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Released: 1995
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Burlington Northern Flatcar 1995 With Trailers (TCA)199519956-48491Flatcar8
Cargill Covered Grain Hopper199519956-48611Hopper7
Christmas Boxcar 1995199519956-48323Boxcar7
Conrail Bay Window Caboose 21503199519956-48710Caboose2
Conrail GP7 Diesel 5600199519956-48013Diesel4
Flatcar With 2 Farm Tractors199519956-48509Flatcar6
Happy New Year Bay Window Caboose 101199519956-48712Caboose0
Illinois Central Gulf Bulkhead Flatcar 8505, 90 48507/08 U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks199519956-48505Flatcar10
Lehigh Valley Covered Grain Hopper 1295 (NASG 1995)199519956-48494Hopper4
Merry Christmas GP20 Diesel 1225199519956-48016Diesel0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Three Dome Tank Car 117018 (TCA 1995)199519956-48497Tank Car3
Monsanto One Dome Tank Car, Orange (AFSGSLA 1995)199519956-48496Tank Car0
Monsanto One Dome Tank Car, White (AFSGSLA 1995)199519956-48495Tank Car5
New Haven Boxcar199519956-48322Boxcar4
New Haven Combination Car199519956-48935Combination Car2
New Haven Observation Car199519956-48937Observation Car1
New Haven Passenger Car Set199519956-49605Passenger Car0
New Haven Vista Dome Car199519956-48936Dome Car0
Nickel Plate Road Gondola With Canisters199519956-48510Gondola9
Northern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 8711199519956-48711Caboose4
Northern Pacific Boxcar 1261 (TCA 1995)199519956-48492Boxcar5
Northern Pacific GP9 Diesel8014199519956-48014Diesel5
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Coach 'Andrew Carnegie'199519956-49906Coach Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Combination 'Indian Rock'199519956-49905Combination Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'salmon B Chase'199519956-49907Diner Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Observation 'skyline View'199519956-49908Observation Car0
Shell Tank Car199519956-48405Tank Car9
Silver Flash ALCO Diesel PA1 AB Set199519956-48126Diesel AB Set0
Silver Flash Alco Diesel PA1 Dummy Unit199519956-48127Diesel1
Silver Flash ALCO PA1 Diesel B Unit 480199519956-48128Diesel11
Silver Flash Coach 961199519956-48939Coach Car0
Silver Flash Combination Car 960199519956-48938Combination Car0
Silver Flash Observation Car 963199519956-48940Observation Car0
Silver Flash Passenger Car Set199519956-49606Passenger Car4
Southern Pacific TTUX Flatcar Set With Trailers (NASG 1995)199519956-48493Set2
U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks199519956-48507/08Flatcar0
Union Pacific Vista Dome Dining Car 8941199519956-48941Dining Car0
US Army Flatcar With Tanks199519956-48507Flatcar7
Western Pacific Boxcar 101645 (TTOS 1995)199519956-48490Boxcar3

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