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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2011
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1955 Catalog Art Boxcar201120116-48390Boxcar0
2011 Holiday Boxcar201120116-48394Boxcar2
4006 Hopper Car2011201111-30090Hopper0
4006 Hopper Car2011201111-30100Hopper0
4010 Tank Car2011201111-30092Tank Car0
4010 Tank Car2011201111-30098Tank Car0
4017 Sand Car2011201111-30091Boxcar1
4017 Sand Car2011201111-30099Boxcar0
4018 Automobile Car2011201111-30088Auto Carrier0
4018 Automobile Car2011201111-30095Auto Carrier0
4020 Stock Car2011201111-30089Stock Car0
4020 Stock Car2011201111-30101Stock Car0
4021 Caboose2011201111-30094Caboose0
4021 Caboose2011201111-30102Caboose0
4021 Caboose2011201111-30103Caboose0
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30093Flatcar0
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30096Flatcar0
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30097Flatcar0
Burlington Northern Extended View Caboose201120116-48752Caboose2
Buttermilk Bay Creamery Flatcar With Milk Containers201120116-48569Flatcar4
Caboose With Smoke201120176-48745Caboose0
Charleston & West Carolina Boxcar (TTOS 2011)201120116-48293Boxcar0
Chicago & North Western Safety And Generator Car (AFSGSLA 2011)201120116-48261XOther0
Christmas GP9 Diesel201120126-48088Diesel0
Clinchfield Challenger Steam Locomotive 675201120116-48089Locomotive0
Commemorative Dockside Switcher 1958201120136-48087Switcher0
Commemorative Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48565Flatcar1
Conrail Extended View Caboose201120116-48756Caboose3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201120146-49943Vista Dome Car1
Dixie Honey One Dome Tank Car (NASG 2011)201120116-48294Tank Car0
Erie Streamliner Baggage Car201120156-49944Baggage Car0
Erie Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201120156-49948Dome Car0
Flatcar With Howard Johnson Trailers (NETCA)201120116-48295Flatcar0
Gilbert Chemicals Three Dome Tank Car201120116-48437Tank Car2
Gilbert Oil Storage Tank201120116-49851Accessory0
Gondola With Christmas Trees201120116-48566Gondola0
Great Northern Challenger Steam Locomotive 4000201120116-48092Locomotive1
Greenberg's Guides American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-20112011Price Guide0
Hershey's One Dome Tank Car201120116-48435Tank Car1
Keystone Camera Boxcar201120116-48393Boxcar1
No. 2013 Corner Lamp Set2011201111-90086Set0
No. 2050 Old Glory Flag Pole2011201111-90078Accessory0
No. 4696 Locomotive2011201111-1020Locomotive0
Northern Pacific Challenger Steam Locomotive 5121201120116-48090Locomotive1
Northern Pacific Coal Dump Car201120116-49056Dump Car0
Northern Pacific Extended View Caboose201120116-48755Caboose0
On Extended View Caboose201120116-48757Caboose2
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 47760201120116-48824Reefer0
Post Office Boxcar201120116-48383Boxcar3
Ringling Bros. Bay Window Caboose201120116-48758Caboose0
Ringling Bros. Boxcar201120116-48399Boxcar1
Ringling Bros. Boxcar201120116-48398Boxcar1
Ringling Bros. Combine201120116-49955Combination Car2
Ringling Bros. Conventional GP9 Diesel201120116-48095Diesel1
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Moe And Joe Clowns201120116-49050Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48568Flatcar3
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Wagons201120116-48567Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. GP9 Diesel Circus Train Set201120116-49626Set3
Ringling Bros. Searchlight Car201120116-49060Searchlight Car0
Ringling Bros.-Moe & Joe Flatcar201120116-49059Flatcar0
Sacramento Canning Tank Car (TCA 2011)201120116-48292Tank Car0
Southern Crescent Limited Passenger Train Set201120116-49627Passenger Car0
Southern Pacific Daylight Streamliner Baggage Car201120136-49946Baggage Car1
Southern Pacific Daylight Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201120136-49947Dome Car0
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Steam Locomotive201120116-48094Locomotive0
Texas Special Streamliner Passenger Car 3-Pack201120136-49949Multi Car Pack0
Timkin Boxcar201120116-48391Boxcar1
Union Pacific Challenger Steam Locomotive 3985201120116-48082Locomotive0
Union Pacific Greyhound Challenger Locomotive 3977201120116-48084Locomotive0
Western Pacific Challenger Steam Locomotive 402201120116-48091Locomotive1
Western Pacific Log Dump Car201120116-49057Dump Car2
Winter Green Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2011)201120116-48296Tank Car1

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