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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Caboose W/ Smoke201720176-48745Caboose0
Campbell's Soup Single-Dome Tank Car200420046-48416Tank Car5
Canadian National #8100 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921071Diesel0
Canadian National #8102 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921072Diesel0
Canadian National Boxcar200820086-48372Boxcar0
Canadian National Covered Hopper200220026-48621Hopper2
Canadian National Cylindrical Hopper 369290201420166-48863Hopper1
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 79644200820086-48747Caboose0
Canadian National GP9 Diesel 4232200820086-48071Diesel0
Canadian National Scale Cylindrical Hopper 370708201220166-48639Hopper0
Canadian National Stock Car #175019201920192019501Stock Car0
Canadian National Stock Car #175114201920192019502Stock Car0
Canadian Pacific Baldwin Diesel Switcher 7070201420176-42597Diesel4
Canadian Pacific Boxcar198719876-48302Boxcar1
Canadian Pacific Es44Ac Diesel 8730201420146-42583Diesel0
Canadian Pacific Hopper200620066-48629Hopper1
Canadian Pacific Mixed Freight Ready-To-Run Set201720176-47926Set0
Canadian Pacific Rail Coal Dump Car 5522200920096-49047Dump Car0
Canadian Pacific Rail Stock Car200720076-48367Stock Car1
Candy Cane Dump Car200620066-49028Dump Car0
Candy Cane Tank Car200820086-48424Tank Car0
Cape Cod Potato Chip Boxcar (NETCA)200720076-48263Boxcar0
Cargill Covered Grain Hopper199519956-48611Hopper1
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #1 (TCA 2010)201020106-48286Reefer0
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #2 (TCA 2010)201020106-48287Reefer0
Carling Black Label Reefer6-48282Reefer0
Celanese Chemicals Tank Car199619966-48406Tank Car0
Central Of Georgia Boxcar (TCA 1990)199019906-48473Boxcar0
Central Of Georgia Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320166-48665Hopper1
Central Of Georgia Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1833, Nonpowered201320166-42543Diesel0
Central Of Georgia Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8101201320166-42542Diesel0
Central Of New Jersey Flatcar With Boat201020106-48561Flatcar0
Central Of New Jersey Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper 68110201220166-48652Hopper1
Central Of New Jersey Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1071201220126-42519Locomotive0
Central Vermont Side Dump Car201920192019460Dump Car0
Century Beer Woodside Reefer202120212119090Reefer0
Charleston & West Carolina Boxcar (TTOS 2011)201120116-48293Boxcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio #2697 Legacy Berkshire201820186-44125Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio #82000 Gondola W/ Coil Covers201920191919071Gondola1
Chesapeake & Ohio #82001 Gondola W/ Coil Covers201920191919072Gondola1
Chesapeake & Ohio 0-6-0 Dockside Steam Switcher 65201320136-42565Switcher0
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 1068, Railsounds200720096-48060Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 2687201520166-42569Locomotive1
Chesapeake & Ohio 3-Bay Hopper #79090201720176-44055Hopper0
Chesapeake & Ohio 3-Bay Hopper #79261201720176-44056Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio 3-Bay Hopper #79419201720176-44057Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio 3-Bay Hopper #79611201720176-44058Hopper3
Chesapeake & Ohio 3-Bay Hopper #79951201720176-44059Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio ALCO PA1 M Set198919894-48102/03Diesel AA Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar 2701200220026-48347Boxcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose 90877200720076-48743Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Coach198919896-48901Coach Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Dump Car201420176-49082Dump Car1
Chesapeake & Ohio Combination Car198919896-48900Combination Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Conventional GP7 Diesel #234201020106-48080Diesel0
Chesapeake & Ohio Flyerchief Berkshire #2696201820186-44025Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio Observation Car198919896-48903Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio PA-1 Diesel Locomotives6-48102Diesel0
Chesapeake & Ohio S Gauge Ready-To-Run Passenger Set201320136-49631Passenger Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Baggage Car 48190201020106-49934Baggage Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Tie Car200720076-49041Tie Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Vista Dome Car198919896-48902Dome Car0
Chessie 3 Bay Hopper #527010202020202019121Hopper1
Chessie 3 Bay Hopper #527125202020202019122Hopper0
Chessie 3 Bay Hopper #528062202020202019123Hopper0
Chessie 3 Bay Hopper #529099202020202019124Hopper0
Chessie 3 Bay Hopper #529526202020202019125Hopper0
Chessie Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200320036-48531Flatcar0
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3181201620166-47982Caboose0
Chessie GP20 Diesel200720076-48459Diesel0
Chessie System Animated Caboose200720076-49040Caboose0
Chessie System Bay Window Caboose198019804-9400Caboose4
Chessie System Boxcar198719876-48303Boxcar1
Chessie System Caboose200620066-48738Caboose0
Chessie System Gondola200620066-48547Gondola0
Chessie System GP20 Diesel198419844-8459Diesel0
Chessie System GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit 8460198819886-48004Diesel0
Chessie System Hopper With Coal197919794-9200Hopper0
Chessie System SD9 Diesel200620066-48058Diesel0
Chessie System SD9 Diesel Freight Set200620066-49615Set0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Coach "Evanston"200620066-48987Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Coach "Webster Groves"200620066-48988Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Combo "Missouri"200620066-48986Combination Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Observation "Chicago"200620066-48989Observation Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200820086-49923Passenger Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Passenger Set200620066-49616Passenger Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Steam Locomotive With Tender200620066-48057Locomotive0
Chicago & North Western #1260 Flyerchief Blw Switcher201820186-44119Switcher0
Chicago & North Western Baldwin Switcher 1044200720076-48067Switcher1
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose201820186-44111Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Caboose199819986-48718Caboose0
Chicago & North Western Extended Vision Caboose 13653200720076-48741Caboose0
Chicago & North Western Reefer (TTOS 2009)200920096-48273Reefer0
Chicago & North Western Reefer 70165 (TCA 1991)199119916-48474Reefer0
Chicago & North Western Safety And Generator Car (AFSGSLA 2011)201120116-48261XOther0
Chicago & North Western Stock Car 14300201620166-47968Stock Car0
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage Scale Cylindrical Hopper201220166-48645Hopper1
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1859201220136-48176Diesel1
Chicago & North Western Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1859201220126-42510Diesel0
Chicago & North Western Waffle-Sided Boxcar201420166-48857Boxcar0
Christmas 0-6-0 Dockside Steam Locomotive 2013201320146-42567Locomotive0
Christmas Animated Billboard201020136-49844Billboard0
Christmas Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-48853Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 1994199419946-48321Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 1995199519956-48323Boxcar3
Christmas Boxcar 2002200220026-48346Boxcar1
Christmas Boxcar 2012201220126-48825Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2013201320136-48833Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2014201420146-48874Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2015201520156-48882Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2017201720176-48423Boxcar1
Christmas Boxcar 2018201820186-44129Boxcar2
Christmas Boxcar 2020201920192019550Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 8309199019906-48309Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 8311199119916-48311Boxcar2
Christmas Boxcar 8314199219926-48314Boxcar3
Christmas Boxcar 8319199319936-48319Boxcar4
Christmas Boxcar 900199719976-48327Boxcar3
Christmas Caboose200620066-48739Caboose0
Christmas Car 1999199919996-48341Boxcar0
Christmas Car 2000200020006-48340Boxcar2
Christmas Cylindrical Hopper201320136-48664Hopper0
Christmas Gondola199819986-48335Gondola0
Christmas Gondola With Candy Canes200720076-48553Gondola0
Christmas Gondola With Presents200920096-48559Gondola0
Christmas GP9 Diesel201120126-48088Diesel0
Christmas Handcar With Shed201220126-48096Hand Car0
Christmas Mint Car201320136-48844Mint Car0
Christmas Music Reefer201220136-49061Reefer0
Christmas Steam Train200920096-49621Set0
Christmas U33C Diesel201220126-48195Diesel0
Circus Stock Car201020106-48380Stock Car1
Cities Service Three Dome Tank Car, 43447201520156-48438Tank Car1
Classic Billboard Set201220126-49861Set0
Classic Catalogs Billboard Set201520166-49978Accessory0
Clear 0-6-0 Dockside Steam Switcher 1967201220126-48097Switcher0
Clear Smoking Caboose 997201220126-48759Caboose0
Clinchfield Challenger Steam Locomotive 675201120116-48089Locomotive0
Clinchfield Legacy U36C #3600202020201921201Diesel0
Coca-Cola Christmas Boxcar201420146-48396Boxcar0
Coca-Cola One Dome Tank Car201020116-48433Tank Car0
Colorado Yule Marble Flatcar (TCA 2007)200720076-48249Flatcar0
Columbia Soups Wood-Sided Reefer201720176-49954Reefer5
Comet One Dome Tank Car200920096-48430Tank Car0
Commemorative Dockside Switcher 1958201120136-48087Switcher0
Commemorative Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48565Flatcar0
Commemorative Freight Car 3-Pack200820096-48426Freight Set0
Commemorative Gondola With Covers200820096-48558Gondola0
Commemorative Handcar And Shed200920096-48078Hand Car0
Commemorative Stock Car200820096-48377Stock Car0
Commemorative Three Dome Tank Car200820096-48427Tank Car0
Commemorative Unloading Car201020106-49049Unloading Car0
Commemorative Work Caboose201520166-48880Caboose0
Conrail #6564 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921031Diesel0
Conrail #6572 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921032Diesel0
Conrail #964940 Autorack Car201920191919022Auto Carrier2
Conrail #964946 Autorack Car201920191919021Auto Carrier1
Conrail Bay Window Caboose 21503199519956-48710Caboose0
Conrail Boxcar198419844-9708Boxcar0
Conrail Extended View Caboose201120116-48756Caboose0
Conrail Flatcar With Wheel Loader200220026-48528Loader0
Conrail GP7 Diesel 5600199519956-48013Diesel0
Conrail Legacy U33C Diesel #6573201020106-48160Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320136-48666Hopper1
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1976, Nonpowered201320136-42545Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8098201320166-42544Diesel0
Cook Paint Tank Car (NASG 2002)200220026-48228Tank Car1
Coors Reefer (TCA 2007)200720076-48253Reefer0
Coors Refigerator Car #54086-44016Refrigerator Car0
Cotton Belt Bay Window Caboose200920096-48751Caboose1
Cotton Belt Boxcar #36365201320146-48849Boxcar0
Cotton Belt Boxcar (TTOS 1998)199819986-48209Boxcar1
CSX #225370 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919351Hopper0
CSX #225382 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919352Hopper0
CSX #4849 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921080Diesel1
CSX Auto Carrier #Ttgx 150640201720176-47931Carrier1
CSX Auto Carrier #Ttgx 150643201720176-47930Carrier1
CSX Auto Carrier #Ttgx 150648201720176-42591Carrier0
CSX Auto Carrier #Ttgx 150654201720176-47932Carrier1
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 924201420146-42584Diesel0
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 937201420146-42585Diesel0
CSX Flatcar With Generator199619966-48513Flatcar3
Csx Gondola W/ Pipe Load #720195202120212119201Gondola0
Csx Gondola W/ Pipe Load #720273202120212119202Gondola0
CSX Legacy U33C #7281202020201921211Diesel0
CSX SD70ACe Diesel 4847201220126-42506Diesel0
CSX SD70ACe Diesel 4847201220136-48172Diesel0
CSX Union Pacific SD70ACe Diesel 4817201620166-47949Diesel1
CSX Waffle-Sided Boxcar 136156201620176-47967Boxcar5
CW-80 80-Watt Transformer200320176-14198Transformer18

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