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Category: Vat Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
6475 50Th Anniversary Vat Car (LRRC 2010)201020106-39496Vat Car3
Budweiser Vat Car199019916-16225Vat Car7
Budweiser Vat Car (TCA 1984)198319846-9193Vat Car7
Campbell's Soup Vat Car 29429200320036-29429Vat Car1
Christmas Tinsel Vat Car201520166-82741Vat Car2
Christmas Vat Car200120016-19491Vat Car2
Coca-Cola Vat Car201120166-26660Vat Car12
Cocoa Marsh Vat Car200920126-39484Vat Car4
Dr Pepper Vat Car198619876-9107Vat Car7
Easter Vat Car199920006-19481Vat Car0
Entenmann's Vat Car (LITTLE 2012)201220126-58520Vat Car3
Gingerbread Dough Vat Car201320146-25958Vat Car5
Heinz Baked Beans Vat Car201220126-26676Vat Car2
Heinz Vat Car197419766-9128Vat Car15
Hershey's Cocoa Vat Car201220136-26686Vat Car0
Hirsch Brothers Vat Car199519956-19421Vat Car19
Jeff Gordon Vat Car200620076-39449Vat Car0
John Deere Grain Vat Car201720176-84483Vat Car0
Libby's Pineapple Vat Car197519776-9132Vat Car26
Lionel Lines Vat Car199419946-19420Vat Car25
Lionel Visitor's Center Vat Car199919996-19772Vat Car2
Lobster Vat Car199819986-19441Vat Car8
Long Island Stern's Pickle Products Vat Car (NLOE 1995)199519956-52061Vat Car0
Mama's Baked Beans Vat Car199919996-19447Vat Car10
Martha Clara Vineyards Vat Car (NLOE 2009)200920096-52555Vat Car5
Miller Lite Vat Carrier198419856-9106Vat Car5
Mogen David Vat Car197719816-9146Vat Car29
Paint Vat Car (Artrain 2002)200220026-52283Vat Car0
Pittsburgh Paints Vat Car199919996-19446Vat Car2
Play-Doh Vat Car200820086-39473Vat Car2
Postwar 6475 Libby's Vat Car200120026-19490Vat Car3
Postwar 6475 Pickles Vat Car200820086-39478Vat Car0
Reese's Vat Car201020106-39488Vat Car0
Rio Grande Vat Car201120126-26657Vat Car0
Santa's Cookies Vat Car201620176-83312Vat Car1
Shell Vat Car201720176-81018Vat Car10
Sherwin-Williams Vat Car200220026-29411Vat Car2
Tabasco Brand Vat Car200220026-29412Vat Car3
U.S. Army Vat Car 29464200420046-29464Vat Car0
Valentine's Vat Car 6475199920006-19480Vat Car1
Vat Car (Eastwood 1995)199519956-52044Vat Car20
Vat Car (LRRC 1996)199619966-19940Vat Car38
Wellspring Capital Management Happy Holidays Vat Car200320036-29423Vat Car0
World Of Disney Tinkerbell Vat Car200320036-29440Vat Car0
York Peppermint Patty Vat Car201420156-81437Vat Car0

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