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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
S Gauge 60Th Anniversary Boxcar20062006Boxcar01
S Gauge Western Pacific ALCO PA Non-Powered Diesel Locomotive19931993Diesel00
S Gauge Western Pacific ALCO PA Powered Diesel Locomotive19931993Diesel00
Sacramento Canning Tank Car (TCA)20112011Tank Car00
Sacramento Northern Reefer (Svafc)20072007Reefer00
Sacramento Valley Division Western Pacific Boxcar19931993Boxcar310
Salt Lake Route Boxcar (TTOS)20022002Boxcar10
San Francisco Federal Reserve Mint Car20132016Mint Car30
Santa Animated Caboose20082008Caboose00
Santa Fe #101407 3-Bay Covered Hopper20192019Hopper10
Santa Fe #101456 3-Bay Covered Hopper20192019Hopper00
Santa Fe #194200 Kitchen Car20182018Kitchen Car00
Santa Fe #196752 Bunk Car20182018Bunk Car10
Santa Fe #196755 Bunk Car20182018Bunk Car10
Santa Fe #8500 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel00
Santa Fe #8514 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel10
Santa Fe #91913 Gondola W/ Coil Covers20192019Gondola20
Santa Fe #91926 Gondola W/ Coil Covers20192019Gondola00
Santa Fe #92868 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar30
Santa Fe #92875 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar00
Santa Fe 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher20052005Switcher00
Santa Fe 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 179720132013Locomotive00
Santa Fe 3-Bay Hopper #7870520172017Hopper40
Santa Fe 3-Bay Hopper #7872120172017Hopper10
Santa Fe 3-Bay Hopper #7873020172017Hopper10
Santa Fe 3-Bay Hopper #7875420172017Hopper30
Santa Fe 3-Bay Hopper #7879220172017Hopper00
Santa Fe ALCO PB Diesel B Unit20042004Diesel10
Santa Fe Animated Caboose20062006Caboose20
Santa Fe Baggage Car20042005Baggage Car00
Santa Fe Baldwin Switcher 225720032003Switcher01
Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose19861986Caboose00
Santa Fe Blue Bonnet Flyerchief GP7 Diesel Locomotive20172017Locomotive00
Santa Fe Boom Car 20698220032003Boom Car00
Santa Fe Boxcar19791979Boxcar00
Santa Fe Boxcar19861986Boxcar10
Santa Fe Boxcar 27219720052005Boxcar10
Santa Fe Caboose19991999Caboose00
Santa Fe Covered Hopper19861986Hopper12
Santa Fe Crane Car 19970720032003Crane Car11
Santa Fe Cylindrical Hopper 30002220142015Hopper00
Santa Fe Depressed Center Searchlight Car20142016Searchlight Car43
Santa Fe Docksider20182018Switcher11
Santa Fe Docksider Flyerchief Set20182018Set50
Santa Fe Flatcar 90019 With Jet Rocket20022002Flatcar10
Santa Fe GP20 Diesel19861986Diesel00
Santa Fe GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit 855319881988Diesel00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Baggage Car #29220192019Baggage Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Coach #301420192019Coach Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Coach #302020192019Coach Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Combine Car #130320192019Combine Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Diner #146820192019Diner Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Observation #151320192019Observation Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Sleeper Kiowa Tribe20192019Sleeper Car00
Santa Fe Heavyweight Sleeper Shoshone Tribe20192019Sleeper Car00
Santa Fe Legacy ALCO PA Diesel A-A Set20172017Diesel00
Santa Fe Legacy U36C #870320202020Diesel11
Santa Fe Legacy U36C #873620202020Diesel10
Santa Fe Log Dump Car20072008Dump Car03
Santa Fe Merger GP9 Diesel 292719991999Diesel00
Santa Fe Midnight Chief 2-Bay Hopper20132016Hopper00
Santa Fe Passenger Car 2-Pack20042005Passenger Car00
Santa Fe Stock Car #2597520192019Stock Car00
Santa Fe Stock Car #2598320192019Stock Car00
Santa Fe U33C Diesel 852520122013Diesel00
Santa Fe Vista Dome Car20042005Vista Dome Car00
Santa Fe Walking Brakeman Boxcar20042005Boxcar10
Santa's Candy Shop 2-Bay Hopper20092010Hopper21
Sante Fe 3 Bay Hopper20182018Hopper11
Sante Fe Caboose20182018Caboose12
Sante Fe Docksider Reefer20182018Reefer11
Saskatchewan Scale Cylindrical Hopper 39701520122012Hopper00
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper 1906520132016Hopper10
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 106520132013Locomotive10
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel, Nonpowered20132013Locomotive00
Scenery Gravel 3-Bay Hopper20132017Hopper21
Schlitz Beer Reefer20122012Reefer00
SD9 Diesel 195620072007Diesel20
Seaboard #47152 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Seaboard #47164 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar00
Seaboard Baldwin Switcher 141320032003Switcher10
Seaboard Boxcar 94219981998Boxcar01
Seaboard Coast Line #80008 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar30
Seaboard Coast Line #80326 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar30
Seaboard Coast Line Boxcar19881988Boxcar21
Seaboard Coast Line Legacy U36C #213120202020Diesel10
Seaboard Square Window Caboose 4965820032003Caboose00
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #139520202020Flatcar00
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #141420202020Flatcar00
Searchlight Flatcar Erie #2454920102010Flatcar00
Sf ALCO PA1 And PB-1 Diesel Set19971997Diesel00
Shell Tank Car19951995Tank Car20
Shell Tank Car20162016Tank Car00
Ship It On The Frisco Boxcar (TCA)20012001Boxcar00
Showroom Aquarium Car20182018Aquarium Car50
Sierra Beer Boxcar (TTOS)20132013Boxcar10
Silver Flash ALCO Diesel PA1 AB Set19951995Diesel AB Set00
Silver Flash ALCO PA1 Diesel B Unit 48019951995Diesel00
Silver Flash ALCO PA1 Diesel Dummy A Unit 47919961996Diesel10
Silver Flash Coach 96119951995Coach Car00
Silver Flash Combination Car 96019951995Combination Car00
Silver Flash Observation Car 96319951995Observation Car00
Silver Flash Passenger Car Set19951995Passenger Car10
Simonin's Three-Dome Tank Car20072007Tank Car01
Smoke Cartridge Transport Boxcar, 13-1420162016Boxcar20
Smoke Fluid One Dome Tank Car20122013Tank Car00
Smoking Caboose20112011Caboose00
Southern #528641 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar20
Southern #531876 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar10
Southern Baldwin Switcher20042004Switcher00
Southern Baldwin Switcher Work Train Set20042004Set10
Southern Bay Window Caboose19841984Caboose10
Southern Bay Window Caboose X54520052005Caboose00
Southern Boom Car20042004Boom Car00
Southern Boxcar19841984Boxcar10
Southern Crane Car20042004Crane Car00
Southern Crescent Limited Passenger Train Set20112011Passenger Car00
Southern Flatcar With Trailers19841984Flatcar10
Southern Flatcar With Wheel Load20042004Flatcar00
Southern Flyerchief Berkshire #271620182018Locomotive00
Southern Gondola With Canisters19841984Gondola10
Southern GP9 Diesel19841984Diesel00
Southern Hopper19841984Hopper21
Southern Hopper With Ballast Load20042004Hopper00
Southern Illumin CabooseCaboose00
Southern Light Mikado Locomotive 4501, Railsounds20052005Locomotive00
Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper20132016Hopper00
Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1894, Nonpowered20132013Diesel00
Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 809920132013Diesel00
Southern Operating Coal Dump Car20062006Dump Car00
Southern Pacific #576261 Autorack Car20192019Auto Carrier10
Southern Pacific #576266 Autorack Car20192019Auto Carrier10
Southern Pacific 3 Dome Tank Car19871987Tank Car11
Southern Pacific ALCO PA A-A Diesel Set 94-9520142014Set00
Southern Pacific ALCO PA1 Diesel B Unit 8123, Railsounds19931993Diesel00
Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose19871987Caboose11
Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 133820052005Caboose00
Southern Pacific Boom Car 707320152015Boom Car00
Southern Pacific Boxcar19861986Boxcar21
Southern Pacific Boxcar20042004Boxcar10
Southern Pacific Caboose #111920132014Caboose00
Southern Pacific Coach19811981Coach Car00
Southern Pacific Combination Car19811981Combination Car00
Southern Pacific Crane Car (TTOS)20002000Crane Car00
Southern Pacific Crane Car 707220152015Crane Car00
Southern Pacific DaylightDiesel00
Southern Pacific Daylight Streamliner Baggage Car20112013Baggage Car00
Southern Pacific Daylight Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car20112013Dome Car01
Southern Pacific Dockside Switcher Steam Freight Set20132014Freight Set00
Southern Pacific Docksider 0-6-0 Switcher Steam Locomotive #67720132014Switcher00
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers19871987Flatcar11
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers20032003Flatcar00
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers (TTOS)20062006Flatcar10
Southern Pacific Gondola (TTOS)20002000Gondola00
Southern Pacific Gondola With Canisters19871987Gondola10
Southern Pacific GP20 Diesel 406019981998Diesel00
Southern Pacific GP9 Diesel 800019871987Diesel02
Southern Pacific GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit 800219881988Diesel01
Southern Pacific Hopper19871987Hopper30
Southern Pacific Legacy PA AA Set20172017Diesel AA Set11
Southern Pacific Legacy PA Dummy A #601220172017Diesel00
Southern Pacific Legacy PA Power A #601120172017Diesel00
Southern Pacific Observation Car19811981Observation Car00
Southern Pacific Overnight Boxcar19871987Boxcar11
Southern Pacific Scale Cylindrical Hopper20122012Hopper00
Southern Pacific Scale Cylindrical Hopper 49102020122016Hopper20
Southern Pacific SD9 Diesel20052005Diesel01
Southern Pacific Searchlight Car 62719971997Searchlight Car11
Southern Pacific Single-Dome Tank Car #534720132014Tank Car00
Southern Pacific Square Window Caboose 99019971997Caboose20
Southern Pacific Streamlined Coach 2-Pack20152016Coach Car00
Southern Pacific Streamlined Combo/Observation 2-Pack20152016Coach Car10
Southern Pacific Streamlined Dinernista Dome 2-Pack20152016Diner Car00
Southern Pacific Tank Car (TTOS)19991999Tank Car00
Southern Pacific TTUX Flatcar Set With Trailers (NASG)19951995Set20
Southern Pacific U33C Diesel 877320092009Diesel01
Southern Pacific Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 186520122012Diesel00
Southern Pacific Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 186520122014Diesel10
Southern Pacific Vista Dome Car19811981Dome Car00
Southern Three Dome Tank Car19841984Tank Car10
Southern2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 271620152016Locomotive10
Spokane Portland & Seattle Steam Locomotive20112011Locomotive00
Spreckels Sugar Hopper (TCA Rocky Mountain)20122012Hopper00
Spreckels Sugar Hopper (TCA Rocky Mountain)20132013Hopper00
Stable Of Champions Horse Car19961996Horse Car00
Station Platform Kit20202020Platform20
Steel Pins20072018Accessory40
Stock Car20142016Stock Car10
Stock Car With Reindeer20082008Stock Car00
Suburban Station20162016Station32
Suburban Station20092010Station00
Sunoco Oil Storage Tank With Light20122012Accessory00
Sunoco One Dome Tank Car20092010Tank Car00
Sunoco Single Dome Tank Car19971997Tank Car00
Supplee Flatcar With Milk Containers20062006Flatcar10
Susquehanna Boxcar 993 (NASG)19931993Boxcar20

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