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Category: Set
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#275W Distant Control Freight Train Set W/Ps 2.020092009Set00
#295E Distant Control Passenger Set W/Ps2, Blue20102010Set00
#299 Outfit Freight Set W/Protosound 2.020122012Set20
#340E Coal Train Freight Set/2.020112011Set00
1-328 Freight Express Set19901991Set13
1086 The Mountaineer19701970Set10
1193 Sear/ JC Penny Set19711971Set10
1389 Sear Set / JC Penny SetSet00
1494 Sears SetSet00
1959 Ford Billboard Set20092009Set11
1998 Holiday Trolley Set19981998Set11
2276W Baltimore & Ohio Rdc Commuter Set20092009Set130
249E 600 Series Passenger Set W/Protosound 2.020092009Set00
267W O Gauge Flying Yankee Set (Loco #616)20082008Set52
3-Car Great Northern Presidential Set (Std)20162016Set02
3-Car Lehigh Valley Presidential Set (Std)20162016Set01
3-Car Stephen Girard Set20112011Set00
3-Car Stephen Girard Set20112011Set00
31725 Rock Island Steam Freight Set20032003Set00
31981 Ace Hardware Glacier Route Set20042004Set20
323/324/325 Pass Set19881988Set73
5 Piece Mini-Ornament Set20152015Set00
6414 Auto Set, 4-Pack19981998Set74
711163 / Lnl Little PlaysSet00
75Th Anniversary Special Set19751977Set95
87207 Disneyland 35Th Anniversary Train Set19951995Set03
993 Legacy Expansion Set20072016Set111
A Christmas Story G Gauge Battery Operated SetSet31
Ace Hardware Cannonball Express Set19891989Set00
Ace Hardware Pennsylvania Flyer Ready To Run Set20032003Set00
Alamo Junction Set19701971Set30
Alaska Freight Lionchief Set20202020Set00
Alaska GP7 Diesel Set19981999Set64
Alaska Steam Work Train20072009Set10
Albert Hall European Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief20142015Set01
Allegheny Set19711971Set20
Allegheny Set19721972Set10
American Express General Set19861986Set21
Amtrak Coast Limited Pass. Rtr Train SetSet10
Amtrak Ft Diesel Passenger Set, Lionchief20142015Set21
Amtrak Lake Shore Limited Set19761977Set58
Amtrak Maintenance Train19911992Set22
Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale Lionchief Set20182018Set1819
Anheuser-Busch Set19891992Set34
Area 51 Lionchief Set20202020Set00
Army Hospital Train Ho Set20202020Set00
AT&SF Reefer 3-Pack20162016Set11
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 89' Auto Carrier 2-Pack20132016Set01
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Diesel Passenger Train Set20122013Set42
Atlantic Coast Line Ft M Diesel Locomotive Set, Lionchief20152017Set41
Badlands Express Set19901991Set10
Baldwin Demonstrator Centipede Aa20122012Set10
Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Train20022002Set20
Baltimore & Ohio 2-4-2 Capitol Set (Target Exclusive)Set11
Baltimore & Ohio 263E Steam O Gauge R-T-R Set W/Ps220092009Set00
Baltimore & Ohio Budd Car Set19771977Set117
Baltimore & Ohio E9 M Diesel Set20132013Set10
Baltimore & Ohio Fa A-A Diesel Set, 814, 81520172017Set10
Baltimore & Ohio PS-1 Boxcar 2-Pack20102011Set10
Baltimore & Ohio Rolling Stock Set, K-Line20062006Set10
Baltimore & Ohio Set19831984Set21
Balwin Locomotive Works Eddystone Lionchief Set20202020Set00
Barrel Pack, Set Of 619892017Set137
Bass Pro Shops North Pole Central Lines Set20142014Set00
Batman Vs Joker Face Off Imagineering SetSet00
Batman Vs. The Joker Imagineering Set20162016Set50
BBB G Gauge General SetSet20
Bethlehem Steel Rolling Stock Set, K-Line20062006Set00
Bethlehem Steel Service Station Set19991999Set22
Bethlehem Steel Steam Work Train, Lionchief20152015Set52
Billboards, Set Of 319871999Set104
Billboards, Set Of 319972000Set116
Billboards, Set Of 519701984Set1213
Black Cave Flyer Set19821982Set32
Black Diamond Set19871987Set23
Black Diamond Set19741975Set10
Black River Freight SetSet00
Bloomingdale's Express SetSet10
Bloomingdale's Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set20022002Set00
Bloomingdale's Set19961996Set00
Bloomingdale's Set19971997Set10
Blue Streak No. 295E O Gauge Distance Control Steam Passenger Train Set20102010Set00
Boston & Maine Legacy E8 Passenger Set20202020Set00
Boston Red Sox Steam Berkshire Set20132013Set30
Boxcar Target Pennsy 50 Set20082008Set00
Boy Scouts Billboard Set20102010Set00
British Great Western Shakespeare Express Passenger Train20082008Set11
Broadway Limited Set19741975Set20
Budweiser Delivery Lionchief Et44 Set20202020Set00
Budweiser Modern Era Set19931994Set62
Burlington Eng/Car Set19801980Set88
Burlington Northern Diesel Coal Train Set, Railsounds20032003Set22
Burlington Northern Limited Set19851985Set67
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Es44Ac Diesel Freight Oil Train Set W/ Legacy20192019Set02
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Tier 4 Lionchief Set20182018Set1513
Cab-1Ubase-1L Command Set20122016Set52
Cage Wagon Set20092010Set00
Canadian National Budd Rdc Dummy Set, D200, 025019931993Set119
Canadian National Budd Rdc Set, D202, D20319921992Set208
Canadian National GP9 Diesel Piggyback Train Set20122012Set20
Canadian National Tankset 2-Pack20122012Set01
Canadian Pacific Diesel Grain Train Set20052005Set42
Canadian Pacific Rail Snow Removal Train20032003Set31
Canadian Pacific Set19731973Set41
Cannonball Express Set19861990Set17553
Cannonball Set19731975Set22
Caperpillar Custom SetSet00
Capitol Limited Set19751975Set11
Cascade Range Steam Logging Train20062008Set02
Caterpillar Ready-To-Run Train SetSet00
Celebrate A Lionel Christmas Steam Set20002001Set50
Centennial Steam Freight Starter Set20002000Set74
Central Of New Jersey ALCO M Diesel Set20112011Set10
Central Of New Jersey Diesel Passenger Set, Lionchief20142016Set10
Ceramic Coaster Set20162016Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Empire Builder Ready-To-Run Train Set (Legacy Scale 2-8-4 Berkshire #2696)20092009Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Empire Builder Train Set20092009Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio F3 Diesel M Set7019 702120002000Set44
Chesapeake & Ohio Freight SetSet10
Chesapeake Flyer Set19801980Set00
Chesapeake Flyer Set19751977Set10
Chesapeake Flyer Set19781979Set198
Chessie System Set19841985Set101
Chessie System Unit Train19881988Set68
Chevrolet Set19961996Set40
Chicago & North Western Lionechief Ready-To Run O Gauge Train Set20172017Set32
Chicago & North Western Steam Freight R-T-R Set20122012Set00
Chicago Cubs Steam Berkshire Set20132013Set10
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Mark Twain Zephyr20132014Set00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Pioneer Zephyr20132014Set10
Christmas 263E O Gauge R-T-R Set W/Ps220092009Set00
Christmas Billboard Set20132016Set00
Christmas Candies Lionchief Plus 2.0 Set20202020Set00
Christmas Light Express Lionchief Set20202020Set00
Christmas Pioneer Zephyr Set20132014Set00
Christmas Stocking Hanger Set, 4-Piece19992000Set20
Christmas Train Set20022004Set01
Christmas Train Set - Silver Bell Express20042004Set20
Christmas Trolley Set20002000Set21
Chrysler Mopar Express Set19881988Set00
Chrysler Mopar Set19941994Set41
CIBRO Tankset 2-Pack20122012Set10
Circus Set19891989Set00
Civil War Confederate Train Set19991999Set01
Civil War Great Locomotive Chase20122012Set11
Civil War Union Train Set19991999Set21
Classic Billboard Set20082010Set10
Classic Billboard Set: 3 Stands And 5 Inserts20042008Set148
Classic Billboards, Set Of 320012003Set60
Classic Billboards, Set Of 319982000Set53
Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 319942000Set45
Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 319982002Set23
Classic Travel Billboard Set20112014Set10
Classics #44 Freight Special Set19891989Set58
Coastal Limited Set19921992Set10
Coastal Limited Set19931993Set61
Coastal Limited Special Set19931993Set00
Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Steam Set20112012Set65
Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Set20152015Set72
Coca-Cola Special Set19741975Set86
Commando Assault Train19831984Set45
Conrail Consolidated Set19931993Set23
Conrail Legacy F7 AA #1792-173020172017Set00
Conrail Limited Set19871987Set42
Conrail Overstamped Boxcar 2-Pack19991999Set163
Conrail Sd20 Service Exclusive X114419971997Set51
Conrail Unit Trailer Train19981998Set10
Construction Railroad Lionchief Set20182018Set66
Construction Zone Set19991999Set52
Construction Zone Signs, Set Of 619992017Set232
Continental Limited Set19821982Set23
Copper Range Steam Freight Mine Set20052005Set22
Costco Union Pacific Express Set19901990Set00
Crate Load, Set Of 219931997Set31
Crayola Activity Train Set19941995Set62
Crayola G-Gauge Set20152015Set236
Cross Country Express Set19801981Set21
Cross Country Express Set19711972Set10
Cross Country Set19701971Set33
Crown Express Ready-To-Run Train SetSet00
CSX Intermodal Set, Lionchief20172017Set00
CSX Trackside Work Set (Loco #809)20092009Set00
Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Nascar Train SetSet00
Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 Nascar Train SetSet00
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Train Set20062006Set00
DC Comics Batman M7 Subway Set, Lionchief20142015Set01
DC Comics Batman Phantom Train20162017Set32
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Diesel M Set20042004Set00
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA M Diesel Locomotive Set20152015Set10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Set19741974Set72
Desert King Set19891989Set71
Diesel Remote Control Set20132016Set00
Dirty Dogz Van Superstreets Set20082008Set01
Disney Christmas Steam Freight Lionchief Set20192019Set726
Disney Christmas Steam Train20042005Set42
Disney Christmas Train20072007Set11
Disney Frozen 2 Lionchief Set20202020Set00
Disney Magic Express Set19901990Set30
Disney Mickey Celebration Steam Freight R-T-R Lionchief Set20182018Set00
Disney's Frozen Ready-To-Play Set20192019Set53
Display Case For Set 135519831983Set00
Division Of Prisons Bus Superstreets Set20082009Set00
Docksider Set19971997Set12
Dr Pepper SetSet00
Dry Gulch Line Set19881988Set71
Easter Eggspress Lionchief Plus 2.0 Set20202020Set00
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces19892015Set18
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces19701988Set27
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces20072007Set10
End Of Line Express Lionchief Set20182018Set1621
Erie Fallen Flags Set19921993Set00
Erie Mining Company C-420 Diesel Ore Car Set W/ Legacy20192019Set40
Erie-Lackawanna Limited Set19841984Set12
Etched Lionel Pint Glass Set20162016Set00
F3 Diesel ABA Demonstrator 29120012001Set23
Factory Selection Special Set19951995Set10
Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Set, Lcc Ii20002000Set43
Farm Adventure Set20162016Set20
Farmrail Agricultural Set19991999Set11
Feather River Set19921992Set114
Fireball Express Set19901990Set10
Five-Star General Old-Time Steam Set, Lionchief20172017Set21
Florida East Coast GP7 Diesel Set19991999Set02
Ford Limited Edition Set19941994Set41
Ford-Autolite Allegheny Set19711971Set11

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