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Lionel - American Flyer Listed By Year

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Released: 2007
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2007 American Flyer Holiday Boxcar200720076-48368Boxcar4
571 Truss Bridge200720096-49825Bridge4
582 Blinking Signal200720086-49832Signal2
587 Block Signal200720086-49833Signal1
588 Semaphore Block Signal200720096-49835Signal0
758 Sam The Semaphore Man200720096-49820Accessory1
American Flyer Caboose200720076-48742Caboose3
American Flyer SD9 Diesel #1956200720076-48065Diesel5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Log Dump Car200720086-49039Dump Car4
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 5213, Railsounds200720096-48061Locomotive2
Blue Comet 4-6-2 Pacific #831200720076-48068Locomotive0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Coach 'Tuttle'200720076-49912Coach Car0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Combination 'Halley'200720076-49911Combination Car0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48994Passenger Car4
Blue Comet Steam Passenger Set200720076-49617Passenger Car0
Canadian Pacific Rail Stock Car200720076-48367Stock Car5
Cape Cod Potato Chip Boxcar (NETCA)200720076-48263Boxcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 1068, Railsounds200720096-48060Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose 90877200720076-48743Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Tie Car200720076-49041Tie Car1
Chessie GP20 Diesel200720076-48459Diesel0
Chessie System Animated Caboose200720076-49040Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Baldwin Switcher 1044200720076-48067Switcher2
Chicago & North Western Extended Vision Caboose 13653200720076-48741Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Christmas Gondola With Candy Canes200720076-48553Gondola1
Colorado Yule Marble Flatcar (TCA 2007)200720076-48249Flatcar2
Coors Reefer (TCA 2007)200720076-48253Reefer3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Walking Brakeman Car 69676200720076-49038Brakeman Car2
Erie Coal Dump Car 5473200720076-49042Dump Car1
Five Flavor Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2007)200720076-48265Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car3
General Electric Boom Car (NASG 2007)200720076-48264Boom Car0
Great Northern Depressed Center Service Car200720076-48550Flatcar6
Greenberg's Guides American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-20072007Price Guide1
Jersey Central Boxcar200720076-48366Boxcar7
M.O.W. Boom Car 916200720076-48740Boom Car4
M.O.W. Crane Car 900200720076-49037Crane Car2
Milwaukee Road 3-Bay Hopper200720076-48630Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper1
Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 261, Railsounds200720096-48064Locomotive0
Needham Reefer 60500200720086-48815Reefer3
New Jersey Central Blue Comet HW Baggage 'Barnard'200720076-48995Baggage Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet HW Coach 'Faye'200720076-48997Coach Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet HW Coach 'Westphal'200720076-48996Coach Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet HW Observation 'Tempel'200720076-48998Observation Car0
New York Central 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200720076-48069Switcher26
New York Central 2-Bay Coal Hopper200720076-48631Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper2
New York Central Boxcar200720076-48371Boxcar2
New York Central Dockside Switcher Freight Set200720076-49618Freight Set1
New York Central Extended Vision Caboose200720076-48744Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose0
New York Central Heavyweight Baggage Car '8968'200720076-49903Coach Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Coach '1996'200720076-49904Coach Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48991Passenger Car3
New York Central Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200720076-48990Passenger Set1
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Baggage200720076-49909Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'George Washington'200720076-49910Diner Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48993Passenger Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-Bay Hopper With Coal Load (TTOS 2007)200720076-48255Hopper4
Pennsylvania Railroad Dockside Switcher200720096-48062Switcher3
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar with Piggyback Trailers200720076-48548Flatcar6
Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200720076-48992Passenger Car1
Philadelpia Quartz Single-Dome Tank Car200720076-48421Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Sacramento Northern Reefer (Svafc)200720076-48260Reefer0
Simonin's Three-Dome Tank Car200720076-48422Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car5
Toy Train Museum Crane Car (NTTM 2007)200720076-48254Crane Car5
Union Pacific Boxcar with Generator Load (AFSGSLA 2007)200720076-48261Boxcar1
Union Pacific Dockside Switcher200720096-48063Switcher1
Union Pacific Gondola With Canisters200720076-48549Gondola1
Union Pacific SD9 Diesel200720076-48066Diesel3
Union Tank Car (TTOS 2007)200720076-48262Tank Car3
UPS S Guage Centennial Boxcar200720076-48370Boxcar0

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