger Coach1
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 7805199519956-16078Passenger Coach1
New Haven Passenger Coach 6082199519956-16082Passenger Coach0
New Haven State Passenger Coach (Std)2016201611-40117Passenger Coach0
New York Central "Brooklyn" Superliner Passenger Coach200220026-15305Passenger Coach0
New York Central "Chicagoland" Passenger Coach198919896-16018Passenger Coach2
New York Central "Kankakee" Passenger Coach198919896-16020Passenger Coach3
New York Central "Manhattan" Superliner Passenger Coach200220026-15301Passenger Coach0
New York Central "Queens" Superliner Passenger Coach200220026-15302Passenger Coach0
New York Central "Silver Lake" Passenger Coach 6067199419946-16067Passenger Coach0
New York Central "Staten Island" Superliner Passenger Coach200220026-15304Passenger Coach0
New York Central Cascade Glory Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51222Passenger Coach0
New York Central Cascade Grotto Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51226Passenger Coach1
New York Central Cascade Spirit Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51239Passenger Coach0
New York Central Cascade Valley Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51244Passenger Coach0
New York Central Century Club Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51231Passenger Coach0
New York Central Century Tavern Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51235Passenger Coach0
New York Central City Of Chicago Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51241Passenger Coach0
New York Central City Of Detroit Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51223Passenger Coach0
New York Central City Of Indianapolis Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51227Passenger Coach0
New York Central City Of Toledo Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51236Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Castle Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51220Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Falls Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51224Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Fountain Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51243Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Garden Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51242Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Mansion Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51237Passenger Coach0
New York Central Imperial Palace Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51238Passenger Coach0
New York Central Niagara County Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51221Passenger Coach0
New York Central Westchester County Passenger Coach, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51225Passenger Coach0
NJ Transit Passenger Coach 5613199619976-15122Passenger Coach0
NJ Transit Passenger Coach 5614199719976-15123Passenger Coach1
NJ Transit Passenger Coach 5615199719976-15124Passenger Coach0
No. 309 Passenger Coach (Std)2013201311-40074Passenger Coach0
No. 339 Passenger Coach (Std)2012201211-40060Passenger Coach0
No. 710 Great Northern Passenger Coach2013201311-80056Passenger Coach0
No. 710 Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach2016201611-80061Passenger Coach0
No. 710 New Haven Passenger Coach2013201311-80054Passenger Coach0
No. 710 Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach2016201611-80064Passenger Coach0
Norfolk & Western "High Hill" Passenger Coach 6064199419946-16064Passenger Coach3
Norfolk & Western "Max Meadows" Passenger Coach 6063199419946-16063Passenger Coach0
Norfolk & Western Passenger Coach 579198119816-9564Passenger Coach4
Northern Pacific Passenger Coach199019916-16036Passenger Coach1
Northern Pacific Passenger Coach199019916-16038Passenger Coach1
Pennsylvania Railroad "Molly Pitcher" Passenger Coach197919796-9572Passenger Coach11
Pennsylvania Railroad "Penn Square" Passenger Coach197519766-9513Passenger Coach7
Pennsylvania Railroad "Times Square" Passenger Coach197519766-9514Passenger Coach4
Pennsylvania Railroad "Washington Circle" Passenger Coach197519766-9515Passenger Coach7
Pennsylvania Railroad "William Penn" Passenger Coach197919796-9571Passenger Coach9
Pennsylvania Railroad Aluminum Passenger Coach, Stationsounds200220026-39198Passenger Coach1
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197419756-9507Passenger Coach3
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197419756-9508Passenger Coach2
Pennsylvania Railroad State Passenger Coach (Std)2016201611-40105Passenger Coach0
Pennsylvania Railroad Wood Coach 2-Pack #2202120222227080Passenger Coach1
Pere Marquette Madison-Type Heavyweight Passenger Coach 1115199319936-19040Passenger Coach0
Pere Marquette Madison-Type Heavyweight Passenger Coach 1116199319936-19041Passenger Coach3
Presidential Passenger Coach (Std)2012201211-40067Passenger Coach0
Reading Passenger Coach199619966-15103Passenger Coach0
Red Comet Passenger Coach (Std)2012201211-40070Passenger Coach0
Rock Island Passenger Coach198119826-9560Passenger Coach2
Showroom Passenger Coach2013201311-40082Passenger Coach0
Showroom Passenger Coach2013201311-40084Passenger Coach0
Southern "P.G.T. Beauregard" Passenger Coach197719786-9532Passenger Coach9
Southern "Stonewall Jackson" Passenger Coach197719786-9533Passenger Coach5
Southern Pacific "Arcata Bay" Passenger Coach 9023199219926-19023Passenger Coach3
Southern Pacific "Drakes Bay" Passenger Coach 9025199219926-19025Passenger Coach2
Southern Pacific "Half Moon Bay" Passenger Coach 9024199219926-19024Passenger Coach1
Southern Pacific Pullman Passenger Coach198219836-9591Passenger Coach1
Southern Pacific Pullman Passenger Coach198219836-9592Passenger Coach5
Southern Roanoke Aluminum Passenger Coach 814200020006-39122Passenger Coach1
State Passenger Coach2016201611-40109Passenger Coach0
Strasburg RailRoad Wood Coach/Combine 2-Pack #2202120222227180Passenger Coach2
Union Pacific "Plainfield" Passenger Coach 6070199419946-16070Passenger Coach2
Union Pacific "Westfield" Passenger Coach 6073199419946-16073Passenger Coach0
Virginia & Truckee Passenger Coach198819886-16010Passenger Coach1
Virginia & Truckee Passenger Coach198819886-16011Passenger Coach3
Western & Atlantic Railroad Passenger Coach198619866-7241Passenger Coach3
Western & Atlantic Railroad Passenger Coach197719806-9552Passenger Coach0

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