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Category: Passenger Set
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1484Ws Steam Passenger Set200820086-31778Passenger Set4
1562 Burlington GP Passenger Set200820086-31775Passenger Set7
2124W GG1 Passenger Set200820086-31777Passenger Set7
2600 Series 4-Car Blue Comet Passenger Set2012201211-80040Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set2017201711-80067Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set, Blue2017201711-80065Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set, Blue2017201711-80066Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Norfolk & Western Passenger Set2017201711-80068Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Southern Passenger Set2013201311-80050Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Union Pacific Passenger Set2017201711-80069Passenger Set0
3-Car Baltimore & Ohio Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40095Passenger Set0
3-Car Long Island Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40096Passenger Set0
3-Car Milwaukee Road State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40099Passenger Set0
3-Car New Haven State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40115Passenger Set0
3-Car Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40098Passenger Set0
3-Car Pennsylvania Railroad State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40103Passenger Set0
3-Car State Passenger Set2016201611-40107Passenger Set0
3-Car Strasburg Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40097Passenger Set0
3-Car Tinplate Green State Passenger Set198919896-13403Passenger Set1
50Th Anniversary Hudson Passenger Set200220026-31705Passenger Set1
600 Series 3-Car Red Comet Passenger Set2012201211-80039Passenger Set0
616 Flying Yankee O Gauge Passenger Train Set (LCCA 2013)2013201311-6049-1Passenger Set1
710 Series 3-Car Great Northern Passenger Set2013201311-80048Passenger Set0
710 Series 3-Car Milwaukee Road Passenger Set2016201611-80059Passenger Set0
710 Series 3-Car New Haven Passenger Set2013201311-80047Passenger Set0
710 Series 3-Car Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Set2016201611-80062Passenger Set0
Albert Hall European Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief201420156-81279Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Concept High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127400Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Concept Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122100Passenger Set1
Amtrak Acela Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420056-31714Passenger Set5
Amtrak Acela High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127390Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122090Passenger Set1
Amtrak Acela Passenger Set (Legacy Loco #2037)201220126-31743Passenger Set0
Amtrak ALCO Diesel Passenger Set199519966-11748Passenger Set4
Amtrak Genesis Lionchief Plus 2.0 Set202220222222060Passenger Set1
Amtrak HHP-8 Amfleet Passenger Set200920096-31779Passenger Set0
Amtrak Lake Shore Limited Set197619776-1663Passenger Set5
Amtrak LionChief Ready-to-Run FT Passenger Set (FT diesel #136)201420156-81266Passenger Set0
Amtrak Superliner 2-Pack200320036-15314Passenger Set0
Amtrak Talgo Train Set199919996-21920Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Gold Bonnet" PA Diesel Passenger Set With Legacy201920191922040Passenger Set1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Diesel Passenger Ready-To-Play Set201820207-11913Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Passenger Set200520106-30001Passenger Set5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 Diesel ABBA Passenger Set200020006-21786Passenger Set9
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127440Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122140Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Railsounds200020016-21973Passenger Set2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Signalsounds200020016-21974Passenger Set1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Diesel Passenger Train Set201220136-30178Passenger Set6
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323110Passenger Set6
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Lionchief Set201820226-84719Passenger Set19
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Superliner 2-Pack200320036-15315Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Valley Flyer Set202120212122170Passenger Set0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Warbonnet Passenger Set199619996-11929Passenger Set5
Baltimore & Ohio Budd Car Service Station Set197719776-1766Passenger Set12
Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Limited Coach 4-Pack201320136-20015Passenger Set0
Baltimore & Ohio Set198319846-1351Passenger Set1
Black River & Western Excursion Set202220242222080Passenger Set3
Blue Comet Steam Passenger Set200120026-21787Passenger Set1
Boston & Maine Legacy E8 Passenger Set202020202022070Passenger Set0
Boston Red Sox Berkshire Passenger Set201320136-12008Passenger Set0
Boston Red Sox Steam Berkshire Set201320147-12012Passenger Set6
Broadway Limited Set197419756-1487Passenger Set9
Camden & Amboy John Bull Set202120212122050Passenger Set2
Canadian Pacific Diesel Passenger Set201320156-30181Passenger Set0
Capitol Limited Set197519756-1587Passenger Set2
Central Of New Jersey Diesel Passenger Set, Lionchief201420166-81263Passenger Set0
Chattanooga Express LionChief Remote Control 0-8-0 Steam Passenger Set201320136-30228Passenger Set0
Chessie 2600 Series 4-Car Passenger Set2013201311-80049Passenger Set0
Chessie Steam Special Passenger Set200520056-31734Passenger Set0
Chicago & Alton Limited Steam Passenger Set200220036-31704Passenger Set7
Chicago & North Western Passenger Set200820086-30094Passenger Set2
Chicago Cubs Berkshire Passenger Set201320136-12012Passenger Set0
Chicago Cubs Steam Berkshire Set201320147-12008Passenger Set2
Dewitt Clinton Heritage Steam Passenger Set200920106-11164Passenger Set2
Disney 100 Years Of Wonder LionChief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323040Passenger Set9
Disney W. E. Disney Railway Passenger Train200520056-30005Passenger Set1
Disney100 Celebration Ready-to-play Set202320237-12092Passenger Set0
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel AB and Phoebe Snow Passenger Set199919996-29122Passenger Set4
Florida East Coast Champion Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420046-31720Passenger Set0
Florida East Coast City Of Miami Coach 4-Pack201320136-20020Passenger Set0
Freedom Train Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200320036-21791Passenger Set1
General 3-Car Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2013201311-40078Passenger Set0
George H. W. Bush Funeral Train Set201920202022050Passenger Set0
Gold Mountain Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323130Passenger Set9
Grand Canyon Railway Steam Passenger Set202120222222050Passenger Set0
Great Northern 18 Oriental Ltd #3201720186-85233Passenger Set1
Great Northern 18 Oriental Ltd #4201720186-85236Passenger Set1
Great Northern 18 Oriental Ltd 2 Pack #1201720186-85227Passenger Set1
Great Northern 18 Oriental Ltd 2 Pack #2201720186-85230Passenger Set1
Great Northern State 3-Car Passenger Set (Std)2012201211-40061Passenger Set0
Green Comet 3-Car Passenger Set (Std)2013201311-40076Passenger Set0
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express G-Gauge Passenger Set (Loco 5972)200820157-11080Passenger Set7
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Steam Passenger Set200720137-11020Passenger Set19
Harry Potter Hogwarts Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief201720186-83972Passenger Set3
Hogwarts Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0202120216-85418Passenger Set2
Hogwarts Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0 and Dementors Coach202120232123140Passenger Set21
Hogwarts Express Lionchief Set with Dementors Coach202020202023170Passenger Set0
Hogwarts Express Ready-To-Play Set201920207-11960Passenger Set13
Hogwarts LionChief Ready-to-Run Train Set201620176-83620Passenger Set6
Illinois Central City Of Miami Set202420242422090Passenger Set0
Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-4-2 Steam Passenger Lionchief Set201920211923070Passenger Set1
Jersey Central Diesel Passenger Car Set200820086-31758Passenger Set2
John Bull Passenger Train200820086-30088Passenger Set2
Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway Legacy Set202320232422020Passenger Set0
Lehigh Valley ASA Packer Set202120212122070Passenger Set0
Lionel "Pre-War Inspired" Stationsounds Diner/Baggage Car 2-Pack201920191927670Passenger Set0
Lionel 281E "Pre-War Inspired" Bi-Polar State Set201920191922080Passenger Set0
Lionel Lines Super Set Diesel200720077-11028Passenger Set0
Long Island Railroad Diesel Passenger Train Set201220136-30189Passenger Set2
Menards Chicago & North Western Steam Passenger Set200920096-30120Passenger Set2
Milwaukee Road High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127410Passenger Set0
Milwaukee Road Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122110Passenger Set0
Milwaukee Road Special Set197319736-1387Passenger Set4
Nabisco 3-Car Passenger Set200320036-31724Passenger Set6
Napa Valley Wine Train200520056-31737Passenger Set0
Neil Young Signature Line "Texas Special" F3 Passenger Set201320146-11194Passenger Set1
New Haven High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127420Passenger Set0
New Haven Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122120Passenger Set0
New Hope And Ivyland Excursion Set202120212122160Passenger Set0
New York Central "Pacemaker" J3A Steam Passenger Set With Legacy201920191922050Passenger Set1
New York Central 1926 Cardinals Train Set202120212122080Passenger Set1
New York Central 3-Car Passenger Set2013201311-40077Passenger Set0
New York Central Empire State Express Steam Passenger Set201520156-82528Passenger Set0
New York Central Grand Central Express Diesel Passenger Train Set201220146-30195Passenger Set0
New York Central Limited Passenger Set, Railsounds200220026-31932Passenger Set2
New York Central Superliner 2-Pack200320036-15316Passenger Set0
New York Central Xplorer Legacy Set202020212122020Passenger Set1
New York Yankees Berkshire Steam Set201320147-12000Passenger Set7
NJ Transit Passenger Set199619966-11828Passenger Set5
No. 279E Distant Control Passenger Set2012201211-6046Passenger Set0
No. 279E New York Central Distance Control Passenger Set2012201211-6031Passenger Set0
No. 295E Distant Control Passenger Set2012201211-6030Passenger Set1
No. 342E Passenger Set (Std)2013201311-5012Passenger Set0
No. 384E Blue Comet Passenger Set (Std)2012201211-5010Passenger Set0
No. 384E Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Passenger Set (Std)2013201311-5014Passenger Set0
No. 616 Flying Yankee Passenger Set2012201211-6039Passenger Set0
No. 616 Flying Yankee Passenger Set2012201211-6040Passenger Set0
No. 616 Flying Yankee Passenger Set2012201211-6041Passenger Set0
Norfolk & Western Pocahontas Steam Passenger Set201220126-29365Passenger Set0
Passenger Cars Set2014201411-40088Passenger Set0
Passenger Cars Set (#7)199019906-13412Passenger Set4
Pennsylvania Keystone Limited Ready-to-play Train Set201920197-11974Passenger Set2
Pennsylvania Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122130Passenger Set0
Pennsylvania Limited Berkshire Steam Passenger Set With LionChief+2.0201920221922070Passenger Set9
Pennsylvania Railroad Broadway Limited Steam Passenger Set201420146-81259Passenger Set0
Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Passenger Set200920106-31790Passenger Set0
Pennsylvania Railroad Neil Young Signature Line "Trail Blazer" F3 Passenger Set201320146-11195Passenger Set1
Pennsylvania Railroad Red Arrow Heavyweight Passenger Car 3-Pack201220136-25635Passenger Set1
Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Passenger Set201320136-30224Passenger Set0
Philadelphia Phillies Berkshire Passenger Set201320136-12004Passenger Set0
Philadelphia Phillies Steam Berkshire Set201320147-12004Passenger Set3
Postwar 2146Ws Berkshire Passenger Set201120126-38308Passenger Set3
Postwar ALCO FA Diesel Green Passenger Set201720196-82726Passenger Set0
Preamble Express Passenger Set202020202022080Passenger Set1
President's Passenger Set2012201211-40072Passenger Set0
Presidential 3-Car Passenger Set (Std)2012201211-40065Passenger Set0
Quicksilver Express Set198219836-1253Passenger Set5
Red Comet 3-Car Passenger Set (Std)2012201211-40068Passenger Set0
Rock Island Quad Cities Rocket Legacy Set202320232322070Passenger Set0
Sears Illinois Central Passenger Set199019906-11789Passenger Set0
Sears New York Central Passenger Set198919896-11773Passenger Set3
Sears Northern Pacific Passenger Set199019906-11780Passenger Set0
Sears Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Set198719876-11751Passenger Set0
Showroom 3-Car Passenger Set2013201311-40081Passenger Set0
Showroom 3-Car Passenger Set2013201311-40083Passenger Set0
Sleigh Bell Limited Passenger Set Lionchief Bluetooth202420242423060Passenger Set0
Southern Crescent Limited Steam Passenger Set, Railsounds200320046-31713Passenger Set1
Southern Pacific Daylight Passenger Set200120016-21797Passenger Set6
State Passenger Set199119916-13420Passenger Set0
Steam Passenger Set No. 246E200720086-51010Passenger Set2
Strasburg Rail Road Steam Passenger Set201020136-30133Passenger Set0
Strasburg Railroad Lionchief Set201920202023010Passenger Set2
Super Chief Set199319946-11739Passenger Set8
TCA Bicentennial Special Set197619766-1976Passenger Set4
Texas & Pacific Steam Passenger Set, Railsounds200120016-31919Passenger Set0
Texas Special Diesel Passenger Set200720086-31755Passenger Set3
Texas Special Passenger Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323080Passenger Set12
The Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief201420156-81101Passenger Set4
The Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Streamliner Passenger Set201320166-30220Passenger Set0
The Polar Express 15Th Anniversary Steam Passenger Lionchief Set201920191923030Passenger Set3
The Polar Express 20th Anniversary Lionchief Set202420242423030Passenger Set0
The Polar Express 20th Anniversary Scale Set202420242422060Passenger Set0
The Polar Express G Scale Train Set200820087-11088Passenger Set0
The Polar Express High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127140Passenger Set0
The Polar Express Ho Scale Passenger Car 3 Pack201620166-58019Passenger Set2
The Polar Express Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122190Passenger Set0
The Polar Express Lionchief Set W/ Bluetooth6-85417Passenger Set1
The Polar Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth202020202023140Passenger Set3
The Polar Express Lionchief Set With Personalized Tender201820186-30218PPassenger Set0
The Polar Express Mini Train Set201920197-11925Passenger Set44
The Polar Express O Gauge Set (Conv. 2-8-4 Berkshire #1225)200420136-31960Passenger Set43
The Polar Express O Gauge Set with LionChief Remote and RailSounds RC201320166-30218Passenger Set11
The Polar Express Ready-To-Play Set201620207-11803Passenger Set147
The Polar Express Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief201720206-84328Passenger Set6
The Polar Express Train Set200720077-11458Passenger Set2
Thomas & Friends Passenger Set201220166-30190Passenger Set7
Thomas & Friends Passenger Train200720126-30069Passenger Set3
Thomas & Friends Ready-To-Play Set201820207-11903Passenger Set4
Thomas Kinkade Christmas Passenger Set, Lionchief201420156-81395Passenger Set4
Thomas Passenger Set201620236-83510Passenger Set10
Thomas The Tank Engine Deluxe Electric Train Set199419958-81016Passenger Set0
Thomas The Tank Engine Electric Train Set199519958-81061Passenger Set0
Thomas The Tank Engine Set199319938-81011Passenger Set3
Tinplate Blue Comet Passenger 3-Car Set199019906-13408Passenger Set5
Uncle Sam John Bull Set202120212122060Passenger Set6
Union Pacific #1464W Anniversary Passenger Set (Alco AA Diesel 2023)201220146-38354Passenger Set0
Union Pacific High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127450Passenger Set0
Union Pacific M-10000200220026-51007Passenger Set10
Victorian Christmas LionChief Remote Set 4-6-0201420146-81280Passenger Set0
Wabash Blue Bird Passenger Set201120126-30159Passenger Set1
Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Train199119918-81008Passenger Set0
Witherslack Hall 4-6-0 Passenger Set202020202023090Passenger Set0

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