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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Fastrack 10 Grade Crossing20142014Track00
Fastrack 10 Straight Track20122016Track51
Fastrack 10 Terminal Track20122016Track60
Fastrack 30 Straight Track20132016Track51
Fastrack 45-Degree Crossover20132016Crossover30
Fastrack 5 Half Straight Track20132016Track20
Fastrack 90-Degree Crossover20132016Crossover50
Fastrack Activator Rail20142016Track60
Fastrack Earthen Bumper, 2 Pieces20142016Track60
Fastrack Figure-8 Add-On Track Pack20142016Track30
Fastrack Grade Crossing With Gates & Flashers20132014Crossing Gate00
Fastrack Grade Crossing With Gates And Flashers20142014Crossing Gate00
Fastrack Inner Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack20142016Track00
Fastrack Outer Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack20142016Track10
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track42
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track32
Fastrack R20 Curved Track20122016Track31
Fastrack R20 Half Curve20132016Track30
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand20132016Track60
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand20132014Track00
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand20132016Track80
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand20132014Track00
Fastrack R20 Switch, Left Hand20122014Track01
Fastrack R20 Switch, Right Hand20122014Track00
Fastrack R27 Half Curve20142016Track21
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Wide-Radius Curved Track20132016Track30
Fastrack Siding Track Add-On Track Pack20142016Track40
Fastrack Straight Track With Illuminated Bumper20132016Track80
Fastrack Transition Track20122016Track40
Fastrack Uncoupling Section20142016Track60
Ferromex #4009 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel00
Ferromex #4012 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel00
Fiber Insulator Pins20072014Accessory20
Fisk Tire Boxcar (NETCA)20052005Boxcar00
Flatcar With 2 Farm Tractors19951995Flatcar20
Flatcar With Derrick19961996Flatcar81
Flatcar With Howard Johnson Trailers (NETCA)20112011Flatcar00
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh20122013Flatcar00
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh20132014Flatcar00
Florida Juice Flat Car #135720202020Flatcar00
Florida Juice Flat Car #136120202020Flatcar00
Flyer Fantasy S Gauge Boxcar20102010Boxcar20
Flyerchief Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car20182018Other Car00
Flyerchief Polar Express Coach Car20182018Coach Car00
Flyerchief Polar Express Observation Car20182018Observation Car00
Flyerchief Polar Express Set W/ Bluetooth20182018Set81
Flyerchief Terminal Track20152016Track20
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Boxcar (TTOS)20082008Boxcar00
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Flatcar With Airplane (TTOS)20082008Flatcar00
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Gondola (TTOS)20152015Gondola00
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Tank Car (TTOS)20042004Tank Car00
Fort Knox Mint Car20132016Mint Car00
Freedom Train Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack20082008Passenger Car00
Freedom Train Passenger Set20082008Passenger Car10
Frisco #611 GP7 Diesel Engine - Flyerchief20192019Diesel01
Frisco 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 450120162016Locomotive00
Frisco Cylindrical Hopper 8102820142016Hopper00
Frisco Freightsounds Boxcar20202020Boxcar10
Frisco Stock Car #4762220192019Stock Car00
Frisco Stock Car #4770620192019Stock Car00
Fruit Growers Express Reefer 4070320062006Reefer20
Fruit Growers Express Woodside Reefer #3520520172017Reefer10
Fruit Growers Express Woodside Reefer #3528420172017Reefer00

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