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Released: 2006
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2006 Holiday Boxcar200620066-48363Boxcar2
594 Animated Track Gang Set200620066-49808Figures0
A.C. Gilbert Coach (Tfos)200620066-48245Coach Car0
Alaska Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200620066-48546Flatcar1
Bethlehem Steel 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200620066-48055Switcher0
Bethlehem Steel Depressed Center Searchlight Car200620066-49032Searchlight Car0
Burlington Boxcar200620066-48362Boxcar0
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 13853200620066-48735Caboose2
Burlington SD9 Diesel 373200620066-48051Diesel2
Canadian Pacific Hopper200620066-48629Hopper1
Candy Cane Dump Car200620066-49028Dump Car0
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose200620066-48738Caboose0
Chessie Gondola with Pipes200620066-48547Gondola0
Chessie SD9 Diesel200620066-48058Diesel0
Chessie SD9 Diesel Freight Set200620066-49615Set0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Coach "Evanston"200620066-48987Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Coach "Webster Groves"200620066-48988Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Combo "Missouri"200620066-48986Combination Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Observation "Chicago"200620066-48989Observation Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Passenger Set200620066-49616Passenger Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Steam Locomotive With Tender200620066-48057Locomotive0
Christmas Caboose200620066-48739Caboose1
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Gondola 4290 With Pipe Load200620066-48545Gondola1
Erie 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 2934200620066-48052Locomotive0
Erie Caboose C107200620066-48733Caboose0
Fruit Growers Express Reefer 40703200620066-48814Reefer2
General Electric Crane Car (NASG 2006)200620066-48250Crane Car0
Great Northern Walking Brakeman Car200620066-49031Brakeman Car1
Indian Motocycle Boxcar (NETCA 2006)200620066-48248Boxcar0
Jack Frost Single-Dome Tank Car200620066-48419Tank Car0
New York Central 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200620066-48056Switcher0
New York Central Coal Dump Car200620066-49033Dump Car0
North Pole Central Switcher 25200620066-48059Switcher0
Operating Tie Car200620066-49026Tie Car1
Pennsylvania 2-8-2 Mikado 9628200620066-48053Locomotive0
Pennsylvania Log Dump Car200620066-49027Dump Car0
S Gauge 60Th Anniversary Boxcar200620066-48364Boxcar0
Santa Fe Animated Caboose200620066-49029Caboose0
Southern Operating Coal Dump Car200620066-49035Dump Car0
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers (TTOS 2006)200620066-48246Flatcar0
Supplee Flatcar With Milk Containers200620066-48543Flatcar1
Toy Train Museum Idler Caboose (NTTM 2006)200620066-48247Caboose0
Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 800, Railsounds200620066-48047Locomotive2
Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 809200620066-48054Locomotive0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Coach 405200620066-48980Coach Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Baggage '1735'200620066-48984Baggage Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Coach '417'200620066-48985Coach Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Combination Car 5616200620066-48979Combination Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Diner 3617200620066-48981Diner Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Observation Car 106200620066-48982Observation Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200620066-48983Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200620066-48978Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Three-Dome Tank Car200620066-48420Tank Car0
Western Maryland Baldwin Switcher 132200620066-48141Switcher0
Western Maryland Boxcar200620066-48365Boxcar0
Western Maryland Caboose 1864200620066-48736Caboose1
Western Maryland Flatcar 2632 With Girder200620066-48544Flatcar1

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