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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Bakelite Plastics Covered Hopper201020106-48634Hopper0
Bakelite Plastics Freight Car 2-Pack201020106-49625Multi Car Pack4
Bakelite Plastics Tank Car201020106-48432Tank Car0
Baker's Chocolate #31057 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919121Tank Car0
Baker's Chocolate #31060 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919122Tank Car0
Baltimore & Ohio #727056 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44090Hopper6
Baltimore & Ohio #727189 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44091Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio #727237 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44092Hopper2
Baltimore & Ohio #727341 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44093Hopper2
Baltimore & Ohio #727412 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44094Hopper3
Baltimore & Ohio #836037 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919331Hopper4
Baltimore & Ohio #836196 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919332Hopper3
Baltimore & Ohio 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200520056-48039Switcher4
Baltimore & Ohio 1 -D Tank Car198119834-9102Tank Car10
Baltimore & Ohio 3 Bay Hopper #621097202020202019111Hopper3
Baltimore & Ohio 3 Bay Hopper #621156202020202019112Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio 3 Bay Hopper #621184202020202019113Hopper4
Baltimore & Ohio 3 Bay Hopper #621263202020202019114Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio 3 Bay Hopper #621325202020202019115Hopper0
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 5213, Railsounds200720096-48061Locomotive1
Baltimore & Ohio ALCO B Unit4-8154Diesel0
Baltimore & Ohio ALCO B Unit Diesel Loco199319936-48154Diesel0
Baltimore & Ohio ALCO Pa1 Diesel B Unit198119838154Diesel13
Baltimore & Ohio Baggage Car200320036-48966Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Bay Window Caboose198119834-9401Caboose9
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar198619864-9709Boxcar6
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar (TCA 1996)199619966-48326Boxcar7
Baltimore & Ohio Combination Car "Capital Hill"200320036-48957Combination Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Covered Hopper198119834-9201Hopper9
Baltimore & Ohio Covered Hopper198619864-9207Hopper14
Baltimore & Ohio Dining Car200320036-48967Diner Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar 8652 With Girder200520056-48540Flatcar8
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar With Trailers198119834-9000Flatcar12
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar With Vans198119816-49000Flatcar1
Baltimore & Ohio Flyerchief Baldwin Switcher202120212121010Switcher0
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola With Canisters198119834-9301Gondola8
Baltimore & Ohio Hopper 435350200220026-48620Hopper3
Baltimore & Ohio Legacy Pacific #5229202120212121060Locomotive0
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car200320036-48960Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car #3550200320036-48958Passenger Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car #3551200320036-48959Passenger Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-48965Multi Car Pack1
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Set200320036-49612Passenger Set0
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar198119834-9702Boxcar8
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar199819986-48333Boxcar1
Bangor & Aroostook Freightsounds Boxcar202020202019010Boxcar1
Bangor & Aroostook Reefer 29425199319936-48316Reefer10
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 8313199219926-48313Boxcar4
Bangor & Aroostook Woodside Reefer #6507201720176-44143Reefer1
Bangor & Aroostook Woodside Reefer #6510201720176-44144Reefer0
Batman Searchlight Car202120212119140Searchlight Car1
Bay State Beer Reefer (NETCA)200920096-48276Reefer0
Berkshire Ham & Bacon Woodside Reefer202120212119080Reefer1
Bessemer & Lake Erie #32041 Gondola W/ Coil Covers201920191919061Gondola4
Bessemer & Lake Erie #32064 Gondola W/ Coil Covers201920191919062Gondola3
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper199819986-48614Hopper3
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper 4-Pack199819986-48613Hopper2
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper 62004199819986-48615Hopper0
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper 62014199819986-48617Hopper0
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper 62018199819986-48618Hopper0
Bessemer & Lake Erie Hopper 62019199819986-48616Hopper0
Bethlehem Steel 0-6-0 Dockside Steam Switcher 71201320166-42563Switcher0
Bethlehem Steel 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200620066-48055Switcher3
Bethlehem Steel Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119030Flatcar0
Bethlehem Steel Depressed Center Searchlight Car200620066-49032Searchlight Car4
Bethlehem Steel Gondola W/ Pipe Load #9191202120212119191Gondola1
Bethlehem Steel Gondola W/ Pipe Load #9192202120212119192Gondola1
Bethlehem Steel Gondola With Coil Covers200820086-48554Gondola1
Blue Comet 4-6-2 Pacific #831200720076-48068Locomotive0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Coach 'Tuttle'200720076-49912Coach Car0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Combination 'Halley'200720076-49911Combination Car1
Blue Comet Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48994Passenger Car1
Blue Comet Steam Passenger Set200720076-49617Passenger Car0
Boraxo Covered Hopper 591 (NASG 1991)199119916-48475Hopper4
Borden's Flatcar200120016-48524Flatcar10
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1350202020202019151Flatcar3
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1401202020202019152Flatcar1
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1421202020202019161Flatcar3
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1485202020202019162Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Baked Beans Boxcar (NETCA)201020106-22678Boxcar0
Boston & Maine Bay Window Caboose198319834-9402Caboose2
Boston & Maine Boxcar198319834-9703Boxcar1
Boston & Maine Cupola Caboose C-48201620166-47972Caboose1
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs198319834-9002Flatcar4
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs198319836-49002Flatcar0
Boston & Maine Flyerchief GP7 #1567201720176-44115Diesel0
Boston & Maine GP7 Diesel198319834-8350Diesel3
Boston & Maine Hopper198319834-9203Hopper5
Boston & Maine Three Dome Tank Car198319834-9104Tank Car2
Boston Federal Reserve Mint Car201420176-48854Mint Car1
Boxcar (NASG)198119810700Boxcar19
Boxcar Illinois Central200920096-48378Boxcar2
Boy Scouts Of America Cub Scout Boxcar201320146-48835Boxcar6
Boy Scouts Of America Eagle Scout Boxcar201320146-48836Boxcar0
British Columbia Electric Railway Single Dome Tank Car (TTOS 2001)200120016-48222Tank Car3
British Columbia Railway Tank Car 8403199319936-48403Tank Car13
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #2366202020202019061Boxcar2
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #2380202020202019062Boxcar4
Burlington Boxcar200620066-48362Boxcar1
Burlington Boxcar 792 (NASG 1992)199219926-48478Boxcar4
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 13853200620066-48735Caboose1
Burlington Gondola198019804-9300Gondola9
Burlington Gondola200120016-48525Gondola7
Burlington Hopper 170616200320036-48622Hopper2
Burlington Northern #156980 Autorack Car201920191919012Auto Carrier1
Burlington Northern #158982 Autorack Car201920191919011Auto Carrier1
Burlington Northern #441101 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919341Hopper1
Burlington Northern #441105 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919342Hopper1
Burlington Northern #453021 3-Bay Covered Hopper201920191919171Hopper0
Burlington Northern #453048 3-Bay Covered Hopper201920191919172Hopper3
Burlington Northern #5702 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921021Diesel1
Burlington Northern #5705 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921022Diesel1
Burlington Northern Boxcar198719876-48304Boxcar6
Burlington Northern Covered Hopper198819886-48605Hopper4
Burlington Northern Extended View Caboose201120116-48752Caboose2
Burlington Northern Flatcar 1995 With Trailers (TCA)199519956-48491Flatcar8
Burlington Northern GP20 Diesel 8007199019906-48007Diesel0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 57' Mechanical Reefer 798879201420146-48858Reefer0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Auto Carrier #Ttgx 965521201720176-47938Carrier2
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Auto Carrier #Ttgx 965530201720176-42593Carrier0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Auto Carrier #Ttgx 965537201720176-47936Carrier0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Auto Carrier #Ttgx 965542201720176-47937Carrier0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Boxcar (NASG 2015)201520156-41021Boxcar1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Es44Ac Diesel 6423201420146-42581Diesel0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Es44Ac Diesel 6438201320136-42580Diesel1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Flatcar With Jet Engine200920116-48560Flatcar1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer (TTOS 2004)200420046-48236Reefer3
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel 9344201220126-42505Diesel0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel 9344201220126-48171Diesel0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel 9358201620166-47946Diesel0
Burlington Northern Scale Cylindrical Hopper 458856201220166-48640Hopper3
Burlington Northern Square Window Caboose 8706199019906-48706Caboose2
Burlington Northern U33C Diesel201020106-48158Diesel0
Burlington SD9 Diesel 373200620066-48051Diesel0
Butter Rum Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2010)201020106-48290Tank Car0
Buttermilk Bay Creamery Flatcar With Milk Containers201120116-48569Flatcar4

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