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Released: 2010
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1959 Catalog Art Boxcar201020106-48385Boxcar2
1959 Defender Freight Set201020106-49624Freight Set1
2010 Holiday Boxcar201020106-48384Boxcar3
773 Sunoco Oil Derrick201020106-49846Accessory0
774 Floodlight Tower201020176-49847Tower5
Airco Boxcar201020106-48387Boxcar5
American Flyer Lines Girder Bridge201020106-49848Bridge0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020106-49940Full Vista Dome Car6
Bakelite Plastics Covered Hopper201020106-48634Hopper1
Bakelite Plastics Freight Car 2-Pack201020106-49625Freight 2-Pack4
Bakelite Plastics Tank Car201020106-48432Tank Car1
Boston & Maine Baked Beans Boxcar (NETCA)201020106-22678Boxcar0
Burlington Northern Extended View Caboose201020116-48752Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Burlington Northern U33C Diesel201020106-48158Diesel0
Butter Rum Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2010)201020106-48290Tank Car0
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #1 (TCA 2010)201020106-48286Reefer0
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #2 (TCA 2010)201020106-48287Reefer1
Central Of New Jersey Flatcar With Boat201020106-48561Flatcar4
Chesapeake & Ohio Conventional GP7 Diesel #234201020106-48080Diesel0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Baggage Car 48190201020106-49934Baggage Car0
Christmas Animated Billboard201020136-49844Billboard5
Christmas Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-48853Boxcar0
Commemorative Unloading Car201020106-49049Unloading Car1
Conrail Extended View Caboose201020116-48756Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Conrail Legacy U33C Diesel #6573201020106-48160Diesel1
Denver & Rio Grande Western 4-6-6-4 Challenger201020106-48085Locomotive0
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Diesel AA Set201020106-48155Diesel AA Set0
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Non-Powered Unit201020106-48157Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Powered Unit201020106-48156Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Girder Bridge201020116-49850Bridge0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Baggage Car 754201020106-49945Baggage Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Coach201020106-49937Coach Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020146-49943Full Vista Dome Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Observation Car201020106-49939Observation Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Passenger Car 3-Pack201020106-49936Passenger Car 3-Pack0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Vista Dome201020106-49938Vista Dome Car0
Flyer Fantasy S Gauge Boxcar201020106-48389Boxcar6
Great Northern Boxcar (SMSG 2010)201020106-48281Boxcar1
Great Northern Extended Vision Caboose201020116-48757Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose5
Great Northern Operating Log Dump Car201020106-49054Dump Car0
Great Northern U33C Diesel201020106-48159Diesel0
Hershey's Reefer201020106-48823Reefer0
Illuminated Station Platform201020116-49855Station0
Jenney Three Dome Tank Car (NASG 2010)201020106-48291Tank Car1
Karo Syrup Tank Car (SCSGC 2010)201020106-48285Tank Car2
Lackawanna Girder Bridge201020106-49849Bridge1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-48837Boxcar0
New York Central Pacemaker Stock Car201020106-48386Stock Car1
New York Central Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020106-49942Full Vista Dome Car3
No. 4343 Iron Monarch Diner Car2010201011-40024Tinplate - Diner Car0
No. 4694 Iron Monarch Passenger Set, Proto-sound 2.02010201011-1014-1Tinplate - Passenger Set0
No. 4694 Iron Monarch Passenger Set, Traditional2010201011-1014-0Tinplate - Passenger Set0
No. 4694 Warrior Passenger Set, Proto-Sound 2.02010201011-1013-1Tinplate - Passenger Set0
No. 4694 Warrior Passenger Set, Traditional2010201011-1013-0Tinplate - Passenger Set0
Northeastern Style Caboose #24631201020106-48753Caboose - Northeastern Caboose0
Northern Pacific Extended View Caboose201020116-48755Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose2
Northern Pacific Streamliner Baggage Car 8929201020106-49935Baggage Car0
Northern Pacific U33C Diesel201020106-48161Diesel0
Reindeer Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers201020116-48563Flatcar0
Rocket Launcher Flatcar '37Th Div'201020106-49052Flatcar0
Searchlight Flat Car201020106-49053Flatcar0
Truss Bridge201020156-49845Bridge1
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Military Jeeps #24557201020106-48562Flatcar0
Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger Steam Locomotive 3985201020116-48082Locomotive0
Union Pacific Greyhound 4-6-6-4 Challenger Locomotive 3977201020116-48084Locomotive0
Union Pacific Legacy 4-6-6-4 Challlenger #3710 (Black)201020106-48083Locomotive0
Union Pacific Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020106-49941Full Vista Dome Car0
USM Operating Boxcar '37Th Div'201020106-49051Boxcar0
Wabash Coal Dump Car201020106-49055Dump Car2
Western Pacific 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 319201020106-48081Locomotive0
Western Pacific Bay Window Caboose201020116-48754Caboose - Bay Window Caboose1
Western Pacific Boxcar201020106-48388Boxcar4

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