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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
G. Fox & Co. Boxcar (NETCA)201520156-41023Boxcar0
General Electric Baldwin Diesel Switcher200820086-48270Diesel0
General Electric Boom Car (NASG 2007)200720076-48264Boom Car0
General Electric Cable Reel Car (NASG 2004)200420046-48238Reel Car1
General Electric Crane Car (NASG 2006)200620066-48250Crane Car0
General Electric Twin Searchlight Car (NASG 2005)200520056-48243Searchlight Car0
Generator Car (TTOS 2017)201720176-482017Generator Car0
Gibson Wine #66717 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919131Tank Car0
Gibson Wine #66719 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919132Tank Car0
Gilbert Chemicals Tank Car199619966-48407Tank Car0
Gilbert Chemicals Three Dome Tank Car201120116-48437Tank Car0
Gilbert Dairy Flatcar With Milk Containers201320166-48576Flatcar2
Gilbert Gravel Side Dump Car #203201920192019450Dump Car0
Gilbert Mines Mint Car201320136-48846Mint Car1
Gilbert Oil Storage Tank201120116-49851Accessory0
Gilbert Tractor Trailer199819986-22910Tractor and Trailer1
Gilbert Under The Sea Aquarium Car201920191919420Aquarium Car0
Gilbert's Milk Tank Car (TTOS 2005)200520056-48239Tank Car0
Girder Bridge201020106-49848Bridge0
GM GP7 Diesel 8009199119916-48009Diesel0
Gondola With Christmas Trees201120116-48566Gondola1
Goofy Boxcar200320036-48349Boxcar6
Government Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper 607002201220166-48650Hopper0
Govt. Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper 106010201420166-48862Hopper0
GP Es44Ac Diesel 8744201420146-42582Diesel0
Grand Trunk #50445 Autorack Car201920191919031Auto Carrier1
Grand Trunk #50499 Autorack Car201920191919032Auto Carrier0
Grand Union Reefer201720176-49950Reefer0
Great Northern #73202 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44095Hopper3
Great Northern #73313 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44096Hopper1
Great Northern #73456 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44097Hopper1
Great Northern #73510 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44098Hopper2
Great Northern #73614 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44099Hopper1
Great Northern 57' Mechanical Reefer 8870201420146-48861Reefer0
Great Northern Animated Caboose200420056-49017Caboose0
Great Northern Baggage Car #246202020202019290Baggage Car0
Great Northern Boxcar200120016-48343Boxcar1
Great Northern Boxcar #27705202020202019071Boxcar1
Great Northern Boxcar #27710202020202019072Boxcar0
Great Northern Boxcar (SMSG 2010)201020106-48281Boxcar0
Great Northern Boxcar 3993 (TCA 1993)199319936-48482Boxcar0
Great Northern Boxcar 900199719976-48328Boxcar0
Great Northern Boxcar, Steam Railsounds201420166-48870Boxcar0
Great Northern Bulkhead Flatcar 48535200420056-48535Flatcar0
Great Northern Caboose (NASG 1999)199919996-48214Caboose1
Great Northern Challenger Steam Locomotive 4000201120116-48092Locomotive0
Great Northern Coach #950202020202019311Coach Car0
Great Northern Coach #972202020202019312Coach Car0
Great Northern Combine Car #590202020202019300Combine Car0
Great Northern Cylindrical Hopper 71600201420166-48866Hopper1
Great Northern Depressed Center Service Car200720076-48550Flatcar1
Great Northern Diner #1046202020202019320Diner Car0
Great Northern Ep-5 Electric Locomotive 5011200420056-48038Locomotive0
Great Northern Extended Vision Caboose #X-106201720176-44110Caboose2
Great Northern Flyerchief GP7 #601201720176-44118Diesel0
Great Northern Observation A-10202020202019340Observation Car0
Great Northern Operating Log Dump Car201020106-49054Dump Car1
Great Northern Sleeper Buccaneer202020202019331Sleeper Car0
Great Northern Sleeper Crusader Rose202020202019332Sleeper Car0
Great Northern Stock Car200920096-48379Stock Car0
Great Northern U33C Diesel201020106-48159Diesel0
Great Northern Walking Brakeman Car200620066-49031Brakeman Car1
Great Northern Woodside Reefer #67582201720176-44141Reefer0
Great Northern Woodside Reefer #67587201720176-44142Reefer0
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #686202020202019081Boxcar1
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #777202020202019082Boxcar0
Green Bay and Western Reefer (SCSGC 2013)201320136-41002Reefer0
Guilford #650 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921051Diesel0
Guilford #654 U33C Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921052Diesel0
Gulf Commemorative Tank Car (NASG 2018)201820186-44011Tank Car0
Gulf One Dome Tank Car197919796-9100Tank Car0
Gulf Tank Car (NASG 2001)200120016-48224Tank Car0
GW-180 180-Watt Transformer201220176-37947Transformer3

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