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Released: 2008
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2008 Holiday Boxcar200820086-48374Boxcar2
792 Railroad Terminal200820086-49838Terminal0
793 Union Station200820106-49839Station5
915 Unloading Car200820086-49045Unloading Car2
Alton Limited Baggage Car 'D B Brauer' 200820086-49925Baggage Car1
Alton Limited Coach 'Oak Park'200820086-49924Passenger Car0
Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1523200820086-48072Locomotive0
Atlantic Coast Line Caboose 400200820086-48746Caboose0
Bethlehem Steel Gondola With Coil Covers200820086-48554Gondola1
Canadian National Boxcar200820086-48372Boxcar3
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 79644200820086-48747Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Canadian National GP9 Diesel 4232200820086-48071Diesel1
Candy Cane Tank Car200820086-48424Tank Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200820086-49923Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Commemorative Freight Car 3-Pack200820096-48426Freight Set1
Commemorative Gondola With Covers200820096-48558Gondola0
Commemorative Stock Car200820096-48377Stock Car0
Commemorative Three Dome Tank Car200820096-48427Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car0
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Boxcar (TTOS 2008)200820086-48256Boxcar0
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Flatcar With Airplane (TTOS 2008)200820086-48272Flatcar1
Freedom Train Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200820086-49922Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Freedom Train Passenger Set200820086-49622Passenger Car0
General Electric Baldwin Diesel Switcher200820086-48270Diesel2
New Haven EP-5 Electric Locomotive 378200820096-48075Locomotive0
New York Central Three-Dome Tank Car200820086-48425Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car6
Oilzum Tank Car 1958200820086-48258Tank Car0
Oilzum Tank Car 2008200820086-48259Tank Car0
Oilzum Tanker 2-Car Set (NETCA)200820086-48257Set1
Operating Swing Bridge200820086-49840Bridge0
Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin Switcher 5618200820086-48144Switcher2
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose 477810200820086-48734Caboose1
Reading Flatcar 9314 With Wheel Load200820086-48555Flatcar1
Rutland Boxcar (TCA 2008)200820086-48267Boxcar1
Rutland Boxcar (TCA 2008)200820086-48268Boxcar1
Santa Animated Caboose200820086-49046Caboose0
Stock Car With Reindeer200820086-48375Stock Car0
Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive 4014200820096-48070Locomotive0
Union Pacific Stockcar200820086-48373Stock Car1
Wild Cherry Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2008)200820086-48275Tank Car2

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