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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis Freightsounds Boxcar202020202019030Boxcar0
National Dairy Despatch Insulated Boxcar 8805199019906-48805Boxcar2
National Distributing #833 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919291Tank Car0
National Distributing #837 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919292Tank Car0
NATX Three Dome Tank Car201620166-47966Tank Car2
Naughty & Nice Hopper 2-Pack200420056-48623Multi Car Pack0
Naughty Hopper With Coal200420056-48624Hopper0
Naughty Or Nice Gondola, Coil Covers201320146-48572Gondola1
Needham Reefer 60500200720086-48815Reefer4
Nestle Nesquik Flatcar With Milk Containers200420056-48537Flatcar1
Nestle Nesquik Single-Dome Tank Car200420046-48414Tank Car1
New England Hopper (TCA 1998)199819986-48208Hopper0
New England Hopper (TCA 1998)199819986-48210Hopper1
New Haven Baggage Car #5507202020202019350Baggage Car0
New Haven Boxcar199519956-48322Boxcar2
New Haven Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds201320166-49064Boxcar0
New Haven Coach #6705202020202019371Coach Car0
New Haven Coach #6710202020202019372Coach Car0
New Haven Coach #6714202020202019373Coach Car0
New Haven Coach #6721202020202019374Coach Car0
New Haven Combination Car199519956-48935Combination Car0
New Haven Combine Car #6106202020202019360Combine Car0
New Haven Diner #5241202020202019380Diner Car0
New Haven Ep-5 Electric Locomotive 378200820096-48075Locomotive0
New Haven Ep-5 Electric Locomotive 8008199119916-48008Locomotive0
New Haven Flatcar199719976-48515Flatcar5
New Haven Flatcar With N.E. Transport Trailer (NETCA)200320036-48232Flatcar0
New Haven Gondola With Pipes201520166-48879Gondola0
New Haven Legacy ALCO PA #768 Powered201820186-47993Diesel0
New Haven Legacy ALCO PA #773 Non-Powered201820186-47994Diesel0
New Haven Legacy ALCO PA Diesel A-A Set201820186-47992Diesel AA Set0
New Haven Log Dump Car201620176-47965Dump Car3
New Haven Observation #1202020202019390Observation Car0
New Haven Observation Car199519956-48937Observation Car0
New Haven Passenger Car Set199519956-49605Passenger Car0
New Haven Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers201720176-47984Flatcar2
New Haven Square Window Caboose 8707199119916-48707Caboose3
New Haven Vista Dome Car199519956-48936Dome Car0
New Haven Vista Dome Dining Car199619966-48943Dining Car0
New Haven Waffle-Sided Boxcar201420166-48856Boxcar0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet Hw Baggage 'Barnard'200720076-48995Baggage Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet Hw Coach 'Faye'200720076-48997Coach Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet Hw Coach 'Westphal'200720076-48996Coach Car0
New Jersey Central Blue Comet Hw Observation 'Tempel'200720076-48998Observation Car0
New York Central #870048 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44100Hopper5
New York Central #870289 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44101Hopper2
New York Central #870426 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44102Hopper3
New York Central #870614 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44103Hopper3
New York Central #870818 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44104Hopper3
New York Central #X19075 Bunk Car201820186-44033Bunk Car0
New York Central #X19078 Bunk Car201820186-44034Bunk Car0
New York Central #X22483 Kitchen Car201820186-44035Kitchen Car0
New York Central / Roeblings Cable Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119040Flatcar0
New York Central 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200620066-48056Switcher0
New York Central 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher200720076-48069Switcher0
New York Central 2 Bay Coal Hopper200720076-48631Hopper0
New York Central 2-8-2 Light Mikado Locomotive 1849200420046-48036Locomotive0
New York Central 2-Bay Hopper200720076-48631Hopper0
New York Central 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 6015201620166-47953Locomotive0
New York Central ALCO PA Diesel B Unit 4302200320036-48135Diesel0
New York Central ALCO PA Diesel Passenger Set200220026-49611Passenger Car0
New York Central B-W Caboose 20300201620166-47970Caboose1
New York Central Baggage Car 9149200320036-48964Baggage Car0
New York Central Baldwin Switcher 8100200420046-48043Switcher8
New York Central Bay Window Caboose198619864-9404Caboose1
New York Central Boom Car 48726200420056-48726Boom Car0
New York Central Boxcar200720076-48371Boxcar0
New York Central Boxcar198619864-9713Boxcar0
New York Central Boxcar201620176-47961Boxcar4
New York Central Caboose 17560200320046-48725Caboose0
New York Central Coach Car #3767200220026-48962Coach Car0
New York Central Coal Dump Car200620066-49033Dump Car0
New York Central Covered Hopper198419844-9206Hopper3
New York Central Crane Car X-15200420056-49014Crane Car0
New York Central Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200420046-48534Flatcar1
New York Central Dining Car200220026-48963Diner Car0
New York Central Dockside Switcher Freight Set200720076-49618Freight Set0
New York Central Extended Vision Caboose200720076-48744Caboose0
New York Central Flatcar With Trailers198619864-9005Flatcar2
New York Central Flatcar With Wheel Load200220026-48529Flatcar1
New York Central Flyerchief GP7 #5628201720176-44116Diesel0
New York Central Gondola With Canisters198619864-9304Gondola1
New York Central GP9 Diesel198619864-8552Diesel0
New York Central GP9 Diesel Locomotive6-48552Diesel0
New York Central Heavyweight Baggage Car '8968'199419946-49903Coach Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Coach '1996'199419946-49904Coach Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Coach '2036'199319936-49900Coach Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Combination '2724'199319936-48999Combination Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Diner '599'199319936-49901Diner Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Observation '30'199319936-49902Observation Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48991Passenger Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200720076-48990Passenger Set0
New York Central Hopper198619864-9209Hopper1
New York Central Mechanical Reefer (NASG 1991)199119916-48436Reefer1
New York Central Merchants Dispatch Woodside Reefer #17177201720176-44139Reefer0
New York Central Merchants Dispatch Woodside Reefer #17200201720176-44140Reefer0
New York Central Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper 18292201220126-48656Hopper1
New York Central Operating Boxcar 7200920096-49048Boxcar1
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar198419844-9706Boxcar0
New York Central Pacemaker Stock Car201020106-48386Stock Car0
New York Central Reefer (TTOS 1997)199719976-48203Reefer0
New York Central Reefer 491 (NASG 1991)199119916-48476Reefer0
New York Central Searchlight Car199019906-49001Searchlight Car4
New York Central Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020106-49942Dome Car0
New York Central Streamliner Passenger Car 2-Pack200220026-48961Multi Car Pack0
New York Central Three Dome Tank Car198619864-9106Tank Car2
New York Central Three-Dome Tank Car200820086-48425Tank Car2
New York Central Walking Brakeman Car 174226200520056-49023Brakeman Car0
New York Federal Reserve Mint Car201320166-48847Mint Car5
New York, New Haven & Hartford Boxcar 1194 (NASG 1994)199419946-48486Boxcar1
Nice Hopper With Presents200420056-48625Hopper0
Nickel Plate #765 Legacy Berkshire201820186-44123Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Flyerchief Berkshire #759201820186-44021Locomotive1
Nickel Plate Flyerchief Berkshire #765201820186-44020Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 765201520166-42562Locomotive1
Nickel Plate Road 3-Bay Hopper #78002201720176-44050Hopper2
Nickel Plate Road 3-Bay Hopper #78126201720176-44051Hopper1
Nickel Plate Road 3-Bay Hopper #78154201720176-44052Hopper4
Nickel Plate Road 3-Bay Hopper #78257201720176-44053Hopper3
Nickel Plate Road 3-Bay Hopper #78849201720176-44054Hopper2
Nickel Plate Road Boxcar199419946-48320Boxcar0
Nickel Plate Road Caboose199719976-48713Caboose0
Nickel Plate Road Covered Hopper199419946-48610Hopper1
Nickel Plate Road Cupola Caboose 775201620166-47973Caboose0
Nickel Plate Road Flatcar 20602 With Ertl Trailer (NASG 1992)199219926-48479Flatcar1
Nickel Plate Road Flyerchief GP7 Diesel Locomotive201720176-48037Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Road Gondola With Canisters199519956-48510Gondola1
Nickel Plate Road GP9 Diesel Set199719976-48017Set0
Nickel Plate Road Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320166-48669Hopper0
Nickel Plate Road Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1881, Nonpowered201320136-42551Diesel0
Nickel Plate Road Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8100 Command Control201320166-42550Diesel1
Nickel Plate Road Reefer 8807199419946-48807Reefer2
Nickel Plate Road S Gauge Ready-To-Run Freight Set201420146-49633Set0
Nickel Plate Road Smoking Caboose201320136-48762Caboose0
No. 2013 Corner Lamp Set2011201111-90086Set2
No. 2050 Old Glory Flag Pole2011201111-90078Accessory0
No. 4230 Roadside Flashing Signal2012201211-90119Signal0
No. 4689 Presidential Locomotive2009200911-2008Locomotive0
No. 4694 Iron Monarch Passenger Set2010201011-1014Passenger Set0
No. 4694 Warrior Passenger Set2010201011-1013Passenger Set0
No. 4696 Locomotive2011201111-1020Locomotive0
Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 2009201220136-48180Locomotive0
Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 2020201320136-48198Locomotive0
Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320166-48670Hopper0
Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1838, Nonpowered201320136-42553Diesel0
Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8103201320166-42552Diesel0
Norfolk Southern #407014 Waffle Sided Boxcar201820186-44080Boxcar6
Norfolk Southern #407407 Waffle Sided Boxcar201820186-44081Boxcar2
Norfolk Southern #661 Flyerchief Blw Switcher201820186-44120Switcher0
Norfolk Southern 2-Bay Hopper (TCA 2001)200120016-48221Hopper0
Norfolk Southern Auto Carrier #Ns 171253201720176-42592Carrier3
Norfolk Southern Auto Carrier #Ns 171257201720176-47933Carrier0
Norfolk Southern Auto Carrier #Ns 171260201720176-47934Carrier1
Norfolk Southern Auto Carrier #Ns 171265201720176-47935Carrier2
Norfolk Southern Cylindrical Hopper 81022201220166-48651Hopper0
Norfolk Southern Erie Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1068201220126-42523Diesel1
Norfolk Southern Flatcar With Jet Engines (TCA 2012)201220126-48297Flatcar0
Norfolk Southern Gondola With Containers201620166-47964Gondola5
Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320166-48673Hopper0
Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1982, Nonpowered201320136-42559Diesel1
Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8114201320156-42558Diesel1
Norfolk Southern SD70ACe Diesel 1011201220136-48170Diesel0
Norfolk Southern SD70ACe Diesel 1030201620166-47948Diesel0
North Pole Central Flyerchief GP7 Diesel Locomotive201720176-48045Locomotive6
North Pole Central Switcher 25200620066-48059Switcher0
North Pole Express Hopper201220166-48638Hopper0
North Pole Express Streamliner 3-Pack201220146-49960Multi Car Pack0
North Pole Gondola With Cocoa Containers201420146-48875Gondola0
North Western Refrigerator Line Our Mothers Cocoa Woodside Reefer202120212119110Reefer0
Northeast Ohio Mixed Freight Ready-To-Run Set201720176-47924Set0
Northeastern Style Caboose #24631201020106-48753Caboose1
Northern Pacific 57' Mechanical Reefer 794201420166-48868Reefer0
Northern Pacific ALCO PA1 ABA Set199219924-48114/15/16Diesel ABA Set0
Northern Pacific ALCO PA1 Diesel B Unit 8117, Railsounds199219926-48117Diesel0
Northern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 8711199519956-48711Caboose1
Northern Pacific Boxcar 1094 (NASG 1994)199419946-48485Boxcar2
Northern Pacific Boxcar 1261 (TCA 1995)199519956-48492Boxcar0
Northern Pacific Boxcar 31226200220026-48348Boxcar2
Northern Pacific Challenger Steam Locomotive 5121201120116-48090Locomotive0
Northern Pacific Coach199219926-48921Coach Car0
Northern Pacific Coach199219926-48925Coach Car0
Northern Pacific Coal Dump Car201120116-49056Dump Car0
Northern Pacific Combination Car199219926-48920Combination Car0
Northern Pacific Dining Car 8934199419946-48934Dining Car0
Northern Pacific Extended View Caboose201120116-48755Caboose0
Northern Pacific GP9 Diesel8014199519956-48014Diesel0
Northern Pacific North Coast Limited Set199219926-49602Set0
Northern Pacific Observation Car199219926-48923Observation Car0
Northern Pacific PA-1 Powered199219926-48114Diesel0
Northern Pacific PB-1 Non-Powered199219926-48116Diesel0
Northern Pacific Pig Palace Stock Car201320136-48395Stock Car0
Northern Pacific Reefer 139200420046-48809Reefer0
Northern Pacific Streamliner Baggage Car 8929201020106-49935Baggage Car0
Northern Pacific U33C Diesel201020106-48161Diesel0
Northern Pacific Vista Dome Car199219926-48922Dome Car0
Northern Pacific Vista Dome Car199219926-48924Dome Car0

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